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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Exile on Arsenic

(Don't say I never did anything for you, Donkeytale.
I agree Maria Sharapova is a definite sweetie- socrates)

Much ballyhoo has accompanied this week's re-release of the Stones 1972 "Exile on Main Street," which is the fourth in the quartet of post-Brian Jones, post-Andrew Loog Oldham LPs starting in 1968 with "Beggars Banquet", followed by "Let it Bleed" and the penultimate "Sticky Fingers".

These four albums provided the soundtrack while the cities burned, hearts bled, syringes fizzled and western civilisation began its epic postmodern convulsion without end.

War, children. Its never going away.

"Banquet" came on the heels of the Beatles own career-changing "Sergeant Pepper" and is both a far different and very superiour record. This album first made evident that the Stones were also superiour musicians without much need of the cloying production gimmickry favoured by the amateurish Loog Oldham who had produced all their fake blues, British Invasion efforts. "Pepper" made all the headlines, got all the radio play and the Time Magazine covers, but the record itself rode on the back of Lennon's haunting "A Day in the Life," and little else. In my mind anyway, it has not endured, while these four Stones LPs still live.

The Beatles were exclusively a studio band and experimentation had become their buzz, which was as short-lived and irrelevant as the brief mass media drenched age of overhype known as "Flower Power". Significantly, they would return to a more organic rock sound for their final three albums before disbanding as the Sixties came to a merciful close. Lennon's first solo album heralded the dawn of a new era, a brutal tour de force of elemental rhythm tracks and savagery that explicitly condemned the grand illusions of the hippie era. Then he was pretty much done for life. McCartney? No comment on his dismal post-moptop career. None at all.

The Stones returned to the US for a tour in 1969 around the time of "Bleed's" stateside release. That tour, its essence captured in the classic rockumentary "Gimme Shelter," encapsulates the ending of an era better than any other existing artifact. Ragged, frantic, stoned, weary, sad, matching sets of tragic clowns both onstage and in the audience, who had lost control.

The good acid was long gone, replaced by a poisonous mixture of speed, rat poison and Jello concocted into something called "mescaline." The draft ended, but the mood couldn't lift as the times careened immediately into the beginning of the reactionary period that we still find ourselves trapped within to this very day.

It was in this post-sixties hangover of feeling permanently lost in a fog that the Stones released "Exile." At first, the record was widely scorned. It seemed unfinished, badly produced. Where the prior three LPs hadn't contained a single throw away track, this one contained two sides of filler sprinkled among a half dozen or so gems on a two record set.

But something else happened during those first few months of listening. The album didn't so much create a false mood, 60s style, as it captured a real feeling to which you grudgingly had to relate. There was an atmosphere more than there were tunes.

From the bleakness you recognized something new approaching that you didn't like and you didn't want: adulthood.


the_last_name_left said...

I don't much care for Exile. I see it as the beginning of the end of the Stones.

On the beatles....I just finished listening to an excllent audiobook written by Geoff Emerick, the Beatles' studio engineer. It's really good.

It's here, if you want it.

Revolver is by far better than Pepper imo. "Tomorrow never knows" sets the sound of the next 30+ years too. But it still isn't a spot on the kick-ass of Jumpin Jack Flash, Brown Sugar, Gimme Shelter, Honky Tonk Woman etc.

socrates said...

DonkeyBronte, if you click on The Last Name Left's name, it will take you to his blog. The dude's from Wales. He knows music, but he also understands politics from a socialist viewpoint, American politics to boot but not in the boot.

He also is perhaps the finest 21st Century critic of right woos left. He's done a splendid job covering Michael Rivero, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, and other scrubs who have infiltrated the whiteysphere.

Like yourself, he's also been accused of being me. [/riotous] Jeff Wells banned him from that Rigorous Intuition dive forum.

As for this entry, while I disagree with some of your opinions, I appreciated the general gist, of how music paralleled the transition from the sixties to the seventies. I was only a toddler during Altamont, but later on when old enough I read about how Mick Jagger and the laddies hired the Hell's Angels as security and then all hell broke out.

I agree with your general schtick of late that the entertainment world has mirrored the general decline in society. The movies and music are dead for the most part, as is our collective soul.

Where I disagree with you and others is on my perception that granola peaceniks deserve continued ridicule for being idealistic. I'm definitely biased. I invested a lot into feeling war is not inevitable and that social justice is possible.

In your defense, the hippies did become yuppies. In mine, not everyone is a sellout or poser.

On a side note, your contact address will no longer be receiving notification of posts added to this blog.

To use a blog cliche that I despise, that is all. (n.b. As for your contributions, I thank you for that.)

Anonymous said...


For me, Exile was the end of the Stones. Thats my point, in a way. Exile signalled the end of the era.

This has always been an album that many Stones fans detested, while others embraced. You seem too like the more polished singles from the immediately preceding period. I liked them too.

One thing thats clear to me: Mick Taylor was very underrated on lead guitar and the band lost its melodicity when he left the band and was replaced by Ron Wood, who adds nothing, IMHO.

Revolver better than Pepper. Ditto Rubber Soul. Actually, I much prefer the Beatles early work to their later pretentiousness.

"Beatles For Sale" has always been my favourite Beatles album, released as "Beatles 65" in the US back in the day.

Lennon was a much better singer before he met Yoko and turned vegan. His version of "Rock N Roll Music" by Chuck Berry still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

In fact, I actually liked the early Beatles covers as much or better than most of their original work.

They were overrated, in retrospect. A cultural phenomenon more than truly great musicians and songwriters.

Sock: of course you disagree with some of my opinions. Thats why its an opinion piece.

the_last_name_left said...

hey, you're way too kind S. I appreciate it though.

I was born 1969, so missed the 60s too: I only have my experience of the 70s and cultural history to go on, but nevertheless I refuse to buy into this thing that the 60s was merely childish idealism.

students were shot in US - paris was aflame. The establishment fought back, and now music and popular culture have been assimilated - check Brian May playing guitar on Buckingham Palace for the Queen's 60th birthday, or whatever it was.

[situationists realised assimilation into the establishment led to apparent 'hypocrisy'? Hence Lennon the millionaire singing "imagine no possessions"....or Tracey Chapman going platinum "Across the lines"? How could it be avoided?]

the_last_name_left said...

@anon - yeah, I'm a sucker for nice production. Though that still doesn't make Pepper better (imo) than the Stones pre-Exile. I love Nirvana's Nevermind much more than the first one. Man, I loved that album, and I love Unplugged in NY too. "Would you like to hear my voice........sprinkled with emotion?"

(That's nearly 20 years old!)

You should listen to that Geoff Emerick audiobook - or even better buy the real thing. He was in the studio from Love Me Do all the way through. It's a fascinating account, honestly. I'd love a similar version for the Stones!

Anonymous said...

I do intend to check it out. I enjoy the history of the rock era. Nirvana were a very good band. And I remember the unplugged show as being better than the album. As I told Soc regarding literature, there is nothing new under the sun. I like that music is smaller, more localized these daze and not the mass worship of yore, but the buzz is gone.

Maybe Exile was an early recognition and exemplified this fact, the beginning of the demythologizing process.

Anonymous said...

Beatlemania was inevitable when you think about it. You had this new postwar culture, TV, the promise of the Kennedys, and then the bone chilling shock of the assassination. You cant overemphasize the impact on a naive coddled generation. AFter Kennedy no one was naive and you had to realize that everything came with aprice and with limits. The shock ran deeply and profoundly.

the Beatles appeared from nowhere on Sullivan provided only a few short months later.

Madison Avenue.

socrates said...

Damn, I botched a sentence of mine above. I do not want socialist peaceniks to keep getting distorted.

I'm so tired of blogging. I've been at it for a good chunk of time since late 2005. I very much appreciate your new entries, donkeytale, truly. They lighten the load. I definitely would like to open this place up for other bloggers.

One thing I ask is you don't call me Sock. I have rarely used sock puppets. I've been more of a zombie guy, and I've always admitted to those. I've never, not once, posted on the same thread in fake dialogue. At FSZ I was M&NYC, but that was before I realised how toxic soapblox culture was, especially with that sock puppet and mind games nonsense.

TLNL was banned from two places, because he was accused of being me. Actually three, if you count BradBlog. Tinoire and Jeff Wells both went that crazy route. Myself and TLNL have been two of the most unfairly shit on bloggers of all time. I'm not as thin-skinned as you think, but I am sensitive to the sock puppet angle. I'm a good guy. If you knew me in real life, you'd like me. You'd stick up for me.

I'll sit back for the most part and read if you guys are into discussing tunes. I appreciate that opinions are opinions. In a way, I think it's arguable that George Harrison was the best ex-Beatle. McCartney got a bit too syrupy for my tastes. I did like John Lennon solo. I'm surprised neither of you mentioned the White Album. There were a lot of good tunes on that one. Abbey Road and Revolver were excellent. I'm not sure how anyone can say the Beatles were overrated. Yes, they did stop touring and became a studio band, but they were forced to. You can't blame them for that move. Society wouldn't let them be.

TLNL, you deserve great compliments. You have been in the trenches for years and made a major contribution to understanding specific milieus in the blogosphere. I'm not just complimenting you for your own vanity. Beyond any of our personality quirks are the messages, the content. It's important that even if we rub some the wrong way, that they at least check into the kind of stuff we looked into and decide for themselves.

We're just about the same age. That makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The Beatles overrated in relation to their outsized popularity.

Overhyped might be a better word. The entire schtick was created and foisted upon an unsuspecting generation of dupes. Same with the "Summer of Love," which segued with Beatlemania during the moptops musical decline. They may have stopped touring because they werent that good live. They were a harmony band above all else, pretty much a straight steal from the Everly Brothers, and those intricate vocals are not easy to pull off in front of a crowd.

George was beginning to shine from the White album on. His sitar work on Revolver and Pepper sort of bored me but "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is one of the Beatles alltime best, although to be fair it was Clapton's lead guitar work made that song killer. That one sounds nothing like any other Beatles tune, with the heavy guitar/bass riff.

White Album is borderline for me. Let it Be is borderline for me. Abbey Road better, but it suffers from too much Lennon nonsense schtick. Come Together made me want to shoot my radio.

I still maintain the Beatles through Revolver were by far the band's best efforts.

As for blogging and liking you and all, you are likeable enuff Hillary.

Whether you are the most put upon blogger of all time is debatable and it seems to me that you give as good as you get in many instances.

All is fair in the whiteysphere, is my take. Even the unfairness is fair.

Anonymous said...

The point about Altamont is that there was a lot more to it than just the Hells Angels got too frisky and started fights.

Man, the scene was out of control. The audience was as much at fault. The delusions and hubris of an entire generation of dreamers and socialist peacenikkks was at fault more than anything. It was like, we can have Woodstock anytime we like because we are all so cool and have our pampered shit so together.

Bad acid ruined many a show in the day and this one was no exception. The film captures the bad vibes quite well. Its pretty extraordinary. Not to excuse the Angels at all, who were a ubiquitous and generally harmless presence at many west coast gatherings back then, and who no doubt added to the negative fascist tinge of the event, or the Stones who fairly easily escaped responsibility for the entire ego-drenched shebang, but there was something bigger at work here, the mass hysteria, the karma, the insatiability of a gigantic crowd of fucked up people who simply couldnt stop pushing forward to a stage that was only like three feet off the ground, man.

In fact, it is pretty clear that the black dude in the lime green suit with the big pistola was going to murder some people, probably Jagger among them. The dude was out of his skull on dope, so the story goes.

The Angel who offed him was eventually found not guilty at trial.

Anonymous said...

The other thing that is extraordinary about Altamont is that as the violence grew out of hand in front of the stage the Stones decided the only thing they could do was keep playing and they delivered a blistering set from that point on, the best playing maybe of their sainted lives.

I'd seen them the week or two earlier in LA or I'd have been tempted to head north for the free show, which was all the talk among the hi skkkkoolers even in LA.

A year or so later I got a taste of the unruly crowd at a Who concert at Anaheim Stadium, which was a first come first serve event, the kind which eventually would be banned after several people were trampled to death at a Who concert in Philly (I believe).

We got there the night before and found our way to one of the gates into the stadium and enjoyed a mellow evening of partying amongst fellow hippies with the prospect of being among the first let out onto the field for a spot near the stage.

As the day dawned people kept arriving and soon there was a sea of peeps extending behind us back into the paring lot.

WHen the gates opened, the crowd pushed forward and those of us in the front were literally lifted off our feet and pressed forward against each other and smashed into the chain link enclosure surrounding the gate opening. I had the wind knocked out of me and was gasping in pain as I went through the gate backwards, feet off the ground, carried along in a stampede as if I were a leaf swirling out of control down a fast moving floodstream.

It only got worse on the field. By the second act people were laid out writhing and moaning. Medics were coming onto the field to evacuate the dope afflicted. Jugs of wine were coursing thru the crowd and people were dropping pills and capsules into them like offerings at church. We passed, thank heavens, altho we did partake in plenty of the dirtweed joints that were also being freely passed around.

It was a hot day. Bad drugs and dehydration reuled.

The Who were awesome.

Leon Russell was even better, IMHO.

I love Leon.

Anonymous said...

On Altamont from

"The concert degenerated into mayhem when booze and acid-addled Hell's Angels, hired to keep order in front of the stage, discharged their task by beating concertgoers over their heads with leaded pool cues. Altamont's violence was capped by the murder of a young black man, Meredith Hunter. Captured on film, Hunter's murder cemented the festival's reputation as the official end of the 1960s counterculture. Even worse, Gimme Shelter showed that the counterculture was not going to redeem or change anything, especially the human impulse to violence.

That this free concert could result in destruction and death (three others died that day) shocked the Woodstock Nation. After all, a scant three and a half months earlier, 300,000 people coexisted peacefully for three days in a muddy field in New York to listen to music. Woodstock only became free once its gates were stormed by the ticketless, but its commercial origins are but a footnote in its mythology. But perhaps Woodstock was the fluke, not Altamont. Alice Echols, in Scars of Sweet Paradise: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin, quotes a former assistant Attorney General of the State of New York as saying, "Instead of the widespread notion of joy and an outpouring of goodness, the people I met told tragic stories of lack of consideration, nonexistent sanitation, … fear and pain." To paraphrase the oft-quoted observation of Barry Melton of Country Joe and the Fish, if you think Woodstock was great, then you weren't there. You saw the movie instead."

Anonymous said...

Exiles...heroin...Kenneth Anger--cool!

Exiles--the kind of honest gutbucket blues that only comes while partying in the basement of one's chateau in the south of France while snorting mass quantities of top-of-the-line Persian heroin. Nice. So sorry for the losers in this game, like Andy Johns, Bobby Keys, Graham Parsons, and ultimately Mick Taylor.

The Stones, to their credit, did at times tour with African-American blues and R&B masters, but Whiteysphere knows that the real money is in royalties and publishing, which is why we find songs like:

'Love in Vain' not credited to Robert Johnson.

'Prodigal Son' not credited to Rev. Robert Wilkins

Although Johnson was long dead, and may not have noticed as much as the Rev. Robert Wilkins, who lived until 1987, without, as far as I know, being reimbursed for obvious copyright infringement.

...with plenty more riffs and chord changes more sublty appropriated on 'Exiles'.

Death didn't have no mercy for Meredith Hunter either. I'm sure his fatal stabbing at Altamount by
Hell's Angels acting as "security" had nothing to do with the Angels being, you know, racists and stuff? Naaah, just good ole boys lettin' off a little steam y'know.

Which I suppose is why the Stones never contacted Hunter's family to like apologize, or offer to help with the funeral, or even concede that, know, in retrospect, maybe it WASN'T such a good idea to have swastika-adorned racists hopped up on large quantities of beer and freakout quality bad-acid, armed and in charge of maintaining order. Several Caucasians swore that Hunter be a crazy drugged-up n***** out to kill people.

"Well it LOOKED like he had a gun!"

Seems I've heard that before somewhere...

Whiteysphere as Whitey does...

Anonymous said...

excellent points all. The Stones (along with basically every white pop music star since at least Benny Goodman) have stolen most of the credit and all the wealth from the black man who birthed the sound in slavery, honed it in antebellum misery, growled it to maturity under Jim Crow rage.

This is nothing less than the story of Amerikkka, dewd. Well, England too, I guess.

Wilkins did receive credit and royalties I believe. I seem to recall that his name was on my copy of Let it Bleed.

Johnson didnt bother to copyright his tunes and since he died in utter obscurity it is difficult to even determine whether he also didn't steal some or all of his tunes from other bluesmen.

Exile contains the best Johnson cover by the Stones, IMHO, "Stop Breaking Down". Originally, it was listed as "traditional."

I was once ina blues club in St. Louis hard by the river, and I heard a slightly different version of this song with altered lyrics. The singer/pianist, a grizzled oooooolder AfAm man, pointedly did not credit Johnson in his intro but stated "this is an old song thats been sung along this river bank longer than I have been alive".

So who really knows who stole waht from whom?

The relationship between modern rock n roll and its blue progenitors is interesting and complex. Berry, Muddy, Little Richard, Johnson, Ike Turner, the list goes on and on. These guys became overshadowed and ripped off but what was their alternative?

Without Clapton's version of Crossroads, which is one of if not the best rock songs from the 60s, there wouldnt be much known at all of the legendary Robert Johnson, would there, whitey?

Whose version of the same song isnt nearly as good as Creams version, IMHO.

There, I said it.

Anonymous said...

As for Hunter, yes, there were basically only Caucasians in the crowd, yes Hunter was drugged up and yes, he pulled a gun.

And the allwhite jury agreed, as Dylan would say.

To bad Hunter wasnt OJ, what?

Anonymous said...

And of course, in a completely twisted example of bad karma, the Stones were trcikfucked out of their entire song catalogue up till and including (I believe) Let it Bleed, by that scoundrel Allen Klein.

And lets dont forget that Socrates favourite black man, MJ, got a measure of revenge for all time by buying up the Lennon/McCartney catalogue.....


socrates said...

Aaah, donkeytale in the spotlight. Good show, lad. I thank you for this. There I said it. Back in bowl. It's in the hole!

You've inspired a new blog entry. It's only a seed at this point, but the general gist will concern what we get from the zeitgeist in comparison to actual social reality and history.

I can't quite make out whether that dude stabbed at Altamont had a gun or not. You seem to say he both did and did not. I liked the implied reference to Hurrican Carter. He could've been the champion of the world.

I'm recalling this book we read for an American Studies class. It had a lot of short non-fiction pieces of somewhat important historical stories. There was Altamont. I guess I forgot about the other implications of the story and ran with the idea of placing all the blame on the Hell's Angels.

There was a story on the Black Sox scandal. As a baseball and American Studies fan, you would have liked it. It covered the story well beyond the idea that a few ballplayers sold out. It covered the idea of a baseball commissioner. It showed how that ballplayers were getting ripped off, and it wasn't a stretch to empathise with what they did.

There was a story on the emergence of the Free Speech Movement out of Berkeley. That was a good one. The article that probably influenced me the most was the one I mentioned briefly before. It was about the assassination of McKinley. The media made him out to be totally bonkers. Yet the guy was seriously into his anarchy and readings. Back then he was made out to be a Joseph Stack, simply totally unhinged. The point is that the propaganda being pumped out was why on Earth would anyone ever be upset with the social structure. Violent actions are definitely no good. However, there was a big difference in Leon Czolgosz's actions copared with Stack's or any of these from "new and improved" whackjobs. One man's political assassin is another's nutcase. Violence is wrong, period, but historically what is missing from the zeitgeist is nuance and subtlety. I give you credit to supplying much of those qualities in this thread. Well-played, Mr. Bond.

Let's see. I agree While My Guitar Gently Weeps sounded like nothing else out of the Beatles. Harrison was the Rahon Rondo of that group. The difference being that Harrison never got the due credit Rondo is now receiving from the new Big Three. I think they gave him a quota of two tunes on those later albums. I sincerely believe Harrison kicked ass as a solo artist and was head and shoulders above the others. Ringo was a great drummer. He even had a couple good tunes. But he doesn't really fit into this specific debate.


socrates said...

I remember, though barely, those first come first seated concerts. I think it was in Ohio where someone was trampled to death. You wrote of being pushed up against a fence. I remember the disaster that happened in Sheffield. For all the earned crap we receive as ugly Americans, Europeans aren't too far behind. Just look at how they act at soccer events. That's one thing I don't think we've ever had happen in America, just isolated incidents like batteries being thrown from the stands or those not even close to riot events in Detroit, where Artest went in the stands, or my favourite, when O'Reilly and Milbury went into the Ranger stands. That was classic. Guys climbing into the stands with their skates on trying to knock out some dude's chicklets. I say chicklet, becuase Derek Sanderson used that word, the one for a brand of chewing gum, to describe people's teeth. I used to like hockey. No more. But now I am getting way off topic.

I wouldn't say Michael Jackson was my favourite black man of all time, not even close. I would save those honours for people like Nelson Mandela or W.E.B. Du Bois. I didn't like most of his music. I just felt he deserved more than the Wacko Jacko crap that got dumped on him. No, I don't believe he ever molested a child. OJ? He probably killed those people. His being found innocent was payback for Rodney King, period. I never got into that trial. I'm not much for any of these over the top zeitgeist productions. They bore me. Though the Louis Woodward nanny trial was a good one. Once in a while, those can be awkwardly "fun" to keep an eye on. The main reason I think OJ did it is because I think he wrote some book or was on some show or something about what if he did kill them. Outrageous.

Those odd stories that the media latch onto tend to be pure relations to the whiteysphere. A blonde beauty named Natalie Holloway goes missing, and her story is put on 24/7. If she was black, we'd never had heard of her, imho.

One last thing I can think of is your idea of whether the dude at Altamount had a gun or not, or if he really had been waving it and posing a threat. Remember the dude who got killed by New York policemen who alleged they confused a wallet for a gun? They shot him 41 times. If Amadou Diallo had been white, would he have been shot at? I think that's a fair question. Many cops are labeled pigs for good reasons.

I apologise in advance for any typos or bad spelling/grammar in this or any of my posts. I do try to proofread as often as I can, but sometimes, and especially of late, I've been simply hitting the post button after finishing up a ramble.

Anonymous said...

Dude, do I have to reinvent the wheel for the guy who never reinvents the wheel for anybody?

OK its from wikipedia but its sourced. Plus, its, uhhh visually included in the movie:

"Passaro is seen entering from the right and delivering only two stabs as he pushes Hunter off screen and the opening closes around Patty. Passaro is reported to have stabbed Hunter five times in the upper back. Witnesses also reported Hunter was stomped on by several Hells Angels while he was on the ground. The gun was recovered and turned over to police. Hunter's autopsy later confirmed his girlfriend's report that he was heavily intoxicated on methamphetamine at the time of his death. [1][7][8]

Passaro was arrested and charged with murder for Meredith's death, but was acquitted on the grounds of self-defense after the jury viewed the footage from the concert showing Hunter drawing the revolver and pointing it toward the stage.[9]"

And yes, (anonymous)Vagina, the n*gger was stoned, the autopsy bore it out. The gun was recovered, the Angel was acquitted.

So your anonymous disinfo insinuation is incorrect as per usual, looooser.

The crowd was very ugly. Some pregnant chick got her skkkull fractured from a heaved bottle. Ther ANgels werent throwing bottles, dewd.

socrates said...

Hey Donkeytale, wtf is going on here? Would it kill you to take five seconds to log in with your username so as to avoid trolls stealing your persona and generally messing around?

I doubt you would use the n word like that.

There are some strange fock jobs out there with no lives who read and post at a blog they don't like.

I don't find such confusion humorous. Please don't make it easy for mentally ill people to mess with this blog. Thanks for your time and consideration.

socrates said...

The whiteysphere is sounding awfully like Archie Bunker. Can we assume the faker here is from FSZ? They are trying to write like donkeytale. They picked up on my not wanting to reinvent the wheel schtick. They hate Jews, blacks, women, religious people, etc.. The list goes on and on.

I looked around. It's funny how many fools get caught up inthese various issues and try to spin it a certain way. Whether it,s the West Memphis 3, Annette Appollo, Altamont, you name it, these fockers are everywhere spreazding their lies.

These racists want people to believe Meredith Hunter was going to shoot Mick Jagger. What a joke. It's obvious what happened. The Hells Angels were acting like barbarians. The kid had a gun for self-defense. He made a mistake not realising he might as well have been pointing a water pistol at a tank.

These trolls are incapable of hiding their racist views. They don't realise they're making it easier for readers to decide. They see this creep drop the N and V words like they're nothing, one knows how much their words are worth.

What I don't understand is why if these fockjobs hate me and this blog so much, they just don't go away. These are sadistic bastards with no lives. They are obviously lacking love. They are what is referred to as ugly Americans. (I think it might be Failreft dropping these troll posts. That guy is very racist. He's familiar with various schticks. That's who I think has shown up here.)

donkeytale said...


Chill. The anonymouse is moi. Stop blathering. There is nothing inherently wrong with the V word. Its the acceptable form of the C word.

As for the N word, its a false equivalency to say the "N word" is somehow more acceptable than "n*gger" or "n*****", which the other anonymous used.

It all leads to our minds thinking the same "hrrible" word, nigger, and as J*sus supposedly said, thinking about it is just as sinful as doing it.

Although he was talking about boinking anudder man's slavewife if I remember my skkriptures accurately.

And yes, I have sinned, but at least I got my rocks off. (Stones song title alert)

Nobody has ever been able to fake my schtick dude. Nobody. Some have tried, all have failed. Miserably.

Jeesus, yur as paranoid and rigidly black and white (haha) in yur thot processes as LauraJohn and Failreft at times.

F'ing relax. If I can use the Fuck word, that is.....

And yes, yur revisionist history of the 60s is just as off as Failrefts. The black dude pulled a gun in a circumstance where a white guy pulling a gun wouldve met the same fate. He was in no more immediate danger than anyone else in the white crowd. Interracial romance was totally accepted in SF during the 60s, holmes. It was accepted in LA too, for that matter. I know, Ilived in both places during those times. Nothing like the godawful racism practiced in Boston then and probably to this very day. Nothing at all. Stop projecting.

No one was threatening that guy, anymore than anyone else at the concert was threatened about anything.

The Angels were not blameless of course, but neither was Hunter, the Stones or the crowd in general.

Why oh why must you revisionistas try to filter social/hisorical complexity thru narrow ideological and FALSE biases. You get it wrong time and again. You cant blame what happened then just like you cant blame it today on simplistic melodrama of good vs evil. We are all contain both impulses and we act on the bad more than we care to admit to ourselevs.

Yur no better than any of the PFF and FSZ looooser kkkrowd, dude. Neither am I.

This is why you are reviled. You are blind to how much like those you tend to put down you are.

You are agreeing with the true FSZ interloper vis a vis Altamont and disagreeing with me by claiming I am the fake FSZ interloper.



syczbyz said...

Its the "banality of evil" that gets us time and again. The Stones had too much ego. They want to badly to prove that the "Woodstock" generation could pull off eveything peacefully.

The crowd wanted to be part of the same thing, for equally delusional reasons.

You are a socialist peacenikkk for delusional reasons. You are a peacenikkk because you can afford to be one. Pyrrhiod.

Drop your candy ass into a harsher environment and you mite think differently about lots of stuff.

We are not as intrinsic as our false beliefs and bluster lie to us.

Thats the lesson of the 60s.

Anonymous said...


socrates said...

Donkeytale, please sign in with your username and share the time stamps of the posts you made. This isn't too much to ask. I'm not going to allow this confusion. Anyone who is stealing your persona needs to be deleted. If you don't like that rule, then so be it. I've put in too much time and effort to let assholes with no lives ruin this blog. It would pain me to find out you are truly sadistic and bad news. I hope not. But if you think this is all fun and games, then maybe we should call it quits on our partnership. You've a right to your opinions, no matter how lame they are. For you to think your Flutter Wings piece was more important than sharing the story about state sponsored massacres in Nigeria says more about you than you'd probably like to know. You're supposed to become a better person as you age, not this narcissistic crap you dish out. Your deliberate misspelling of words is not funny. I don't mind differences of opinions, but I will not allow confusion in the form of troll posts take over this forum. I'd rather be alone than be with creeps. It shouldn't be too much to ask for you to share with us which of the posts you wrote and which ones you didn't, and prove so by signing in with your username. I've tried to be nice. But I'm not going to allow a rightwing Democrat to heap shit on progressive thought. I was not around in the 60's. That shit is on you and your generation. I am from Generation X. We had our shit together. I won't respond to any more trolling. I'll give you a period of time to adjust to using your username. If you don't clear this up within one week, then have a nice life.

Anonymous said...

What can a donkeytale say to a horse's ass but--RIOTOUS!!

Anonymous said...

"I am from Generation X.
We had our shit together."

RIOTOUS! ultimatum! (lol)

donkeytale said...

Since you've forced the issue, the last three anonymi are not moi. Altho to be honest, his scoffing at your BS Gen X comment might well have been me.

Sigh. You dont get it, dude. Without the Greatest Gen the Boomers wouldnt have created the zeitgeist yur generation has now supposedly perfected, in yur mind anyway. This generation begat that one and so on and so forth. The circle jerk shall be unbroken.

It all threads together.

When are you gonna realize and stop fighting that over which you cannot control?

And what is it that you think you can control, anyway?

The Celtics loooose one game and you fall apart.

Are you sure you arent a chick?

donkeytale said...

Anonymous at 5/24 3:07 PM is not moi either. Thats the full extent of the unknown anonymice.

The rest are me, you and TLNL.

So yes, you were agreeing with "them" once and disagreeing with "me."

Just stop it, unless you like infotainment value. They will go away if you want them too.

I'm out too.

You are hysterical.

Maybe you need a hystericalectomy.

Anonymous said...

I try to follow this crap, but it's waaaay too kkkonvoluted for moi.

I'm outa here.

socrates said...

I wasn't agreeing that there was no gun. I was new to the specifics of what happened.

I agree with most of what you wrote about Meredith Hunter bringing it on himself. He shouldn't have brought a gun. He was also naive to think drawing a weapon would keep himself safe.

Ok, I probably overreacted. My fault was in thinking you have the capacity to be a nice person day in day out. You don't. You appear to relish negativity and have no qualms in hurting others. While most of us has the capacity to be nasty at times, there seems to be a core to you that is heavily sadistic.

Well, if you're gone, you're gone. I can live with your decision either way. You can always head back to a soapblox like you tend to do, where you can "get your rocks off" being an ugly American.

If you do post here, please sign in with your username. You may not give a shit about sock puppets and other convolution disrupting forums, but most bloggers inlcluding myself do. There is not fairness in unfairness, as I think you put it somewhere else.

You had no right to call me Sock. That was low.

This stupid brouhaha was mostly your fault. You stopped signing in with the spam caption and went to anonymous. The post you say came from the other guy, right after it you wrote good points all. Hmmm. Only later did you start ripping into him. Then you decided to conflate his posts with my own. I don't thank you for that.

Yes, the Celtics loss has me on edge. I don't like how Pierce was hogging the ball. I don't like how Doc is overplaying the starters. I'm trying to rationalise it as the Celtics were due a loss. But the last two times teams came back from 0-3 Boston was involved. My worst nightmare would be if the Celtics lose this series. That probably won't happen, but anything's possible. Oh yeah, nice flagrant fouls again by Howard. But to you those are hard fouls. That's the ticket.

donkeytale said...

Your definition of sadistic seems a bit strained. Words alone qualify as sadism?

I knew it was the Celtics, I just knew it. Man, your team is on top of its game. They are due for a loss. The Lakers lost too. Bynum is barely getting up and down the floor. Kobe is injured in all parts of his body. Gasol looks like he was mugged recently.

Did you see Nash get hammered by Fisher, shrug it off, straighten his bent nose and get back in the game? These guys arent whining about it, so why should you be?

OK, I'll take some responsibility but if you cant tell the difference btwn my schtick and some weak loooser like anonymous who just left another post using kkkkonvultion and he was out of here, then yoy know, you are nt really paying attention.

For the rest of it, I still fail to see what yur panties are in a wad about. You made the statements about the Angels and Hunter and blah blah blog now you admit you didnt really know anything about it.

I dont suffer fools gladly. Your not a fool. Stop acting like one and do yur homework before mouthing off like a typical ideological doofus fake lefty.

You are better than that, George.

Yur no Socrates. I know Socrates. Socrates would've pantsed you too.

But George rocks.

donkeytale said...

Hey that was comment 32 for Magic Johnson and Kevin McHale(?)

I guess this is 33 for Lew Alcindor and Larry Bird....

socrates said...

I had two fans. Both died on me. It's 80 degrees in me flat.

Yeah, my last post was over the top. No, you're not sadistic. Is David Letterman a sadist?

When it's hot like this, I can barely think let alone type or the other way around.

There's a reason why the Texas Rangers never win a World Series. It's too frickin hot.

Ireland was the best. You could get through the day on one glass of water. Because of the gulf stream, it never got too cold. People there are so nice. It's been a tough haul for me being back in America. Though it's been a long time now, so my complaining about it admittedly doesn't add up.

Thank you very much for writing back. We must never go to bed mad at each other. [/joke] You're a good guy. You proved it in your last post. Maybe you are getting used to my hissy fits. I'm not as bad as Perkins though. That guy's never committed a foul in his life. Just ask him.

Good news- Bob's been added to the blog roll. We've gone international!

If you get the time, you might want to watch that video I just put up on the Zodiac killer. Some guy's life was ruined because some selfish bugger decided he was that person. The bugger ended up on national tv and was presented as an expert. Orson Welles figured all that type of shit out, and that's why I mentioned him in the entry.

Hey, I can get into your entries. I promise never to alter them. The thing is I can add any images to your schtick you want. No extra charge. p:>

Oh man, the Sharpanova or whatever her name is... OH. MY. GOD. Well, that could be the first time I've ever done that one word sentences in succession schtick. Maybe I've jumped the shark. Have a nice night.

socrates said...

Gasol did look mortal on one of the plays I saw. He was very soft in 2008 but toughened up. Bynum and Kobe hurting definitely helps. Rondo seems a bit banged up. Perkins has tendinitis. KG didn't look so good last night. I think it's clear the window is closing on LA. Otherwise Phil Jackson wouldn't be whining about his escape route. He'll return in another few years when another ready made title team is offered.

socrates said...

The post #'s may be off now. I deleted one of mine quick. Not a MattyJack maneuver. More like I noticed a bad typo and quicky fixed it. I'm not into deleting any of my posts, even if I make bad ones. It's like playing cards. A card shown is a card played. Retract, plead for forgiveness and whatnot, but what MattyJack was into was no good. But we busted him. You did. And then I found one of those threads he deleted with the proof that he is a white waller. Ok, I've got to log off and splash some cold water on my face. Yes on Nash. He got hit in the face yet again. I remember him last year with that nose bleed thingie. There was a fine boxer out of Rhode Island. I forget his name. I think he was a middleweight. But he had to retire because he'd never stop bleeding. Marvin Hagler never had that problem. In fact, advice to his opponents was to never hit him in the forehead. That thing was a rock compared to Ali's strong gut. Ali was the greatest. Though probably not pound for pound.

the_last_name_left said...

Wow! Look at the personalities on that?


That girl's like a sculpture. Tennis used to be my game. Damn...

immere said...

I lived for a spell in a 4th floor walk-up room w kitchenette and communal bathroom/shower down the hall on Beacon Street, about one half block off Mass Ave to the Back Bay side. The room was about same size as your typical prison cell.

There was one small window. I remember the heat. I also remember listening to the noise of the 4th of July schtick from the bandshell, the Pope's speech when he came through Boston, many loud merry making parties across the street at a Boston U frat house.

I remember courting a waitress who worked at the steak house around the corner on Mass Ave between Beacon and Boylston. Cant remember the name, but it was an oldfashioned wood panelled place with pretty decent food. Turns out she was the one courting join scientology. I remember grabbing a free lunch nearby one day in exchange for listening to a pitch to join EST. Man, those dudes were high pressure....I basically had to physically push my way out of the building and skedaddle to freedom.

I remember getting laid a few times up there after I had left my first wife. She was my boss, an Irish blondie who had some memorable oral skillsets. Why is the good sex that you always remember and little else? Oh yeah. "Masturbation material."


I have never been a joiner. Probably my biggest weakness but maybe also salvation. I'm a loner with a boner.

Thanks for the Sharapova. Those Russian chicks in general are something else. I slunk through a few of her pix the other day. They had a few nice beaver shots mixed in. Thanks for keeping it clean....

Saw your latest post and liked what I read so far....when I have more time I delve a bit deeper.

dierm said...

My first wife was bi...after we split up she moved in with a mannish grrl who was actually a pretty cool dude. We all became fast friends, then they hightailed it with my daughter back to LA, which left me severely depressed, L'il Miss Blondie notwithstanding. She enjoyed some mild S&M. One time it got a bit out of control and I suffered mightily from recognizing the reality versus the ideal picture I had of myself.

Then one day my wife re-appeared and wanted to make a go of it again. We moved in together but the zeitgeist had forever fallen away to reveal a bond of emptiness.

The gay chick re-appeared. Lil Miss Blondie never exactly disappeared.

I suppose this was a seminal flutter wings moment. I ended up moving in with LMB for a few years and then out and into the gay scene in the South End, altho I wasnt doing that then, they were just welcoming friends from work to a dude who was down on his luck....actually, I had a series of loose relationships with women who were themselves attracted to the scene. I remember copious amounts of white powder and lots of liquour. I remember scoring weed in $10 bags in Roxbury with my closest friend of the time, a black guy from work who had a problem with teh heroin addiction.

I remember meeting my second wife.

I remember lotsa stuff. Boston was the best years o my life.

rappd said...

This was circa 1980-81 and the first ravages of AIDS were sweeping the gay scene, altho it wasnt called "AIDS" yet. Man oh man oh man I am forever thankful that there were enuff women in my life and imagination to NOT be tempted to swing the other way or I surely wouldnt be around to tell the story.

By 83-84 they were dropping like flies. An entire scene. I probably had a good half dozen friends within that South End milieu, pre-gentrification, really excellent people.

Eventually my ex-wife resettled in LA to take care of her mother after her father died and my second wife and I followed them out there, a move that was both career oriented and to be bear my little daughter but one I have since forever regretted.

I can still see my second wife and I in my dreams, living in some little cottage in Ipswich or WTF, to this very day, after a life of middle class success getting ready to retire with all our family and friends surrounding us.

HaHA. We never made it outta the Fenway neighbourhood until we left Boston forever on a rainy day in May during that 84 Celtic/Laker series your always on about.

It were a classic.

socrates said...

TLNL, that picture stood out. There were some bathing suit photos, but personally a bit of subtlety works better. I'm more turned on by let's say a dame's "kiss me you fool" line than suck on my tit.

Donk, as a progressive, by law I am forced to accept your posting of occasional, homoerotic thoughts. To be honest, it doesn't move. But I'd be hypocritical to scoff, considering I sometimes post some heteroerotic ones.

That was some mighty fine prose. I can see why you were bounced from soapblox. They want things done a certain way. They view themselves as some keyboard commando unit. They actually believe they are making a political difference.

The offshoots may think they are a new frontier. But they basically have the same formula of no nuance and subtlety encouraged. When such dives ban or discourage original bloggers like ourselves, they are basically asking for their blogs to jump the shark. No one likes a boring website.

TLNL used to post at Rigorous Intuition. He pissed them off royally. Then Jeff Wells banned him for being me. I have proof that we are different people. He doesn't even know what a basketball is. Which gets me to thinking. DFQ was going to allow one day a week for conspiracy theory schtick. Maybe DFQ2 should devote an open thread once a week for discussion of cricket. We could talk about sitting in pubs with warm beer and cold cheese sandwiches. Isn't it all about the consumer?

Here's an idea. Write a screenplay called Flutter Heights or Wuthering Wings. Then try to say Wuthering Wings five times fast.

If I was grading my latest entry, I'd have to give it a B-. I didn't actually answer the introduction. I made it seem we would be getting at the heart of why people believe the things they do. I actually only got as far as showing that large groups of people do tend to believe in schtuff that isn't the truth.

In my defense, it's a decent read. It's not a million words. It's thought provoking. It's got continuity to it, especially to other themes which have popped up on this blog.

I saw another Bette Davis flick. I thought she was extra hot in her twenties. She definitely didn't age well. It's strange how some women do, and others don't. Cher looked good even into her middle ages, but then it was like she fell off a cliff. My advice is chill out with the botox or plastic surgery or whatever it is like that. Mary Tyler Moore could have been hot into her nineties, if she had avoided that. Joan Collins is probably still hot. Gloria Swanson's another one who aged extremely well. Lena Horne aged like fine wine.

Barbara Walters has Bette Davis Syndrome. She was surprisingly cute when young. Then she turned into Mrs. McNasty. I was watching an interview she did with Bette. At that point, Ms. Davis must have been around 127 years old. Baba Wawa actually asked her if she enjoyed sex. She didn't ask it in the past tense. It wasn't anything even close to being a valid question. Of course Bette's jaw dropped. I could read her mind. She said, "Oh, a wise guy. Why I oughta."

The 1984 Lakers-Celtics was special for a number of reasons. It was yin-yang, finesse versus blue-collar. Both teams were stacked. The conclusion also thoroughly proved the maxim that a win is a win. Before any Laker fans get too upset, ye did get your revenge in 1987.

The Celtics had no right winning the 1984 title. How often does someone steal an inbound pass like Bird did with DJ getting a lay up? All the Lakers had to do was inbound the damn ball. The 2004 Red Sox had no right to win their championship. That is the one I will never forget. I'm thinking more about the Yankees series down 0-3. I'm a bit worried that Orlando could come back. Always respect your opponent. I see Obama is talking some Laker trash. I like all this chatter about the Lakers being a shoo-in to make the Finals. Phoenix is only one road win away from putting the fear of GOD into Phil and KoMe.

Anonymous said...

From the wiki Meredith Hunter entry:


"Altha May Anderson, (Hunter's mother) later sued the Rolling Stones for $500,00. After withdrawing attempts to get the case dismissed, the band paid Anderson $10,000."

"In 1985, Passaro (who killed Hunter) was found dead, floating in the Anderson Reservoir with $10,000 in his pocket."


socrates said...

They don't make movies or trolls like they used to. First the waste of time says there was no gun. Now he's implying that Hunter's mom gave her settlement money to the dude who killed her son. I do think Donkeytale is letting the Hell's Angels off more than he should. I think what happened was manslaughter. But I do respect his opinion, because at least he tries to make sense unlike the fool who hangs out on a board for no apparent reason other than to belch out stupid thoughts and disrupt.

Anonymous said...

"...implying that Hunter's mom gave her settlement money to the dude who killed
her son"


If anyone else read this thread, they
would see the obvious limitations of
your reading comprehension skills,
and might well wonder if you are in
fact a moron.

After your last post they would not
have to wonder any more.

Thanx for clarifying that.

socrates said...

If I'm such a bad blogger, why don't you take your troll ass somewhere else? Maybe if you had any writing skills, you could have explained wtf you were going hmmm for. So you think Passero stole the settlement money? Or perhaps you think it's strange that Hunter's last name is the same for the reservoir his killer was found in? Or maybe no one gives a shit about what you think. You're the dumbass who tried to raise doubts about Hunter having a gun in the first place. You're nothing but a troll.

Anonymous said...

Could you repeat youself please?

But please keep the cussing to a minimum.

I think your mom might be listening.

Your voice really carries up from the basement.

socrates said...

Who's that? Is this supersoling, one of the most idiotic bloggers on the internet? Of course you won't tell us who you are, since you are an anonymous coward who makes idioctic posts. So why are you hanging out on a blog you don't respect just to be a sadistic troll? I bet you are like this elsewhere. Yet you're an anonymous coward. Tell us more about, "Well it LOOKED like he had a gun!" I think you are supersoling. He's quite the dumbass, and you sound like him. Hey buddy, go see a shrink. You're mentally ill and useless to any type of intellectual discussion. Mistakes happen. But you are simply stupid. It shows. If you had some humility and weren't so sadistic, maybe things would be going better for you. But your problem is, in short, you're creepy. Get off the internet and make an appointment with a psychologist. There's no need for you to continue being such a loser. Take care, anonmous coward, or shall we call you supergump?

feast said...

Dude, its safe to say it some variation of the FSZ/Pffugee looserdom at play. I wouldnt dignify the commentary by wasting so much righteousness on it.

Besides I think he's lampooning our slef seriousness by making connections btwn the $10K and the name "Anderson."

Not an issue with me. Interesting. The verfification word for this post is "feast." Feast is synonymous with "banquet."

"Banquet" used to own Coors Beer back in the day I drank copious amounts of it. I'm a drunk.

See? There are witty connections to be made everywhere.

Yes, those times were interesting to me. Maybe I'm moving away from the tales of my yute into young adulthood now. I had great times and great agonies (as usual) during the Boston years. I f'd up everything eventually (as usual) but one thing I can say: I rarely watched the game from the sidelines.

So, Artest was last night's hero. I predicted two sweeps and its now possible to have two seven game series.

You predicted a Celtic champeenship and they have played like crap ever since. Their play the other night was absolutely third rate. Horrible. To think this is a team on the verge of the Finals is just another indication of how far the NBA has fallen.

Still, its dooubtful the Magic can keep dialing up the threes in the Banknote Garden.

Rondo needs re-don the Superman cape and Garnett needs to be more forceful inside. The Magic have turned physical and the Celtics have wilted in response.

I actually am beginning to rue the potential of two teams in the finals who liove and die at the three point line. That wold be Suns/Magic.

I'm still betting on Lakers/Celts.

Which means we'll probably have the opposite.

cariest said...

Actually, the Magic are also one road win away, too....and they get a game 7 at home if they can make it that far.

I'm not at all ready to proclaim this Celtics team the equivalent of the Jordan Bulls. They are not worthy of the Shaq Lakers for that matter.

Time will tell if they are more than the equivalent of the Kobe Lakers.

They need to win it all again to even get into the discussion.

Heard some similar sports talk yesterday in Houston regarding the "greatest player of all time" talk regarding Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, Magic, Bird, Kareem et al.

The sports wankers were saying the minimum number of rings to get in the discussion was three. First, you had to demonstrate alltime grateness, then have three rings.

Some homer called in and said what about Olajuwan who only has two? I agree there. Olajuwon was greatness at the highest level.

Bird has three rings. Kobe already tops that. Magic has five. Kareem, (overrated) has 6.

I drove along fairly screaming into my radio: HOW MANY RINGS DOES RUSSELL HAVE, LOOOOOSERS!"

Bill Russell is the greatest NBA player of alltime. Pyrrhiod.

socrates said...

Aaah, ok, maybe he is lampooning myself more than you. My self-described cybersleuthing could be said to be mostly about third-rate associations. Though, one thing I've noticed is that's a convenient excuse for those who've been tagged with the fake label. It's a cop out from actually debating content. It turns into attacking the messenger rather than the message. But that does eventually backfire. Most people don't take a bad opinion of someone or some idea just because some herd portrays it as garbage. The reader tends to want to decide for themselves.

I won't waste too much time on this cretin. I do think it's supersoling. I think he wants you to stop associating with me. I also think he wants me to feel as lousy about myself as possible.

Speaking of strange coinkydinkies, on that Graysmith fraud video I embedded on my new entry, the narrator uses the theme from The Third Man. I didn't know that until after I had published the entry. The Third Man was a classic Orson Welles movie. The Anderosn name showing up for the mom and the reservoir is an interesting coincidence. I think one troll tactic is to try to confuse who they hate. Make them go running to the googler and whatnot. To feel like a fascist with control over someone else's activities. That is the essence of the need to not feed trolls. They hate it when their targets ignore them.

Anyway, it's clear as day that he tried to make it seem there was no gun. I messed up because I hadn't a real clue about the story except for the skeleton of it. I like interacting with yourself, TLNL, Bob, and others because there never seems to be an effort to throw me down dead ends or to waste my time or play head games.

socrates said...

I agree the teams left all have deep flaws. Your original point of today's teams not being that good compared to other decades has been fully confirmed. I hate the lazy three point shooting too. I also doubt Orlando can keep hitting those shots, especially those lucky off the backboard Jameer Nelson types. The Celtics are starting to hurt physically. But I think being at home should do the trick. The crowd is going to be very hostile. I think there will be a natural tendency by the refs to come up with some make up calls. Sure, the Celtics probably would have lost the last game no matter what. But then again, Perk is our best defender, and we lost him for half a game in what has been admitted to have been an error. Too bad Doc didn't call a timeout at the end of game 4. That might have ended this thing. But woulda, coulda, shoulda. I can't wait to see tonight's game. The best revenge would be a win, and perhaps if Howard plays lousy. There's also that feeling in the air that sparks could fly, reminiscient of the old Yankee-Red Sox series with Munson and Fisk. Maybe the league will call some ticky tacky fouls on Howard and force him to the pine for a lot of minutes. They can't possibly want a fight to break out. People are tired of the poor officiating. If basketball isn't careful, they will lose a lot of fans. I noticed a lot of empty seats this year. Maybe not in Boston and other cities with good teams. Just saying the league is not healthy, and with things like Tim Donaghy along with historic point shaving scandals and bad refs (remember LA-Sacramento?), NBA credibility is at a low point. That's how I see it. No matter what, tonight should be fascinating. It could be a pleasure or pure frustration. It will not be boring. Less than two and a half hours to go! Go C's!

Anonymous said...

Please get your story "straight"--and in this case I use that term loosely--am I supposed to be Mattyjack or supersoling?

Please make up your mind, if any.

And which one of you is Siegfried?

And which one is Roy?

socrates said...

You're an anonymous coward for one thing. You're also a sadist. I personally think you're supersoling. Whoever you are, you are being a dumbass for trolling a board you consider to be such a joke. Perhaps you could just go away? And try to find a better medication. The one you're on doesn't seem to be working.

socrates said...

Here we have someone who sounds like they are from the soapblox troll family. Here is someone hanging out on a blog they have no respect for. Here we have someone who is such a coward, they won't even reveal who they have been posting as elsewhere. Here we have yet another fake lefty. Real liberals do not make homophobic insinuations. Donkeytale says he is bi-sexual. I have no problem with that. It means nothing to me to be called gay. There is something wrong with that. Not being gay. The problem is with a sadistic loser purporting to be on the left who is anything but. This is why it's fair to say people like them have more in common with the tea party than with liberals, be they progressives, Democrats, socialists, peaceniks, whatever. I thought at first this was fairleft. Now I think it's supersoling. It was when he was talking like he was pro people of colour, yet he couldn't get his facts straight with Hunter and the gun. Supersoling isn't the brightest bulb in the box. He's a bitter low iq conformist non-conformist. Since anonymous coward won't reveal who he is, I admit it's all guesswork. I thought I'd heard supersoling make the same Siegfried and Roy crack before, but I couldn't locate it.

entionti said...

I say he's just another generic loooser.

It doesnt matter who or who not.

Well, I finally got something wrigh...and we have a Celtic/Laker matchup. What I want is a thrilling series, and I want more than just seven games, all won in blowouts by the home team.....I want 84 all over again, close games, come from behind games, OT.

I'll be happy if either team wins as long as the series proves classic. If it proves to be the typical postmodern boring affair, I will again proclaim that the NBA is dead.

Course, I know you see it exactly the same way...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prompt response.

I am totally supportive of your right to spend hours glued to the tube watching big sweaty fellas in tank-tops and shorts pat each other on the butt. Hell, you can even get married for all I care.

Dairy Queen 2 is a mecca for humble pilgrims like myself, who come here to pay tribute to you, the legendary "the_last_troll_left" or proldic or ikfak or whatever you're calling yourself these days.

Anonymous said...

Say the magic word and the post disappears!


Run cockroach run!

socrates said...

Hi Donkeytale, I'm glad it's the Lakers and not the Suns. I don't think the Celtics match up as well with Phoenix. Perk does better against lumbering bigs than faster paced teams. We'll have to contain Gasol. Kobe is a bit scary too. Good thing the Celtics do fine on the road. We're also lucky that Sheed has finally shown up. Ray has never shot better as a Celtic as he has this year. Paul is showing signs of his form from two years ago when he was playoff MVP. The team is finally putting trust in Rondo. It'll be interesting to see how the series unfolds. I think the Celtics have the edge based on what happened a few years ago. But we'll see how it plays out. It could be the only interesting series in this whole playoffs. The NBA is due for a good one, so why not the Finals? I'd keep an eye on KG. He's the key. If he's dragging his leg, the Celtics are in trouble. If he is close to the old KG, LA is in serious danger of being embarrassed.

Aaah, we now can be somewhat sure who this troll is. It's not supersoling or MattyJack or anyone from soapblox. It's someone from Jeff Wells' warped universe. He's Jeff's administrator. The guy's a total nutjob. His claim to fame is having given Marilyn Manson a tattoo. He's the one who got the_last_name_left banned from RI for supposedly being myself. He's the loser who had me banned from RI before even making one post. He's the guy who makes cracks about someone's mom dying. There's a lot more dirt on him, but I'm not sure if it matters. He's an idiot, as he displayed with his insinuation that Hunter never had a gun. He's probably the one who invented fake socrates a few years back. He could be the proverbial disinfo writer. Or he is an insane pile of shit. There's no way to know for sure. But he is one of the two. This guy is pure sadism. He's at as low a human point as many can get to. If I had to guess, he got beat up as a kid, molested, and is into heavy drugs. He needs serious medical attention but is probably in denial mode. He would have made a Good German. He not only gets people banned for no good reason, he follows them on the net and tries to torture them. In short, he's a very sick focker.

It sounds like he is homosexual. Studies have shown that those exhibiting homophobic tendencies are more than likely suffering from latent homosexuality.

Apologies to fairleft, Mattyjack, and supersoling. Those guys are scumbags too but don't deserve to be accused of anything they didn't do. They are altar boys compared to this douchebag. This troll here is the type by which if he wasn't on the Earth, it would surely be a better place. He's the bottm of the barrel. If I had to guess, he is not paid to post but is fucked in the head. He could be a heroin addict, and he might have had something to do with his wife's early death. One post he just wrote I deleted, because he posted my name. That goes against the rules. He also claimed I am chemtrail debunker Jay Reynolds. That's as ridiculous as it gets. He actually could be a paid fake. He's definitely not a lefty. Progressives aren't homophobes. I believe this is one of the worst bloggers of all time, someone who goes by the name et in Arcadia Ego. If so, he used to be a moderator for a disinfo website named Chemtrail Central. Now he thinks chemtrails are supersaturated ice naturally forming from all contrails if necessary conditions are present. He has made good points in the past concerning kooky chemtrail ideas, but the fact that he adores Jeff Wells and puts him on some form of pedestal says it all.

desozin said...

I'm unconcerned about who is who, as I stated before. The guy adds nothing worthwhile, he's the looosers in the Vegas audience to our Siegfried and Roy on the center stage. So lets let him have his seat in the bleachers. Ehatever floats his bloat.

socrates said...

I hear you, brother. As long as he keeps my personal info out of it, I'll agree with your moderator decision. I am 99% sure it is the person I say it is. The only other option is that it is someone trying to sound like him. He's the only one who has ever called me someone named Proldic. He's the one who got TLNL banned from Rigorous Intuition by telling Wells myself and TLNL are the same person. I just wanted to clear supersoling and MattyJack and put this specific troll identity conjecture to rest.

So Sharapova has been playing some good tennis. That is nice to hear. I think she is the Hedy Lamarr of tennis. People are so awe-struck by their beauty, that they fail to give those ladies credit for their skills. I was doing the same to Ava Gardner. I thought maybe she was a hack getting by on looks. But I saw her in a few flicks, and she was quite good.

socrates said...

Here's a very good article by Mark Spears on LA and Boston. He used to write for the Boston Globe. One thing that's really startling is that these two teams own over half of all championships. I'm embarrassed about the part about rocks being thrown at the Laker bus. I never heard about that. Maybe alcohol needs to be outlawed again! Women's ankles need to be covered! Anyway, the vast majority of Celtics fans would never have rocked the Lakers bus nor thrown rocks at it. Apologies for that.

socrates said...

Ok, just to retract a bit and set the record straight. This tool had this girlfriend named Kyra Melanie Burton. She used to work for this dude named George Petros, who has ties to Feral House publisher Adam Parfrey and that crowd. He had nothing to do with anyone's death. Burton was his girlfriend not his wife. Burton and Ego used to do heavy drugs together. She ended up killing herself. He says he left her, because it was the only way he could clean up. What a guy. He didn't have what it takes to help this woman stay out of trouble. He's a sadist. He's from a culture which is depraved, into heavy drugs, ego driven, basically full of shit. Now he shows up here, because he has no life, and he realises that the only thing he knows that is true about himself is that he is a sadistic creep. All he has left is a touch of evil. There's a four letter word which describes him: S-C-U-M.

the_last_name_left said...

the legendary "the_last_troll_left"

ah! recognition at last!

donkeytale said...

An awesome blogging experience would consist of TLNL, WC Fritos, KKKeapnitreal and Donkkkeyturd.

Lettuce pray
That day will someday come
Yes it will oh Lord
That day will someday come
When we can all live together
As if we different parts of one.

donkeytale said...

Somedays I feel so unexcited
As if I'm cut off from the few
Maybe it comes together
When I move it to a different room


The stains of history bite
harder than the myth of sustenance
Come in a little closer baby
And pay my subsistence

socrates said...

That makes no sense.

socrates said...

Lauren S would say you were mixing the rum master or something. I forget what it was called. Now those were some wild times. I was prescient going after Karmaturd at MLW (now scrubbed). FakeLeft is happy MLW is erased I bet.

Is soapblox a ripoff or what? You pay them $15/month to then delete it all once you end the contract?

Laura was simply incapable of running a fair ship. She was the false opposition to MattyJack and now all that is gone too.

Good thing I went on some of those epic copy and paste rants/socra-sleuth style. In 50 to 100 years there will be long form essays on how I beat the internet. Otherwise all that stuff would be totally gone.

That guy MattyJack was sooo weird from so many angles. I don't get it. Oh, and I'm done. Thanks for the psyop poetry.

socrates said...

I see what you're doing. You're trying to rig the greatest hits section on the right margin.

socrates said...

Maria Sharapova still looks good all these years later. I do not regret editing that in.

socrates said...

I thought this was on Mark Ames or something good. It's a review of the Stones and/or your basic anti-hippie bullshite. I know what you're doing.

socrates said...

I'm having deja vu chit-chatting with a teanut. Remember the Georgia Peach and the Breitbart poodle days? You attack Twitter, but Dick Costello and the sweet tea girl are my friends and my wc frito whatever you call it schtick has been bringing home the bacon.

It's good to be free. I am sitting Indian style as we speak.

socrates said...

You're just mad because some people have the integrity to point out how bad Obama was. All you care about is that the Democrats win. That makes you more likely Dem operative than cointelpro.

donkeytale said...

That was a musical love siren to Caitlyn Jenner, although I truly wish she had named herslef "Bruceleen".

It's the red neck in me.

OK, Soc time to man up on the most telling issue of the day: yes or no?

donkeytale said...

Reluctantly, I'm a no. Too old for me. Maybe if she had emerged as a chick 25 years ago....

I'm done.

socrates said...

Her new name should be Bernice or Brunella, some variation on Bruce. Is Bryce a female name?

I must admit she looks pretty good.

I'm just not interested in it. I don't care about the Duggar's.

Personally I would never want to hook up with someone who changed from male to female. That is not a leftier than thou thought, but I'm being honest. I don't care if it feels the same or the person can pass for female.

Transgenders have it very difficult. Maybe I should have kept that opinion to myself. But you asked.

donkeytale said...

LeBron was pretty huge in game 1. Yes, he got away with pushing and ducking his shoulder into the defender, but this has been the NBA way for decades now so it is an excepted part of the game. And frankly, the Warriors also got away with some fouls and got a few non-calls so that part evened out enough for me.

One of the two shooting fouls Curry picked up in OT he clearly jumped straight into the defender who was to his side and standing stationary with arms straight up. No way that is a defensive foul but they called it and they almost always do, regular season or playoffs.

Cleveland kept the game surprisingly close and were one answered last second prayer by Shumpert from winning in regulation. They played very well as a team. I'm impressed with them.

GS has them totally outmanned but it is clear the defensive and rebounding intensity has to be very intense for the Warriors to win this thing. Their effort in the OT was spectacular.

I think Irving comes back in any semblance of playing ability and it's (maybe) a series. If not, LeBron cannot do this all by himself, even if he gets all the non-calls. GS in 4 or 5. They may win it in 5 anyway.

Cleveland gave them everything they had and the game was still close at HT and tied entering the fourth quarter.

Break up the Eastern Conference!

donkeytale said...

I did see and value your offer to allow me to resume blogging here.

I'm actually happy that you did not give up twitter. I enjoy out banter and while we are currently neither one on our thread game it could become more interesting as we roll into election season.

I noticed that Joan Walsh has written a book and several columns with a direct steal of my white middle class progressive schtick that got me banned at MyFDL, which no longer exists by the way. Now there is the big boy FDL only and some of the MyFDL regulars seem to be the front pagers. Walsh's DLC too, so I forgive her.

And she makes an interesting point about Sanders and Warren, too. Neither has made any noise about the racist police and criminal justice system.

She is fair to Sanders, pointing out that he was active in the 60s Civil Rights Movement but his socialist schtick is purely class based, IE economic justice will resolve racial justice.

This seems slightly off centered to me. First, why must coloured people wait for economic justice in order to stop being maimed, murdered and incarcerated? This seems like putting idealism before reality and smacks of fake leftism.

True lefties back in the day were very cognizant of racism and active in the civil rights movement. In fact, the two were really one: anti-war and CR were essentially merged in the streets.

That said, I am backing Sanders mainly because he had the smarts (again stealing my schtick) to run under the Demotardic banner and his economic justice play is definitely the correct position.

It's just that even from an opportunistic standpoint he should be standing strong with the current black movement, remind them of his work in the 60s and tie it together with his current economic justice schtick. Otherwise he will simply cede an important Demotardic voting bloc to Hillary, who of course will do everything she can in reality for Wall Street post election and fuck the negroes every chance she gets.

His Demotardic campaign pushes the general zeitgeist in the lefty direction (yet another example of donkeytale prescience turning reality). Unlike, Nader and whatever Green looser, whose campaigns did nothing for the general trend.

But enough making love to the mirror.

I'm done

socrates said...

The NBA is borderline Professional Wrestling. Imho, physical play should be allowed and especially in the playoffs. But that means guys boxing out and staying away from calling ticky-tacky fouls.

The star system is ridiculous. I acknowledge that reffing basketball has be the most difficult job in all of sports officiating. However, that's the equivalent of saying nothing to see here, move along. And that's exactly how David Stern ran things. It's funny listening to Jeff Van Gundy whenever there is an obvious bad call. He got fined years ago for questioning the refs. Tommy Heinsohn of course is legendary for troll busting NBA refs.

Please take a look at this. LeBron James The WORST EVER Travelling 7 steps

I thought some of my best tweets covered this specific stretch of basketball. I took screenshots of LeQueen, Paul Pierce, and Avery Bradley. It was sort of the formula used by The Young Turks on youtube. They are hosted by Cenk Uygur, but I digress. They like to show videos, then discuss them.

(please use this time to head to the fridge or wtf, as I change the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

Oh okay, that was from a playoff game. I thought the foul was called on Pirce, but it was on the ticky-tacky one finger touch foul called on Stiemsma. And check out Pierce and Bradley at the end. Pierce is saying make the damn travel call. Bradley looks old-school hysterical, like a girly man in a B-grade film-noir who needs a slap or cold water to settle down. I can read Avery's mind. So this is how things go in the NBA. Hmmmm.

Maybe this is why Bradley is chucking them up like he is the man instead of letting the game come to him. He knows in order to get a fair or twisted break from refs, one must be a star.

Interestingly enough Pierce used to get a lot of star calls. But then he wore a bandage around his neck as a protest. Antoine was even like, that has nothing to do with me. It was against the Pacers. Little vignettes like that I always remember. Anyway, from that it became Pierce would have to earn every free throw. Rasheed Wallace was the one who really took a beating from refs and I'm sure you remember Joey Crawford tossing out Tim Duncan for smiling.

GS is clearly lucky that Cleveland has become decimated, especially with their pg. Young playoff teams tend to always choke. And choke they did in game one. They came back and won only because Cleveland doesn't have enough juice.

Now some say the Cavs are better off without Kevin Love. That is not a strong argument, imho. They really needed Irving. Now the Cavs are forced to go with an over-sized version of Allen Iverson or Kobe.

I know what you mean by letting them play, but LeBron should not be able to get away with what he does. Once or twice a game, fine, but not on every play. It's a shame basketball doesn't have more of the attitude of the PGA which strives for integrity of their game. Travels and fouls called wrongly do not make it so crazy to say, "The NBA. Where corruption happens."

socrates said...

Reviewing the tape, I have to say there was no foul on LeBron and he took four steps. He dribbled after about three steps after catching the pass.

socrates said...

Okay on further review: It used to be one and half steps allowed? Now it is two. Does that mean two and a half steps are allowed?

He may have only taken two steps after catching the ball, but he definitely traveled after the one dribble. And I think Stiemsma or Bradley, whoever got called for the foul, didn't even touch him. I love Bradley's reaction. LeBron seems to have a guilty look, but since he is so shallow, he doesn't want to upset his "beautiful mind" with such thoughts.

socrates said...

Exposes on Joan Walsh would probably bring a Bonanza styled ratings system to DFQ2. She is clearly some sort of fake lefty.

Sign into Twitter and then go to my page and send a direct message with your blogger email address.

I should probably find a new recent comments widget. That one is cutting off words without the - symbol.

Oh, I found out why FakeLeft might_overuse_those underscore thingies or maybe not. Someon used it at Twitter and I tweeted back, to paraphrase, "Wtf?"

She told me to fuck off, but she also said the underscores represent italics.

Yeah, right. Underscores are for computer url's and technical reasons, not to put into one's writings like a dumbass poser.

socrates said...

Sanders' only chance is if there is a big Hillary scandal or if somehow libertards and wingnuts join forces and do the switcherino party schtick.

I think there is merit to your idea that Sanders' presence alone swings issues towards leftier-than-thouism, but then I think about McCain and Bradley versus Bush and Gore was it? The former weren't exactly all-pro progressives, but it was discouraging that even they seemingly had no chance against the establishment picks.

LeBron is the establishment pick, but the Cavs are so decimated that even the refs can't save them. It might be time to roll out Perk to try to wear down Bogut, then come back in with Mozgov.

Blatt gets a lot of criticism. It is unclear to me whether he is simply being bullied by LeBron and is a puppet head. I recall Spoelstra (sp?) getting bumped by LeBron. Maybe Wade told LeBron to cut the shite, and they then rolled to winning two rings with the last of the true Big Three teams.

LeBron is on the clock. He is no spring chicken and has a lot of mileage on his body. Stephen Curry is good, but I don't see him dominating rings. I think the league is currently headed towards parity. But, a big but (no pun intended) is the ramifications of the salary cap explosion. That could lead to new superteams forming out of L.A., NY, Miami and the few other cities players seem to like to join.

I don't see how Danny can fail unless he trades away the whole store for one or two stars and then they don't pan out.

It is amazing that the Celtics have Brooklyn's #1 pick for the next three years. They are hurting and very vulnerable to becoming the worst of the worst. They can't make good trades. They can't tank. That trade Ainge did with Brooklyn may end up ranking better than every move Auerbach ever made except for going for Bill Russell. I'm done!

socrates said...

Okay, Red pre-signed Bird a year before his draft, a rule that got changed later on I think. He drafted and lured Danny Ainge out of baseball. Danny was kind of bad at first but developed into a solid rotation player on a championship team. Red also traded Joe Barr Carroll as the #1 draft pick for Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. He had Cornbread maxwell for a title or two (sorry, my memory), then traded him for one great sixth man of the year kind of player in Bill Walton. Yes, Walton was great that year. That had to be his last hurrah.

Auerbach had extremely bad luck in regards to Lenny Bias. You could maybe tack on a few more titles with him. He was going to be a hall-of-famer or is that hall_of_famer?

Danny Ainge is George Foreman. Red Auerbach is Muhammad Ali. "If you ever dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologise."

Ainge can get lucky and drop an anchor punch or two. He got us one ring and it should have been two or three if KG doesn't go down.

That 2008 team had dynasty written all over it.

Ainge was not a very good GM after 2008. Doc was overrated. Those last couple years of the Big Three were painful. I think Pierce has gotten better since leaving Boston. I blame Doc. They were too macho with minutes and always having to have Doc kind of old vets like Rasheed. Water under the bridge, I suppose.

But anyway, Ainge had an amazing year. The core is looking good under Brad Stevens.

Zeller who is an Amway d-bag and wrong side of history guy is a great backup center. Olynyk and Sully are at the make or break junctures. Step up or don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Smart is exciting. He may suck on offense, but he will figure that out to become at least average. He might be a Billups and excel on offense. I hope he can play some pg.

Bradley will either grow or be traded.

I can't really say too much because it all depends on what Ainge does this Summer.

Red said something about what he liked best about Ainge or something. He said Danny is lucky. Yes! So, although Ainge is clearly nowhere near Red Auerbach yet for GM work, he has set himself up nicely to have a chance at a ten year run of greatness.

socrates said...

Is Danny Ainge a Genius or Just Lucky?

Which brings me back to my original question.

Is Danny Ainge lucky or is it something more?

When 85-year-old Red Auerbach introduced Ainge as his new GM in May 2003, the Celtic Patriarch gave us his answer.

"Forget about his work ethic and intelligence," Auerbach said, waving his cigar. "The main thing about Danny Ainge is that he's lucky. With all of his assets and attributes, there's also his luck. "Whether he's playing backgammon or golf, he always seems to win at it, so like I said, you gotta be lucky," he said. "I was lucky. One year, and it was either Sam Jones or (Don) Nelson, we were in the seventh game, and he shoots, and the ball hits the rim, the backboard, rolls all around, and then goes in and we win the game. It made me a helluva coach."

I wasn't talking out of my ass!

socrates said...

Rick Robey for Dennis Johnson. Jerry Shitstein and Scotty Wedman the white gunners. Tiny had enough left in the tank for 1981.I dn't know who I'm forgetting from the Bird years. Hmmm. The shooting guard. I remember Gerald Henderson, but maybe he was a pg. I guess Ainge.

2008 rivals anything Red did, but Red said it's one thing to get to the mountaintop and another to keep going back or close to that he said. But I'm done, done.

socrates said...

Wtf they are making me do weird puzzle games to verify I'm not a robot.

donkeytale said...

Curry is phenomenal. His three point percentage (43%) is almost equal to Rondo's FT percentage (45%). The great news is Rondo is done. Nary a single contender will want him and he fucked his contract dollars too. There is no excuse for his drama queenery either. What a jackass.

I know what you mean though about Curry/Warriours. It's hard to believe in a team of gunners, even ones this unprecedented. On the other hand, with success more teams will decide to adopt this style of play in the future, which may actually make it tougher on GS to win the matchups against their own mirror image than it is now, when they keep adapting until they find success.

It still feels like an updated version of the 64-65 UCLA teams, minus the full court press. On paper they don't look that good and for stretches of games they don't play that well. But when the defense starts to click they can re-arrange the scoreboard in a hurry and they seldom seem to loose close games. 67 wins is pretty huge.

Plus they DID press Cleveland in a few key moments late in the game and seemed to fluster them. It would be interesting to watch the Warriours full court press for an entire game.

So I'm open to thinking they can win more than one title during this time but yes there is more parity in the league, or at least in the West.

The Ainge experiment is still a work in progress and jury is out. The Celts last won a title 7 years ago with free agents and they have not done a particularly good job of draft and develop since Pierce. Rondo had the one good playoff and has gone backwards since. His +/- is poor and I remember that the Celtics actually played better and won more games when he was injured. More and more you must admit his greatness is a direct result of playing with 3 HOF'ers. He isn't close to HOF status.

Ainge hasn't drafted that well to date and there is even talk he is going to now go the free agent route although Love has already stated he wants to re-sign with cleveland, meaning he wants no part of a mediocre, rebuilding Boston team that currently has no championship parts.

I would say the CLE GM did an outstanding job of developing a sound roster in a hurry this year.

Watching Pierce almost pull Washington singlehandedly to the Conference Finals indicates where the heart and soul of those Celts resided. Pierce is alltime greatness.

socrates said...

Pierce should sign with Boston. I wonder if the Celtics could do a buyout with Gerald Wallace, then hire him as a bench coach.

The Celtics are not as mediocre as you say, when looking a their record over the last half of the season. The low point was 14 games under .500. So somewhere in there Boston was 12 games over .500.

Pierce had to come to terms with being a dinosaur to maintain a high level. A man has to know his limitations is the classic Eastwood line.

I don't think Paul cares if he is on a superteam or a regular guy team. I see no reason why he shouldn't come back to Boston for the springtime. I know, that's from a tune.

The Celtics aren't going for the eighth slot. They are going for that shiny kind of look Toronto, Washington, and the Bucks have had. That's the kind of team players will be joining if they become a Celtic.

Ainge has huge trade exceptions. He needs to trade quickly before those expire. It would suck if he does nothing and maybe Colton Iverson is good enough finally to play NBA center. There is the Upshaw dude who has major issues. Otherwise, he seems to be at least a top 5 kind of player.

I don't want Kevin Love. His defense sucks and he is injury prone. But I would rather get a guy like him through free agency then sell off half the assets for say Demarcus Cousins. I'd rather schamboozle a Marc Gasol or Deandre Jordan into joining the good guys. Or simply have fun and good luck, but what's up with Brooklyn. Yeah, jury is still out on Danny Ainge, but currently the Red Sox are ahead 11-2 in the thrid inning of bambino curse time. Red was a genius. He said Danny is lucky and wins at everything.

I'm not taking Rondo off the table. Pre-injury he was the best, better than all the rest. Don't forget about D-Wade hacking off his elbow. The C's would have won that series. The Old Three dinosaurs couldn't keep up with Rondo. I know Boston Celtics hoop.

I agree he is a connundrum of a player, but I think that is overblown. And he did lose tens of millions, possibly much more than that by not adjusting and doing his best.

He mailed it in and that backfired. And no, Rick Carlisle being a jackass is not off the table. (I'm stealing Kimberlin's schtick. I asked him if something was off the table. He said, "No. Nothing is off the table.")

socrates said...

Larry Bird had better stats than Curry in college. Then in perhaps a softball game or wtf he mangled a finger or two on his shooting hand. So technically I'd say Curry is the best pure shooter of all time, but that Larry Bird pre-injury was the best pure shooter of all time.

donkeytale said...

Carlisle didn't want Rondo in the first place. The only jackass in Dallas is Cuban, who should stick to TV career and stupidly complaining about the officiating.

Carlisle was supposed to completely re-arrange Dallas offense in mid season to fit Rondo when teams barely practice at all?

The sad fact is Rondo is now and always has been overrated, with the added bonus that the style of play in the league has passed him by. The pure point guard is a thing of the past, especially ones who cant shoot, cant play defense and are locker room cancers.

I hear you somewhat about Boston. They are three game changing players from being a real contender, as opposed to an Eastern Conference contender.

That's a lot of game changing to do. Cleveland did it this year, so it is possible but not through the draft anymore.

Boston won their last 6 games of the season and played hard but not particularly well against Cleveland and got swept. They were 12-18 on the year against Western Conference teams.

In contrast, GS tied for 6th alltime with 67 wins and went 42-10 against the Western Conference.

You say you know Boston basketball but of course you are a homer (not that there is anything wrong with that) so your opinion cannot be scientifically validated.

Many people are convinced Curry is the best primarily because he frequently shoots off the dribble when covered in three point land, which increases the degree of difficulty and lowers his percentage. Steve Nash, among others, calls him the best there ever was.

socrates said...

Here you go. Stats don't lie. For Larry Bird:

1976-77 375-689 54.4%
1977-78 403-769 52.4%
1978-79 376-707 53.2%

Curry: (granted he shot three's too. Here are his stats for two's)

He also played three years, so that helps. Even with three's he shot far less often than Bird.

Overall Curry: 457-682 53.0% He shot 41.2% on college three's 414-1004.
Overall Bird: 1154-2165 53.3%

So Bird has it by a nose. Come to think of it, that must be the gold standard for the best of all time, to hit 53% on field goals. I guess the problem is the game keeps changing making it difficult to compare and contrast.

Check out Larry Bird's per game averages for 1978-79:
28.6 points
14.9 rebounds
5.5 assists
53.2% fg shooting
83.1% field goal shooting

Bird took crazy shots too. I guess they are even. I wonder how others considered pure measure up. Say Ray Allen and Reggie Miller. Wasn't Chris Mullins a sharp shooter. Maravich?

You are getting carried away with your hatred of Rondo. I said I agreed with you he is a curmudgeon and perhaps the league has passed him by.

Carlisle is the PJ Calesimo bitch coach. Thibs just got his grouchy ass canned. The trend is guys like Brad Stevens who know how to not be a dick. I expect Stan Van Gundy to have moderate success in Detroit, but as soon as they are semi-good, he will be run out of town by the star or stars.

It's easy to downplay the Celtics' chances. They probably only need one star. They have the rest of the team, the backups. Those Brooklyn picks you fail to acknowledge could become gold. Isaiah Thomas cannot be stopped. The problem with the C's is they need a very good starting center and those don't grow on trees. Olynyk is not KG and Sully is too much below the rim like Big Baby. Wtf is up with fat power forwards who like to crank long jumpers? Maybe they were Antoine Walker fans growing up. Though 'Toine was tremendously underrated! He had mad skills. He just never got over bad habits from his rookie year when M.L. Carr ruined the team in pursuit of Tim Duncan.

socrates said...

GS was greatness, but it was a Larry Holmesian kind of unchallenged greatness. If the trees aren't real contenders in the forest, do they make a sound when knocked out? GS will have to win a second title. That's just how it works. The Celtics were denied dynasty status due to KG's injury. Thankfully it added to the overall Boston dynasty of 17 titles. LeBron needs to win at least one more to hit Larry Bird territory. He is about to become 2-4 in Finals.

socrates said...

Yikes, typo on Curry. He shot 457-862 for 2 pt. fg's.

donkeytale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
donkeytale said...

The name you are looking for is "Dennis Johnson".

Surprising that you would forget since the Celtics retired his number. DJ had 3 rings, a Finals MVP (with Seattle 1979) was a complete clutch player and defensive stopper. 6 time all defensive first team.

Rondo (whose name will never be mentioned by me again because he is a total waste of space) is not qualified to sniff Johnson's jock.

Curiously, DJ was born and raised in LA like me, spent signiifcant time in Boston like me and died in Texas like I will.

socrates said...

It's good to see your Mavericks are falling apart considering we have your next draft pick. Are you saying that Mark Cuban is the general manager?

I googled Carlisle's stats. Okay, I guess he has been riding off of Dirk Nowitski's greatness. Whoop-de-doo, So he is another Doc Rivers.

Thanks for acknowledging you have no clue about Brad Stevens and apparently also Rajon Rondo, one of the all-time Celtic greats according to Bob Cousy.

I did mention DJ. In regards to the Robey steal.

Nothing will ever match Red Auerbach. He also got a long, comfortable retirement. People talking about Michael Jordan. Wow.

There's a great Jackie MacMullan or someone article on the other side of Larry Bird. Hey, I think it was actually Shaughnessy. Maxwell was giving the scoop. Bird in barfights. Bird was also terrible at being a fther, but I forget specifics.

Bird was greatness in terms of entertainment value. It wasn't that he was the great white hope. He was video game greatness in real life. Most people wouldn't mind hitting .280 with 20 taters and 100 walks. Larry Bird put up little league numbers. It was ridiculous. Bird got reverse racism. Magic Johnson figured it out and set the record straight. Rodman and Thomas were just being jealous contrarians. Just trash talk which Bird did also. So I guess it's all good.

Let's see, Kobe was good for rings, but he always had greatness for supporting roster. He has been overrated. LeBron is overrated. I like Durant and Westbrook. I guess Oklahoma will be broken up soon. They are on the clock.

Rondo will forever b known as greatness whose career greatness was foiled by unfortunate (possible crime too with d-wade the arm chopdown) injuries. Like Kirk Gibson and Bill Walton and Lenny Bias. The what if's of Rondo's greatness. He can even kick your ass at Connect Four. If you are not angry with Rajon Rondo, perhaps it is jealousy and actually bitterness towards Danny Ainge fleecing your team. And thanks again for the draft pick and Crowder. Nelson is garbage. I wasn't that impressed with Brandan Wright. Sorry. Crowder is a keeper, a Ron Artest type. Iguodala type? And for all the flak Olynyk gets for being a bust, he always has a very good plus-minus rating. I mean wtf more can you ask for?

socrates said...

Tiny Archibald, then DJ. There was also Gerald Henderson and then Ainge. Jerry Schisting (sp?). Wedman was probably too tall as sg. There had to be more than those players for guards, but my memory is shot.

socrates said...

Carlisle is overrated. He is riding off of one great year same as Doc Rivers.

donkeytale said...

LeBron reads this blog, mainly to keep up with Celtics fantasy homer talk, but he can't help but get fired up then come out and prove you wrong every time you say he is overrated. What is overrated is your basketball credibility as long as you allow your hatred of James t impugn his game.

Now, that was an NBA playoff game of which I am familiar. Physical, no whistles in the paint and bad calls all over the rest of the court.

But guess what? LeBron was fouled several times during crunch and the calls pretty much evened out. Mosguv basically could take as many steps as he liked when he had the ball.

I'm rooting for GS but they couldn't handle the excellent CLE D, which clamped down on Curry outside the arc and still didn't allow much inside either. The Outside/IN that the Warriors like to play was non-existent. Is this now a series or is this a repeat of the GS/Memphis, where a lackadaisical game 2 effort at home woke the Warriours up? Dellavedova was superb and so was Mosguv. CLE owned the boards and their shooters stepped up. They deserved the win.

donkeytale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
socrates said...

Rondo is a possible cross dresser? That's the second time you have alleged this possibility. That sounds like defamation and is hurting your credibility.

socrates said...

It is a curious thing whether refs are inept, corrupt, or some combination. Yes, LeBron was getting hacked. I missed most of game two. In game one I saw Lebron commit about 20 offensive fouls. "Letting them play" is so idiotic.

Anyway, I was prescient and said GS is too young and will choke, but that however no way in hell does LeQueen win his third ring.

I'm surprised Delladoofus hasn't rolled over Curry's leg yet.

socrates said...

You gotta love debating someone who argues Carlisle won two titles, but then admits he had nothing to do with the Pistons winning. Deray Mckesson likes to make one word tweets. Baltimore. I would like to try that. Credibility.

socrates said...

His name is spelled Cousy, my friend. Credibility.

socrates said...

Hey, wasn't Carlisle a Celtics guard during the Bird years? That must be the guy I was trying to remember! The irony... And Don Nelson is very underrated for greatness and should be bowed to. He took this one shot, bounced about five times way up in the air, defied physics at times, then went through the hoop. That's what I'm talking about. There are the Celtics. Then there is everyone else. I'm done.

donkeytale said...

I also called him a locker room malignancy, a looser and a quitter. Do you consider any of those defamatory?

I regret and officially retract the comment and in fact deleted all references (except yours above) in order to protect you, the blog owner, because that's just the kind of gay I am.

According to ranking members of MYFDL blog court (IE, Mark from Ireland), the blog owner is also held liable for allowing defamatory statements to stand.

I hold nothing against Ronda and wish her well in all her future endeavors.

socrates said...

That is defamation per se despite the disclaimer not that there's anything wrong with that. Rondo would have to show actual damages and causation.

Look, they were both idiots. They both look bad. It'll be interesting to see how Dallas does. I think it is only protected 1-7. Best case scenario we get the #8 pick. How will the Mavs improve? A DeAndre Jordan signing?

I'm telling you, Doc, Carlisle, Van Gundy, Carlisimo, all those blowhard schticks have worn thin. No one likes to be yelled at. Thibs was cool. He just overplayed them. Trust me on Stevens. I've been following them closely. He is as good as any coach in the league. Sure, it is completely different to coach a rebuilding team with a stacked roster.

I'm somehow not afraid of Philly. Milwaukee and Minnesota look very good future wise imho. Also Boston. Teams like the Knicks and Lakers can buy players, so who knows. They could also pose a threat.

It is interesting. I still think Cleveland has no chance. Just not enough legs. Jae Crowder would shut up LeBron. Thanks again for him and the draft pick. I'll be keeping an eye on Dallas. :)

donkeytale said...

Here is the expurgated version of my now deleted comment:

Carlisle is generally considered the second or third best coach in the league after Pops by people who know the game and just don't homer for a non-living.

Stevens is a very good coach. He just hasn't done anything yet that puts him above Carlisle who has taken three different teams to above 50 win seasons, of which two have won NBA titles, counting the Pistons team he coached from last to contention that Larry Brown received credit for winning the title after Carlisle go crosswise with ownership. All Carlisle did that year was go to Indiana (Bird loved him and snapped him up as soon as Detroit dumped him for Brown) and win 60+ games, turning Indiana into the second best team in the year.

From the wikipod:

"Then, in 1999–2000 season, the Pacers made the NBA Finals for the first time, ultimately losing to the Los Angeles Lakers.[7] Bird stepped down as coach, and pushed for Carlisle to be selected as his replacement, but Pacers team president Donnie Walsh gave the job to Isiah Thomas.[8]

For the 2001 season, Carlisle was hired by the Detroit Pistons to be their new head coach. In two seasons as Pistons' head coach, Carlisle led the team to consecutive 50–32 records (.610) with Central Division titles and playoff appearances. He was named Coach of the Year in 2002. However, the Pistons fired Carlisle after the 2002–03 season with a year remaining on his contract and hired Larry Brown. Friction between Carlisle and team ownership was cited as one of the primary reasons for the firing. Ironically, Carlisle's Pistons had just dispatched Brown's Philadelphia 76ers in the Conference Semifinals.

For the 2003–04 season, Carlisle was re-hired by the Indiana Pacers, this time as its head coach (Isiah Thomas had been fired,[9] almost immediately after Larry Bird was brought back as the new President of Basketball Operations). In his first season, Carlisle led the Pacers to the Central Division title and NBA's best regular-season record at 61–21 (74.4%), setting a franchise record for wins. In the playoffs, the team eliminated both the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, before losing to the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals."

Another way of looking at Stevens "breakout" 40-42 year is that the team caught fire only after they dumped the locker room malignancy who shall remain nameless. Hmmm.

No, Cubes is not listed as the GM, that role belongs to Donnie Nelson, but you better believe he is very active in personnel moves and Nelson is his butt boy. It is well known that Carlisle didn't want the possible [redacted] who shall remain nameless to ruin a team that was winning a lot of games but he was overruled by Cuban who knew this Mavs team needed something to rise above the rugged West and so he settled for someone who dragged the team down inversely to Boston's rise. Their pre-acquisition record was much better than than post-acquisition. Double Hmmm.

Other notable Celtic guards from the 70s-80s who were outstanding players: JoJo White and Don Chaney (both personal favourites of mine).

Getting Cousey to vouch for any Celtic's ability is about as credible as getting a player's mother to vouch for the greatness of her son. Cousey is the ultimate homer's homer, a terrible diarrhea of the mouth broadcaster but at least he got paid and paid well to be a lifelong Celtic's homer.

donkeytale said...

And here is the first comment with reference removed:

Carlisle is a far better coach than Carlisimo and until he does more, a lot more, Stevens is not yet qualified to hold Carlisle's whiteboard.

I saw Bird play many times at the old garden and it was a thrill that will remain until I die. Getting drink on cheap beer before the game in the dingy bar downstairs in North Station and the braving the rat infested mens room upstairs during the games was a challenge I tell you.

Bird's greatest skill was the ineffable quality to anticipate and always be around the ball, especially in the crucial moments, something that was also unique about Havlicek.

Rondo is a punk, a quitter and possibly a [redacted] (not that there is anything wrong with that) and he will never live down the past 3-4 years or so of shoddy play and worse team chemistry. He is done. Who cares? He was an average talent with a crap attitude lucky to be surrounded by great players.

I don't hate him but I am aghast at his lack of professionalism.

Yes, Curry will need to win multiple championships of course. It takes at least 3 to get into thevalltime discussion.

But rings can also be an overrated barometer, or else Robert Horry is better than anyone except Russell.

donkeytale said...

When I think of "Cuzee" I think of those styrofoam thingies you wrap your beer in to keep it cold but that really don't work very well.

And since I no longer drink I never think about them at all.

The Mavs are not that interesting. The key to the R**** deal for them was they gave up a few second and third tier players to free up cap space so they can pursue free agents again this year if R**** didn't work out, under the mistaken assumption that Dirk still has enough left in the tank to grab another title if they find enough parts to surround him.

I don't think they even care about the draft picks and probably won't until they bottom out, which may never happen as long as they keep signing enough free agents every year. They probably also won't be true contenders anytime soon either.

But this is the Houston model, pick up a couple of high priced free agents and add some filler around them and take it as far as you can go.

It worked for Dallas once.

The NBA draft seems to be a hollowed out devalued enterprise these days. This is Ainge's challenge. Yes, he has a lot of picks but will he be assemble a winner with them? Unlike the NFL where great potential exists in every round of the draft from large to medium to small schools, the NBA seems to be more about finding gems in the coal mine, often these days overseas.

It is difficult if not impossible to determine which 19 year old collegiate star of one year will pan out. The high school to NBA thing never worked as a steady diet, the precious Kobes and the LeBrons notwithstanding.

And if you are drafting well down the order every year like Dallas it takes some pretty fair ability to find discernable NBA talent.

socrates said...

You have said where you come from and it is fairly close to Dallas. I agree with you. In fact, it is quite clever of you to steal my one and out theory of why the NBA draft isn't so special, yet make it seem that is your original schtick.

And of course you can come back and say wow, that's my schtick, to say how clever you, in this case, me, or indeed I for grammar purposes, stole it. It makes the head spin. Schtick theft is serious business. I even tweeted this about half a day ago during the Twitter graveyard shift. Moronic and paid fake news outlets are stealing schticks with morons linking to them instead of original sources. I then went on to list some of my favourite words: asshat, moron, garbage, schtick, and cointelpro or close.

But that is not here, but over there.

But the point is we haven't heard one word out of you about the pool party. Thankfully your nephew Chip Cunningham was in the neighbourhood, indeed he was invited to the pool party. Not only was a very disturbed cop filmed going nutso, the film used was better than a lot of the junk we ended up seeing in movies that went directly to video.

You'd think some of these cops would learn to beat up and terrorise people with no film around, like it used to be done.

So not only is it difficult to understand the thought processes of obvious psycopaths, we have this huge demographic called policemen who are out of this fucking deranged and it has become the #1 national issue.

I also understand what you mean about the Rockets. They find two stars, then fill it in. I understand why you're not too worried about the draft pick.

They are like New York and Brooklyn. But instead of ending up with Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire or Joe Johnson (most overpaid player of all time, perhaps even worse than the Gerald Wallace contract), Brooke Lopez (who is nowhere near the player of Dwight Howard or even DeAndre Jordan while we're at it and those guys like R____ can't hit free throws), and Williams I think his name is, the pg, another bust.

I hope to G-- Danny doesn't trade off his assets to get Cousins or someone similar. Or if he does, he better make sure it is the right move. And even to be able to sign a free agent like Jordan is risky, but at least you don't have to give up anything to sign a free agent.

Yes, the days of the top picks being confirmed good on arrival is over.

Danny has had some luck in the past drafting in mediocre slots. Al Jefferson was taken at 18. Perk I think was a late round #1. Rondo was maybe #20 or #24, I forget. Jared Sullinger was also taken in that area.

Kawhi Leonard could be the gold standard for late first round picks. He was taken at #15, not at the end but exactly in the middle. Still, you don't expect to get that great a player in that slot. The Celtics are #16 this year.

I guess it takes a combination of luck and skill (yes, I went to the capt. obvious school of fake journalism). It takes patience. It's like a game of Texas Hold 'Em which never ends. The NBA is like a soap opera. As the Basketball Turns or something.

I won't mention R____ R_____.

socrates said...

Jameer Nelson wasn't good even when he was young. Dallas had to do something. Brad Stevens as Dallas coach would have made that trade work, if we switched coaches. You don't try to cram a player into a system unless it's easy and assured to succeed. And they picked up Rondo for his defense? Wow, just wow, to steal another schtick line or there I said it.

Brandan Wright wasn't anything special, but you go to war with the army you have (see Rumsfeld, Doofus). He could block shots and score some points as a pf/string bean center.

Crowder not getting much action in Dallas says it all. That is Doc Rivers' styled coaching. Just let good talent rot on the bench, make careers for half your players go stagnant. Those who get Doc/Carlisle love think it's all good. The rest don't.

In the NBA, coaches need to form a system around the individual talents on the team. Stevens and Ainge are visionaries. Just be patient. Look at what Ainge had at the end of the last Pierce/KG year. Look at the totality of all his assets at that point. (a clue: there wasn't much there)

Last year Ainge kicked ass. In fact, if there is an award for the best two year stretch of general managing, it has to go to Danny Ainge. He just shouldn't spend all the money in the one shop, a line I stole from Ireland. They love that one. Don't spend it all in the one shop!

socrates said...

Canadian Bob with the last laugh. He always seems to be at the top for most read entries with the Project Monarch Butterfly schtick. Haha, the great donkeytale, former political analyst au genius, now relegated to the world of conspiracy theorists.

socrates said...

Maybe it's du jour. I've lost a few brain cells over the years.

socrates said...

And sorry for not finishing a sentence above. Houston would be complete garbage like NY and Brooklyn, but Howard is pretty good and Harden certainly picked it up. Yet only one team can win it all and they still seem far away. There is a lot at stake with this year's finals. If Cleveland wins, I will admit I am a basketball idiot and LeBron must be the best of all time.

I just don't see it. For all of LeBron's alleged greatness, when you break down his stats they aren't all that great. They stole that game. Unless GS players get injured to level the playing field, they will be the favourite every game.

Maybe they will choke as youngins never there before. That to me sounds unlikely. But now I must admit the Cavs should be able to win at last one or two more. I would still bet the farm on Golden State winning this series.

socrates said...

a political analyst with a penchant for astute, timely commentary du jour until obsession with fakeleft derailed an otherwise fast track trajectory to greatness.... Weren't we gonna come up with a movie script?

socrates said...

If Cleveland wins two more that means a game seven and then anything can happen. /nail biting

donkeytale said...

It could be choking to a degree or it could be the officials allow a lot more physicality than a small finesse team can handle.

GS actually outshot CLE (40% to 32%) last game although didn't seem like it because the Cavs thoroughly outrebounded them and the officials were in extreme swallow the whistle mode in the paint. The calls evened out but the more physical the game the more this will keep CLE in it with a chance to win.

Curry needs to shoot respectably (for him) or even slightly below his average and GS wins game 2. So yeah, I like their chances but the CLE D really looked like it was having an effect so it will be interesting to see if they can repeat that intensity or whether GS was just mailing it in, thinking like the rest of us the series was over with Irving sidelined.

I really dug Canadian Bob's schtick. Ditto, TLNL.

I have to confess I even liked Larry in small doses.

Still trying to work up same enthusiasm for KKKeaping it Real. She seems to be improving her schtick with every effort although it is a tad too formulaic for my bent. But she's new and it takes some time for all of us to loosen up and find our voice.


donkeytale said...

The McKinney incident seems to be an outlier for DFW, in more ways than one. McKinney is w-a-a-y out there on the fringes of the Metroplex, really closer to being country than city and it is upper middle class. It is saying something positive that there is even a black community out there. It is saying something positive that the black kids and the white kids were partying together peacefully until somebody decided the cops needed to be called out.

The freaking cop in the video seemed singularly unhinged and picking on a woman, let alone a high school girl should get him perma-banned from the Forces of Evil and ostracized for all time.

Dallas, and Texas in general, is not all that racially tense in the streets, in fact less so by far than the Northeast of my experience. Dallas is a true melting pot in every part of town these days and the wealthier burbs too. The good economic conditions of the prior several years (fueled by oil/gas and MIC to be sure) have lifted all boats. Of course there is still plenty o racism, this is the south and the US of A-Holes after all, and there's a heinous legacy of so many erroneously convicted/railroaded negroes during the 50s - 80s but even that's improving today thanks to the Innocence Project and the general trend towards criminal justice reform for non-violent crimes that was actually endorsed by.....Rick Perry.

Where 25 years ago there was a clearer boundary between people of colour south of downtown and the whiteyfied north, today there are whites trickling south and blacks/browns/Asians moving north in ample numbers usually with no problems.

As reflected even by the McKinney incident itself, which is far north and formerly lily white but now has a contingent of black folks who swim in the pools and attend the schools.

while this was inexcusable, I found the far more alarming incident the one that occurred a few weeks back where those Everybody Draw Muhammad Morons came into a highly Muslim populated area of town (also north) to hold one of their stupid public hate events and managed to attract some Fake ISIS warriours with real pistolas. LOL.

donkeytale said...

"Cpl. Eric Casebolt has resigned from the McKinney, Texas, police department, following actions responding to a party on Friday that police Chief Greg Conley described as "out of control" and "indefensible," the Dallas Morning News reports.

At a press conference Tuesday evening, Conley said the resignation concludes the department's internal investigation but that a criminal investigation is continuing. Charges against an 18-year-old who was the only person arrested at the party will be dropped, the Morning News reports."

socrates said...

I'm watching the game. It is very crazy.

Resigning isn't good enough. The guy has to face charges. Cops need to learn hot stove, don't touch or who knows how many Dorner's and Frein's will pop up.

That Teach for America guy Deray is bizarre. He is tight with the woman who runs TFA ST. Louis and who is in tight with Obama. This is a mess of a social structure.

Meanwhile the right wing fakes are playing off of it. Deray can be linked in the past to a Soros funded Baltimore program. All he did was end up with a lot of followers on Twitter. He was making $110,000 in Minneapolis schools hiring fake teachers and probably got run out of town. I don't know. It's weird!

socrates said...

Deray went to McKinney. I suppose that was a waste of funding or wtf. I was watching some MSNBC and CNN and saw no coverage of protests, though you can find that stuff on news websites. Maybe I missed it. They were going on and on about escaped convicts and a fake terror scare at a WH briefing conference.

socrates said...

Next time Larry shows up, I will use the phrase, "You mad, bro?"

Or "Cool story, bro?" Maybe I will substitute Bubba for bro.

The new person isn't a writer. She wants to learn. I don't know what to say.

It is interesting. I have a background in teaching writing, but I never noticed until now how much power editors can have.

She picked interesting topics and the links are good. She's a retired hippie nurse from England. It'd be nuts to be mean to her at all. I was actually kind of lax in going over her materials. So the entries would have been more current, if I'd gotten off me arse.

I liked the one about the gigolo wannabe. Human interest stories are very interesting. Watching a cop go insane in front of everyone with Chip Cunningham having the latest video technology. His camerawork was a lot better than most stuff you see on the internet. You can't make this shit up. That's what's so fascinating. His acrobatic or Shaq-like tumble. I'd have to watch it more slowly. The girl is 14 or 15 in a very skimpy bikini, nothing wrong with that she's going swimming.

It was nuts. Even a couple other cops tried to settle down Francis or wtf his first name is.

No one committed a crime. The cop assaulted and terrorised people. I'm not saying he needs to go to prison, but he should get a felony suspended sentence for armed assault and various other charges. Maybe he should serve at least six months in the clink. He acted like a criminal. You can't threaten and assault people like that. That it was kids and caught on pristine film, it's an amazing story.

Sometimes the stories I like aren't that big, but this one both appeals to me and the zeitgeist. Though it will probably run out of steam. Baltimore should pick up again. And there is the Tamir Rice murder in Ohio that needs to be resolved. That was manslaughter. Again to quote Grouch, hot stove, don't touch. You murder someone and you should go to prison for that kind of mistake. Involuntary manslaughter. Slager is 1st degree premeditated murder and conspiracy to obstruct justice with the taser schtick. He can maybe plead temporary insanity. That was fricken outright murder. Maybe he should get life without parole. Cops need to learn. They are no longer in control of social reality moving forward. They are doomed as is.

socrates said...

Good to see Delladanova start to get banged back. He is a dirty player. Cavs won. They at least have a moral victory. Many thought they'd get swept or win one game. So far GS has been choking away the series. Cleveland is smelling deer blood in the headlights. LeBron is an arrogant, crass individual. He is nice. I give him that. But I get the impression he lacks self-awareness and is as dumb as a bag of nails.

socrates said...

It's still a three pt. game with 18.8 seconds left and I had given up. I shouldn't be allowed to watch the end. Though Cleveland still has to miss free throws, turn it over and GS has to hit some more threes. 18 seconds without the ball down three is not usually a winning position.

socrates said...

omg GS is getting the ball back. This could get very controversal like last year with the Clippers/Oklahoma.

socrates said...

There will have to be a Senate investigation on this game.

socrates said...

I'll just say this. LeBron still needs to will at least two more wins in four games. GS needs to wake the fuck up. I would no longer recommend betting the farm on GS. I'd do a more traditional bet but still go with GS. It is getting even more physical.

LeBron's shooting percentages are putrid. He has won nothing yet. Mark my words, Horatio. I change my mind. Take all your money and move it all in on Golden State.

socrates said...

I'm doubling down and ginning it up.

socrates said...

I saw this in the top ten list and am re-reading it.

You penned, "War, children. Its never going away."

I hate to start a controversy, but that sounds awfully similar to, "Beef. It's what's for dinner."

socrates said...

Yeah, I came back to check out Sharapova. I was never a big Rolling Stones fan. But some of it is most excellent. 2010. This was when DFQ2 peaked for artistic aesthetics of old-school salon discourse in the internet age. I see TLNL made the first comment. The best was himself going after the Rivero crowd and Larry and I believe he and I teamed up against a number of ideological foes. I think he went after Al Giordano. He definitely did not like BradBlog. That was some great super-trolling he did. He simply got out of the kook milieu too late. I bailed out of it as soon as I realised it was rigged, now known as "conspiracy stories" as exhibited in the Snowden JTRIG cyber magician documents I definitely still believe in so-called chemtrails. I wouldn't call them that, however. It's to block out the ozone and experiment with geoengineering global warming. The latter has to be higher up, though, towards the stratosphere. The fake cumulus one sees is more in line with where it works best to dilute/diminish dangerous solar rays. I do not regret those early couple years. It taught me how to recognise paid fakes and useful idiots. Later on I learned of regular guys.

donkeytale said...

I have often marveled at the enduring popularity of this totally mailed-in masterpiece but the thread does check all the boxes: cross blogger melodrama, TLNL and an outsider troll deftly handled by moi.

The Sharapova makes some difference but this is also an unfiltered report from the 1960s front lines which is a rare find in todaze internets which consistently gets the 60s wrong, along with most of history.

What truly cracks me up is the enduring popularity of the Bob masterpiece.

That has to be number 1 alltime on the DFQ2 hit parade, no?

donkeytale said...

The Stones were and are so ubiquitous that one forgets that in their prime they actually were a good band.

It's always fun to surprise the kids with a track here and there that confirms their former greatness.

I really do wish they would top now. Old white fockers rocking out to hits from 40-50 years ago over and over again just sucks.

donkeytale said...

"Stop now"

donkeytale said...

Can you do a front page alltime list? That would be cool for a few days anyway.

socrates said...

I've no clue why this entry was popular. You're correct it wasn't one of your best. I mean, write what you want to, but this was no high brow the medium is the conspiracy oeuvre.

There were probably a number of factors. Sharapova. You came up with a good title for click-bait. There were a lot of comments which I did not reread.

You may have missed it in my barrage last night, but I explained on your Obama/Putin article that I wasn't attacking your schtick. I was saying the ptb's are always reviving stale schticks that should have been put out to pasture decades ago.

I switched to the all-time list and thankfully Theresa Duncan is #1. That Bob article is a thorn in my attempt to transcend the kook label. I think Bob's piece does well because it's on mkultra and a lot of folks probably more than most will admit to having kooky topics as their guilty pleasure.

We are the Bernie Sanders of blogs. All clicks are being fought for. We will speak to the kook vote, the wingnut vote at times or wtf happened with the Patterico styled cross-pollination. We went after the far left vote with the Giordano stuff I suppose. I have also tried to cater to the goofy vote, I mean goofy clicks.

Hillary type voters/website readers are the only vote I do not care about. They need to be shamed into voting for Bernie, period. That is the only hope for them.

I'm just waking up. I imagine I'll respond some more on the Wall Street Angel post where you went into full-blown contrarian mode.