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Monday, April 26, 2010

Former Marine Corps Weatherman Admits Fake Clouds Are Being Produced

A Pacific Northwest weatherman made a startling statement on the air. He said that military aircraft are producing fake cirrus. While his explanation was that it had to do with chaff for radar purposes (not what "chemtrails" are really about) doesn't take away from the fact that what many of us have sensed, this man has confirmed. All Aircraft Are Not Involved! The only part of the segment ye might want to watch is from about a minute into the clip.
Here in Southern Oregon and Northern California, we've got a bit of an unusual situation. Now this first portion of the radar cycle is fairly bland and typical, but then you see these bands of very distinct cloud cover moving into the region. That is not rain. That is not snow. Believe it or not, military aircraft flying through the region are dropping chaff- small bits of aluminum, sometimes it's made of plastic, even metallized paper products. But it's used as an anti-radar issue, and obviously they're up there practicing. Now they won't confirm that, but I was in the Marine Corps for many years, and I'll tell you right now, that's what it is.

Now this first portion of the radar cycle is fairly bland and typical

but then you see these bands of very distinct cloud cover moving into the
region. That is not rain. That is not snow.

Believe it or not, military aircraft flying through the region are dropping
chaff... Now they won't confirm that, but I was in the Marine Corps for
many years, and I'll tell you right now, that's what it is.

MSNBC has come out with a report on plans for geo-engineering.

MSNBC video link if youtube one is pulled

Like I've said many times before, I don't think chemtrails are for geoengineering global warming. Though it is pretty much the same process, just lower it to the troposphere. Here are some bizarre looking chemclouds from Canberra, Australia. Pay heed to the fine sheet which has formed in front of the sun. That's what chemtrails evolve into. The follow-up trails are for reinforcement. HAARP allows the ptb's to be able to manipulate the jet stream and spread the gunk out to their satisfaction. The top sheet could be geo-engineering, while the lower trails could be for blocking out harmful solar radiation getting through due to holes in the ozone layer. The bottom line is that these are not trails inadvertently forming from commercial air traffic contrails. They are being deliberately produced. Climate change is considered an issue of national security. Thus we are not being consulted.

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Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini


besonsis said...

No comments for chemtrailz? Well, that's a specialized technical area. If they were spraying LSD into the atmosphere, or malathion, that would be one thing. In fact back in the McMartin era they were spraying malathion at night into the disturbed sleeping patterns of Los Angelenos.

McGauley is to be pitied I suppose except that she aided and abetted a hysterical legal nightmare for several innocent folks. Seems that she now also wants to morph into victim status, which is the Amerikkkan way. We are all victims, hers seeming to be the PTSD caused by SOMEONE abusing her child.

Amerikkkans were shocked to learn in the Yuppie era of the two working parents just how pervasive the sexual abuse of children really is. That we reacted hysterically is not so hard to understand either. Our parents, your grandparents went thru travails that hardened them to the tragedies of life, even as they experienced the worst of any generation other than the Civil War generation. Its understandable that they wanted to shield the boomers from the same experiences.Its understandable that boomers thusly can't deal effectively with the tragedies that inevitably befall the living. Its understandable that we react weirdly to events beyond our control.

I feel badly for McGauley's apparent sacrifice of the rest of her life to this tale. Does she experience regret for her own role in the ruination and defamation of so many oeople or is she still living in denial? I had a 3rd party connection to this story--a colleague who was neighbor and close friend to one of the preschool teachers. At the height of the hysteria he was a lone voice saying that the charges were insnane. Nobody believed him, me either in fact, at first, until the investigative reporting started bring the facts to bear.

gastchoi said...

I was enraged however that Buckey was held in County Jail for so long. That alone was a horrible crime. The latest crime news in TX is the guy on death row whose judge and prosecutor were FUCKING each other adulterously before and during his trial.

Whether the dude is guilty or not is beside the point. His final SCOTUS appeal was turned down virtually without comment. The judge admitted her duplicity only a few yrs ago, long after the trial, where clearly, legally, she sould have recused herslef.

As Dylan said: "makes me feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game."

And its not just TX either altho we are certainly a bellweather for a criminal criminal justice system....REFORM IT NOW!

One wonders what chance there will be if and when the R's regain a measure of political power. And the dreamers of the whiteysphere don't care.....because they aren't touched by the tragedy of prison which falls. On the poor, the colourrd and the white trash.


socrates said...

The chemtrail schtick is a hard one to sell. I got booted from Democratic Underground trying to do so. That was early 2007. I had figured out that all the major chemtrail boards were scams.

It's a definite specialty. I appreciate some people just aren't going to care. Maybe that's a combo of they quickly laugh it off as a prank or stupidity, or they figure there's no way to tell, nothing to do about it, best to not worry too much.

I couldn't resist after finding the video of the weatherman admitting shit that others have laughed at for years, the same types of buggers who unfairly banned me from DU, the place I wanted to call home.

Prison reform. There's one the apathetic and clueless can't pass off. Or they shouldn't.

I just swatted a troll concerning the West Memphis 3. In the day, I had my own technique at blogging on forums. I can still use it, but if there's not much human interaction, it's pointless. One can be devil's advocate for him or herself, in fact we must. But without an audience, we are pissing in the wind. Though there is something to be said about pockets of awareness.

A lot's going on in the back archives of DFQ2. is kind of limited in how the regular audience, if there is one, probably hasn't a clue what's going on there. You're lucky to be on the list to see exactly every post that flows through.

Jackie is what she is. She didn't murder anyone. She's definitely fairly clueless, seems uneducated, at least for writing and critical thinking skills. We don't know her. We can only keyboard psychoanalyse.

It sure does sound like denial. There's so much evidence the thingie was totally cooked up, that I don't see how it can even be looked at as an enigma. It's kind of like what Sunstein was talking about with the internet but also happens off it. There are these cases. People pick a side. It gets polarised. It gets stupid.

I've always been honest. When I say something wrong, it's because I made a mistake, not because I'm lying.


socrates said...

I think Jackie is deluded. I'd have to be with her in the flesh to really suss her out. We don't know what kinds of drugs or whatever she might have been into. It'd be fascinating to meet her son or daughter, the one she alleged was abused. That's probably where the story is concerning Jackie. Jackie's old news. She got her fifteen minutes of fame at the freak carnival.

I'm thinking my next blog entry will be on MattyJack. I thought I would make it a surprise, but since you're here, he's saying you are Francis Holland.

Well, he's saying I am Francis. But I have the screenshot where he says you and I are the same, and that we're also Lord Byron.

I've got some DFQ links lined up. You definitely were a hero, and Dave said so. Thankfully Antoinette put the joint back online.

If you think about it, MattyJack is the laughingstock of the internet. He's not known for one diary he's ever written. He's only known for being in cahoots with the UGOG's and having come up with a wide assortment of cruel hoaxes directed at members of his forum.

It shouldn't be that tough to develop a fair blog for all. Not one soapblox DKos off-shoot makes sense. They all suck moldy cheese. I think you should go to MLW and ask Phil if he's Angry Rich from Fox News. Maryscott O'Connor might as well invite Rush Limbaugh to post on her forum. I wonder how much money she makes. It's probably not much at this point.

Political operatives could give her donations, say like a Karmafish, in order to promote a certain view, pro-DailyKos. You see, even Dave wondered if perhaps MattyJack and FSZ were in bed with the UGOG's from the start. I'm also thinking I done wrong by Noom "assiduating" he was the notorious donkeytail (not -tale). That was a UGOG. MattyJack knew it too. It could take me a while to piece it together.

I don't want to rush it. I'm not going to put up every screenshot either, maybe link to most of them instead. I'm definitely into trying to make this a good read. I think I've been able to improve in that area, once the final act of getting shit on by MattyJack took place.

He's a loser. Period. He will never escape that fact. He's as deluded as Jackie. They could be two peas in a pod with just different experiences, and Jackie isn't malicious unlike Jack's Smirking Revenge.

I'm with you on the criminal justice angle. No one innocent should be imprisoned. No one in prison should suffer human rights violations. We're supposed to be living in a society.

comonmem said...

Jack's just a kid. He made msitakes and compounded them by making several more. And then it just snowballed from there. Still, he's way ahead of LJ in the moderation game. I think they are as in cahoots as anybody. Whats the point of pfuggee anymore anyway? The three bloggers left, LJ, Failreft and Stu are all regulars at FSZ.

Pretty much everybody else has takena hike. Even Super, who is no doubt off sulking now that his fantasy love (Beach) has found a BF in CR, and a fascist Italian one to boot.


Dont deny it Super. I know a panting dogg when I see him sniffing beach butt.

I dont much care to speculate on McGauley's personal foibles. Let he who is without sin, etc. Im not sure why you'r so derogatory to people who come to yur site. It definitely doesnt help you extract info from them. But I think you should cut and paste the recent dialogue into a FP piece, just for the record. I'd also like to see you tie the Satanic panic hysteria into Sunstein into the whiteysphere as a whole. Very instructive. I'd do it myslef but no time....and it seems to be what yur doing anyway, altho you leave the analysis unfinished, IMHO.

But whatever. Yur a good read. The Cloud stuff would be interesting if it didnt seem so innocuous. I mean, is the chemical shit floating up or down? Is it filling the ozone hole? I know, I know, those are the qwestians that need to be answered. It just doesnt seem like its one of the more pressing concerns of the day.

Notice whiteysphere is taking a pass on the immigration outrage, the Goldman Sachs outrage. Because Obomber is actually on the right side of these issues. What they dont get is that joining forces with the right on issues against Obomber from the left is not helpful to the left. It only plays into the hands of the right.

No one ever said the whiteysphere had any sense, any political skillz or were really left fr that matter.

Holland is grateness. That he has chosen to post at FSZ is a validation of FSZ, which seems to be in a fallow period now, even if the comment threads are empty.

Im not planning on returning however. Whats the point? Saw MJ's very recherche opinion dairy that the Tea Party is a symptom of the dying white bread kultur. Stop the presses, dude! Thats like, uhm, only been true as well as thoroughly discussed since Reagan turned the dying white man kultur into a conservative juggernaut for fascism.


socrates said...

There are a few possibilities about Jack. There's your kids will be kids theory. Quite possible. There's also the chance he met up with UGOG's living in his area (Bouldin, FingerFlaw) and thought he could rejuvenex® his soapblox career. He called Flaw a high profile or something attorney along with being a regular guy. He took down the UGOG files for a period of time. He threw Dave under the bus, as you pointed out in real time. He even returned to DKos as himself, not realising they have zero tolerance for zombies.

And of course, you are on the mark now saying Laura and Jack appear to be in cahoots, and that Pffugee's existence is no longer needed. The two people the place was established for were arguably myself and Byron. Both of us are gone. Though Lordship shows up occasionally. Perhaps Pffugee was also created for blokes like you and Noom, but it's not like youse guys are there too often if at all. Both places are rather quiet. Pffugee is toast. FSZ gets next to nothing for comments. MLW isn't far ahead of either of them.

I like Francis too. Though it looks doubtful he will remain at FSZ for long. The ex-KosKop blogmaids don't like him. The admin just called him myself on Francis' thread. Holland does have a few blind spots, however, and maybe he won't notice being a punching bag. He only seems to give up if banned. One thing Francis obviously doesn't do is zombies.

I think you're right about not trying to get into McGauley's head. Casting the first stone or something you were saying. I can be a bit of a douchie at times. I'll try harder in the future to be more diplomatic.

I'll take you up on your suggestion for a blog entry. I'll do that after the MattyJack one. If you get the time and want to write on Goldman Sachs, immigration, prison reform, or whatever rocks your boat, please do. It doesn't have to be a tome. I promise to participate and not quickly bounce it off the frontpage, as I unfortunately did to Flutter Wings.

I think ObamaRama has some potential. I think he's triangulating in a "politics as the art of the possible" kind of way to ensure a second term. Slow and steady wins the race so to speak. I hope so. Anyone but the Lakers, and anyone but a Republican is my motto.

The chemtrail thing. Not to sound like an ass, but I was the best and brightest thing to ever hit that topic. To answer your questions. What goes up must come down. Since chemtrails are a tropospheric production, that's why they have to be "sprayed" so often to get the desired results, which I believe is to attenuate harmful uv-b rays. I've got plenty o'evidence to back my theory. Crutzen, the Dr. Evil highlighted in a classic Rolling Stone Magazine article a couple years ago on geoengineering, that dude's an expert on the ozone layer. He said ozone in the troposphere is more effective in attenuating the radiation than schtuff placed in the stratosphere.


socrates said...

To cool down the Earth, that's a whole other thingie. That stuff would have to be placed higher up for economic reasons based on the what goes up must come down maxim. You'd also want the fake cloud cover higher up to bounce back the sun's heat into space.

Anyhoo, my main strategy as a chemmie was to show that this topic is not that far-fetched. You'd be stunned to see what kind of sophisticated attacks were put in place against me.

They came in three waves. The goofball chemmies were phase 1. Then the right woos left neonazis went after me. Then the soapblox refties like supersoling, MajorFlaw, Larisa Babushkanova, et al didn't like how I went after the Lefty Liars Club. Then of course, MattyJack and his internet biker gang took it a step further for my not letting up on the DFQ story. I guess that's four waves of abuse. Maybe that's why I've often bit back at times at people like a pitbull. I'm actually not that bad a person, i.e. anger issues. I think that's been overblown.

In a fight club situation, I admit to giving what I've received. I did that at MLW. People will probably see me going Blews style, but they won't see how MSOC, CurmudgetteFace, and others were giving me shit first. It's like with the NBA refs always calling the foul on the person who responded after missing the initial transgression. There was definitely a concerted effort to disrupt my splendid start at MLW. It succeeded, but I'm better for it being away from that armpit of a blog.

Oh yeah, one more thing about the chemtrails. It wouldn't be to fill the ozone, just to attenuate those rays. When there is cover, of course the radiation isn't getting through. But even a sheet of cover could diminish the harm. It sounds innocuous, but we don't know. Chemtrails could be contributing to increases in respiratory illness, alzheimers, multiple schlerosis, etc..

So my plan is to put up a diary on MattyJack, of course you and DFQ will be included. Then I'll work on the one you suggested, something on Jackie's comments, Sunstein, satanic panic, etc.. Thanks for the suggestion.

Other than that, I'm definitely not planning on too much more volume for my blogging. I'm tired, man. I tried. I tried. There's more to life than this piece of garbage you call the whiteysphere.

I did get lucky the other night and watched Shadow of a Doubt. It was a beaut. Hitchcock. Teresa Wright- Wow, talk about a handsome woman. That Joseph Cotten dude also showed some remarkable acting skills. I'd seen him play the good guy in Gaslight. In Shadow of a Doubt, he went 180 degrees. You know someone's a good actor when they can mix it up. I'd seen Wright before too. She was the heroine in The Little Foxes. I will marry her no questions asked, if someone can invent time travel. She was everything that Elinor Donahue tried to portray but couldn't pull off. I'm glad Sheriff Taylor didn't end up marrying her. Teresa was the real deal.

pokess said...

I notice you use the "triangulation" schtick alot vis a vis Obama, also the "politics of the possible" or WTF.

I'm not sure if "triangulation" is correct, but I will say that he "compromises", sometimes to a fault, as in HCR where he wasted a lot of time before finally doing what he had to do anyway to get anything at all passed in response to a united opposition in the Congress, which is pretty historical in its oppositional defiance.

Politics, as practiced by elected leaders in our banana republic, IS SUPPOSED TO BE about compromise and what is possible. Thats the way the Founding Elites drew ip up on the chalkboard.

Anything else doesn't work long term. Lincoln knew this. LBJ knew it. Even reagan knew it. But not Bush and teh Republikkkans 2000-2008, er I mean 2010. They basically ignore the will of half the people as expressed however imperfectly by the Demotards who embody left center and right in coalition, like teh Republikkkans used to as well.

Teh leftier than thous need to grip reality and constructively face the real problems and the real enemy with real solutions. Endless whining simply alienates.

Obomba is attempting to lead from the middle because thats what he campaigned on and thats why the leftier than thous didnt vote him for him. He did so because he wanted to be president not yet another symbolic leftier than thou looooser.

Are the leftier than thous offering any significant counterpoint to give Obomber room to maneuver to the left on immigration, banking reform, healthcare reform? HAHAHA. No, they are too busy proving their presciently accurate analysis of Amerikkka, which means nothing POLITICALLY.

Nope, the leftier than thous can do one thing and one thing only: criticize from the sidelines.


Tooo skkkared to make an impact in life. Ask Failreft. Tooo afraid to unionize because the last guy who tried got fired. But sure, all you poor whiteys need to unionize and lets be nice to the hispanics as we kick them back to abject poverty and life without hope in Mexico. Nice, lefty. Real nice.


But its all Obomber fault because he's triangulating.

emesse said...

I had a major Hardon for Elinor Donohue going back to her daze as the Princess on Father Knows Best. I always wanted to pull her down her holier than thou panties and spank her primly skinny white ass until she begged for it up the dirt road..

There. I said it.

Helen Krump was more Andy's style woman. Is that who you are talking about as being in the Hitchcock movie?

socrates said...

Point conceded on Obama running from the center.

I will say, however, that the leftier than thous you allude to aren't real lefties. They're internet freaks who have little in common with socialist intellectuals. You yourself exposed Refty on many topics. He's averse to affirmative action and immigration, calls Nixon the last US liberal President, supports Huey Long type fascism and Holocaust deniers, the list kind of goes on. True lefties would never support Mugabe. We need to differentiate between the nutjobs who pass out Mao pamphlets with real progressives like Zinn, Ivins, and Fromm. Those people would have laughed at anyone calling these whiteyspheric looooosers coming from the left. You yourself astutely pointed out that they would probably find a niche with the TeaNut Party.

I agree Taylor should have married KrumpFace. They could have lived happily ever after in Anal Retentive, USA.

Teresa Wright was an old-school actress. Not well-known. She was Gehrig's wife in that Pride of the Yankee's movie. She was also in Little Foxes, Shadow of a Doubt, and Mrs. Miniver. I think Donahue was trying to steal her schtick, like the female version of James Dean having a hard on for Montgomery Clift. Donahue was the poor man's version of Teresa Wright.

abledl said...

Yes, well, but other leftier than thous include Nader, Greenwald (who I find completely tiresome in general as a know it all nitpicker who in the final analysis, for instance, backs HCR--he's all leftier than thou pander, like Salon in general or Kucinich, but in the end, like them he backs Obomber)and many other boring schnooks who create and spread this unrealistic sheen which envelops the left and creates the poisonous atmosphere that leads to fakeleftism, which inevitable just reinforces the rightist tendency of the body politic, thus is circular self defeating.

What galvanizes the right and keeps them hanging together no matter what is their intensely derisive derision for leftier than thou attitudes like Greenwald, the high handed smarty pants know it allness with the gay inflection, like MAMZ for that matter too.


The loooosers will never win and in fact they dont want to win. Much better to wallow in self defeat and blame it on everybody else.

pandese said...

The Bucks are up 3-2 and can finish off ATL at home. Alas, the Thunder are down 3-2. If they force a game 7 in LA that would be a strong statement. OKC is an odd, surface boring bible belt town with a HUGE appetite for sports and partying/drinking/wild sex in parked cars. Back in my swinging single Traveling salesman days I met up with a few farmers daughters in OKC I tells ya. Ah, the fond memories of an old goat....Like most conventional wisdom, I'm thinking the demise of the Demotards is overblown. The Republikkkans have zero game of their own and what they offer in 2010 is mainly just a chance to pick some seats that normally go to them anyway. They are laffably inept and w/o leadership. McConnell reminds me of a castrati. Definitely needs a testosterone boost. Boehner? Romney? Look up the word "buffoon" .

And then you move to the right of the R circus and it gets even funner.

Once the media starts poking holes in that motley crew while they agreeably keep shooting themselves in the foot on immigration, banking and racism, I see them making smallish gains in 2010 then overreaching and getting blown out in 2012, perhaps splintering into 2 parties when GOP centrists return to positions of credibilty after 2012, simply to try to keep them on life support.

Meanwhile, the country will continie to add the much needed youth, brains and desire of nonwhite immigrants who will be demotards by default.

bilca said...

And I wouldn't be so eager to push "socialism" altho I know what you really mean is W. Euro welfare state capitalism. Tge Venezuela miracle is now looking a bit tattered, eh? Of course this simply MSNM agitprop but how many times do we need to see that socialism is the best theory but the worst reality? State planning by bureaucrats just doesn't make people want to get out of bed in the morning.

socrates said...

Greenwald looks ok from what I've seen. Nader's not a bad guy, though he should have known better than to dilute Al Gore's votes ushering in one of the worst decades in US History. Nader doesn't like to hear it, but he knew going into that November he might swing the election to Shrub. I'll concede that Nader was an ass. He should've dropped out.

I actually voted for Nader that year. But it was in a state that was going for Al Gore no matter what. You have to pick your battles with these so-called protest votes. There have been a lot of dumbass posts on the internet from leftier than thous suggesting we either don't vote or vote third party. That's clearly stupid advice. That's how Huey Long's get elected. One must vote Democratic nearly every time even if often that means picking the lesser of two evils. That's what I think.

I see what you're saying about the Fake Left. It definitely comes in different varieties. MAMZ needn't ever be considered again for anything. That CIA schtick of his says it all. A true lefty feels the CIA should be eradicated. Moulitsas is the ultimate fake lefty. Ooops. That would be Al Giordano who's a big fan of Markos Moulitsas. That's where things truly got riotous. Basically you have there two Mr. Anti-Establishments being nothing other than tools for the Man.

The discussions on Venezuela are stupid. They become nothing but polarised. If I had to pick a foreign leader I trust, it would be Evo Morales of Bolivia. He seems to be a pure lefty and a good guy.

You were definitely starting to anticipate my response. True lefties aren't usually involved in politics. I'm talking Fromm, Adorno, Marcuse, true intellectuals. There was one dude in Brazil who became the Education Minister. Paulo Freire. He was a great thinker. Max Weber got involved in some politics, though I'm not sure how that turned out.

What we have here is inequality. All schools should be equal, but they're not. I believe everyone deserves housing, food, work if able at nice minimum wages, an end to war, yes all war is a racket. The Military-Industrial Complex needs to be shaved by 90%. That would be the right thing to do.

I just never got too into politics. I do know that I'm a pure lefty. So when I see the fakes, it's pretty obvious. You're honest about your leaning middle on some things, so it's tough if not impossible to pin you for any hypocrisy. Thus, your main point is one I agree with. The attacks on Obama by many seem to be coming from basically TeaNuts who are trying to co-opt the progressive label every bit as much as say a douchebag named Markos Moulitsas.

So Milwaukee's looking to advance. Good for them. Two more days before the biggest series so far, Celtics-Cavs. I don't think there's any way to know how that will go until it starts to unfold. Cleveland could choke like usual or they could win easily. The Celtics could be a nice try but no cigar team, or they just might have some Cinderella in them like the 1969 C's.

That was Russell's last year. No one gave them a chance. I think they had about 48 wins. The Laker owner had balloons placed in the rafters to be let down. He totally jinxed his team.

I like OKC but wish they were still in Seattle. The Lakers don't look that scary anymore. I'm thinking either Orlando, Cleveland, or Boston wins the title. I'd say any team but one of those three or the Lakers would constitute an upset. Those seem to be the four top teams and no one else is close. Maybe the Spurs. Dallas- wow, get a clue. Denver? Maybe. I haven't been following them lately, but Carmelo and Chauncey are good.