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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aiming Higher: Another Internet Whackjob Bites the Dust

"Jerry Kane, who used the Internet to question federal and local government authority over him, made money holding debt-elimination seminars around the country. He had a long police record and had recently complained about being arrested at what he called a “Nazi checkpoint” near Carrizozo, N.M., where court records showed he spent three days in jail on charges of driving without a license and concealing his identity before posting a $1,500 bond."

In West Memphis, Arkansas, no less, this lifelong loooser of the infoboobtubez was killed on the interstate Thursday when he blew away two cops after a routine traffic stop on I-40, using an AK-47 to do the "revolutionary" deed.

Also killed along with Kane was his 16 year old son. See you in the sweet bye and bye, juniour.

Kane scores bonus points for throwing down a Godwin's Alert into his deadly schtick.

This Bud's fer yew, Mr. Kane.


judgenjerry said...

Is anybody keeping score at home?

I have it 5-0 right wing whackos to date.

Come on Refties, where's your game?

donkeytale said...

And in sports news, the alltime best athlete in the history of the world won the Strasbourg Open.

Alas, there were no pictures...Here's an idea....lets eliminate men's tennis altogether and reduce the women's circuit to two players only:

Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova.

Yurs twuly will become the fashion director, dictating the players' outfits before each match.

Of course, Sharapova will win every time, but who's keeping score?

socrates said...

I dreamt last night that you had a new diary. I'm not making it up. That's all I remember. This is either a coincidence, or there's something to be said for a cosmic consciousness.

I like this one. I like it a lot. I do give it a FAIL, however, in one way. On another thread you were asking someone for links. Dude, there's this adage called Ma and Pa Kettle meet the Pot family. Laddie, I realise you're fairly useless with putting up screenshots, but would it be that much trouble to come up with a linkie or two for the consumers?

The funny thing concerning the internet and the aiming higher campaign is this. We'll use Larry the conspiracy theory freak as an example. He likes to say there's not much difference between left and right in America, that social reality whittles down to us being enslaved by an all-pervasive, fatty illuminati.

So because Von Brunn, the numbnut who shot up the Holocaust Museum, had it in for neocons, Larry says he falls into the leftie column. I think in your native language the word for this is riotous. Then there's that guy Stack from your neck of the woods who flew the plane into a building. That's the guy who Otvos admires. Larry would say he's also a leftie, because he mentioned a few lines from the Communist Manifesto.

Fricken Karl Marx had nothing to do with Stalin. He was critiquing exploitative capitalism in industrialised England. [/Oliver Twist]

Larry likes to mention that batshit insane lady I think named Bishop. What Larry doesn't get is that there hasn't been a real political killing, a proven one, since McKinley got knocked off by an anarchist.

They tried to make that dude out to be insane. He may have been. But the history books and whatnot tended to downplay his political leanings. These modern examples, as inspired by the Tea Party, hate radio, and other stuff, are clearly signs of outright insanity.

The_Last_Name_Left is good at covering these topics, of right woos left gone wrong. He has one up at his blog in which he nails Michael Rivero for calling Obama a fascist and not a socialist. He may have a point to a point, but we're talking blind squirrels finding acorns.

Rivero's just being anti-Obama, just like he was anti-Clinton. He was also anti-GW, but that's because his schtick is all about the New World Order and Nazis coming to get us. His politics, when you come down to it, are still right wing.

People on the edge are getting played, period. Alex Jones and Hal Turner would never do anything violent themselves. But their words and those of others similar to them (e.g. Glen Beck) trigger the whackjobs.

Fairleft would definitely find a home with that crowd. He's anti-immigration. He feels everything printed in the media is part of a conspiracy. He actually wrote a diary supporting Big Brother in urban areas. He and Laurajohn glorified Huey Long.

Word is jobs might be coming back. That's what this country needs. There should be a job for everyone willing to work. There should be a decent minimum wage.

As for your spiel on tennis, I ask that you stop hijacking this thread and stay on topic. p:>

cubst said...

How much difference was there between Stalin and Hitler? About as much as between Obomber and Busch.

The Tea Party appears about to unravel as soon as it hits center stage. I wonder if Tejano is doing publicity for Rand Paul?

Interesting that PT's real name is Ran Scot. Yet he claims to be a Mexican. Guess his white daddy knocked up a Latina.

I'm still not sure how to do links on this fricking site. I also forgot to attribute the quote to the MSM NYT.

That ahref BS? Man, thats killer. I'll remember someday. Sorry that yur dreaming about me posting dairies. I thin there might be a cure for that but it willl likely require some behaviour modification by Prof. Otvos.

Please feel free to post all the sharapova pictures you can find. Preferably in the nude.

socrates said...

I don't have a clue what ahref is. Maybe that was a real misspelling and not part of your misspellicism schtick?

I go to FSZ once in a while. It looks like Denali is all over Tejano's Ron Paul schtick. Denali makes up for a lack of writing talent with volume. He copied and pasted Paultard a gazillion times. It will take one about a minute and a half to scroll down the spam to get to maybe one actual sentence he wrote.

If Pinche Tejano isn't a political operative, I don't know who is. I think Dana Houle is one. They're all over DKos, if I'm not mistaken. There have actually been a number of examples this has been proven to occur on the net. It's an easier thing to prove than that there are disinfo agents.

Ok, check this out for putting up links. It's easier than juggling. Replace the [ ] with < >.

[a HREF="http..."]description[/a]

It's that easy. There might even be a button for it in your posting box, but I don't use that one.

I'm not able to edit your diaries to add images, which is a good thing in a way. You could learn how to take screenshots. But if you don't want to, yet want some for any future diary, then I could get them and email them to you townhouse memo style. For the record, no, myself and donkeytale aren't into emailing each other. I respect that he isn't into that. But with blogger, one needs the email address to add someone to the blogroll, so it's not any deep secret that myself and donkeytale do have each other's email address.

socrates said...

Just four and a half hours to Celtics-Orlando. I'm a bit worried. All Orlando needs is to win this game, and they're back in it.

Anonymous said...

Both Houle and Tejano have STATED that they are policial operatives so, uhhhm, your guess is a good one in regard to those two.

Also, you can stop filling up my email address with all those comments, dude. I scarcely care who posts what or under what name.

Just dont delete anything and dont let anyone else delete anything and we're good to go.

Anonymous said...

As for the Celtics, I'm now rooting for a sweep and same with llakers v Suns so we can get onto the grand finale. In search of a competitive interesting matchup.

This has been one of the most unmemorable payoffs since.....last year.

The NBA is really in a bad way is my take.

socrates said...

Hmmm. Not even using the caption codes now for a username. Ok.

When I get the chance, I'll take you off the mailing list to receive every post. You'll miss out on anything posted on older threads, but that's your perogative.

I am not deleting anything. I did delete something the other day, because it mentioned my name. That breaks one of the few rules.

I can't stop anyone from deleting their posts, if they're made with a blogger account. You must remember how Suasan Something did that on one of the first threads. I wasn't saving things back then, so there's no way for me to repost her crap.

If anyone tries that now, say like Al Giordano, I have them saved. Problem there is that unless I'm aware someone is scrubbing their posts, it's a tree falling in the forest with no one around.

The playoffs have probably been a drag for anyone not from the involved cities.

I'm hoping for a quick series for the Celtics, because I think though it's unlikely, Orlando could wake up and win the thing. I don't put much faith in Phoenix, but it'd be nice to keep Bynum's crusty knees and Kobe's various ailments on the floor. The Celtics could use the rest, but on the other hand, they don't play too well after long layoffs. Tonight could be a trap game.

I remember why I thought of you last night. It actually might not have been part of a dream but furing that period in between consciousness and sleep.

I had just finished wathing Withering Heights, and I found many similarities between that story and your epic classic called Flutter Wings. For real. Both got me thinking of my own past relationships, of the ones where it bordered on true love versus those other relationships that were just there.

I just watched an Olivier interview from Sixty Minutes. He was a regular guy. He came from the middle class. A few things stood out. For one, he got stage fright when he hit 60. He had to quit the theatre. Secondly, he had no taste for method acting. He was a just do it kind of guy. One time they were filming Marathon Man, Dustin Hoffman showed up after staying awake for two whole days. He wanted to feel what it's like to be a torture victim. Olivier took one look at him and said just act, it's much easier that way. I am starting to think method acting was a fraud idea. None of the greats from the earlier days were doing that. I'm not saying it didn't work for Brando, Clift, Winters, later on DeNiro. But it seems to have been somewhat an artsy smartsy way of making actors think they were performing rocket science, when in actuality they were learning lines and creating make believe. Olivier would probably put it as, "I don't need no stinking -badges- method acting."

foedes said...

Interesting, I've never been compared to a 19th century classic before but I'm flattered. donkeybronte. Or is Emilytale?

Flatter Wings was a very strong entry. A gift that you immediately threw into a closet and forgot. It still cracks me up that you posted that lame Youtube schtick immediately after to bump a masterwork down the page.


Oddly enuff, FW is 100% truth in reporting. Not a false scene in the piece. Even the poem schtick was real, altho I had to regurg it from memory.

I'm slowly moving as much of my literary schtick as I can find to for posterity sake.

I'll be the next Jeff Wells.

His website is dead, no? Not a single entry in a year or wtf?

I agree his schtick is cliched. But he can write pretty well.

There really is nothing left to say. And hasnt been in at least 50 years, really since the Beats went caput.

The Movies died in the 70s. Music rots.

Sports sucks.

But at least we still have internet porn....I was just viewing images of Maria Sharapova.


gastu said...

As for the Celts and lakers, yes Bynum is the X factor. Kobe will be fine. Gasol was traded to the Lakers during 2008 I believe so the newness may have been a factor there. But he was dominated by Garnett and the inside will probably be the differnce in this series.

Pierce is greatness. ha Ha. The Mavericks passed on him to draft Dirk in a move that was roundly criticised at the time and the criticism seems to be on target. Dirk's game is impressive but its not the stuff of which championships are made. He was horrible in game 6 against SA getting in early foul trouble with some really stupid fouls. It was the young French kid Beaubois off the bench who brought them back with an impressive display of offense after halftime, only to have the dunderheaded Mav coach Rick Carlisle bench him the entire fourth qtr for his veterans, which include the perennieally overrated Jason Kidd.

They should have kept Devin Harris. That was a bad trade. The Mavericks suck. They dont know how to assemble a champiuon.

I don't care which team wins btwn Lakes/Celts I just want to see a back and forth seven game classic like in the Bird/Magic or Wilt/Russell daze.

Is that too much for an old gasbag like me to ask?

hersi said...

I just googled and Gasol was traded to LA in Feb 2008, so I think thats something to consider.

Its pretty difficult to work a new power forward (and he may have been playing center that year) into the rotation effectively during the last two months of a season and then face a hungry, solid veteran Celtics team in the finals.

I know yur watching the game but I thot I'd throw this in there to enhance my weak bball cred, which clearly cant hold a candle to yours there in the Athens of Hoops.

socrates said...

I messed up. At the time I didn't realise you were such a blogging diva. You keep downplaying the video I posted which sent Flutter Wings into the backwash section of DFQ2. I thought you'd have a bit more respect for international human rights. Your whooping it up over hard fouls makes a lot more sense. What I recommend is more Frau Tale and flowers in your life and less bitterness.

Maybe Texas basically stinks. The people there must be quite annoying. You voted for GW Bush. That says it all. Though we voted in Mitt Romney, so I really don't know what I'm rambling about at this point.

Two things are going on with the basketball playoffs. I never expected the Celtics to play this good. I never expected the other teams to tank it. In the Grapefruit League, the Red Sox will have a day where they have their scrubs take on Boston College and Northeastern University. It's usually still an easy win for the Red Sox prospects and whatnot. This is what Orlando-Boston last night felt like. I mean, Rondo lofted one layup about five feet over Howard's block attempt. It rattled in. This is a mockery. I can't believe Dwight Howard is incapable of hitting a foot foot hook shot or jump shot. Not even five feet. He's like a golfer who can't hit a putt unless unless the ball's a foot or less from the cup.

The rest of Orlando doesn't look much better. Vince Carter can't play two-way basketball. Rashard Lewis is getting schooled. The rest of Orlando looks like a collection of journeyman and possibly good guys to have coming off the bench.

It could be like what you say. The talent level has dropped in the NBA. The Celtics have the most spread out over their rotation. They also have ubuntu. The only hope any team has against them is injuries. It's over. I'm sorry. The Celtics did the same thing to LA two years ago. The thing is, if the Lakers do beat the Celtics, it will be one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports. But the media won't say so, because they've never had much of a clue and are only now realising how good Rondo and the others are.

Sorry, but I don't see you getting your epic seven game finals. I'll grant you this. One year the Celtics beat the Lakers in secen, and I admit the Lakers probably had the better team. The key was a couple cheap wins. Orlando didn't get one or two of those at home, so now they are on the brink of a sweep.

This Celtics team is turning out to be a young Mike Tyson.

Dirk's never been the problem for Dallas. One guy can't do it all. Pierce is very good. But he's only one player too. Maybe Pierce is better than Nowitski overall, but that's subjective. Or maybe you're saying Dirk is the rich man's Vince Carter. Quite possible. I haven't seen Dirk enough to make that analysis. The great basketball players are great at both ends of the court and who do all they can to make their teammates better.

socrates said...

Fricken sassafrassa typos. It was like I was stuttering. This is what happens when one blogs before drinking their coffee. As for Wells, I guess I should add in it's no surprise he can write. He got a Master's at some religious college. Yeah, his blog is shot. He's toast. He's nothing but a conspiracy theory freak whose 15 minutes were used up years ago. People like us? We're hot shit and you know it. Don't underestimate your contribution over the years. The internet stinks. Someone had to point this out and why.

Anonymous said...

We all have generic "respect for human rights" (generically speaking) but I know that you have zero clue or concern about the specific human rights of anyone specifically in Africa. Neither do I.

Lets face it. We too are charter members of the very same whiteysphere we scorn.

I'm still waiting for your follow-up on those you-tubed human rights disasters....

OK. So you are out on the table. Celtics in less than seven. Very well could be true, although you must admit that the Lakers have a more talented, proven team by far than any other Celtic opponent thus far from the weaker eastern conference.

So, we will see. Just to add some much needed tension to this discourse, I will go out on a limb and take the Lakers in seven, not because I like the Lakers but because we need some infotainment quotient. Pernt, counter-pernt.

Dewd, as for hard fouls, they go both ways was my point. Nothing to get excited about, Homer.

Bynum has to be able to play effectively though, in order for the Lakes to have a chance. If PHX extends them to 6 games or so, and Bynum remains hurt (he's always injured, isnt he?)then it looks like a Celtics year for sure.

Rivers was smart to rest and rehabilitate his team during the regular season.

Look for some chippy play against Rondo, a few hard fouls, lotsa pushing and shoving. The Celtics can give as well as take.

I think the final will be a good one. If its not, the NBA is fried. Again.

Anonymous said...

Dirk is a problem in Dallas, you are wrong there. The problem is Cuban who loves Dirk too much and who cant or wont hire a champiuonship calibre coach.

The problem with Dirk is he's good enuff in the regular season to get them to 50 wins every year but his game is too outside, not defensive minded at all, and he disappears too often in the must win playoff game. His numbers are always great but if you watch the game, his impact is nowhere near that profound. But you admit you dont watch the games, so you wouldnt know.

I'm not saying he's a bad player, I'm saying that stylistically he doesnt have the game to win it all. No inside moves, no muscle, no interiour defense. And he's 7 ft tall. Remember how Gasol went to the lakers and became an inside player? Thats what Dirk needed to do earlier in career. He needed to muscle up (the dewd has a pathetic physique for a world class athlete, btw)and he needed to learn. Shooting fall away jumpers and lurking at the 3 point line simply wont get the job done.

socrates said...

I accept your point that I'm not all that for follow ups on current events. But my point still stands that as much as Flutter Wings if scripted would compete with Wuthering Heights for one of the greatest movies of all time in the genre of universal love and heartbreak, it doesn't hold a candle to the importance of bloodshed in Nigeria.

Now I'm trying to figure out what the fock holding a candle means. Yes, I concede I too am afflicted with the whiteyspheric virus. Yet, I stand by my contention that no one is leftier than thou than me.

If I got paid to blog, I'd knock you socks off. Bet on it. [/Arthur Gilroy]

You're right about Dirk. I'm just sticking up for him, because I think if he had the right players around him and a better coach like you astutely pointed out, he could be a winner. He is kind of soft. He has the body of Kevin Garnett but is missing the heart along with devotion to defense.

The Lakers do pose a serious threat. But here's my thinking on a potential finals between them and Boston.

The 2008 finals. Arguably that was the easiest series the Celtics had. One might also say at this point the Celtics are better now than they were then. About a month or two Rondo started hitting his free throws and jump shots. He'd been working on them for about a year with no results. Those were the only flaws in his game.

Kobe is still very good, but he is starting to get older. Same with Artest. I am impressed with Gasol losing his softness. I do appreciate your reality check. As Dwight Howard says, "Pride cometh before the fall." Though that's like quoting Fox News talking about fair and balanced reporting.

I might have gone a bit overboard with my attacks on hard fouls. I personally don't like them. You can stop a guy from shooting without jeopardising his health. I agree that frustration and human nature could set in, and we could see a Laker player try to hurt Rondo.


socrates said...

I think there is a place for physical play in the playoffs. The Celtics are showing how it's done with their defense on Superman. They aren't elbowing him in the head. They are pushing him around. They are forcing him to shoot free throws. I can't believe that dude can't hit a jumper from outside on one foot. The rest of the Magic are looking like the rest of the Cavs after LeBron. You have to admit this is a spetacular performance put on by the Celtics as a team. While the Celticsw may not have had to compete against a team as good as the Lakers, the convers is even more startling. The Cavs and Magic were very good teams this year. The only explanation for what has happened must be that the Celtics are back to their 2008 dominant ways, yet now they are even more familiar with each other.

I honestly can't predict the future. The Lakers or Celtics could both win in five or seven games. But if I were to bet money, and I don't think being a Celtic homer matters, the clear choice would be the Celtics.

It's a Misnomer Garciaparra to say Doc rested the old guys during the year. He only did that the last month or two when it became obvious it was the right call to make. I will give Danny and Doc extra credit for never stopping believing in the core of this team. A lot of us wanted the team blown up when it became mediocre. They saw something we common fans did not. I thought the Celtics would have a chance to sneak a title. I never expected they'd return to this dominant form. The Celtics are scary good. Anyway, until the finals get going and three games have passed, there's really no way to fully know what will happen. The NBA is due a good series. I agree with you that if the finals are non-competitive, then except for the team that wins the title, it will have been a total letdown and have me reevaluate my interest in the NBA. One of the reasons I am mostly a homer is because most of the games are boring. Last night was a brilliant example. Unless one is a Celtic fan or in general a fan of great plays by one team, that was an awful. It was embarrassing. If that was a Little League game, it would have been ended by a mercy rule. It was like watching the early Tyson or Tiger Woods in his prime. It was like watching the Stinkees buy championship after championship. I too miss the good old days of stomach churning back and forth dramatics. Though for homer (simpson) reasons, I'll take a cakewalk finals if it means #18 is raised to the Garden rafters.

donkeytale said...

No, I am actually a better person, and I will attempt to prove it to you by herewith issuing a rare public apology to you. I regret the Christmas Day distress I caused you, even if you are Jewish.

Quite frankly, I did peruse the comment thread but did not read the comments themselves very closely enough before posting the link.

Mainly, I wanted to re-publicise my schtick from that classic entry (which now that it is deleted I don't recall). Duly noted that Ron used your real name which I know offends you. However, also noted that your go-to all purpose smear of me is that I am an anonymous coward while you are bravely out, even though we both know the truth is that you wish against hope that you could remain anonymous too. This is called trying to have it both ways. Sorry, it is what is.

I will also freely confess that I am here to obtain some absolution, primarily because my beloved Packers are teeing it up against (ironically) the Cowboys in a few hours and I expect a tight game that (horrors!) Dallas could actually win.

As I now live and work in Texas, proclaiming meself a Packers fan in the face of a revived Cowboy homerdom during this past week instantly brought down the heat from all sides in an intense rhetorical struggle whose abatement will not cease even after todaze outcome, win or loose.

FWIW, if Pack wins I plan to take the high road but if perchance Dallas wins I will be open for whatever abuse comes my way and humbly suffer through it all like a Blog Jesus.

I am steeled by my experiences as the historic troll.

However, I am also searching for whatever karmic assistance I can find before kick-off.

"Praising Rauhauser" as a blogger came loaded with many, many qualifications (which you of course completely overlooked), much as "praising Hitler" would also come with perhaps even more qualifiers.

My deletion of comments was something of a first, and mainly was done because seeing all those "comments removed by author/administrator" down the recent comment thingie hit a Meta funny bone.

I think a little fake mystery, like fake controversy, also helps pimp the faltering gate.

Let's face it, your Bleach Detroit masterpiece hasn't found much of a sweet spot. Perhaps there is still more to the story that you will reveal in due time, but having done some homework all I see to date is a reaching for conclusions without advancing a shred of proof against either the cop or the ex-con.

If you have ever lived in a ghetto or barrio, which I doubt that you have, you will come to know the cops who are constantly menacing you, er I mean protecting you.

Most suck to the depths of Hell, no doubt, but not all do. Some are actually moved to help the community better itself in whatever way it can by helping itself. Not saying this is the case here at all, again, but in my experience it does happen.

And yes, the cops who work the beat have a decided self-interest in getting the community to help them.

donkeytale said...

[cont] However, there can also be this leftier than thou concept of "enlightened self interest."

Not saying this is the case with this cop or ex-con, but in the absence of evidence otherwise it remains a possibility.

I'm sure you will take this wrong, but I implore the academic objectivity that must still lurk somewhere within your mind (doesn't it?) to see that there may be a side of the story here that you are not considering in your rush to judgment.

Or, please by all means print the evidence that you have to implicate BD for your enquiring legion of admirers.

We deserve a better puppet show, at the very least.

I also confess that part of me deleted the comments schtick because mine were more cliche than actual good work of which our readers deserve. It didn't compare to the best of our dialogues, which which are legion and possess both a timeless and prescient quality.

I also re-read our comments above and note that while I correctly picked the Lakers in 7 in 2010, I also dissed Dirk, Carlisle and Kidd in same thread as not having what it takes, who promptly proved me wrong a year later by winning the title over Miami.

And I was rooting for them all the way, just as I continue to root for you.

In closing, I have always subscribed to the dick'd em "if it feels good overdue it," which is variously ascribed to Ernest Hemingway but is actually Snoopy's satirical and superiour paraphrase of Hem's unfortunate "If it feels good do it" schtick. The dastardly influence of Hem (overrated as a novelist but an unsurpassed short story auteur) played a leading influential role in the ruination my generation (boomer), most of whom sought to emulate and update the 20s Lost Generation schtick for fun and non-profit during the swinging 60s.

Myslef perhaps more guilty of following his lead than many others.

Mea culpa.

Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done.

I'm done.