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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Put a Fork in the Church of Scientology

My best cybersleuthing days may or may not be in the rear view mirror. Take this story. There's nothing I could come up with that hasn't already been figured out. If I tried to do too much on this story, I'd be reinventing the wheel. But I will say this. Scientology is dead. It is an exposed, worthless cult. I do wish those fighting to have its church status removed the best of luck. I'm not saying to stop going after them. However, I am one who is into bashing trolls and getting back on topic. I am glad the truth of Scientology has been utterly revealed. Perhaps that same energy which brought about their ruin can now be applied to helping a whole state (Utah) in the grips of the Mormon Cult. A whole state!

This diary won't go into the Church of Latter Day Saints. I've gone over them before. They are a relevant name to drop, however. Such cults get away with mega grifting, because the vast majority of folks lack adequate awareness of how outrageous many "Church" teachings and histories are. I will humbly add a few links, videos, and a couple opinions along the way concerning Scientology. Like I said, one doesn't want to reinvent the wheel. What we should do as thinkers (bloggers) is simply chew on the work already done by others, break it down, and reconstruct it. If you happen to find something new, then yes, of course present it as a new discovery or whatnot. Otherwise, don't sweat it. There is strength in numbers. Anonymous exhibited that with their anti-Scientology campaign. Scientology has only been able to get away with their crap for decades, because they would bully and intimidate anyone who dared speak truth to cult. Unfortunately for them, a critical mass formed which said enough is enough. They won. Scientology lost.

Scientology has fought hard to suppress the true nature of their religion. The confidence game in play has primarily been about selling enlightenment, nirvana or whatever earthly word you can come up with for an all encompassing awareness of the meaning of life, history and our spiritual responsibilities. Unlike most religions which are fairly upfront about their take on it all and the methods by which one can live life proper, Scientology basically asks for the money upfront. Thus, one is compelled to either put faith into unknowns (in addition to emptying their wallets) based on their say-so or forget about it. Scientology is a cult, period!

L. Ron Hubbard was a failed military man, deluded, a con artist, insane, etc.. He was a science fiction writer who even admitted before creating Scientology that the easiest way to make millions would be to create a religion. Hello Dr. Frankenbard.

Perhaps Hubbard studied how Joseph Smith got it done with his Mormon schtick. Basically, here's Hubbard's explanation of who we are. About 75 million years ago, the evil Xenu of the Galactic Federacy (ha!) brought billions of folks over in what so happened to resemble modern aircraft and dropped them into a volcano. Xenu then blew it up with hydrogen bombs. According to Hubbard's science fiction masquerading as truth, the alien entities somehow survived and have been wrapping their greedy paws around our souls. For the cost of a few hundred thousand dollars, one can learn how to rid oneself of the evil infiltrators. Does anyone know if there's a sliding scale or any coupons available? p:>

There has been a healthy debate of why Scientology has targeted celebrities. Rick Ross believes that stars are human too, thus as susceptible as anyone to falling for a cult. Others have mentioned that such people have given Scientology a certain veneer of credibility. Others have argued that the personalities of rich and famous people tend to fester an unhealthy craving for spiritual attainment. I think these are all very good points. However, I think perhaps the major reason celebrities were targeted by this specific cult was because these are generally some of the wealthiest people around. I doubt Scientology has been recruiting people with limited wealth. Or if they have, those become their form of cheap, illegal immigrant labour. I doubt those who can't afford this brand of hoax are getting far past the bouncers at the front door.

Xenu as depicted on South Park

Many years ago, a former member or perhaps others too leaked hidden Scientology documents. This is how the scam had finally been exposed in its full idiocy. In a way, Scientology thus can be said to have experienced death by internet. Scientology had tried to get such things deleted from the world wide web. Yet, as others have said, the cat was out of the bag. Anyone who wants to know the truth of Scientology need only possess a mouse and an internet connection.

Some celebrities have definitely been successful in keeping hope alive for the Scientology cult. Isaac Hayes sounds legit. John Travolta is a well-spoken man who can fly large planes. And who didn't like Vinnie Barbarino?

Tom Cruise, on the other hand, has perhaps single-handedly been the major reason why Scientology has become the laughing stock of America. Think of how things go viral on the internet.

Here's the link to his appearance on Oprah. Here's Dane Cook's depiction of that eye-opening event.

There is something called jumping the shark. It is based on an episode of Happy Days. In short, it is a point of no return, where nothing will ever again allow a person, show, or group ever regain lost gravitas.

The same thing happened to Scientology and Tom Cruise when a video he was involved in appeared on the net. One could easily see that there was "no there there" in regards to this fake religion. The "Church" was successful to a point in getting it censored via Operation Snow White type attacks on anyone who is perceived as an enemy. However, the website Gawker refused to cave in to such bully tactics. That video can be seen there. I went looking for the same one elsewhere and was surprised to see it is on youtube and has been there for a while. Maybe the boy cried wolf one too many times. Many people are no longer afraid of these grifting knuckleheads. I tip my hat to every person who has not flinched in exposing their antics and have helped us get to this point where a fork can be surely driven into the Scientology cult. To those who did back down, it is understood that you did the best you could at the time. I tip my hat to them also.

And here's Craig Ferguson's take on that. Which one is funnier could be open to debate. Actually, this stuff isn't really that funny. It's pitiful. Thankfully, that wicked witch has melted.

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the_last_name_left said...

I remember being a teenager and concluding cult leader was a very god job.....if one was into it.

what a bunch of nutters. no surprise it's popular in hollywood.....idiots.

Anonymous said...

Is it yur opinion that FAIRleft has jumped the shark wrt the immigration restriction schtick?


socrates said...

Looks like TLNL had a Freudian slip.

I remember being a teenager and concluding cult leader was a very god job.....if one was into it.

He wrote god instead of good.

There was a show here (TLNL is in Wales- ooh la la Mr. Exotic p:>) called Soap. One of the kids joined a cult, because the girl he wanted was a member.

One word answers TLNL's post. Krishnamurti. That dude was being primped to be the Big Cheese of gurus. He went Archie Bunker style and said stifle it you lost meatheads. The answer is to be found within. To use a cliche, top that off with a period.

I'd like to make a correction here. I shouldn't have called the attempts to stifle the Cruise videos a form of the Snow White strategy. That schtick was more akin to their thingie talking up copyright infringements and going lawsuit happy. I had simply wanted to sneak the Snow White link in for newbies.

There was a lot more I could have put into that entry. Apparently John Travolta could technically be near bailing out. He had a son with autism or something. Due to Scientology's aversion to certain medications, it can be easily argued that Vinnie Barbarino's son needlessly died.

I disagree with TLNL that Hollywood folks are more nuttier than most. They were targeted by Scientology, just like people are targeted by right woos left.

The Tom Cruise videos are fun to watch. I haven't enjoyed a high profile focker going nuts like that, since the O'Reilly flip out was leaked. WE'LL DO IT LIVE!

socrates said...

Aaah, and here's a how the fock are you doing, Mr. DonkeyCheese? Thank you for gracing this humble blog with your presence.

Failreft jumped the shark a long time ago. For me, it was when he blasted Francis Holland while supporting ThereIsNoRape. Maybe he jumped it even sooner, when he was blogging at DKos.

The main point I think you missed, is that any chance I get to mention jumping the shark and putting up a screenshot of the Fonz on water skis, I'm there.

I see right through the hatred and misconceptions spewing out of pffugeecamp and freespeechzoneblog. Did you see that Stu Piddy has been calling Mugabe a misunderstood man? That's akin to the pffugee-ists praising Huey Long. I also see that Blews has something stuck up his heinie in relation to the Borderjumper chick. Ain't she a sweetie? Well, there may be some legitimacy to critiquing her schtick, but the way Blews is doing it is not gonna work. That's the same problem with Stu Piddy going after Big Al Giordano. Or Steven Gowans doing the same. They become strawmen for kissing Mugabe arse. Yikes, too many references here to that which we plant on chairs. I've been perhaps watching too many Montgomery Clift flicks. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I also am seeing many similarities between LauraJohn and Supersoling. Both of them are into the same ad hominems. We are old farts putting up repetitive comments and stale youtubage.

Supergump has actually yet again proven my point by acting as the Forrest Gump of Meta. Of course he is in contact with Shadowthief. Of course that dude believes I stink. That's the ticket.

Funny how supersoling is trying to spin that I have never come up with anything original. He was one of the fockers who attacked me, when I first showed up to FSZ. All ad hominems too. Nothing debunking my schtick. Kind of like the peanut gallery who went after Annette Appollo or the ones going after donkeytale.

Obviously pffugeecamp is anything but a pure free speech blog. FSZ we already know about. We documented that piece of shite. Now we see how Laura's editorial approach is anything but fair. More like failreft.

I became a player as Prepostericity, no doubt. I have taken a lot of crap for no good reason. I think I was the first one to get banned from FSZ during the final stink up. What rule did I break? Pffugeecamp was created kind of because of that specific, unfair treatment, yet Laura isn't gonna let my stuff see the frontpage?

I'm definitely proud of the stuff I came up with right before I stopped making diary entries at pffugee and then after here at DFQ2.

Laura maybe jumped the shark when she kept asking for proof that Huey Long was corrupt. Or maybe it was earlier when she went from Dobermanpinche styled short comments to writing more.

I conclude that Laurajohn would have made a "Good German." I'm glad I stopped blogging my diaires there and made them exclusives here. Sure, it's still fun to go back once in a while and check out what donkeytale has posted, maybe get in a few posts myself. But to be frank (Burns), or like Annette Appollo, I refuse to suffer fools. Or to be like Mr. T., I pity the fool.

the_last_name_left said...

god/good - ooops. psychopathology of everyday life. :D

I actually like Krishnamurti. I like his stuff - i find it very challenging, and calming.

Course, the anti-guru was a guru, even though he dumped the sect he was supposed to be a leader of.

What's the deal with him then? I've only vague ideas of some criticisms of him. (There is of everyone)

On Hollywood - I don't have any respect for it....I hate films, generally, loathe Hollywood. Granted, Hollywood peeps ain't as silly as the people who follow least the filmpeople are making lots of money....

socrates said...

Hollywood used to put out some good films. Not anymore. As a socialist, I too have a strong aversion to it. I can't stand watching commercials. I haven't paid for a movie in decades. Not kidding.

I try to find music stations with few commercials. College ones usually are good for that. But there is this other one. Not many ads. Most of the tunes are very good. There are no disc jockeys. Just music. Sounds like the closest thing to heaven on Earth, don't it?

Not quite. They are playing the same songs over and over and over, and did I mention then over and over again? They also chuck in one word advertisements before tunes. Like McDonalds. Or whatever. Quite annoying if you can picture what I mean. So there is this tradeoff to getting good tunes with less talk and more rock. One is also encouraged to go to their website and buy the records.Ugh. Like it's said by the hero in that show The Prisoner; I am not a number. I am a human being!

Not all Hollywood stinks. Unfortunately, all the greats seem to die young. I've been watching Montgomery Clift movies. Ugh. The greatest actor of all time was in a vicious car accident. The second half of his career was akin to watching a slow death. Bill Hicks. What a funny dude. He's dead, and we're stuck with Dennis Leary. Andy Kaufman, great guy. No longer with us. Check him and Hicks out, if you get the chance. They mocked Hollywood. They were truly too good for the culture industry providing their paystubs.


p.s. Krishnamurti, like Socrates, C. Wright Mills, or a number of other great thinkers, was too good for his own society. Look at this dude donkeytale. He'd rather waste his blogging time interacting with creeps than participate in groovy threads. I actually see you falling somewhat into that same trap. Think of all the time you wasted on Larry. Sure, some good came out of it. It led to the picking apart of Holocaust denier David Dees. It led to having a greater awareness of how tinfoil cults work. But hasn't that nail already been hammered in?