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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kos Exposed at OpenLeft

This is one of those we'll have to wait and see if it is censored. I haven't a clue. I do know that this Chris Bowers dude who seems to run Open Left banned Francis Holland from MyDD for exposing Daily Kos. So who knows. I have had this account for a while, but this was my first post. Ironically, I found out about this diary on bannings through a historic troll known as DavidByron, who word has it is the most banned poster in blogosphere history. That's usually going to be the case for sexist "progressives" who call for the destruction of Israel.

Here's the problem


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, George Soros was the first economical Funder of Narconews when they started all this EZLN thing in Mexico thanks to the drug legalization move, then democracy underground started working with Narconews Journalists and finally when Soros stopped funding Mr Ackerman took his place, we all know that Ackerman is a Soros wanna be but who the heck is Al Giordano? I remember 2003 when he presented Gary Web from "Dark Alliances" who later ended up dead with two .38 gun shot wounds to the head RULED SUICIDE!

I see Narconews journalists all over Tijuana and the core of drug dealing in Mexico, these people is the core of anarchism!

socrates said...

People quite often make claims on the internet with zero proof. Al Giordano may be called to task for this and that, but bringing in a possible connection between him and Gary Webb's death is despicable.