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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three Blog Entries In One

Air Force Blogger Exposed?

Without a doubt they are on the internet. Here's the proof.
(excerpt) USAF Blog Response
Air Force Releases 'Counter-Blog' Marching Orders
By Noah Shachtman
January 06, 2009

Bloggers: If you suddenly find Air Force officers leaving barbed comments after one of your posts, don't be surprised. They're just following the service's new "counter-blogging" flow chart. In a twelve-point plan, put together by the emerging technology division of the Air Force's public affairs arm, airmen are given guidance on how to handle "trolls," "ragers" -- and even well-informed online writers, too. It's all part of an Air Force push to "counter the people out there in the blogosphere who have negative opinions about the U.S. government and the Air Force," Captain David Faggard says....

At Democratic Underground, a suspicious blogger has arrived to run interference for the Wikileaks story. His avatar is an Air Force star. This link will take you there, but here's a warning that there are a lot of images to upload. It could stall your computer. Here's one sequence where he got his ass kicked.

Beckstcw has only made 36 posts. Strangely enough, he was at DU back in 2006. On a thread bemoaning that a news panel had two Republicans and one Democrat, this was his reaction.

Anyone who looks into the major whiteysphere forums will see that the moderating is unfair. This asshat, probably part of the Air Force Keyboard Commando Unit, gets to post anti-Democratic Party comments. I'm not allowed there, simply because I decided to put rude debunkers on ignore back in 2007 who were trolling my weather mitigation schtick. Do I think this guy is a paid fake? Yes I do!

I tried posting on the Wikileaks story over at Huffington. I haven't been blogging there too much since 2005-06. I didn't like the way Arianna treated Peter Rost, nor did I appreciate her taking various George Clooney interview segments and presenting it as an original post. Google Clooneygate probably, if you're interested in that one.

Anyway, when I signed into HuffPo a couple days ago and tried to make a comment, I was rudely welcomed with the following message.

A month or two ago, I had tried to make the following post on a Brad Friedman entry. It wasn't allowed. This is what got me banned.

It's no big loss. Huffington Post is very overrated. It takes too long for the advertisement filled pages to load. There is a lot of fluff. Stories are always getting backpaged too quickly. The moderating there is probably as bad as it is at DKos and DU. Arianna Huffington is a manipulative poser, period.

Tiger Woods is a Creep

I think Tiger is the sports version of the mentally ill, Hollywood child star stereotype. He's been an exceptional golfer since around the age of four. Most know of his appearance on the Mike Douglas Show.

That new Nike ad is clearly nuts. From Kevin Dupont of The Boston Globe.
(excerpt) They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re altogether ooky...

Wait. Before you snap your fingers twice and shout, “Hey, Morticia, it’s the Addams family!’’ we’re actually talking about the even kookier Woods family, whose infamous and prodigal son, Tiger, has a chance today to win the Masters. Win or lose, it has been one heck of a week for a guy who disappeared from golf to have his libido realigned and deal with a swing coach who prefers to tutor solely at golf courses and not mix-and-match Tupperware parties with hot babes in the ’burbs.

But just when it looked as if Tiger was taking his first baby steps toward image rehab, he went out and pulled the oldest trick in the book: He summoned his dead father to the rescue.

Again we ask, as we have a million times lately, what was Tiger thinking?

Yep, ol’ Earl Woods himself, who died from prostate cancer in 2006, teamed up posthumously with Nike last week — coincidentally, just as the Christian world was celebrating Easter. That’s a comeback. Woods the elder, no stranger to straying off-course in his own marital life, voiced over a 30-second Nike TV spot that is the oddest, creepiest, kookiest, altogether ookiest half-minute of advertising ever to ooze Bloblike out of the boob tube....

Olivia De Havilland is Hot Shit

I watched Lady in a Cage last night. It might seem to have been an exploitation flick based on the trailer below, but I disagree. One needs to see the movie to understand that it was way ahead of its time. It attacked the concept of me-first capitalism. It was about showcasing the morally, degrading direction our country was headed towards. The full movie is at present available at youtube. This was one where I thought it would be stupid, but it was the opposite. The beginning was excellent. The soundtrack was unnerving. There was a dead dog in the road that not one car stopped for to see what was up. A young girl was roller skating over a wino. Such imagery established the movie's central theme of a cold, selfish society on the downslide. The whole movie made me think of that one woman who was brutally attacked in NYC and no one lifted a finger to help her. Now I see we are committing war crimes in Iraq and innocent people are being murdered by the US Military, and few of us are speaking out against it.

Olivia De Havilland is definitely one of the greatest actresses of all time. I enjoyed her immensely in The Snake Pit, The Heiress, Hold Back the Dawn, and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. I speak of her in the present tense, because she's still alive! She's 93, a lifelong Democrat, and disgusted with the Iraq War.

Hollywood's sweetheart: Olivia de Havilland by Hermione Eyre 19.03.10 from the London Evening Standard

Olivia as Melanie in Gone With the Wind (1939)


vernizi said...

Why not just post three separate entries? My thumb gets sore scrolling down my blackberry. /:-)

Note the different smiley too...

In order:

This is the Sunsteinian governmental response...but is it hidden or out in the open? In other words, is this a conspiracy or the fulfillment of Sunstein's announced plan? I have no problem with it, actually. Just shows that internet addiction is raging everywhere...which brings me to Tiger. I'll not comment on yur suoercilious moral stance, what's the point?

I will say that my prediction of his struggling at the Masters is correct, altho 11 under would be enuff to win there many years.

His game is looking pretty good, except for the short schtick, which always takes the longest to return to form. Which is why I knew he'd struggle on those undulating super fast greens.But watch out at US Open and Brit Open. Both to be held on courses where he dominates.

I didn't see the commercial so I'm not sure what the big deal is.

As for ODH, she was hot no doubt. But give me Viv Leigh, who fully embodied the donkeytale maxim: the crazier in the head, the hotter in bed.

socrates said...

I like that new smiley. It looks like the person's wearing a beret. It's also kind of how Canadians are drawn on South Park.

I thought the three in one was a clever idea. You must be .0001% of the population using a blackberry for the internet. I mean, don't people use that thing mostly for email and making phone calls? The screen can't be that big. I might have to google blackberry to see what you're up against. The great philosopher Joe Dirt once said, "It's all about the consumer."

I'll respond in order to your three responses.

Yes, that was a clear example of Sunstein's cognitive infiltration. But I doubt those bloggers are playing in a fair way like Sunstein suggested it be done. If military buggers are going to be gunning down innocent people, if their higher ups are going to cover it up and/or lie, I doubt these military bloggers are acting like good school teachers would in presenting information.

You ask if this is out in the open. It is, and it isn't. We have proof of the AF blogging unit. But I don't see where it says these people are admitting who they are when posting.

You may not have a problem with it, but perhaps you haven't thought the thing through. I'm sure you have had a problem with Hal Turner, who was doing the FBI's bidding. I'm sure you don't want government propaganda all over the internet. If you have no problem with it, then you are just asking for an Orwellian Big Brother to tell us what to think. It is already here. I do agree with you about the internet addiction thing raging. It's probably worse than alcohol and bars. Though I'm not a statistician. I would be willing to play one on tv, however.

On Tiger Woods- I'm shocked Phil won. I'm curious how Tiger would have done in the old days. Any ideas? Isn't the equipment better, the greens a lot easier to putt on, etc.? I'm asking where Tiger Woods fits in with Golfing History. Is he the clear cut all-time greatest? There was a time, a good period of time, where the only person who could beat Tiger was Tiger. He turned golf into a video game. Uhm, wait a second, he did turn it into an actual video game, but I meant something other than that. I was using video game as a literary device. #:-(


socrates said...

Now to what we really want to talk about, at least me, let's rate the old broads in their prime. Olivia was hot shit not for looks but for being a clever f*cker. I liked how she scrunched her brow. I don't think she was beautiful. More smart and cute than anything.

Bette Davis was hot when she was in her 20's, but then it went downhill. I find her voice very annoying, though not as much as Hepburn's, and I would never deny her greatness. Hepburn I think was overrated. I could have done without Katherine Hepburn.

There was that Jennifer Jones lady. Very pretty. I saw her in Indiscretion of an American Wife with Clift. I watched Little Foxes last night. Superb. People are getting around the copyright thing by not spelling out the titles perfectly. I don't see any movies today with the social conscience I'm seeing in a lot of these older flicks. But back to the chicks. Theresa Wright was sweet.

I know Vivian Leigh mostly from Psycho. Yeah, she was hot. So was Jessica Lange. I finally saw what this Ava Gardner looked like. She was a bit too over the top hot for my tastes. You know who was the sweetest? Irene Dunne. Spunky to the max. I also noticed that these old school actresses thought the world of Meryl Streep. Now there's someone who could really pull off the plain look in a beautiful way. That's why I think Olivia was hot. A more realistic kind of good looking.

Anne Heche is hot and fits your maxim.

I'm not sure if this is a phase I'm going through watching old movies. I wish more of them were available. A few of them I really wanted to watch, but they're not allowed. Like Sunset Boulevard. I saw it when I was younger. But after watching all these older movies, I'd like to see it again.

I hope you start blogging here. The format might not be the best, but a good one can develop an audience. Field Negro has a blogspot and gets tons of comments. I'm definitely willing to cut back on making so many entries and open this thing up to other people. And the best part is I don't think google ever deletes these, even if we quit.

condicsi said...

The Princess of Monaco was a definite PoA in her prime...

and of course, Audrey Hepburn, never Kate Hepburn. Audrey forever, even if Failreft uses her in his tagline.

Tiger's 11 under in his first tourney back, on one of the toughest putting surfaces in golf rates right up there, considering what he's been through, even if what he's been thru was self created. I think there's something to the child star issues that you bring up. The difference being that only one or two tranisition from child stardom to adult stradom. The real tragedy of the childhood starz is that they are washed up with no public road to redemption. Tiger is hardly a tragic figger. He's come back strong and more than regain his place in the sun, the blighted Amerikkkan sun.

Mickelson has all the skillsz when he hits it straight off the tee and makes the short putts. His iron game is the best in the biz when he's "on", and he can be spectacular at times, like that shot out of the woods over the creek to 4 feet yesterday. That was greatness. All in all, he's been a career disappointment given the potential, most thot he and Tiger would be like Jack and Arnie and Jack and Watson but hasnt worked out. Three Masters wins, sure, but he needs to win a Brit or a US Open or even a PGA to even make the 2nd tier of greatness...and he mite. Plus you have to admit playing for his wife was a nice antidote to Tiger's story.

Tiger, what can you say? The dude is easily going to end up with the most majors, which will make him the greatest alltime when he finally does it. Barring injury, he will do it within the next five years. I think he wins at least 2 this year.

Not to say I'm rooting for him....I always like the underdogs myslef. The short hitters who gut it out around the greens, the Euros and the Asians. Im a career good field no hit second baseman, Eddie Stanky type.

As for the Orwellianness of the cognitive infiltration, I guess I'm not really seeing it that way since you found all this info on the AF thing so easily and the guy who is posting at DU has AF insignia. The internet is free for all. Hal Turner, what real damage has he done anyway?

Look, dude, you seem to forget that half the country is right wing. The problem for me is more when the two wings talk only to each other. That was Sunstein's main point. Group polarisation is dangerous. Airing conflicting viewpoints isnt really a problem. And govt employees have every bit as much right to be anonymous chatterboxes dont they?

The problem is the internet isnt really that important in any constructive sense. Its all infotainment.

And the paid fakes are only showing up at the bigger sites, so I'm not too concerned whether the Failrefts, Byrons and Otvos's are paid or not.....unless they have a minour leagur for paid fakes, where the fakes have to prove themselves in order to move up to the big show,

Pffuggee wouldnt even be Pawtucket. More like Woonsocket, or WTF.

The Negro Leagues of the Whiteysphere. ALl in all the talent level is just as high, but the travel conditions far inferiour...


socrates said...

I was thinking that when we consider the babes coming out of Hollywood, it's similar to discussing who were the great old-time baseball players. A lot of people weren't even allowed into the show. So while I'm drolling over Irene Dunne, it could have been some hot African-American or other minority looker who would have prompted a lot more droolage.

socrates said...

We just posted at the same time. I'll read what you added. Thanks for the posts.

socrates said...

I liked Audrey too. Good call. With Katherine, I read a quote of hers saying the head shake thing had nothing to do with an illness, that it was a habit. I'll have to cybersleuth the truth on that one or probably not.

Joan Fontaine, that was Olivia's sister. I think she was prettier. But it looks like Joan was a biatch towards her sis.

The messed up child star thing is an American tradition. Many know of Dana Plato. There's Bonaduce. Buffy from Family Affair is a famous one. Perhaps Judy Garland is the craziest and most tragic one of them all. She got used big time. She ended up destitute. Her managers and others ripped her off. She also had the Elvis Presley syndrome, where no one around is able to be a real friend and get the person to clean up their act. The Jacksons too. That was another one of these. Ron Howard, however, is an example of someone who flourished. Maybe that was because he had Andy Griffith as his tv dad. Howard Cunningham and Mrs. C were good role models too.

Tiger did have a good showing. If he can age gracefully, he should still be able to beat Jack's Major record. I agree Tiger isn't someone to pity. He'll be ok. I don't think he's a bad guy. I do think his wife should dump him. It's not like he only cheated on her once.

Phil's been a disappointment. I agree. But think of how worse it would be for him, if he hadn't recently gotten off the schneid. Tom Watson was good. Greg Norman, now that's another tragic figure. I liked Freddie Couples. At least he has the bad back as an excuse. John Daly! Who doesn't like him? He's one of the few who hit rock bottom and is still liked no matter what.

I see your point about the Sunstein related schtick. But the guy with the AF avatar, he didn't even admit he was an AF blogger. He might be some retired military guy. And even though this info is available, it's not like it's that well-known. The Hal Turner story doesn't really do too much, I agree. Unless more like him are revealed. And that's probably less likely than Moulitsas being critical of the CIA or mentioning the El Salvadoran death quads. The Hal Turner story is a fluke. I can't believe he was that stupid to cross the line. I bet the FBI told him not to target specific individuals.

I'm not sure govt. employees should be able to partake in the chatterbox without disclosure. I think it's one of those things where there should be a law against it, if there isn't.

I agree with you that Sunstein wrote a decent paper. But if military guys are writing incognito the same cover up lies of their higher ups, that seems corrupt. If they're writing the truth, or at least their best attempts at it, fine, fair enough. I don't trust them to be writing anything than propaganda. I'm definitely over the bitterness of the internet being a pile of trash. It doesn't mean I'm going to go down without a fight. Truth is everything.

I agree Pffugee is a non-player. I think FSZ was until MattyJack destroyed it from within. I think the few of us brought it down. We didn't budge on principles, and MattyJack thought he could continue to make up shit and survive.

Maybe it's for the best that Pffugee and FSZ collapsed. It's made it easier on dudes like us to break the soapblox addiction.

socrates said...

Oops on confusing Janet and Vivian Leigh.

rahed said...

Did you put back the moderation? I made a comment about Viv not Janet Leigh and that one disappears only to have you show up to correct yur mistake yourslef. Very fishy there, MattyJohn.


Yur schtick is in yur slef contradictions. Fighting CT with CT. Bashing people for bashing people while you bash other people.


No, I wont be posting here or anywhere, for that matter. I'm done giving away my best schtick.

Its pay me or trade me time for Donk Drysdale.

I'll continue to offer my wit and wisdom in small spurts.

Did you notice Francis posted a dairy at FSZ? It was a weird piece consisting of year old Revisionist comments about MAMZ supposed past in the gay porn biz.

MattyLauraJohn FP'ed it reluctantly. That dude slash chick is MSOC right down to his slash her "look at me! look at me!" waving pirate flag.

Anyway, the old movies were big when I was a kid. Dont really get into them much anymore but is cool that you can steal them online.

"One Eyed Jacks" Brando western is pretty good movie. I think he directed it.

"Petrified Forest" Bogarts first movie is also greatness. Lotsa the early Bogart, thirties WB movies have a decidedly leftist slant. Garfield, Paul Muni, Cagney, Robinson. They used to run two every nite on the UHF channel 56 in LA when I was a kid. Me and the homies would get high and watch a double feature, always trying to out-Bogart each other, especially in the joint dept.

I never got to be Bogart. I was always Claude Rains...


If this one and my last one dont get thru I am done with this place...


musionu said...


socrates said...

No, moderation isn't on. If it were, you would have gotten a this post is moderated message or something similar. I don't appreciate the accusation. Maybe you're back on the sauce. You're receiving every post written here. I didn't see that one you suggest I censored. Problem's either a glitch or you hit preview or something and never posted it but think you did.

Where's my schtick conspiracy theory? The links right above. Anyway, I admit you are right in a sense, since I do speak of tinfoil by association.

Wow, I just looked at that Holland piece you mentioned. Francis is clearly not all there. His deep flaw is that he is so fixated on Kos, that he covers nothing else. That's pretty stupid of Revisionist to say Kos might have been in the porn business. I never heard that rumour. It's like Francis is trying to ruin the good stuff he has uncovered. Very disappointing.

I do agree that Kos could be a latent homosexual, however. Larry is probably one of those too. There have been studies done showing that those who are homophobic are oftentimes latent homosexuals. Nonetheless, this is the last straw for me with Holland. I won't be returning to his blog.

Yet that doesn't take Moulitsas off the hook for his non-liberal background. He praised the CIA in 2006. He calls it a liberal institution with its heart in the right place. That says it all.

MattyJack is a creep, period. He does have some MSOC qualities, but I doubt he'll ever come close to the success she had. Her schtick worked for a long time. MattyJack lived off of other people's work. He stole Peeder's legacy. DFQ was the one who put FSZ on the map, unless I'm mistaken. He did MajorFlaw's dirty work. Called him a regular guy. Deleted the UGOG files for the longest time. MattyJack is a troll. He's probably on some serious drugs. He's not married. He's not a law student. My theory is he comes from rich people and turned into a punk. Picture Brett Kimberlin with a low IQ.

You're right about the old movies being big. Carol Burnett did all those extended parodies on them. We're talking about flicks that had been from the 30's and 40's being done up by Korman and Conway. They even did the Heiress. Sure the famous one they did Gone With the Wind wasn't a stretch. It used to be every year just like Wizard of Oz. But The Heiress? The Little Foxes? For Carol Burnett to be putting on those Late Late Movie skits shows you're not lying about how big the old school movie industry was. And you're also correct about how many of them had a lot of social conscience. We agree.

I'll look for Petrified Forest. The Greatful Dead were cool about bootlegs. They realised it was advertisements for their work. No one's going to buy the dvd's of these old movies because the grainy versions aren't on youtube. They'll buy them after seeing them on youtube in that state. That's what I think. I'm not saying people should profit off of other's work. This is different. These are movie buffs who want to share with others what they love. Speaking of Bogart, he was great in Mutiny on the Bounty, or was that Caine Mutiny. I saw both of those. Brilliant! I hope I don't mess up with my memory again like with the Leighs. I think one had Bogart going insane, the strawberries thing. The other had some dick for a Captain also. I think that's where Brando stepped to the plate. I won't watch these old flicks if they don't make me think. I promise you that.

I definitely didn't delete anything of yours or anyone elses. I'm kind of shocked you'd think that. Blogger can have some glitches once in a while. Maybe copy your posts just in case so they don't get lost. I had nothing to do with your post not making it to the big board.

nomen said...

Yeah, don't know what haooened. But it wasn't sauce. It was saucy...One eyed jacks is available for viewing. Not sure about Petrified Forest. I suppose I shouldn't j'accuse you but I do it anyway just to keep u on yur toes. Plus, I like it when you accuse me of being a fake. You can stop sending all the comments to me, BTW. I scarcely care whether anyone tries to imitate me or not. I mean one guy tried to tie me to dog fucking. The only dog that ever gave me a boner was "Lady" from Lady and the Tramp.

I must also confess to achieving a tentpole over Cruella DeVille (cartoon version not the fugly Glenn Close carnation). I loves me some mean, ornery, nasty bitches...human version, with the one exception noted above.

The old movies and jazz defined Amerikkkan kultur back in the mom's day. There was nuthin else cept radio.
And I'm pretty sure they was better off for it. Dime matinees, two cents for candy and you got two flicks, often with a jazz band oerformance during intermission. Even Sinatra did those movie palace gigs! I used to grill me mum about the old daze, make her do the jitterbug and shit.My daughter caught that craze a few yrs back and got mum to show her the steps.

Nuthin new under the sun. Nuthin I tells ya.

socrates said...

I'm done giving a shit about anyone on the internet. They all stink, including yourself. What you refer to as attempts at keeping me on my toes, I see as you being a creep. You're two-faced. Your word doesn't mean much. By the way, you forgot your projection alert for when you said MattyJack is an MSOC-type drama queen.

You alluded to when someone at FSZ made it seem you were into bestiality. If it wasn't for people like me, shit like that would never have been figured out. That was Noom. Keith Moon at Daily Kos. The others like LauraJohn and supersoling tried to pin it on Eric S.. I predict those two will die young. They are bitter. Their karma is way off. They are two of the most disgusting people on the internet.

But according to you, it's no big deal. Everyone should have the right to post what they want. You're no different than Vox Humana. Just a less kinder and gentler version of Ned Flanderism.

You never get into the specifics of things. It would have taken anyone ten minutes to see what I was saying about Larisa Alexandrovna. Supersoling was, in fact has always been, a despicable piece of shit, who trolled me unprovoked. Just because he's a conformist. Then ten months later or whenever, you start to read a bit and say oh yeah I see what you mean. You could have been a true player on the internet. You merely supported the douchebag system. You have been part and parcel of the problem.

You are the Ronald Reagan of the blogosphere. You are no good with details. You attack people who don't attack you. You make arguments without considering the other guy's points. So now I'm fighting conspiracy theory with conspiracy theory according to you, some nobody from Texas with an inflated view of his own writing and social skills.

You have that passive-aggressive thing going. It's stale. If not checked, just wait and see how alone you'll be when you approach death. All those divorces. All your nasty words. Too bad someone like you never becomes a better person over time. I had forgotten how nasty you can get. You and MSOC have more in common than you think. And I now see why you and supersoling have gotten along for the most part. It's easier to be sadistic when there's a group.

I wanted to watch Sunset Boulevard again. It's not available. I watched a documentary on it. Then I watched one on Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino. With all due respect, those old, I mean old-old school actors had little talent. I'm sorry. From looking at just early clips (since none of those movies seem to be available in public domain), silent movies appear to have been mostly comprised of bullshit. Making funny faces into a camera. No real dialogue. That wasn't acting. It was something else. Something stupid. I think there's a reason Swanson became washed up. Same with Valentino, dead at 31 from a perforated ulcer. Looks aren't everything. Swanson and Valentino were glamourous. That's why they ruled. They ushered in the culture of personality. Whoop-da-de-doo.

I'm not saying Swanson didn't do a good job in Sunset Blvd.. It's just not that big a deal for an actor or actress to play themself. Marylin Monroe had some skills, sure, but for real, all she had to do was roll out of bed to be in The Misfits.

socrates said...

I only came up with the idea you might be a fake after you coined a despicable nickname for me as sock rat. You do have a DLC way about you. After a while, I started to think you were merely a mean person who is middle of the road.

If one looks at Petey at DKos, it isn't a stretch to think you might be the same person. You did have the name Pete Richards at Booman Tribune.

You may like being accused of crap, but I don't. A sophisticated cybersmear script was put in place against me. It came from the right woos left crowd, Michael Rivero fans to be specific. It spread to a lot of places. I uncovered a lot of dirt on internet personalities. It's not my problem that you never took the time to take a look at my finds.

You have your way of dealing with being trolled on. I have had mine.

I don't think your word means too much. You said you'd make entries here, then you started bitching about not being able to log on.

You bitched about my moderating. I turned it off. I set it up so you can see every post that comes through to keep an eye on my moderating. I may joke around a bit, be somewhat eccentric at times, but I am an honest person.

Like I explained to you before, I don't do well with a tough love coach. I do better when it's a player's coach. I'm not saying you're my coach or whatever, but to be honest, I've gone out of my way to be good to you. Problem for you, like many Americans, is that you confuse sensitivity for weakness.

Abbeysbooks could have been a blogger here. She was for a time. Then she said she wasn't being allowed to blog. I think it was what happened to you. As older people, you got frustrated not remembering that the blogger username is your email address. The big difference between you and Abbeysbooks is probably she loves animals more than people. I like them equally. She's also got a bit of Francis Holland's problem of not seeing the big picture. Same as you in a way. Maybe a good therapist could help you work out your anti-social tendencies. Or maybe you should follow Eric S.'s lead and quit blogging completely. You have a lot of baggage. It's getting into the late innings for you. I guess this is my form of tough love. I advise you stop being so nasty. Life is beautiful, if you give it a chance. Otherwise, you're just supersoling but smart and intuitive. You know you're a better person than this. You've let the buggers turn you into something you needn't be. Being a nice guy doesn't mean you are weak.

You may not care about preventing someone impersonating yourself to make me look bad, but I do. That you don't kind of shows what you're all about- yourself and no one else. That may be fine and dandy for today. But when you hit the twilight years, you're gonna feel a lot of pain. I'm working my shit out now, so when the Big Cheese in the sky tells me it's time, I'll be ready. That's your homework assignment. To reflect on your caustic personality. Being nice doesn't mean being a shallow conformist like Vox Humana. It means having the integrity to speak your mind without hurting others. I admit I've made mistakes and written things I shouldn't.

On a somewhat related note, what Francis and Revisionist posted about Moulitsas is crazy stuff. It says more about themselves than Markos. I doubt there was even a rumour he worked in the porn industry.

Anonymous said...


socrates said...

That's what your stupidity brings about, Donkeytale. I didn't delete your post, and now some troll shows up to say otherwise.

Eddie Stankkky said...

Yeah, you didnt delete the post, it was clearly an unforced error on the banjo hitting blackberry user, but at least I got yur juices flowing. Excellent rant, dude. Now thats the Soc I know and love....

I havent called you "sock rat" in eons, nor have you accused me of being Petey lately, either, but I realize there is no such thing as forgiveness or redemption laid upon the socialist peacenikkk altar, ever.

And those anonymous dudez sniping at our heels will always be among us, just like that vapid brood of vipers that followed Jesus (Alou) around the backwaters of the National League during the dog daze of Passover

Petey was the dog on the Lil Rascals, but I only do female bitches in heat. There, i stayed on topic


BTW, I always actually thot that Eric was donkeytail, too...and I recc'd the dog fucking dairy too, in any event, mainly because I thot it was an excellent satirical effort, even if it was meant as a swipe against me. Maybe it was meant as a sincere tribute, who knows? I'll say I've never seen any pictures like those before....kinda sweet in a way....sorta like the one about the chick giving head to her horse and gagging on it when he comes by the gallon...I'll bet that Irish setter thot he'd died and gone to heaven when he rear mounted that matching redhead and found the sweet spot.

Sunset Blvd is an excellent flick. Bill Holden was underrated, IMHO. Thats one that you really need to see on the big screen. In fact, if I were you I would seek out the oldies on the big screen. The internet just doesnt do it justice, unless yur connected into yur big screen TV, or wtf, and even then, its just never the same ambience as at the local Bijou.

But you are dead right on about Swanson and the silent era schtick. Its kinda like early rock n roll. You have to give them their props for being first and all, but lets face facts. C'mon...Bill Haley and the Comets?


socrates said...

Blogger can act crazy. A number of times lately, the thing will say can't process the post or something. I've had to hit backspace to retrieve my post. Sometimes that doesn't even work, so I try to copy my post before hitting preview or submit, just in case.

The thing about Eric S. is this. You either believe he's a troll or not. He's admitted to getting into the dirt at times, say heat in the kitchen stuff. But I do not believe he'd ever go down the bestiality route.

And here's the ticket and why I believe Donkeytail was Noom. At Dkos the ratpack was saying that Keith Moon outed Bouwrie Boy. One of Donkeytail's classic diaries was an outing of Bouwerie Boy. I noticed many were saying your impersonator was DFQ. But I don't think so. I don't think Dave was creepy enough to do that. Dave was even more serious with this shit than me. It seemed to be someone satirising DFQ while copying your schtick. If not Noom, then it was a UGOG throwing one of their own under the bus in order to make Dave look bad.

I love you man, you know that. In that beer commercial way. There was a good one a few years back. It always ended, "I love you man." The only one that came close to it was the Budweiser lizards, but that got stale quick.

I think sometimes you don't see the kind of dirt that's been thrown at you by people you thought were in your corner. Like Noom. I saw a post of his from a ways back completely dogging you. I showed you supersoling stabbing you in the back. I definitely don't think you're Petey from DKos. I'll never mention it again. And I do think there can be forgiveness. The sock rat thing got me paranoid. But the key is, you've never hidden that you can be a conservative Democrat at times, though you're clearly liberal on many social issues. I actually have always been in the corner of prison reform too, though I haven't done much for it since my college days. Just the fact that crime occurs in prison (rape) is wrong. Then there are the country club prisoners like DeeDogg, who never have to worry about that. It's the kid who got caught with a joint. Or another who got railroaded. I don't even think sexual predators deserve any abuse while in prison. It's wrong, period.

I'm wiped out for today. I'm sorry I snapped.

I'll just add that your take on the silent film era was precise in its accuracy. They were the first. Bravo for that. But could Swanson or Valentino really act? I think it's more about them having been eye candy.


socrates said...

They didn't have to memorise lines. They were almost silly with their expressions. In that documentary I mentioned, the word was that Valentino could say things with his eyes. The example they showed was him rolling his eyes at some hot chick. He was saying he'd be willing to go to third base. He was the equivalent of Rosanne kissing Hemingway or Archie Bunker getting kissed by Sammy Davis Jr.. A schtick.

Now I'll definitely give Buster Keaton and Chaplin some kudos. They seemed to have some real talent. It's not their fault the dumbasses back then couldn't figure out how to add audio.

Holden made that movie work. I agree. Swanson seemed a bit too over the top. I didn't like the way she moved her hands around. Yeah, she was creepy. That was her job. But was she as organic as she could be? She definitely was a classy dame, and she still looked striking at an old age. But was she that brilliant in Sunset Boulevard, or was the Director and the story what propelled it into being arguably one of the best movies of all time?

Holden was perfect for the role, because he had been in a ten year drought himself after being GoldenBoy or something. The part was first offered to Monty. His agents or whatever nixed it. I'm probably gonna try to find more Billy Wilder flicks. He was brilliant.

I'll say that as talking pictures destroyed the silent films, television destroyed cinema.

The thing I like about watching them on youtube is it takes the pressure off of watching it the way one would in the theatre. I'm looking for good stories. I'm looking to get a sociological feel for history through the movies. I've a feeling though at some point the well will run dry. I think I've seen most of the great pictures that are available for free. William Holden, yes, brilliant. I think he was the dude in Network too. Some actors like him, Olivia, Bette, they wouldn't just take any role. Brando was great too. I never realised that until recently. I just thought he got lucky with On The Waterfront. I'm now thinking DeNiro isn't even in the top 20 of all-time actors. I used to think he was the greatest. Tom Cruise? That guy's a hack and a nutjob to boot.

I like Gloria Swanson, nonetheless. Maybe it was a case that she learned things a certain way, and then when times changed, it was over except for going on game shows, talk shows, and that one last great movie. She was playing herself, like Monroe did too in The Misfits. Geez, we may not be actors, but we could certainly play ourselves When The DonkeyTale Chronicles finally gets published.

Eddie Skkkkankkkky said...

No need to apologize. Ii guess I've faced so much kkkrapp in la vida real (not that its been royal in any way shape or form) that what some dude says about me on the internet doesnt bother me one iota. I actually get a chuckle when its well done.

Noom does it well. I can read irony and satire. I dont think you have that knack. Noom is a stylist and some of have his stuff grinds but he often reaches the sublime.

"Wake the fook oop everybodee!"

cracks me up for some reason.

I dont know socrates. We're just different. I'm old. I've had a lot of shit to scrape off my shoes. Tres divorces. Business ups and downs.

Look, I'm not really conservative at all. I'm real (not royal). I got over the idealist phase like at 18. Its an adolescent thing. If you stay true to yur ideals yur either an idiot or self deluded after a certain point.

And I am sensitive, but my sentiment doesnt run cheaply anymore. Sorry.

As for yur needing a players coach, well, see, I dont think the player always knows best.

Look up the 1967 White Sox. Yes, that was the year that Yaz bagged the triple crown and the Sox almost shook their jinx. But look up the White Sox that year with Eddie Stankkky as the skkkipper.

They ended up 4th but only three games in back in what was for much of the season a five team pennant race in the pre-divisional AL.

You will notice the White Sox as a team batted .225. Un f'ing believable. Sure, they had some good pitchers but you wont find a single one of them in Cooperstown.

And Eddie Stanky was a racist from Philly, not a nice man at all, or really a good ballplayer from a skill standpoint.

But he won and the teams he played for and managed won. He led the leagues in walks almost every year. His on base percentage always among the league leaders altho he was not a .300 hitter at all.

I learned from players like him. make the most of yur talent and play with heart and brains. I always took a strike and late in game took two strikes. I used to let pitches inside hit me. Sometimes I bruised and hurt for days after if it was a hard one.

I'm no Roy Hobbs or Tiger thats for sure.

I'm eddie Skankkky.

ALtho I liked Jackie Roosevelt Robinson just fine. Pasadena product out of Muir High and UCLA.

Multi sport all world greatness on top of historical social achievement.

But I see the greatness in Eddie Stankkky too.

I guess I'm cursed that way...

Eddie S. said...

OOOPSSA! Only dos divorces.....guess I'm thinking ahead....


socrates said...

I had a response a couple hours ago, but blogger ate it, and I didn't make a copy.

I agree with you that we are totally different finger fockers. That's what makes the world spin.

After hearing you cry like a bitch, I feel guilty for being such a slob earlier. I want you to be happy, whoever you are. You love Frau Tale, and that thing will go on forevah. Be good to yourself and your family. I'm not asking you for anything. I did notice a while back you stopped calling me sock rat. I appreciated that. I have enjoyed our dialogue. We've had some pretty good ones, more good times than heat in the kitchen.

You would have been loved in Boston, if you made it to the Sox. We appreciate hard workers who maximize their skills. By the way, no one could get hit by a pitch better than Don Baylor. And I bet somehow he never even got bruised.

I agree with you Noomie has been something of a legend. But that wake the fock up everybody, he stole that from me. I was talking about raisin bagels with cream cheese lodging in my gut. He stole my whole schtick.

Plus, he was definitely Keith Moon at DKos. I am pretty sure he was also the infamous donkeytail who stole your name. Most of his stuff is actually quite unoriginal. He is a master of the copy and paste like FakeLeft. They are conformist non-conformists, just trying to get a rise out of people. They fit into the Sunstein theory of polarisation. They are perhaps unwittingly playing controlled opposition.

Ok, back to the movies. I'll make this quick. I searched for William Holden on Youtube and ended up watching Born Yesterday. Pure brilliance. That Judy Holliday was quite a sweetie. She had an iq over 170. I realise iq is a racist thing, but there's some proof she was no dumb blond. She even invented a spoon out of pancake batter.

She won the Oscar against Bette Davis (All About Eve) and Swanson (Sunset Boulevard) in 1950. I guess Holden did two flicks that year. She ended up getting blacklisted due to her intellectual leanings, the thing to do with the HUAC.

I'm up late. I've got a college station on, and they play jazz overnight. I definitely agree with your take that jazz and frolicking back in the days never hurt anyone. In fact it did the opposite. Man, it seems like the 20's and even 30's were some groovy times. Then the Depression and then the 40's and war broke up the party and then that Cold War put a wet blanket on top of all that.

The beatniks got things cooking again. Too bad about Vietnam and race conflict in the 60's. That could have been an incredible time for humanity to grow.

I think the Clinton years went well at the beginning. But the 2000 election sucked, then 9/11 and illegal wars, and then somehow GW won again despite Ohio suffering heavy unemployment. I don't think Bush won Ohio. I think Kerry won.

I think it's cool an African-American won. I'm disappointed in Obama though. I know we have a lot of conservatives in this country. But reality has a liberal bias. Maybe Obama will swing left once he's reelected. My fear is that the Republicans will go Rove-Atwater on us, and the Tea Party nuts being obvious kooks won't prevent them from getting into office. We need to take over the Supreme Court. That's where we end up really getting our nuts roasted with the Republicans being the New York Yankees of Presidencies.

Oh well, interest rates are on the rise apparently. Obama needs job creation to lift. If he can do that, then I think he's a shoo-in to win again in 2012.

Wow, I rarely get political with my blogging. I find Politics kind of cynical and boring, especially how the cable shows and whiteysphere go after it.

This may sound crazy, but I think some of the off-political stuff we've discussed at times is more important than that keyboard commando stuff. A bit of American Studies never hurt anyone.

socrates said...

Stu Piddy posted at Pffugee how he's going to attend the Kos meetup in NYC which Al Giordano is attending. He insinuated he's going to blow it up. Then he said he was just kidding, in that, he's not going to attend it. He then said MSOC's buddy Edgar dude has banned him from a lot of soapblox blogs for similar comments. Stu got banned from MLW for coming up with an "aiming higher" campaign directed at Obama. Maybe someday one of the Pffugee's will make it to the papers for making violent threats. It wouldn't surprise me.