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Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Zeitgeist Troll Bites The Dust

The main reason I'm writing up this new entry is because I'm sick of seeing Otvos' face each time visiting DFQ2. Anyway, longtime disinfo blogger Joseph Cannon has called it quits. He's been running the Cannonfire blogspot for years. He's well--known for his attacks on Obama in a Shrillary versus Obamabot controlled oppositional way. He used to be a guest blogger for BradBlog. In the last couple years he became a supporter of the PUMA's, an acronym for Party Unity My Arse. How very progressive of him. NOT! There's actually quite a lot folks could cybersleuth on this dude. Perhaps google himself with Larry Johnson for one suggestion. I'm not going to go nuts with this entry. This guy has kind of become insignificant for quite some time. This is what he has up at his blog right now.

When I began this blog, I swore to keep it up until a certain thing happened. It happened. I have to stop now.

Many thanks to the supportive readers, especially to the ones who contributed.

I will leave the blog up for at least a week, just in case people want to download older posts. After that, I will hit the "Delete blog" button.

No comments will be posted. None will be read. No questions will be answered.

I admit I found out about this development through lurking the surprisingly boring kooky website named Rigorous Intuition. That's no surprise, as Rigorous Intuition used to be on Cannonfire's blog roll, at least according to one RI poster.

Since Cannonfire is about to become whitewalled, there's not much point in putting up any more of his links. I have one in front of me clearly showing that Joseph Cannon was an RI reader. Cannon wrote this at the end of his entry on InfraGard.

But as Jeff Wells over at Rigorous Intuition, writing on the "new reality" of an America in terminal mode cautions, "The harder truth may be that this is our destination. And they're not coming for us; they're here already, and they've always had us."

I'm just trying to point out once again how many in the manufactured zeitgeist can be shown to have non-spontaneous ties to one another. Cannon to Wells. Wells to Tinoire. Tinoire to Kimberlin and Rivero. On and on such links can be easily made. These aren't McCarthyite smears by association either, imho. And it's not my fault if I have taken a good looksie at the zeitgeist across many different domains. I haven't been pulling these connections out of thin air. I do understand rules of academia.

Here's a quote from Jeff Wells pertaining to this dude.

I see such name dropping by these people as some form of in-built closed zeitgeist shop. Why have Tinoire and Rivero been so tight, for one example? She's supposed to be far left. What was she doing voting for Ron Paul? I won't even repeat that she said she used to work for military intelligence. Oops, I just did.

Here's another odd connection between Wells and Cannon. Wells has rarely if ever had a bad word to say about a disinfo website called News Making News. To this day, NMN is listed on Cannon's blog roll.

And don't forget to send Joe a parting donation. I'm sure he'll appreciate it!

Finally, I have seen references made that Joseph Cannon has been working as a children's book illustrator. Maybe he did the work for this one? I know, maybe he didn't. But if so, I wouldn't be surprised.


Anonymous said...

Cannon and Wells also share a desire to keep Controlled Demolition discussions off of their pages. And were both big supporters of Daniel Hopsicker who pushed an "Arabs Only" view of 9/11.

socrates said...

It's strange how interlocked many in the zeitgeist have been. Cannon used to blog for BradBlog. Brad's moderator Agent99 has been sounding a lot like Tinoire over the years. Velvet Revolution and Tinoire's Progressive Independent have been affiliated. Wells and Tinoire have been tight. Tinoire has been supported by both Wayne Madsen and Michael Rivero. She portrays herself as a far lefty yet votes for Ron Paul, supports right wing websites, and claims to have been in military intelligence, albeit she doesn't advertise that too much, only once I believe on an obscure Ronald Reagan forum.

Wells has done interviews with Fintan Dunne. He portrays his website as being a lefty forum, same as Dunne. Yet both of them have forums that are the very essence of right woos left concerning many issues. Dunne with global warming and calling Obama a socialist. Wells has this nonsense about satanic government run pedophile and mind control cults.

And then we have this Joe Cannon dude, who I believe has also dabbled in both the satanic crap and anti-semitism, if I'm not mistaken.

Now we see Cannon taking out the scrub brush. It sounds like someone would like to erase one more example of a linked and contrived zeitgeist. I've seen this happen a lot. It's not very American. It's cheating when things get whitewalled.

I think Cannon went overboard with his Obama hate. It's ok even correct to hold Obama's feet to the fire politically. But he went way too far. I never bought into the Shrillaries versus the Obamabot plot. It seemed contrived. Him and Larry Johnson. And there's another one. I sincerely think Dunne was a strawman for the idea that the internet has been rigged, imho after researching and reflecting. Take it easy.

p.s. I'm a broken record on 9/11. It's simply not a topic I'm into. Nothing personal. I do agree with you, nonetheless, that Wells is so anal retentive about the idea of cd being mentioned at a conspiracy forum. I mean, he has posted some of the craziest shite imaginable, yet for some reason he's sure cd is a planted disinfo idea. Why shouldn't people think he is the disinfo?

Anonymous said...

You said:

"And then we have this Joe Cannon dude, who I believe has also dabbled in both the satanic crap and anti-semitism, if I'm not mistaken."

Not sure if Cannon ever wrote on Satanism but he knows a lot about it if you read through his blog. And I believe he even mentions on his blog that he wrote a book on the Polly Klaas case or at least was involved with the case somehow. And for some of the far right, they believe that Polly Klaas was a victim of Satanic sacrifice at Bohemian grove. As far as I know Cannon has never implied there was Satanism behind the case.

There are two things the "right woos left" types love to blog about: Satanism, ritual abuse, abduction and child abuse. And whenever they get their paws on these subjects those subjects inevitably become a turd bowl of disinformation where no one can see the truth for all of the shit floating around. I suppose their is the possibility that there is some Satanism going on in these cases but if you look at the sites that tend to incorporate the Satanism in, you get the feeling that the net effect of what they are doing is actually discrediting possible truths behind these stories by getting them mucked up with the rest of the nonsense these types love to indulge in.

Cannon seems to be pretty fair about most subjects except when it came to the 08 election of Obama and the topic of controlled demolition. Those two subjects cause him to lose his marbles. He can't rationally discuss them at all. For some reason that makes me things he is a hardcore DLC type simply following orders to keep the rubes corralled. He is pretty liberal minded except on those two subjects he sounds like a right winger.

I think that in reality a lot of these guys are wolves in sheeps clothing.... rightwingers that have infiltrated the left to fuck with their heads and spread disinformation pointing away from those who have been the ones really behind the trashing of the country, the Far Right.

socrates said...

That was a solid post. Can't disagree with much of it.

I didn't see anything from Cannon that was too wild concerning the govt. sra/mc angle. Though I did see him put up an April Fools piece on the Bush family's ties to Satanism.

I don't think that lets him off the hook. One of his top links is News Making News. I'd never heard of that rag. I think it is bizarre that Reese Jones dot com is News Making News. That's confirmed as Reese Jones of Netopia and the boyfriend of the woman who owns the One Sex cult in San Francisco. I also saw Cannon praising or hat tipping Jeff Wells a number of times.

Hey, why aren't nobodies like us ever allowed into the zeitgeist? I'm not jealous. I'm just saying it's not like any of the people we've been discussing have had much to offer over the years. They have popped up out of nowhere. Joe Cannon was a BradBlogger. Now why was Brad Friedman a featured Democratic Underground frontpager back before anyone had ever heard of him? Tinoire and Mike Rivero? It's tough not to go off on tangents. I admit I am the worst at that. But so many things make me wonder.

Like who is Daniel Hopsicker, and why have he, Wells, Cannon, and even a guy like Fintan Dunne emerged? I bet I have come up with more stuff than them. I've never had a splashy website though. But even if I had, even if I had put money rather than time into this, I still doubt I would have ever emerged like they have.

Now we are seeing real life consequences emerging from a fried internet. There was Von Brunn going nuts at the Holocaust Museum. That dude Stack flew a plane into the IRS building. Now there's this new psycho who starting shooting at the Pentagon. He's into 9/11, not reasonable about it, not content to speak truth to power. I checked out his facebook page. He was an admirer of Lew Rockwell and the Libertarian side of conspiracy theory. For one of his friends, who but Daniel Hopsicker was right there. Bizarre. (continued)

socrates said...

I think many of these people are forms of Hal Turner. They might be getting paid to give info to the FBI. I doubt Turner was the only one. I also think there is some grifting involved. Especially with guys like Kimberlin and Friedman. But I don't exactly see how they can keep the donations flowing in. Do people actually send Jeff Wells money? I see no advertising revenue coming in for him. Is he blogging for free? I guess it's possible. But what about News Making News?

On one Rigorous Intuition thread, Wells has again lumped in controlled demolition as being outrageous disinfo used to cover up the probability of an inside job. I'm not into 9/11. I admit that. I'm not sure what happened. I could lean either way. I definitely feel there is no proof of an inside job, even if it still remains a possibility. I do question how Building #7 fell among many other reasonable questions.

One can look at Wells' Hitchhiker's whatever guide to 9/11 conspiracy. One thing he wrote of was Neil Bush running WTC security. I looked into it. He didn't. Has Wells ever retracted his disinfo? I don't think he ever has. Like with now saying Gannon was never Gosch, has he ever said, "Wow, I messed up and am sorry?"

I don't like stupid tinfoil. He also pushes that Franklin nonsense. He loves to say that Danny Bonaduce [/joke] or whoever won a million dollar settlement against Larry King (not that Larry King). Why doesn't he ever acknowledge that it was a default judgement and subsequently means nothing?

Cannon, Scmannon. He blogged for BradBlog. He was in that crowd. He went over the top against Obama. He promotes News Making News.

So is Cannon like Wells into saying 9/11 was shady but that the idea of controlled demolition is outright disinfo? If so, that's pitiful. Debunkers at least have a bit of consistency with their posts despite how annoying some closed-minded people can be. Hey, make fun of pods, holograms, those who say there was no moon landing, or even anyone who says the limo driver shot JFK. But don't go talking up inside 9/11 jobs like Wells has while simultaneously calling the idea of cd ludicrous. Don't be spitting out crap about a govt. sponsored sra/mc program in full operation. Don't be talking up aliens and interdimensional entities or any of the crapola Wells has spewed and expect to be taken at face value.