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Monday, April 5, 2010

US War Crimes Exposed by Wikileaks and some Disturbing Meta from a FakeLeft Blog

This is big news, but it's doubtful how much press it will get. I see nothing on, the Globe's website. I'm not seeing anything from The New York Times. The Huffington Post has it covered close to the top. The Guardian is on it. Time will tell what kind of coverage this gets. I believe this should be the #1 story of the last couple years. It shows that the US Military is corrupt and needs to be downsized as much as possible.

One can google around themselves to figure this one out. Donkeytale says I should go on a hiatus like the Cold Cream Soda Spy. I don't think I'm gonna take his advice. What I'm gonna do, however, is stop trying so hard. Maybe he'll take that as a hint to start adding some blog entries to DFQ2, winner of the Golden Schtick Award handed out by Meta Magazine.

I think Wikileaks has delivered the goods and deserves our praise and support. I'm going to embed two videos. The first is the one that they obtained and then decrypted. I warn folks that it is very graphic. The second is an interview done with courageous Wikileaks Director Julien Assange.

Collateral Murder

Al-Jazeera interview with Wikileaks director Julien Assange

PffugeeCamp.Com and its Aiming Higher Campaign

The owner, known as LauraJohn, put up the following diary.

I tracked down the story to go with the image, and it can be found here.

The big conflict that resulted in myself getting banned from FSZ was over MattyJack deleting of posts that made him look bad. He had tried to make it seem he was best buddies with Dave Weintraub (davefromqueens). Myself and donkeytale took him to task, resulting with myself getting the heave-ho despite having not broken any rules. That led to the creation of PffugeeCamp. LauraJohn has just done the same thing MattyJack did. Not very free speech-like of 'her'.Here are quotes from various noombots exposing her crossing the Peeder line.
Great Photo (4.00 / 1)
That's a great photo on the front. Something about it captures something.

they're like the Bonnie and Clyde of the nut job radical Mooslim set...

Sheez dead isn't she? Blew herslef to smithereens along with a trainload oov bipedal yammering apes. Wrong place at the wrong time 4 soom unluckeys.

boot LJ, eye note you deleted a comment. Was it due to itz incoherence? Due to itz sympathetic leanings towards this moronic martyr wearing buffoonery headress and cloak? (Altho eye grant you she looks damn good in it)

wtf's up? whiffs of Jack's stench are wafting thru this blog all oov a sooden

by: fake noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 10:05:20 AM CDT

oh snap! where's donk? (4.00 / 1)
hey donk,

laura's smirking revenge deleted one of her own comments! the shitestorm has begun!

baqaw qaw qaw!

by: pff noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 15:27:55 PM CDT
Noomie then tracked down LauraJohn on Stu's new diary pertaining to the Wikileaks scoop.
More importantly, their race was arab (0.00 / 0)
They would've been shot if they were carrying a balloon bouquet.

Points in a game.
by: Laura @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 17:20:18 PM CDT

laura's smirking revenge (4.00 / 1)
you can cop to the fact that u deleted a post and state that this is how you intend to run your blog, joost like every udder gd loser blog owner.

one set of reules for yoo and one for the regular posters.

yoo deleted it in the still oov the night when nobody was around... however! eye caught a glimpse oov it around 11:35 PM when eye was watching the encore performance oov Breaking Bad.

LSR , it seems yoor not quite so blase' as you portray yourslef seeing as yoo thawt it necessasry to delete one oov yore posts. Why did yoo delete it?

qaw qaw
by: pff noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 18:28:20 PM CDT

AhhaHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! (0.00 / 0)
You caught that? LOOOOSER!

Ok, it went a little somethin like this:

~~~~~It's not proper to say, but I hate people who have toime to blog, shout out to those who don't, who float above. (Something about feeling like a heretic and predicting the course of martyrology or something equally as pointless)~~~~~

Youknow, my standard drunk post.

Two snetences, iirc. I promptly deleted it because it was a whiny whiny bo-biney shit post and I was watching The Passion Joan of Arc and feeling all sorts of minimalistic.

And no, I've never done that before...but I reserve the right to. LOL. I would never do that to you sweetie noom, no matter how many times you pimp The New York Post.

So who cares about some retarded two-sentence post I deleted in the middle of the night right after I made it? NOOM!

You never complain about the 'posts' lost in replies to spam, from you and post wasn't even that important. Where is Donkey by the way to stand up for pffethics?! Won't anybody please think of the CHILDREN?!
by: Laura @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 18:58:24 PM CDT

wow, yer hysterical (0.00 / 0)
and busted

by: pff noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 19:04:21 PM CDT

Oh yeah. BUSTED! (4.00 / 1)
by BOTH nooms.

by: Laura @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 19:10:47 PM CDT

hey (0.00 / 0)
yoor sharp, even when hysterical....

eye met fake noom at a party, pffoony dude....

fanks queenie

baqaw qaw

by: pff noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 19:27:21 PM CDT
As for Stu Piddy, he is either very stupid or a paid fake. One or the other. There is no spectrum to the possibilities of who this person is behind the username.
Wikileaks a CIA front? (0.00 / 0)
I couldn't watch the whole thing. I stopped when they targeted the van trying to rescue the injured person.

There are some who are accusing Wikileaks of being a CIA front. I thought initially that makes sense...and it does....but after seeing this....unless....I am out of step ....or unaware of something ...I can't see it.

Is it possible the CIA uses this to justify the actions of the Drone community?

Maybe the commentary ahead of the video got in my way.

Not sure what to think about Wikileaks....
by: Stu Piddy @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 17:51:46 PM CDT
The source behind the rumour that Wikileaks is a CIA front appears to have been John Young of cryptome followed by the likes of Wayne Madsen. You can't make this schtuff up. There's definitely a lot of things boiling beneath the surface, and hopefully in time all of this will start to make more sense.


unsfand said...

Yes, fakeleft displays its gutless fakery yet....again.


She said something "incendiary" and was too afwaid the PTB were going to come down on her.

The truly funny the is the stuttering, stammering loss of poise, the (typikkkally) incoherent nonsense she pisses all over herself.

She has uremic poisoning up to her ankles.

Middle class poseurs playing at online leftism again. STop teh presses....not.


calghtsl said...

As for the video itslef, this is clear evidence of war criminality.

Disgusting behaviour. Is it the norm or an exception to the "reules of engagement?"

The fact that its three years old and occurred under the Bush/Cheney reule doesnt mitigate.

This video should be played and replayed, and then played some more.

Show it your friends, your kids, your parents.

I am. Sending an email to the President as well, demanding an investigation and accountability.

socrates said...

Thanks for the response, donkeytale. Just a few things. If you'd like a change of pace, our resident "Patriot" from the Alex Jones Militia is on the other thread trying to argue that most of the violence emerging from the net is coming from lefties. It's riotous, in that he and Alex are both saying there is a fake right-left paradigm. You may get a kick out of putting him in his wingnut place. I also agree with your take on the new LauraJohn controversy. She probably realised she had crossed the Cold Spy line, had entered aiming higher territory, and quickly brought out the scrub brush. Finally, if you want to blog in comments as donkeytale, I think you forgot that you need to enter the email address to your username for where blogger asks you to choose an identity. I personally don't mind you going with this kinda funny way of using the spam preventive words to make your posts, but if so, please keep an eye out for anyone trying to steal your online aura.

socrates said...

Wow. I'm proud of you. That's a good idea. We the American People should stand up to this kind of thing and say it is never acceptable. The worst part of it to me, is that who knows how many times this type of outright murder has taken place. And of course, the murderous soldiers were yukking it up. This was disturbing to watch. This story first emerged a few weeks ago. But only yesterday or whenever did Wikileaks post it. The Pentagon must be shitting bricks. I think they are going with the Wikileaks is a threat to national security angle. However, the cat's out of the bag. Perhaps the internet is finally making a positive difference. This one story has accomplished more than if you added up all the keyboard commando activity from the last decade. This could perhaps be the first time a story coming out of the internet will make the history books. Unless I missed something. Oops. Forgot about Jason leopold and his Karl Rove indicted scoopage. p:>

socrates said...

And of course there's the love call yet again from Pffugee for you to return. It's funny. I saw you made a post at FSZ showing some kindness to Deputy Dumbdog. No one even noticed you were there. Perhaps they are well aware of what you did to Pffugee and want no part of your skills to expose teh whiteysphere pffakes.

socrates said...

The New York Times has an article out, but it seems to be holding a lot of punches.

socrates said...

It's too late to cover this thing up. So what we're seeing is limited coverage. This story is already off of Huffington's frontpage. I noticed suspicious usernames in the comments. They were claiming the people shot at were armed with AK-47s. They were basically arguing the cover up put out by the military two years ago.

Here's a link that should include all the DKos entries made. A few of them have a lot of comments, while most of them not so many. One entry is by someone sickened about comments made about the troops. I won't make any judgement now, because I haven't read through any of this.

One blogger I tend to take a look at now and then is Glenn Greenwald of Salon. He tends to make a lot of sense. I see his last three entries have pertained to this situation. I'll provide those links in the order starting from most recent.

N.Y. Times, Weekly Standard join in a falsehood

Iraq slaughter not an aberration

WikiLeaks releases video of slaughter in Iraq

And remember you knuckleheads, you can always right click each link into a new window, thus retaining the ability to remain on the #1 blog, DFQ2, as voted on by the esteemed Board of Directors of Meta Magazine. p:>

socrates said...

Noom made a love call to myself to post at PffugeeCamp. I almost did but thought better of it. He's still making the outrageous claim I'm shadowthief, better known as the blogging curmudgeon, a former administrator at Mary Scott O'connor's My Left Wing. He took supersoling's lead after Gump had been the first to allege I might be shadowthief.

Noom wants some credit for outing MattyJack as being a fraud. What he feels to realise is that the big news on Smirking Revenge is that he treated Dave Weintraub like shit. For a time he deleted the UGOG files which Dave and Dave alone found. DFQ was a major player. He had gone after Sean Hannity and other Long Island losers in real life. That's when MajorFlaw (real estate attorney Michael Fingerit of L.I.) decided to drive DFQ off of Daily Kos through his Moulitsas approved vigilante moderating crew. MattyJack called him, Michael Bouldin, and the other UGOG's regular guys. It turns out that Fingerit was also a moderator at Democratic Underground and was part of the "Election Integrity" movement. If anyone thinks Fingerit was doing his schtick for free on the net, maybe I can offer them some choice swampland. By the way, supergump is from Long Island, and Noom is from NYC. Perhaps Noom is roomies with MBNYC (Bouldin)? According to donkeytale, Pinche Tejano once posted at the original PFF that he met Bouldin at a Kos meetup and liked him. Tejano is buddies with MattyJack. He also used to pimp for Ron Paul and other right wing politicians. Hmmm.

socrates said...

Noom is clearly a concern troll. I think he used to post as Keith Noom at Daily Kos. In the old days, I would have pounded the pavement in making my case. Since there are quite a number of folks on the net like noom who are into convolution for convolution's sake, I'm not gonna break my balls over this. Just have some fun.

There's a fine line between someone being paid to post and someone who is annoying. It's the age-old problem of show me the paystubs. Thus I don't go there without proof. Or when I do, I call opinions opinion and facts fact.

There's no justification for the way I was attacked at FSZ and then MLW. Here is a long thread from MLW, where folks can see, if they want to waste some time, how I was typically trolled on. I can find other threads, where it got even worse. But my new style is to not sweat things like I've done in the past. I'm more into blogger memoire mode than cybersleuth city at this point. p:>

That MLW thread might be the first time supersoling implied I am shadowthief and blogging curmudgeon. The last months Noom aka Keith Moon has joined him in saying that. Noom and supergump are concern trolls. They act as your friend only to eventually stab you in the back unprovoked.

Mary Scott O'Connor, wow, in that thread she showed her true colours as a moderator. She basically told me I'd be better off shutting up than defending myself against unproven allegations. It took my challenging her to stop doing that when she chirped out a small request to trolls like supersoling and The Blaz to chill out.

Noom has been a concern troll the whole way concerning Dave. He wants people to think I am stealing credit for confronting MattyJack. There seems to have been a glitch back in April last year preventing folks from signing into FSZ. I had left on my own accord, going to DFQ and MLW. It was only a bit later on that I was officially banned for no good reason along with DavidByron. The glitch occurred at the same time, or better put, right after myself and Donkeytale had tag-teamed Jack. Donkeytale noticed he had deleted a post of his saying he was Dave's buddy and partner in crime figuring out the UGOGs. It was total revisionist history. MattyJack was in close contact with Bouldin and Fingerit. He banned DFQ and took the UGOG files down from FSZ. He called them regular guys.


socrates said...

Noom never really got into the big picture of exposing the MattyJack-UGOG script. He is a tough read. He doesn't have donkeytale's nuanced approach with misspellings. He doesn't blog with depth like donkeytale has quite often done. He's a freak show who fits the stereotype of what a GIYUS or shhh! Mossad troll would post like.

I think he's Keith Moon. They both spell A'Jad as A Jad. They've covered the same ground on Iran and Hezbollah. One time I confronted Noom a bit at PFFugee. I told him he might have more credibility if even once in a while he covered Israeli transgressions. As a concern troll, he said fair enough or something, and then he went on to say he was just playing at the level of the Jooo haters' level, that he was pretty much just blogging for the lol's. That's the big difference between donkeytale and noom. DT is approachable. He can listen to what someone writes and respond to it in depth without going the concern troll route. He has a knack of being a human being. Noom is more of a self-centered thinker. He is not very approachable in a supersoling kind of way.

He reminds me of Karmafish, who would come out in Keith-Noom's defense after Noom was finally banned from DKos. Now we see Karmafish admitting he is not really a progressive, that he is seriously thinking about voting against Democrats in the future. Now it finally adds up why he has been so nice to Phil.I.Stine of MLW. Phil is the notorious Angry Rich of Fox News infamy. He is the producer for the numbnut dude MScott used to be a guest for. That is something I never actually could find solid proof of. But from what he's posted, I think it's safe to say Phil.I.Stine is Angry Rich, just as we can know with 95% certainty that Noom is Keith Moon. The same can't be said for myself and shadowthief. Yeah, I'm biased. But I'm not shadowthief. Funny how creeps like supersoling never interacted with my stuff on the Lefty Liars Club, but instead started a campaign to spin me as being shadowthief. Donkeytale said I should take that as a compliment. I don't think so. Not after all the years of getting trolled on as having sock puppets and holding imaginary conversations.

related reading:

Gibson And "Angry Rich" Are Two Sick Bastards

John Gibson, and his producer accuse Jon Stewart of being a “phony” {contd.)

socrates said...

I just found those couple links to let folks know exactly who I'm talking about with Phil.I.Stine, one of Mary Scott O'Connor's close friends and a regular blogger at what is supposed to be a left wing outlet.

Here's the link to Keith Moon's 9,324 posts. He sounds a lot like Noom, imho. Those who have read both usernames would in all likelihood agree.

Aaah, I see that Keith Moon outed Bouwerie Boy, the poster who puts up the waving cat's image, whenever someone gets banned. I guess we now know who was posting as Donkeytail not tale at FSZ. That was Noom who is not Eric S., imho. Eric has too much of a life to have been playing all these games. This guy Noom is either insane or paid to post. That's what I think.

I just looked at a bunch of Keith Moon posts. I think it's the same guy and not a stretch to say so, unlike claims that I'm shadowthief. Maybe Noom is the #1 historic troll of all time.

Certain people didn't like my exposes on fake lefties like Larisa and Brad. Certain people didn't like me figuring out for newbies and fence-sitters the exact history between DFQ and Fingerit. Concern trolling is all about trying to steer dialogue that cannot be denied. We see that going on with the burying of the recent video proving the US Military has been committing war crimes. Trolls show up to spin the Pentagon lies that the reporters and others were carrying AK-47s. Supersoling has been the Forrest Gump of concern trolls over many years. That is blogospheric history. Noom and others have attempted the same thing with the DFQ story. He's wanted people to look down certain rabbit holes of course starring himself, while the big story was how DFQ had brilliantly become a thorn in Hannity's arse. Now why would Fingerit have had such a problem with that? And why does Noom want the true story of FSZ's meltdown to be centered around himself?

He blew it by using too many sock puppets at DKos and apparently for outing someone and writing a sexist diary. His act has gotten way beyond stale. It is decomposing. He's now stuck at Sewer V.5 with Jooo haters. That's an odd place for a pro-Israel troll to have landed.

socrates said...

I'm looking through some of Keith's earlier diaries. He's clearly from New York just like Noom. Nearly every diary he ever wrote was on the Middle East.

His first diary was in February of 2006. He waited until July to then become the chief diarist making a joke out of the idea of intelligent discourse centered around Israel and Palestine. What a creep.

I'm looking at Moon's first posts. I don't see anything on the Middle East. I just see the basic pro-Democrats angle to be found on fake lefty blogs. I see he started to sprinkle in some posts in March of 2006, not on the Middle East, but attempts to stick up for Jewish people. On March 19th, he spoke of Israel wiping out Sadaam's nuclear program. But for the most part, he was making more inane posts than anything much to do with Israel, Hezbollah, Iran, etc.. There were signs of his misogyny. He seemed to pretty much be trying to figure out a schtick or build up mojo or something. Hmmm, I see a post where he says he's in Florida. Noom has his two bases of New York and Florida. Eric S. has a family in New York. I've never seen him mention Florida.

I'm also seeing a lot of his posts ending with multiple periods. From Annette Appollo, we know that is a common writing tool used by attorneys. There's thus some more circumstantial evidence that Noom is some form of operative. Maybe Noom works for the DLC from a Lieberman-Karmafish type angle.

I'm trying to wrap up this post. I'm trying to see when his comments went heavily into IP topics, to see if it coincides with his breakout diary pattern in July of 2006 centered around Middle East turmoil.

Nothing yet, and I'm into April. Keith Moon definitely ends a lot of posts going haha. Noom does his with haha @. Geez, this is turning into a no-brainer that Keith and Noom are the same person, imho.

I also see he ends posts as >eom>/p>. Yikes, my smilie of p:> has perhaps come back to bite me in the arse. Oh well. I'm not Noom.

Both Noom and Keith are into discussing pizza.

Into May 2006 and still nothing with his Middle East divide and conquer schtick yet.

socrates said...

On May 17th, Jon the Antizionist Jew wrote a diary about his recent trip to Israel-Palestine. He asked if folks would be interested in having discussions on it. He encouraged disagreement but asked for civility.

Moon responded anyone can write a diary with substantive info, and that he should go for it. Hmmm. Keith-Noom wrote one diary on the Sex Pistols in February 2006. Then he didn't write another until July 2006. In those four or five months he had shown few signs of being an I-P blogger. Then he went overboard with that as his schtick. An organic development? I don't think so. I think he was building up his mojo avoiding the controversy, trying to be funny and mostly post on inane subjects or be openly anti-Republican, basically writing what he felt would lead him to trusted user status.

In late June 2006 Noom as Moon started to go from discussing Iraq to I-P. On July 28th, 2006, he wrote the following hypocritical comment (emphasis mine):

I'm just curious what the great fascination with the Israel/Palestinian conflict is. We give Israel a puny 4 billion a year, we also give Egypt 2,5 billion. How come I never see outrage directed at that dictatorial regime. How come Saudi Arabia, who gets hundreds of billions in oil money, who has funded terrorism,funded radical Wahhabism, is the reason for Bin Laden in the first place, gets very little attention around these parts lately.Nothing going on there? Just curious.

HaHa @ Noom-Moon!

Basically he made 1000 posts to establish his username, then on July 3, 2006, he became a full-time I-P blogger of the disruptive style. Hmmm, makes one curious what his fascination with I-P is. In regards to his above post, Pot meet Ma and Pa Kettle.

It looks like Noom is the historic troll afterall.

socrates said...

More predictable fake leftiness from pffugeecamp.

Apparently the mine disaster in the news wouldn't have happened, if certain fines had been higher or better enforced. Two fakes who may be the same person wrote the following.

DavidByron: Why aren't the fines larger? kills 25-29 coal miners. How many of them were women?

Fairleft: I'm guessing none were African-American, gay, disabled or female.

If someone wrote that at Democratic Underground, a bunch of people would have justly accused them of being freeper trolls. Annette Appollo would have been all over those fools for posting like idiots.

It's because of posts like that many believe the internet is rigged. These aren't just fake lefties. These people act as if they are very to the left. Absurd.

Larry said...

Socrates, I watched that 1 minute clip of Jones. I dont see anything wrong with what he said if his references were in the context of a civil war-type war---but is it possible that someone listening to that rant will misinterpret that and possibly think Alex Jones means he is advocating walking up to a Congressman or even the President and killing him in cold blood? Of course!! That's what makes them a NUTBALL.

Was Jones acting like a total ASS in that clip? YES--and I have done stories about that. Here's one:

socrates said...

I noticed Eric S.' account at FSZ has been deleted. Some of his posts can be seen, but his profile is gone. A diary titled Stet is not "donkeytail" is also gone. I've noticed many threads have vanished. Eric S. isn't Noom either. Noom appears to be a paid fake, imho. I also think he was donkeytail, not to be confused with the real donkeytale. Eric S. was the convenient scapegoat.

socrates said...

I kind of updated my thinking on the wikileaks story in the comments section of the last thread. I basically still believe that war crimes were committed, and that disinfo agents and useful idiots are all over the net trying to make it seem that this wasn't a war crime situation. There's no talk about the Pentagon cover up. There was one dude with a rifle, if that. That was a massacre. The people involved should get life in prison. If there's a hell, that's there next destination. If there's reincarnation, they will be reborn on the other side and get their asses bombed by the military-industrial complex. What goes arond comes around.

ingslike said...

What you see is what you get, thats my opinion. If it lodges somewhere in your subconscience you will be forced to live that reality at some point.

This means, of course, that there is no free will at all, and that the cycle of experiences leading to enlightenment include those over which you have zero control, random incidents, viewing wikileaks videos, etc.

Did I mention that enlightenment becomes exponentially more difficult to attain in the era of the infoboobtubez?


dente said...

I've gotta a story bubbling over in my mind. I'm about to get it out onto the screen, but not yet. I'm waiitng for hopefully the wright moment, whcih I have come to believe is more important than the story itslef.

If I can figure out how to log back in I'll post it here.

If I can't, I may have to post it elsewhere, or just eat it.

I'm really thinking this all a gigantic waste of time as well as a roadblock to nirvana.

The state of the world is such that no one will be saved, thanks entirely to "progress," "science" "religion"and "technology."

But if I get a book contract before I'm thru it will be worth it.


promma said...

One more "thot" than I'm out into the brilliant Texas springtime....

thanks for turning off moderation....see its not so bad to open it up to the world at large, is it?

I just hope you havent done so much damage that you've permanently trashed your future as a whiteyspheric fixture.

Have a great weekend Soc.

Take in a Sox game if the weathers fine....and they are playing at home...

socrates said...

It's very easy to log in. The username is the email address, the fancy one you have. That's the one I added enabling you posting privileges. Blogger is also google, if that helps.

You can sign in at the top of the page, or you can do it through the comment box.

You were able to post your Flutter Wings piece, so I figure you are just having trouble signing in. It seems the problem is in the username actually being the email address. I hope that solves your difficulties. It's like juggling. Once you figure it out, you're all set to go.

I figure people like us are incapable of ever not being internet fixtures, unless we quit the scene. Yes, I messed up. But I have the capacity to admit errors. I actually didn't delete too much. I can't be blamed for deleting advertising spam and double posts. You actually get to see everything that's coming in, so it's not like I could get away with acting like Goebbels without you knowing about it.

There is something very funky to the internet. It reminds me of driving. When we are 16 and first get our license, it's a beautiful experience. Being old as dirt, we remember when there was less traffic and sprawl which added to the fun. But at some point, especially here in Beantown, we start noticing the tailgaters and people flipping the bird. The car can be similar to the keyboard. It's some kind of defense where we start acting in ways we wouldn't if we were face to face with people.

I'm loving the warmer weather. A couple days ago it hit 90 degrees. At some point, I'm going to spend my free time more outside off the computer and start writing. I have the basics of a book. Lately I've been watching old movies. Now there's something to behold with the internet, its deliverance of things we'd never get from the boob tube on demand. That's where it's really kicking ass.

It's not a cliche to say they don't make movies like they used to. The book I'm working on (shelved for the winter) is going to be old-school like that. Hollywood has set the bar so low, that it's starving for some reality. The book I'm gonna eventually get done is starting out as a screenplay. So watching these old movies has given me good training for when I finally apply elbow grease in the form of pen to paper.

My problem was the second half was turning into more Hollywood fantasy. I feel better about the project, because I believe the second half is going to be as solid as the first one by not slipping into the realm of mumbo jumbo.

Aaah, the question of free will. While I understand your cynicism, I do believe it exists. No, we cannot time travel. Yes, we are who we are. We're not given a choice which family we are born into. Our present is truly influenced by our past decisions.

This is how I look at it. Life is like figuring out what to wear each day. Our wardrobe may be finite, but within that we have free will. Same with the food we eat. Same with everything, even ideas. We also have the freedom to decide what we believe, and how we interpet social reality. We can even second-guess these things. In fact we must, imho.


socrates said...

It blows my mind watching some of these flicks that are often 70 years or older. People like Charles Boyer and Olivia DeHavilland were so ahead of their times. They were, dare I say, speaking universal emotions to power. We are not numbers. There must be some free will involved.

I saw a bit of that movie Reefer Madness. Now a lot of people probably think that was a propaganda flick. I don't think so. If people are so hip and suave today, do they think that happened overnight, like a Rasheed Wallace turning on the switch for the NBA playoffs?

Shifting back to the whiteysphere, there seems to be the same disdain or better put impatience for intellectual thought, as there is in mainstream society. Where is the nuance, subtlety, and reflection? Reefer Madness was either an exploitation flick, a cynical attempt to make money the B-Movie way, or else it was an incredible piece of satire. I believe it was the latter. Though I haven't looked into this enough to know whether my analysis is correct. I sense it is.

The whiteysphere (fake left, keyboard commando regiments) doesn't like to be challenged. It's because of that hard-headedness, that the internet is doomed as a vehicle for positive, social change. And that they cannot exhibit even an ounce of humility and try to grow a little ensures it is on a road to nowhere [/cue up Talking Heads].

As for baseball, I'm just not feeling it. Since 2004, since the Bambino Curse was broken, it hasn't really meant anything to me. Even winning the title in 2007 didn't cut the mustard. People are never satisfied. Boston fans won six championships in a short period of time- 3 Patriots, two Red Sox, one for the Celtics. They are symbolic of what you refer to as the whiteysphere. They feel entitled. They feel their voices are gold. They don't think their shit ever smells.

If only the Boston fans were as concerned about the Wikileaks story or things like that, things that truly matter, over petty stuff like KG and Paul Pierce hitting the wall, then I might have a smidgen of hope for the net evolving.

Values have been turned upside-down. Perhaps they have always been warped. Perhaps things have always been this bad, and we're just looking at an inevitable slide to greater misery. One of the only things I've ever been able to maintain possession of has been a form of internal peace, an untouchable aspect of my personality. Perhaps the internet's worst crime is how it tries to chip away at what should be sacred, our hope and attempts to create a better world than the one we were born into.

I do realise that a lot of what I just wrote was sanctimonious and leftier than thou schtick. As the great philosopher William O'Bellichick has said, "It is what it is." Thanks for the kind thoughts. Same to you.

socrates said...

Mother Jones ran a hit piece on Assange and Wikileaks.

The comment section is pretty good.

I'm also finding it unreasonable that so much chatter is being made about rifles and rocket propelled grenades being evident. There's one blog by a military dude. It seems to be getting a lot of linkage. Sorry too lazy to find it for you folks. Basically the guy says he is an expert on reading this type of video. He claims the men on the ground were armed. I just want the truth.

I would bet money that there weren't any rifles or rpg's on those civilians. Only a handgun. I'd bet a hundred bucks. I feel confident to say that the whole thing was a war crime, not just the shooting at the children in the van. The latter was a clear cut war crime breaking Geneva Convention laws. You're not allowed to shoot at unarmed people trying to save those injured in war.

My gut tells me there's too much effort being made to attack the messenger, underscore what truly took place, and not enough good coverage. This story is huge. I don't care that it took place in 2007. Nothing else comes near the historic importance of this one. Perhaps health care reform debate. I'll grant that. But who really cares? Tiger Woods was caught cursing at the Masters. That's what we should be discussing. [/snarkage]

mismon said...

Ok I saw where the inspiring revolutionary keyboard commando Failreft issued this stirring call from the "barricades" (AKA his work cubicle)"maybe we should consider thinking about doing something similar. sometime in the undetermined future...not actually doing anything, y'know, but just consider thinking about doing something....sometime."

What with the Jihad jane of the whiteysphere bravely wrapping her DSL's around the barrel of some dead 17 year olds Joe Stack moment, we can now confirm that the revouccion is near at hand...and that hand is vigourously at work stroking itself into a revoluccionary froth.

Failreft is penning his Paid Time Off Manifesto as we speak.Laurajohn is plumping her lips and posing with Muslim
In her mouth.

The Maturbation Revoluccion is at hand.

You have nothing to lose but yur.....blueballz!

socrates said...

I saw that entry. At a quick glance, the top photo looks like some old school golfer with makeshift equipment. A closer look shows it's some "regular guy" with a shield and what looks like a weapon.

So Fairleft is the next guy to be calling for violence against the US government. Not only do I not understand how these people get away with that, I'm curious why anyone would post such stupid thoughts without fear of repercussions. I guess it's protected free speech unless someone names specific targets. But you'd think they'd know enough to not put themselves under the possibility of unwanted surveillance.

I am totally non-violent. So I don't ever worry about inadvertently advocating anything close to violence. In fact, I've made many posts letting the ptb's know (if by chance they've been following my schtick) that I pose no threat of violence nor condone it.

Lord DavidByron says people need to aim higher with their violence. Ormond Otvos claims Stack's actions were heroic.

Failreft calls such protesting in Kyrgyzstanian inspirational. To make this more clear, Fakey asks when will the American people get angry enough to follow suit. He says some comments in a London paper are instructive. The last one says, "It's sad that people have died, but when any government is corrupt, it's the duty of the population to overthrow them by any means."

I don't know if the people at Pffugee are paid fakes. I'd bet a lot of them are sincere crackpots. I wouldn't be surprised if some were paid fakes. Though we'll never know.

I get what you're saying. They are collectively portraying themselves as some small keyboard regiment getting the "truth" out. I just can't forget all the strange contradictions coming out of them. The praise for Huey Long. The racism. The support for the Iranian theocracy. Fakey referred to the Iranian protesters as "Gucci revolutionaries."

You were the one who didn't let Fairleft get away with his shit. He said Richard Nixon was the last liberal President. That made no sense. LauraJohn wants proof that Huey Long was corrupt. That makes no sense.