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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Open Thread

Last time I tried this, it backfired.

The stepfather of Boston Celtics guard Marquis Daniels was tased during game two of the Eastern Conference Finals. That makes three people recently put in harms way at sporting events by police. There ought to be a law against this. We're a better people than the crap our society is dishing out. Enough already. Grow up America.

Violence can be as contagious as missed free throws. Check out Dwight Howard's dirty foul on Paul Pierce. He should be suspended for a game but won't be. The NBA is a bit like Animal Farm. All people are created equal. It's just that some are more equal than others. No one should be above the law. That includes the police and star athletes. If Pierce had his skull cracked, like what happened in a hockey game a few years back, there's a good chance Howard could have been arrested. How was the following not a deliberate attempt to cause harm?

I need a good tune or two.

Wow, I just realised how racist that announcer was. Just for that, here's some Malcom X.


caten said...

This definitely FAIL.

Open threads are lame and unnecessary if you ignore the rules and simply spew what you wish to spew regardless who's or what thread you find yurslef trapped within.

So Celtics fans are whining about hard fouls again? Where is Johnny Most when you need him?


I seem notice several black eyes, a couple of broken noses and lots of hard fouls throughout these playoffs. Mostly committed on players who's teams have now been eliminated.

While the Celtics seem poised to go all the way. The Lakes/Celts seems a lock. There could be two more sweeps in our immediate future, although maybe not.

The Suns will hopefully square the series at home but they look beat against the lakers. The 3 point schtick wont get it done in the playoffs. Too bad. There is nothing better in sports spectating than a well-played 7 game series. Actually, the same goes for beisbol, too.

Anyway, Frau Tale bet me that if I got rid of my blackberry I would become a happier, better adjusted and more productive human being who makes a positive difference in the world at large.

So we swapped cell phones this week. I had a day or two of withdrawal but by yesterday I realized once again how intelligent is my wife and how udderly stoooooopid am I.

I'm off to the treadmill.


In Texas, nobody whines about hard fouls. This is football country.

Jason said...

Nice post.

"Havlicek stole the ball!!!"

Go Celts man. Allen looks like years ago. Pierce as always is perfect. KG is healthy. Rondo looks like Bird at times. Big baby won't be crying this year. Celts in 6. On to LA.

socrates said...

You saw right through my ploy to separate basketball talk from Bob's thread on the satanic panic. I concede you're correct. I do agree wherever a thread goes is ok. I won't make a habit of utilising this transparent strategy to keep threads on topic. I just wanted to show some respect for Bob and Doug. They have nailed an important subject. I also put a lot of time and effort into it.

I actually meant my last open thread failed, because there was only one response. I think open threads might serve a purpose for big blogs. For small ones, there's no point. In a way, open threads create a top down structure, one that may facilitate inequality between blog owners and regulars versus lurkers and whatnot. I have sinned. I feel your pain. All that glitters is not gold. Ask not what your blog can do for you, but what you can do for your blog.

So take my attack on Dwight Howard for what it was, a cheap excuse to fill some space. Though come on, Howard's action was barbaric. That was way beyond a hard foul.

I think the Suns might steal a game or two at home. I think Orlando could definitely win the next game. In my heart I think the Celtics will win the title. They have too many quality pieces. Yet, anything is possible, and I don't think anyone can be sure who would win between the Celtics and Lakers. Actually, between us I want to guarantee the Celtics win the title. The problem is there's this thingie called a jinx, and I'm trying to avoid it.

Your wife clearly knows what is best for you. The internet sucks. Most of the people on it suck. Most of what is written is garbage or inconsequential.

I did notice Laurajohn referred to Orlando cops as greasy. That sounded kind of racist. Greasy is a pejorative used against Latinos. It's like when the announcer in the above video called Gillespie and Charlie boys. Francis Holland was spot on in coining the word whiteosphere.

mingsi said...

Open threads are a poor man's chat room. The schtick is so lame because every blog does it.

MLW is basically a series of open threads. Tres boring.

The only person I saw complaining about basketball talk in Bob's thread was that anonymous poster. Who gives a fug what that dude likes or doesn't like?

Isnt he the same guy who claims he was taken from his parents at a young age and turned into a ritual satanic brain casserole?

Anyway, just kidding. But your blog would do well by not falling for tired whiteyspheric conventional schtick.

I spent most of last night tripping through some old musical threads. I dont download youtubes so I go back and find the recent gems, all of which are personal favourites. I don't even read the comments or look at the current front page.

I did re-read my gay masterpiece and found it rather good, except for the writing.


I especially enoyed the ironic surprise ending.

I think Freud would've enjoyed it.

As for basketball, what can I say? You have predicted the Celtics since the opening round and they look pretty unbeatable at the moment for all the reasons you and MattyJason here regurgitate.

They seem to be playing pretty solid team ball, although in the admittedly few games I have actually seen they go through long stretches where they look pretty ragged offensively. I'm not convinced that this team beats any of Jordan's teams. In fact I'm pretty sure they don't beat them.

Kobe's Lakers? Yeah, I can them beating them.

All in all, the NBA team talent level is shockingy low.

Its become a coaches' league, finally.

socrates said...

The soapbloxes are total fails. They drove away the interesting people. Anyone can go to FSZ or MLW and see thread after thread with one comment, no comment, 4 comments. There's a line from a new Alice In Chains song. It's Over.

Maybe the key is to leave out the phrase open thread.

Anonymous was probably a good concept at the time. You'd think people would have the common sense to come up with a username, so we could have some sense of who one's talking with.

There's one anonymous who appears to be Neil Brick, the aforementioned satanic ritual casserole who runs the SMART cult. He's not the one who came up with sarcastic digs about hoops being mixed in with the main topic. If I had to guess, that is some loser troll who although he hates my guts or something spend an inordinate amount of time reading my schtick and trolling it. Man, that to me fits the definitions of trolling and cyberstalking.

Since you're on the DFQ2 Board of Directors, you can check your email and see one post I recently deleted from that creep. Whoop-de-doo, he knows my name. I'd say more, but then it becomes feeding the troll time. That's kind of why I was deleting more posts a while back. It was a way to not feed them. But I listened to you and now just apply the few rules. And Mr. Dick Troll couldn't abide to them.

Then there's MattyJason, like you mention, who showed up out of nowhere saying the SRA stuff was boring, and he wanted more CELTICS. What is the word you say to describe such a situation? Oh yes, now I remember, RIOTOUS!

In a perfect blogging world, there'd be a nice big blog, and us two looooosers would be two out of so many members. We'd still interact, maybe not as much as we did, for there'd be other normal "whackjobs" like ourselves to shoot the breeze with.

But nooooo [/John Belushi].


socrates said...

I'm not sure I picked the Celtics the whole time. But I probably did say don't be surprised if this happened, something like that.

I realise there will be a homer element. But on the other hand, if people don't think there are some intelligent Boston fans, then they need to start buying bottled water.

I think people need to cut Boston fans some slack. We've been through the ringer. Sure we are now Titletown, and no one likes a fat pig. But think of what we were before Titletown. It was the Celtics and the Red Sox from the 1910s. Think about that. Add on the fact that the Celtics were hit hard by deaths to Bias and Lewis, and then I swear to God we ended up with the biggest asshole of all time called Rick Pitino.

This is another thing. We love Paul Pierce. He survived all those years of being an all-star on a bad team. He tried toplay his role. It's not his fault he was our best scorer, so it made him look like a ball hog at times.

The New Big Three has worked out, because all the superstars have sacrificed to become a part of the Boston Celtic legacy, that stuff concerning Red Auerbach. The thing is tangible. Celtics Pride exists.

Now Rondo has been given the reins. He's hitting jump shots and free throws. His only mistakes seem to occur, when he gets tired from too many minutes on the floor.

I think you're overrating Jordan's Bulls and coaching. If you're talking more than head coach, I'll agree with you. Our defensive coach has probably had more to do with our success than Doc Rivers. Perhaps our Bigs coach has had as much to do with it as Doc. Maybe Doc shopuld get a lot of credit for Rondo's development.

This Celtics team would have beaten the Bulls. Plus, one needs to keep in mind that the New Big Three were acquired later in their careers. Basically, the window of opportunity for them is starting to close. I would like to think that if you could combine the 2008 title with this year's team, you'd have a better sense of what could have been, if KG didn't get injured last year.

Jordan's Bulls would not beat that team. Now we see Laker fans chanting, "We want Boston." I say bring it on.

socrates said...

Speaking of dead blogs getting few comments and decreasing page hits, there is the Brad Blog starring hack blogger and confidence man Brad Friedman.

According to quantcast, BradBlog is having many days in which they are receiving less than 1,000 visitors per day. That doesn't take into account how many of those are spiders and robots. To put that in perspective, there was a short period of time when my first blog was on a steep ascension. It was getting well over 200 visitors a day and trending upward. I'm just saying BradBlog is now closer to being a small time blog than being a player like it used to be.

I'm confident that I have had an influence on Brad Friedman's fall from having any credibility. Like Anonymous Army of DKos before me, I took the football and ran with it. Brad is big time buddies with convicted perjuror, bomber, and drug smuggler Brett Kimberlin. The two of them have been pumping out dumbass election fraud hoaxes for years. Because of the undemocratic nature of BradBlog, Daily Kos, and Democratic Underground, it took a bit of time for me to work my craft and get the word out. But I did it. I done good.

On a side note, no one would know my personal info if it weren't for Brad Friedman providing it to a cyberstalker. What a guy. (s)NOT!

I think I've also done well to tone down my conspiracy theory fighting conspiracy theory schtick. I've actually always done a decent job at that, but many buggers have persisted in projecting myself as being an ubertroll. I don't think most of the fockers I've helped expose are govt. disinfo agents. Those are certainly out there. We have proof of that. What we lack however are the paystubs.

I think it's safe to say that Larry Johnson is probably one of those. Someone like Andy Stephenson is harder to pin down. A guy like Ben Burch reeks of being one, but then again, he has the plausible deniability like Kimberlin of being a grifter.

Now Canadian Bob has provided us with some meaningful background data on Jeff Wells' education history. We now know he has had a life full of religious indoctrination. It explains why he has been a loser for many years spewing nonsense about an extensive govt. controlled, satanic ritual abuse, mind control program. It makes me now think he is a conspiracy theory freak rather than some form of cold spy. I doubt he is even collecting data akin to a Hal Turner.

Tinoire is a whole other enchilada. Years ago at some backwash Ronald Reagan forum, she claimed to have worked for military intelligence. Other than that one post, she never mentioned it again. She is very close to Michael Rivero. While he mentions having done animation work for NASA, he has never spoken of his work for McDonnell Douglas, the largest military contractor at the time. Those two do reek of being proverbial disinfo agents.

This leads me to believe that disinfo agents have had an internet, cointelpro strategy. However, instead of establishing their own bases as Francis Holland theorises, I believe they have sought out various nutjobs to mold into useful idiots.

judge n jerry said...

Well, its an interesting argument, and you'd have to imagine the matchups but those Bulls teams did have some pretty good talent, including Dallas favourite son Dennis Rodman. You've mentioned Arkansas favourite son Scottie Pippen in the past.

And Jordan truly was the best player of them all, especially when he was able to get away with every little shove and hip check.

Can you set this matchup on a video game? That would be greatness, to program great teams in sports from different eras and match them up.

Something tells me you would still have programmer bias favouring the more recent teams, but this is a great idea.....unlesss someone has already thunk it.


ratim said...

Did I ever tell you about the time Diz played a brief concert at Santa Anita before the daily double, then blew the be-bop version of that tune they usually play on bugle to announce the entrance of the horses onto to the track before the first race?

It was so cool. Gillespie was right there in the crowd, which was weekday sparse. I got his autograph in my program, which I of course promptly lost but I got to speak a few words of effusive praise to him, which I recall he blithely ignored.

I loved Santa Anita as a kid and spent many a wasted day there blowing what little money I had on some longshot nag that ran wide in the lane, or stumbled out of the gate, or wtf.

I met several Hollywood stars there. Tige Andrews, who was the head cop in charge of the "Mod Squad" was a regular railbird.

Once, on Santa Anita Derby day we decided to splurge on Clubhouse tickets ($4.00 as opposed the general admission of $2.00). While standing in the crowd studying the Daily Racing Form I inadvertantly backed into a guy, who was big as a tree. When I turned around to apologize I almost fainted.....John Wayne!

Another time, I was leaving after blowing my wad on the daily double, which are the first two races. As you might imagine, the parking lot was empty of people so early into the daily card and as I was making my way through the parked cars I noticed this guy come rushing up to me.

-What race is coming up?

He asked breathlessly.

Maxwell Smart!


ousally said...

OK, I'lll do one moe than I gotta go....a little known fact about Rodman...he dropped out of basketball at one point and worked as a baggage handler at DFW airport. Eventually, he went to some small time college in Oklahoma to play, living with a square, white bible belt family who he later claimed help straighten his life out enuff to make the bigtime.

Anyway, after he did make it big, Rodman came back to Dallas and started a construction company with the intent of providing jobs for underemployed black men.

The company "Rodman Excavation" was wildly successful and soon expanded into Houston, San Antonio, etc. providing jobs for hundreds of undermployed black guys. I still see their big blue trucks everywhere on the highways and byways of Texas, which is a state basically always under construction as peeps continue to pore in from points west, north and east.

Always with black guys behind the wheel. Never did see any white guyz or even hispanics, altho I could be wong....Reftists would consider this an act of racism, ignoring the fact that virtually all white collar sales jobs in several huge industries like insurance and financial services are virtually all lily white and no one screams "racism" at them.


socrates said...

You ever see that show Judging Amy? That was a good one.

I saw Wuthering Heights last night. Olivier kicked ass. Merle Oberon can kiss my ass. I don't think she was anything special.

I read they left out half of the book. Man, that was a good flick. It really made you think. Plus, you gotta love a movie, where every character is deeply flawed. It forces you to double chech yourself. In conclusion, if I could go back in time, I'd hunt down Emily Bronte and say, "Kiss me you foll."

I also watched the original Cape Fear. That was a million times better than the remake. Mitchum was wicked awesome. I hate what has become to Hollywood, after getting into the classics. I know you recommend I watch these in theatres or at least on a big screen, but unless you want to send me a juicy check, I'll keep appreciating the freebies I find on youtube.

Good point with Dennis Rodman. I forget about him. He was a great player. Thanks for that interesting background info too. As Spock would say, fascinating.

Also, thanks for admitting that Jordan had the refs in his back pocket. He never would have gotten away with half the crap he did, and thus he would have been lucky to get one ring if he'd played when there were better teams.

Dennis Johnson would have hounded him. When Jordan got past him, he'd have to avoid the Chief and McHale's long arms. I also don't remember the Bulls ever having a top-notch center. They had an old Gilmore. I somewhat remember the name Willoughby. Oops, you were talking about Jordan facing today's teams. They probably would have beaten the Lakers. I'll graqnt you that. But this Celtics team is revolutionising the league in regards to playing team defense. The only chance anyone has against the Celtics this year is if they are too old. Perkins has developed tendinitis. That could be a problem. But Rasheed has been playing very well, and KG is back. It's going to be tough for any team to score over 90 points against them. The Lakers might have a chance, but only if Kobe goes off and Bynum can keep it together. Artest is older. He's good but not as good as he used to be. Gasol is the Laker wild card. He's very good and not the typical soft player that tends to be produced by Europe.

Thanks also for your nice brush with greatness stories. You should go on Letterman. He has a schtick with that.

I don't know what was up with Rodman wearing dresses. The thing that really prevents me from liking him is that he kicked that cameraman in the nuts. That was unprovoked and totally unnecessary, like Howard's extra putdown on Paul Pierce.


socrates said...

Larry Bird's another one I don't like. Oh the irony. He brought us three rings. However, we should have had a fourth, but he busted up his hand in a bar fight. The media covered it up. Bird made Cedric Maxwell the scapegoat in a Rasheed Wallace kind of way. Of course, when it became clear both players wouldn't remain on the team, it was obvious who would be the one to go. Red made yet another brilliant move trading Cornbread for Bill Walton and that resulted in #16.

We're pretty happy here in Beantown with Danny Ainge's trading the future to get the new Big Three. We're utterly esthatic that the team has finally gotten their act together. We realise it might not end in another ring. But this is all a fan can truly expect, some competition and good effort.

I feel bad for Cleveland fans. The rumour is Delonte West was screwing around with LeBron's Mom and it screwed with the team's chemistry worse than Elbowgate. I can't believe LeBron would even consider leaving Cleveland. It's his hometown. I'll lose any respect for him I have left if he doesn't resign with them.

I agree with you completely that Rodman had every right to only hire black people. In a perfect world, there would be no need for affirmative action. People make fun of the way certain black people talk. They don't figure that's the result of being torn away from their own country. I love black people. There are good and bad in every race of course. Failreft is against affirmative action. He is not a leftie. No fricken way. Yes I am bitter against shitfocks like him who attempt to steal the destiny of real socialist peaceniks. Oh man, I can't believe how bad the soapbloxes are. Yawn City. As Tommy Heinsohn would say about officiating, "That's ridiculous!" Check out this video. You won't be disappointed.

the_last_name_left said...

what's basketball?

socrates said...

It's not as exciting as your cricket, but the playoffs are going on, and this is our second annual discussion of the proceedings. This is donkeytale. He is a legend (in his own mind). He was one of the first bounced from Daily Kos and lived to get his revenge. He was from a different milieu from ourselves but went through similar experiences. We both got shit on at the same place last year. They claimed we were the same person, like what happened to us. At some point last year, he finally got into the right woos left crap a bunch of blokes like us have been blogging about.

socrates said...

He has this schtick where he takes the spam caption and turns it into his username.