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Monday, March 22, 2010

Robert Pelton, Larry C. Johnson, and Limited Hangouts

There's this dude name TheColdSpy. He is such a good blogger, even Karl Rove has taken notice. This is his website, and Big Karl is following his Twitter feed! Here's Karl's photo from his "verified" account. Funny thing is Karl is following 98,505 other people. Is that even possible? Karl Rove's twitter account wouldn't happen to be a shared account used by an astroturfing company? Oops, meant consulting company. The concept of Astroturfing and paid, internet fakes as we all know is a tinfoil conspiracy theory. p:>

Karl reminds me of someone. See the resemblance?

Anyway, I'm plugging The Cold Spy for two reasons. For one, he has DFQ2 listed near the top of his blogroll. If you drag your mouse over the link, it reads. "Socrates - Hard Core To The Extreme Net Investigator/Writer/Blogger-Don't M..." I am guessing the end where it gets cut off reads Don't Mess With Him! Cool, thank you Mr. Cold Spy Dot Com.

This dude actually signed up at my Aircraft Wings forum to email a bit in private. He's a nice guy and a good read. He has a knack for coming up with stories that I for one simply miss. The Jihad Jane one, I had never heard of it. Right up my fricken alley. (off-topic: where the heck did my complete sentences run off to? p:>)

Anyway, the second reason I'm plugging him in addition to his common sense awareness of my greatness is that he has inspired me to write this entry touching on the Robert Young Pelton story. ColdSpy has covered this one. I totally missed it. This probably won't be my best entry. This blogging business has been feeling like work of late. Not making a cent wouldn't feel so bad, if good people joined in more often. I know. Cue up the violin. Nobody ever lies about being lonely.

As I can often be a broken record with my "don't reinvent the wheel" schtick, here's the New York Times piece which should bring newbies up to speed.

Personally, my take is that none of these people can be trusted. It certainly has evolved into a he said, he said between Furlong and Pelton. I think those fools got in bed with the military-industrial complex and are getting their just desserts for doing so.

Robert Young Pelton reminds me of Big Al Giordano. He's just another person trying to portray himself as a progressive, when he is really just another cog in the vast machine of inequality. Kinder and gentler imperialism is the game they both play. Now we see that Pelton and Furlong have ended up tied in with CIA assassination squads. This smells like 9/11 all over again. It's the CIA's fault it happened. No, it was the Bush Administration's fault. No, it happened because various intelligence agencies don't work together and have turf wars. Blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. Limited hangouts, schmangouts. Will we ever get the full truth? We won't from the zeitgeist. That's what I say.

So Al Giordano works with Duvall and Ackerman. Pelton works with the US Military. And we're supposed to believe those two are some of the good guys? Same as it ever was.

The Pelton angle is probably a limited hangout, or maybe there's something to it. Is Robert Young Pelton any relation to disgraced former NSA employee Ronald Pelton? They look kind of similar, imho. Same last name. Hey, what kind of leftier than thou blogger would I be without some of my classic McCarthyite tactics? That's what Al Giordano thinks of me. This one's for you, Big Al. Are Ronald and Robert Pelton related?

What about Michael Furlong and Dick Cheney? They might have different last names but check them out side by side.

Of course, that leads us to you know who.

The funny thing about the Robert Pelton versus Michael Furlong controversy is that the attention becomes somewhat misplaced. The story becomes more about them than about the CIA and US Military being creepy in their own right. We saw a similar thing evolve with the Iran-Contra story. Oliver North and John Poindexter became the scapegoats for Reagan, Bush, and the original gang of neocons, warmongers, and law breakers.

You can check out this San Antonio Express-News piece highlighting the Thrilla in Afghanistana with Furlong and Pelton trading accusations.

To be honest, I think they both stink. Just keep in mind what the greatest American Sociologist C. Wright Mills claimed. Conspiracies are to be found in the institutions. Basically, when we get bogged down in individual names, we oftentimes miss the big picture and the true culprits. That happened with Oliver North. It happened with PlameGate and Scooter Libby. It happens a lot more than we realise.

I could drop a lot of links but refuse to. You can lead a horse to google water... Too much of blogging is predictable. It feeds limited hangouts. Unfortunately, there are more Robert Woodwards than Carl Bernsteins. Speaking of which, check out this classic from Carl. As Tina Turner would say, he's simply the best, better than all the rest....


Before moving onto everyone's favourite punching bags, Larry C. Johnson of No Quarters Disinfo Inc. and Jason Leopold of I Make Things Up dot Com, here are a few more related observations of mine concerning the first half of this blog entry.

Remember my wondering if Robert and Ronald Pelton are related? I found one link from February 2008 in which Ronald Pelton was misidentified as Robert. I wonder if that was a deliberate mistake. Curiouser and curiouser.

Meet a traitor: Robert Pelton

That link takes one to the original source of the disinfo, Matthew Carle of


The whois for tells us it is owned by Military Advantage Inc. of San Francisco.

Monster Worldwide Announces Strategic Interactive Acquisition; Acquires Military Advantage, Inc. to Drive Growth and Expansion in United States Government Sector
New York, March 16, 2004 - Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: MNST), the parent company of the leading global online careers property, Monster�, today announced a strategic acquisition designed to accelerate Monster's growth in the interactive market. To help further enhance Monster's U.S. public sector initiatives, the company has acquired Military Advantage, Inc., operator of, the nation's largest online military destination with over 3 million members.

Military Advantage targets the 30 million Americans with military affinity to offer career services, educational opportunities, VA benefits resources and a host of other advantages earned through military service. The company provides corporate and government clients with efficient access to a market comprising one of the largest in consumer purchasing power. "Joining forces with Monster Worldwide enables us to expand offerings for military personnel, veterans and those considering a military career," said Christopher Michel, founder and president of Military Advantage. "We look forward to realizing synergies with and TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications along with Monster Government Solutions and other Monster Worldwide products."

Military Advantage and Monster will offer employers access to veteran jobseekers, an elusive talent pool with technical skills, security clearances, diversity and leadership experience. TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications and Military Advantage will offer clients measurable affinity marketing programs as well as efficient recruiting and retention programs aimed at military personnel or veterans. Military Advantage, through TMP, currently delivers advertising campaigns for the Naval Reserve, the Air Force Reserve and the General Services Administration (GSA)....
That's pitiful to not get the name right, and even worse that the name Robert was used.

As for the real Mr. Robert Pelton, it's hard to harness much sympathy for him. He was working for the US Military as an intelligence gatherer. He knew it. Now he wants to spin it as Dr. Furlong Evil was some kind of rogue who stole millions. However, a writer named Joshua Foust was onto Pelton's act back in 2008 and has recently written this must read for anyone interested in getting to the heart of this story. Remember what C. Wright Mills told us. The conspiracy is to be found in the institutions!

AfPax Insider Is Death
(excerpt) I’m still gathering my thoughts on this, but think about the balls it takes to write a story in 2008 complaining about the government improperly using contractors, only to then complain in 2010 that your own multi-million dollar contract went south and may have been used to kill people. There are aspects to this story I’m still working through—how in the name of God a web video could satisfy the intel requirements for a lethal strike, for example, or just how many local informants Pelton endangered by going public as a participant in a lethal U.S. intelligence operation—but I’m amazed, and kind of sickened, that it wasn’t until his company got jilted on money that the man grew a conscience and went public with what turned out to be a shady deal.

It’s also kind of bizarre to see a man like Pelton—who brags about being smarter and awesomer and harder core and more cynical than anyone else—be used to completely by some IO flack. His company was promised millions of dollars to be included in what he knew to be a military intelligence gathering operation, but only went public when the money he was promised didn’t materialize....
Perhaps Pelton put up stories like the following one to make it appear his website wasn't in cahoots with intelligence? Hey girls and boys, we cover Brittney Spears! She's a real sweetie, ain't she? We're a news service. The Al Giordano of the East. That's the ticket.

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Larry C. Johnson, Jason Leopold, and the Art of the Limited Hangout

Speaking of internet fakes, has anyone jumped the shark any worse than Larry C. Johnson of No Quarter? Perhaps only Jason Leopold. Hmmm. As we shall see, those arsehats have been tied to the hip.

Larry was at the forefront of the Obamabots versus Shrillaries psychological operation. Er, sorry, my tinfoil take is seeping through again. But come on. The man used to work for the CIA. Isn't it said that once CIA, always CIA?

The Michelle Obama "Whitey" Hoax by Desperado (excerpt)
If anyone wants a perfect example of the depths to which some will descend, and the hatred and vitriol some will display in order to attempt to destroy a candidate they despise, look no further than the current hoax going around the blogosphere about the alleged tape of Michelle Obama screaming about "Whitey" while seated next to Louis Farrakhan.

This was all started by Larry Johnson on his site, No Quarter. I’m purposely not posting a link so as not to give him any more traffic. If you want to Google it go ahead, but I would suggest not wasting your time....
Perhaps in between writing disinfo at his website, Larry is busy working hard for Pelton, Furlong, the CIA, the US Military, and others trying to cover up the recent scam humbly discussed in the first half of this entry. Larry has another blog with the name No Quarter in its name. That one is called If you hit the about page on that website, this is what you now see.

Thanks to the wayback machine, we know what it used to say.

I checked out Berg and Associates. It looks pretty creepy.

Those above images were found via the wayback machine. However, we know Larry is still there, because the current website shows the following:

Like I said, Larry Johnson jumped the shark many years ago. It is common knowledge he's an internet joke. But for prepostericity, let's hammer that nail in further, if possible.

Let's go back to his typepad No Quarter dive. No mention of Larry. No photos of him. But hey, he's got business to direct ye to!

His archives currently go back to October 2008. That's strange, the wayback machine will take us back to July 2005!

Who the fock do you think you're fooling, Larry C. Johnson?

One of Larry's internet buddies over the years has been Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story. She used to work closely with Jason Leopold. She's one of the easiest persons ever to expose. For example, one can go to her homepage at Democratic Underground and see she's still got Larry's No Quarter Typepad website in her blogroll, even though it has been transformed into a pure marketing domain.

Larry's Place is NoQuarter.typepad. You can see she also links to William Pitt. Johnson, Pitt, and Leopold were all involved in the "Karl Rove Indicted" hoax.

This is the infamous Democratic Underground thread, in which Pitt spilled a bit too many beans concerning that hoax. Here is what is left of that post now.

Drat. Foiled again by the scrub brush. Or were we? p:>

Breakin: Will Pitt Home From Pub: Wilson Leopold Source
WilliamPitt Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon May-15-06 03:11 AM
Response to Reply #13
52. Dear Skinner Updated at 1:42 PM

"I think Daou pretty much nails it. Jason Leopold and Truthout have stuck their necks waaaaaaay out there on this one. If they end up being wrong, then they will do it spectacularly and publicly. I cannot imagine that they would stick their necks out this far unless they believed that their story was airtight. But damn, right now they are out there all alone on this one. I find it very hard not to be skeptical. They must be sweating bullets over there at Truthout. They put it all out there. Fucking ballsy. If they're right, they will be right spectacularly and publicly."


When this story pans out, and all the little fish try to swim home, I am going to say "Sorry, you had the chance to stand with an ally, and instead, decided to say 'I find it very hard not to be skeptical.'"

You could have asked. I would have gladly explained the inside sourcing that I cannot reveal publicly. I would have told you. Happily. I would have explained how Joseph Wilson independently verified a half dozen other sources, none of whom are connected. We had a guy **deleted**.

I'd have told you, had you asked, because you are owed that much. But sadly, no. You threw me and Jason and truthout under the bus. Publicly, because you do not have the COURAGE to stand with someone who has stood with you. You couldn't even do it silently.

This was a wheat-from-the-chaff moment, and you failed. You spend a good deal of time talking about standing strong, but you publicly fucked one man who has stood stronger for you more than any other. Name for me please the New York Times and international best-selling book, translated into twelve languages, that thanks you and your site above anything else. First and foremost.

There is one. Only one. Mine. Before my own mother, I thanked you.

Yeah, yeah, we're 'ballsy' if we're right. But you made it 100% clear that you don't think we are. You could have asked. I'd have let you in. But no, you decided to cover your own ass.

You're in the wrong business.

I am disgusted.

You are no better than the cretins who have taken control of your site.
Remember when Joseph Wilson was a hero for coming out against GW's bullshite reason for starting the illegal Iraq War? Will Pitt argued that everything would come out in the wash. Will was right about that. It did. Joseph Wilson appears to have been involved in the spreading of a limited hangout. Joe Wilson appears to have been part of a controlled, oppositional script working to make the internet and lefties look bad, same as Pitt, Johnson, and Leopold. And that's when PlameGate was hitting its climax. That's around the time Markos Moulitsas was claiming the CIA as a liberal institution with its heart in the right place. Kos was crashing the gates! Valerie Plame was simply dreamy. How could one not start to believe the CIA is a misunderstood institution? That's the ticket!

Hey Now!

Mr. Johnson good guy!


From Bizarre to Bizarro World
Then guess who ended up doing two interviews with Plame and Wilson? Jason Leopold! You can't make this shite up. Who the fock do they think they're fooling? Leopold even has Plame as his youtube avatar. What a bunch of bumbling knuckleheads. This cybersleuthing at times is truly easier than juggling.

jasonleopold channel

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Anonymous said...

It's all very simple IMHO. The KKK wing of the American right(the Extreme Right) was involved with allowing 9/11 terrorists into the country to achieve their New Pearl Harbor.

The American left has been infiltrated by this KKK infested extreme right in order to keep them from understanding the extreme right's involvement in things like 9/11, the Iraq War lies, and the JFK assassination among other things. The limited hangout being : 19 Arabs did it without help from anyone on the inside.

These guys on the right go into "leftist" media and create limited hangouts to steer discussion away from key linchpin topics that could potentially blow the lid off of "mysteries" such as 9/11.

As I have posted here before, the biggie that these far right scumbags like to spread disinformation about is the idea of "controlled demolition" at the World Trade center on 9/11.

Larry Johnson, Joe Cannon at Cannonfire, Democratic Underground, Rigorous Intuition have all been involved with fucking with the American left and steering discussion of 9/11 away from facts and solely on the 19 muslims. I believe all of the above work to steer topics away from subjects such as controlled demolition or steer them into hardcore "tinfoil" like UFOs, Johnny Gosch/Gannon(Rigorous Intuition and Larry Johnson in particular).

The mods managing the limited hangouts at places like these are protected regardless of the crap they write.

"Controlled Demolition" must be a sore spot to some 9/11 planner out there somewhere because other wise there would not be this huge and coordinated attempt to either spread worthless disinfo about "Controlled Demolition" or to steer researchers away from it and into endless rabbit holes. All American conspiracies are handled this way by the perps... steer people away from the most heavily guarded secrets of how the crime was committed. Make people believe it is "crazy" to want to look deeper into it.

You even do it here sometimes although I believe for different and benign reasons: You want the content here to remain respectable so you feel a need to always hedge against what you write that might be labeled tinfoil. As you get to the good part on some subject you tend to pull back and apologize to your readers about how you're stepping into tinfoil territory. You are in essence allowing yourself to be handicapped by the PTB who have placed a tinfoil stigma around the core crimes of what they did.

Fuck that. Please, STOP APOLOGIZING. And stop using the word tinfoil. If you have a reason to believe something conspiratorial is going and you have some facts to back that conclusion just state what you think without apologizing that it might be tinfoil. There is a whole legion of paid trolls at DU(see the Du's dungeon) who do nothing all day but call posters tinfoilers as they steer the sheep into their pens.

Stop worrying about what people think. Just blog it as you see it without the apologies. Thanks!

socrates said...

This entry had nothing to do with controlled demolition theories centered on 9/11. There was one thread I set up where you could have discussed it in depth. You didn't. That's your problem, not mine.

This isn't a 9/11 conspiracy theory website. Maybe you will end up thinking I am part of the limited hangout covering up 9/11 truth. That is not my problem either.

You also used the "F" word twice. Please no cursing on this blog.

I like the word tinfoil. It will probably always show up once in a while in my posts. I am a free agent, a true nobody, and an internet loner for the most part. That wasn't how I wanted it in late 2005 or whenever my blogging aspirations first formed. I agree with you how major forums stink. That's why I've given up trying to be a blogger at any of them.

Someone just showed up on an old thread saying there is plenty of proof of a satanic mind control operation run by some covert part of the government. I don't have time to waste on that. Nor am I interested in discussing the possibility of controlled demolition having been used at the World Trade Center. I'll set up an open thread called Controlled Demolition, if you like. I'm sorry if that sounds like a form of DU dungeon. It's the best I can do for you. I just did the same thing for 'chemtrails'.

I take note that you didn't comment on the Pelton story or anything specific about Johnson or his associates as discussed in this blog post. I'm sorry my blogging isn't completely up your alley. The internet can be very alienating. I'm sorry it's that way.

Thus I'm sorry to be unable to accomodate your passion for discussing the September 11th story. It's nothing personal. There are a million other places covering it. My prerogative is to not go there, at least to the extent you wish I would.

It would be nice if more comments were coming in. But it's similar to chasing girls. If you try too hard, they run away. If you stop looking, they wonder why the interest ended. Personally, I'd rather be alone than be with someone I don't love. It's the same with the blogosphere. We have the right to be alone. We all have the right to set up our own blogs and administer them how we see fit.

It's very important to me that folks know I am into the truth no matter what it is. That means I do feel the need to make clear what is opinion from what is fact. You can't browbeat anyone into believing anything, just as you can't browbeat anyone into loving you. It is what it is.

Hans said...

Amazing story. I need to sit back and go over it again, because I surely do not see where anon came from, it was a weird way to go about getting his talking points about 9/11 in a post about Pelton. Said nothing about the story, just added a few names and called you on the carpet for pulling back, as if to say go into tinfoil territory because that is where they want you. The further down the hole you go, the more you will end up like them, which is where they want you.

socrates said...

Hi Hans,

Thanks for the post and compliment. Though you deserve most of the credit for telling me about the Pelton story. You've a clear knack for finding good ones, those relevant to today.

I explained it to you in an email, but I'll do it again, and I apologise to all for any inconvenience. This was really two separate stories. The only real connection is that Larry Johnson runs a company offering services to people like Pelton and Furlong on how to stay out of trouble.

I would like to give Anon the benefit of the doubt. But it baffles me why he didn't discuss controlled demolition in the thread concerning Daniel Hopsicker. I was hoping he'd take on my internet friend The Last Name Left in debate. He declined.

He is trying to sneak 9/11 conspiracy theory into every thread he participates in. Hopefully it is more a reflection of his passion for the subject rather than an attempt to obfuscate the individual topics.

I don't mind a bit off-topic. I don't even care about stats. Alexa had this place at 196,000 just about a month ago. Now it is going the other way and headed for obscurity. So be it. I don't hold much faith in stats. Sometimes I think the internet ptb's know we tend to think our success as bloggers is measured in visitors. My theory is they just may flood a place, make one feel more popular than they really are, and then pull back leaving the blogger feeling worthless.

Anon probably is one of three things, or two things, trying one of three strategies. For one, he could be a regular guy, just passionate in his beliefs, and he truly feels exposing 9/11 is the be all and end all topic. Or else he could be someone trying to throw me off my game. He could then either be trying to get me to look like a conspiracy theorist. Or he could be trying to get me to look heavy-handed as a moderator and make others less likely to bother participating.

My favourite Sociologist has to be C. Wright Mills. He spoke of how the Power Elite is into circumscribing. That would fit in with what you propose as a possibility.

Said nothing about the story, just added a few names and called you on the carpet for pulling back, as if to say go into tinfoil territory because that is where they want you. The further down the hole you go, the more you will end up like them, which is where they want you.

socrates said...

Sorry if I was presumptuous. Perhaps you meant the Pelton story is amazing. It is.

I think I can answer your exact question. Often I'll point out that I feel there are paid fakes, but I sure as heck acknowledge that can be perceived as tinfoil. It comes down to paystubs. We only have one for Hal Turner. We know about Advantage Consultants, the Rendon Group, Netvocates, et al. We also know there are political consultants and product endorsers on the net, referred to as astroturfers.

To use a poker phrase, it appears Anon wants me to go all in with my belief in internet fakery. I can't. I refuse to. I'm not sure what else I can do as a thinker. It's not like I have shied away with my ideas about a weather mitigation program in place to combat solar radiation and prepare for severe weather. The latter isn't even tinfoil. There is a company named Gel Tech Solutions which claims to be able to knock down the force of hurricanes. They were featured by Keith Olbermann.

The weather mitigation topic has been a big interest of mine over the years. I think it's one of the easiest to show how tinfoil is used to make what should be an interesting debate look like the one saying we never landed on the moon.

I completely agree with what you wrote. Whoever "they" are, they want us to discuss certain things on their terms. I see how folks are trying to get you to pin the Dubai assassination on Mossad. It's not even like you are saying Mossad definitely didn't do it, but that there are questions to be answered. I see how they want to make you look like an irrelevant blogger. Well, the sad news for them is that the #1 google result for "security blogger" has plugged your work. That's a big win for yourself. Congratulations on becoming a player with that story and putting your new blog on the map with your first entry! That's quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

This is Anonymous from March 23, 2010 1:57 PM.

I understand the left's issues with examining things like 9/11 and JFK and I understand that you don't want to take this blog in that direction. I don't blame you for that, but the sad fact is that nothing in this country will get better until the right wing crooks, and murderers involved with events like 9/11 and the assassination of JFK are exposed. And I believe there is a direct line of succession from the JFK assassination to 9/11. Until these things are exposed this country will continue to slide right and be destroyed one brick at a time by these crazies. Remember all of that talk from the left about putting Dick Cheney, Bush, Karl Rove, and Scooter Libby behind bars for all of the hell they have unleashed on this country? Where are they now? Still out there spreading lies. If 9/11 had been exposed for what it was, they'd be rotting in prison instead of on Fox News spreading lies. The Controlled Demolition of WTC 7 and possible controlled Demolition of the other buildings would be one of those ways to re-open the case book on the lies we have been told about all of this. That is why I have brought it up multiple times. If you can get people to believe WTC 7 simply fell on its own for no reason then you can essentially get people to believe ANYTHING and everything else you are trying to accomplish here on this blog and all other left leaning blogs is simply a waste of time. That is the crux of the problem. The Teabaggers are becoming a larger and larger presence in America because no one can get at the truth of anything anymore and they have just given up. The mind of the American public is being fed absolute lies, disinformation, rubbish and contradictions... doesn't know what the hell to believe since even the official story is an obvious lie... and until all of that is untangled and dealt with the left is simply IMO wasting its time and its words in its losing fight against the right.

socrates said...

Then go start your own blog. You've added nothing in concern to this specific entry or pretty much others where you start talking about building #7.

You had a whole thread giftwrapped where you could have discussed your 9/11 ideas. You didn't use that opportunity. What the hell does controlled demolition have to do with this specific blog post? Nothing. Get your conspiracy theory crap angle off my blog, or I'll start deleting it on sight.

Go hijack some other blog. You're not going to get away with that here.

I put in a lot of time and effort into my posts, and you disrespect me with this? I'm done with your act.