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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tinoire's Credibility is Toast

{cross-posted from my blog in the form of a forum} I ventured into some enemy turf to put the last fork into any appearance of Tinoire having credibility.

Original PI owner gives up, gives to whack jobs

This dude Jack Riddler showed up to run interference for Tinoire in regards to her claiming to be military intelligence. His username may sound familiar as he has been running interference lately for nonsense being generated by Sibel Edmonds and Brad Friedman. Now that I have posted this info here, and I will do so also at TLNL's and DFQ2, I will probably soon be deleted and banned from RI. I'm not paranoid. I sincerely believe the disinfo buggers monitor my posts just in case I come up with something good. It's also a quick way to get me deleted at any place I decide to do a reverse troll operation. I always reveal who I post as. I do not use sock puppets and am not paid to post. Here are the screenshots in case they are deleted. Revenge is truly a dish best served cold.


socrates said...

Tinoire is acting outright crazy at this point. She is saying I have stretched her admitting to being in the military into a conspiracy theory. She isn't addressing one bit her saying that she was military intelligence. She's also making up more stuff about me having sock puppets and is even saying I am a Sept. 11th conspiracy theorist. I rarely have posted about that topic. She wants the dim-witted or apathetic to think I am the_last_name_left.

Anonymous said...

Progressive Independent like Rigorous Intuition is probably a government controlled playground where the rightwingers running them can lure lefties trying to unravel things like 9/11 into a cosy association with Commies, UFOs and Sasquatch. FBI/RCMP COINTELPRO.

socrates said...

I hate to admit it, but I totally agree! The best evidence for things gets tossed in with the ultimate of tinfoil.

What was up with Hal Turner? Are we supposed to believe he's been the only internet personality with direct ties to government intelligence? That guy was posting bomb directions, making wild threats, acting like an utter nazi, it never added up. Sherman Austin, on the other hand, got busted for something he didn't even post.

Why did Austin get the book thrown at him, but Hannity's buddy Hal Turner never did until recently?

Tinoire worked for military intelligence. She had a Markos Moulitsas brain cramp moment and admitted to it or lied. She's been a supporter of Ron Paul and Mike Rivero. She banned me for pointing out that someone had used the phrase Jewboy. She said I was lying. Another forum had my back and found the post I was talking about. She was hooked up with et in Arcadia Ego, the moderator at RI. They both had promoted the same twisted plot about yours truly.

Like I posted last night, part of the reason I have continued onward is that it's not difficult to prove who the real trolls are. When nobodies like myself get attacked like I did, that's gotta mean something. I was attacked by the blogs themselves. Just like Dave Weintraub was attacked by the inner powers at Daily Kos.

I'm a socialist. I believe in health care, education, housing, food, clothing, good jobs for all. I don't believe in communism unless it's some groovy commune style. But not for a whole country enforced through weaponry. Democracy is a good idea, especially if it were more one person one vote with a better media.

I have questions about Sept. 11th, but not when it is turned into noise. Not all debunkers are trolls. But I agree that a lot at DU are. I refer to them as JREF debunker cultists. If you check out my approach to examining the chemtrail topic, that's how I would go about trying to figure out Sept. 11th. I just don't have the time. I've already devoted enough of my life to cybersleuthing and blogging.

My website can be found in my profile.

I call this tinfoil by association. I actually believe there might be a yeti. There's something up with the Bermuda Triangle, some type of natural problem messing with plane electronics. I do think JFK was murdered from someone shooting from the grassy knoll. But ufos? I don't believe in aliens. I think those are military aircraft. Cointelpro I definitely feel still exists. I sense those biatchkas are all over the net. That's the extent of my tinfoil.

I found an email address of Mike Rivero's going to McDonnell Douglas, the largest military contractor at that time. That's got to mean something in my book. The tool who owns Chemtrail Central. I found out he has worked for NASA. I found out that he knew a poster named Canex was Patrick Minnis of NASA. I proved he scrubbed that information. That's got to mean something. I've got other stuff I tracked down. But based on the words of Jeff Wells and Tinoire, I am the historic troll. I hate to sound pompous, ok I really don't mind, but those chumps are nowhere near my intelligence. The internet ptb's are trying to shame the few of us who can articulate things in the best manner. I can do that with chemtrails. I outed the disinfo surrounding it. I proved that they aren't contrails. I came up with the best theories behind the why's, as in uv-b ray protection. A convoluted script was put in place against me. It grew as an attack against my chemtrail research and then in retaliation for the work I did figuring out Mike Rivero, right woos left, Willis Carto, etc.. That's got to mean something.