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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Final Possession

Basketball backboard in alley, Evanston, Illinois, March 6, 2009 photograph by Henry Kisor

I already predicted the Lakers in seven.

Ok, I also predicted the Celtics in six, and obviously I was, uhh, wrong.

So, maybe I'm wrong about game seven, too. Keep hope alive, Socrates.

History says the Celtics own game sevens.

Its been a pretty interesting series so far, probably about as good as we can expect in the era of the no Bird and the no Magic.

Still, will we ever again witness games coming down to the final possession? Why do all games now, even the closely contested ones, become decided before the final possession?

Did any games ever come down to the final possession, or was that just me in my dreamworld chucking up final shot airballs over everything and onto the garage roof where the ball would roll back down and get stuck behind the backboard.


I would grab the broom handle from the imaginary arena custodian and climb partially up the side fence to get into position to poke the ball free from its resting place.

OK, so I had missed the shot......but I was fouled in the process! I make the first one after time had expired.

Nats win!

I was a Syracuse Nationals fan. Don't ask me why. They were a perenniel 3rd or 4th place team that maybe won one NBA title back in the era of the two handed set shot.

Then the Philadelphia Warriors moved to San Francisco leaving the City of Brotherly Love a too inviting landing place for the Nationals, who became the 76ers, somehow obtaining Wilt the Stilt in the process and fomenting a bigtime TV rivalry with the nearly invincible Bill Russell-led Celtics.

Russell was at the game last night.

They should have suited him up when Perkins went down.

Photographed by: AP

UPDATE: Donkeytale "Kobe" Bryant requested a picture of Dolph Schayes.


donkeytale said...

Apologies for the trash sports entry. I was growing weary from scrolling down the last thread.

TLNL should know about "lakes."

DH Lawrence lived in Lake Country didnt he?

I loves me sum DH Lawrence. Nothing better than illicit sex, especially when accompanied by so much doom and gloom.

You could feel it in your blood, or wtf Lawrence was always on about.

I fell asleep one time in the Golden Gate Park reading Lady Chatterlys Lover after getting high in my Haight-Ashbury Apartment.

(place dropping/bigtiming alert)

I had a severe headache and nausea for days afterwards.

Probably suffered permanent brain damage.

I wonder if my life turns out differently if I had read something less sleep inducing?


socrates said...

Yeah, that last thread was turning into an acid scene out of Easy Rider. [/fricken sassafrassa, a wise guy, why I ought ta]

TLNL was showing that one needs to be very careful about blogging and drinking at the same time.

He mixed us up a few times. He was asking me some questions which are tough to answer, in that it's tough to rephrase things that should have made sense in the first place. As in what I meant by one can shoot insignificant breeze shit about sports or discuss its socio-psychological implications. The Howard Cosell calling for boxing to be banned versus showing admiration and awe for how Emanuel Augustus reggae dances while boxing was simply an example.

Here's a suggestion. Right click the "post a comment" for a new window. Then you can write posts in that one while flipping back to the thread. That's how I do it. Sure, soapblox and even other scrub blogs like Democratic Underground have nice, schmancy software to nest dialogue. I actually like your idea of starting new threads once the others get to a certain point.

Methinks you really wrote this newbie post to see what kind of photos I'd put up. The last one had been one of Bird, DJ, and McHale on the bench. I was going to write about a last possession where the Pistons only had to inbound but Bird stole it and passed to DJ. My memory is shot. I've been thinking that had taken place against the Lakers. My memory does come back eventually, and the one I confused it with had to be a play having to do with Gerald Henderson.

Even though you obviously mailed this one in, the main point is valid. They don't make the end of fourth quarters like they used to.

Game seven comes down to how the Celtics respond. Are they psychogically crushed? Or will they respond and scare the living daylights out of LA? Here's hoping for the latter. Then we'll see how the Lakers respond. Rondo and Sheed have to show up. Reports say Perk is done, but they haven't been confirmed.

Nate Robinson and Big Baby liken themselves to Donkey and Shrek. Maybe we are some Bizarro blog mirror of them. Call us Donkeytale and Shrekates. Just don't call us late to dinner.

socrates said...

I asked TLNL to come over to this thread.

I've seen some of these "masturbating marxists" you speaketh of Dtale. They remind me of Hare Krishnas versus "regular guy" Hindus. When in Ireland, we'd go to the Krishnas to get some of their nice grub. The regular guy Hindus would be there too. They were just like us. There for the food. Eastern Philosophy can be very groovy, but the Krishnas take it too far. But the food is good, and they're not apt to kidnap and brainwash you like the Larouchies do.

Then again, that's probably a bad analogy. I don't remember those specific commies ever having any good reading material to offer like the Krishnas with their vegetarian curry and whatnot. They just showed that fake lefties come in many different forms.

This doesn't mean leftiness in itself is a bad thing. We shan't forget that. Fricken Welshboy must be rubbing off of me. Or O'Livier. Shan't. The thing is most of the best books have that jolly olde English in it. I love that stuff. The 'ou' instead of 'u'. The 's' instead of zed. Ha, zed instead of zero.

TLNL is correct that there is a dearth [/good college word] of pure lefty perspective in the blogosphere. The ones at pffugee take the cake. I'll always be grateful to you for exposing FakeRefty. True progressives are not going to be supporting Huey Long, the Iranian theocracy, or racist. Those are just a few examples of fairleft's reftiness.

On Freud. For me it's simple. I agree that his psychoanalysis schtick has its limitations. I don't go as far as you do DT in critiquing it. I do think it's cool to talk stuff out. Our past does influence who we become.

Freud was living in a very cynical time, and that heavily influenced his conclusions. He was a blame the victim kind of guy. My short answer to all this is to advise people to check out Alice Miller's work. She takes the best of Freud and tosses out the stupid. This is what's meant by don't reinvent the wheel. This is the historic, academic method.

TLNL mentioned someone named Tony Cliff. TLNL should check out Tony Clifton!

My problem with universities has to do with my being a counter-enlightenment kind of dude. I'm not averse to scientific method. I just think it can't be applied to the social sciences.

The greatest American Sociologist was C. Wright Mills. No matter how brilliant he was, he was relegated to the outskirts of Columbia University.

Perhaps the American Sociologist with the most power was a dude named Talcott Parsons. He came up with some schlock called Grand Theory. He basically argued that social science should be conducted as if it were natural science. Wrong. Or as the kids say nowadays, epic fail.

People should check out C. Wright Mills.

As for Wilhelm Reich blabbering on about orgone, yeah, talk about would you like some milk with your fruit loops. But, but, but Clinton, that doesn't mean you throw the baby out of the tub with the dirty water. That's my story, and I'm adhering to it. For those playing along at home, take note that I am a true thinker who doesn't even plagiarise cliches.

Ok, let me see if there are any more loose ends from the last thread.

Thanks TLNL for this link on Rivero.

There are now over 300 comments. It's gonna take some time to wade through it. Thanks for fighting the good fight. We kicked Rivero's and his associates's fake asses. He has been so thoroughly exposed as being a disinfo numbnut, there's not much more to do. How much can one hammer in a nail? Though perhaps the job must continue, as long as Alex Jones continues to pimp him out. We should look out for newbies and lurkers, so they understand exactly what those nasty cats are up to.

donkeytale said...

You know what would be humourous to me? Take some old video clips of Bogie, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, maybe even toss in a little "Hang em High"-era Clint and do some voice overs in that "?" style of speaking that people use....

The funny thing is I tend to write in declarative sledghammers so we have point-counterpoint.

Slices of well-mannered, refined Welshman (in a bullwinkle suit) and an pretentious asshole American blowhard wrapped around a Socrates sandwich meat.

Baloney, of course.

I guess there's some justice to the Perkins injury since Bynum's been hobbled all series and missed 2008. Bynum makes a big impact when he plays 20-30 minutes. The Celts got clobbered on the boards without Perk.

Still, the Celtics are tough-minded individuals and well coached. The key to the game will be Artest. In the two games he shot the ball well the Lakers won easily. And he's unpredictable as they come, never having come even remotely close to a game seven for the champeenship before. Its impossible to predict how he will react to the pressure. That dude is about as whack as they come.

I'd hate to pin so much of my hopes on someone so bipolar as that dude but there you go.

I'm just praying for a really hard fought close game that is well played by both teams on both ends of the floor, with the officials calling it correctly and not over whistling.

Is that too much ask? I guess it is...

donkeytale said...

How about a picture of Dolph Schayes, the bruising Jewish forward who led the Syracuse Nationals to the 1955 NBA title?

I must admit the Celts Shrek and donkey look alot like the movie version.

Alot riding on those two second stringers tmrw nite, especially the big 'un....

socrates said...

Now I'm baloney? I know you're just going Letterman on me.

Just in case anyone is unaware of it, the Shrek and Donkey nickname was coined by Nate Robinson in the press conference.

Glen Davis has actually had a funny year changing his nickname probably more often than you change your underwear.

He had that fight with his friend and busted up his hand. Doc had him drop the Baby name and become Glen. Ticket Stub is a good one, seeing how he filled in admirably for KG last year. KG is known as the Big Ticket. Big Baby wanted to be called Uno Uno. That one never picked up any steam. I think since he's pretty much atoned for his early season immaturity, and based on the way he looks and acts, he's stuck with Big Baby.

To be honest, I don't want to talk about the finals. I have braced myself for the fact that they could lose. It'll be interesting. I wouldn't mind an exciting close game like yourself. Though for my nerves, an easy win would be better. You're lucky. You can watch the game as a pure sports fan. It can get a bit goofy letting the emotions run wild based on a game. I thought I was in a post-sports world after the Bambino Curse was busted in 2004. Now I find myself fighting off a myriad of emotions. If the Celtics win, of course I'll be happy days are here again. If they lose, I might have to stay away for a few days and cry in my soup.

I'll get right on that Dolf Schayes request. Man, it takes a lot to keep a Kobe Bryant type blogger like yourself happy. I can feel your icy stares whenever I flub a post or don't pass the schtick ball to you fast enough.

donkeytale said...

I think I'm more of a Bette Davis type blogger, but whatever.

Kobe's the hip hop Bette of basketball.

I couldnt resist the baloney schtick...although come to think of it I could've just as easily gone with "ham" "turkey" or "spam?"

(TLNL "?" alert)

Just seems like if I make up a third of the sandwich then baloney makes the best choice.

Dolph Schayes played 14 years for Syracuse and coached them too. He retired and stayed in Syracuse.

Could you imagine Kobe playing his entire career and retiring in Syracuse?

Kobe's dad, Jumpin Joe Bryant was a good mostly reserve small forward for the Nationals after they moved to Philly and changed their name to the 76ers. They did keep the red, white and blue team colours, although I didnt know it, seeing as my televised world was still black and white in those daze.

Bryant played for the Sixers in the 77 Finals, the year Walton was allworld.

Thus ends tonite's meaningless trivia lesson.

As a fan I know you want a blow out to ease the strain. Either way, after tomorrow night its soccer season.

How long does this World Cup stuff last anyway? Christmas (in Wales)?

It seems they are playing only a game a week? The game is a dull watch and then there are seven days in between.

The Celtics were victims of the 2 day turnaround from Game five. Older and more tired.

I look for them to use maturity and grit to stay competitive tomorrow night and I look for the Lakers to fold if the Celtics pressure them relentlessly and rattle Artest.

Glen (Big Bette) Davis has a lot on his shoulders in the paint.

Its written in the script. ures.

socrates said...

That's interesting trivia. Thanks for that. As for tomorrow night, Big Bette Baby Davis would say, "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night." Sorry if that movie reference went over your head.

TLNL's question mark thingie used to annoy me. But then I started picturing him as the Mike Meyers Welshman, and now I'm in LOL City.

You should check out that link above concerning Rivero. Myself and TLNL are kind of well-known internet wise for cracking down on that neonazi. He's a regular guest of Alex Jones. A convoluted script was put in place making it seem myself and TLNL are the same person.

Now answer me this. I cybersleuthed a paystub on that dude. He had an email address with McDonnell Douglas. He used to pimp for Willis Carto. He's a big piece of right woos left. What was the question?

All I'm saying is we are three of the biggest no-name names in the blogosphere. We took historic trolldom to new Withering Heights. I mean that in a good way. We're not really trolls. We just are very good at what we do, speaking truth to schtick.

As for tomorrow's game, there's just no way to know how it will turn out. There are too many ifs and not enough ands and but, but, Clintons.

If you knew more about Rivero and what myself and TLNL did to that dude's credibility, you'd showered us with noogies, the good kind of noogies, not purple nurples.

I need some shut eye. Seriously, check out TLNL in action. With his question mark schtick, it's like having certain players on your team. You hate them when they're on the opposition, but when they are one of your own, you embrace the eccentricities. Ron Artest is one of those players. Unfortunately for the Lakers, they may have gotten him too late in his career. The Celtics are old too. And I concur with your analysis of the short turnover and travel hurting them. Bynum looks finished. He's probably the key. If he goes Willis Reed and contributes anything, watch out. The Celtics need to figure out who has the hot hand and then keep feeding the pig. It could be Ray. It could be Paul. It could be Brian Scalabrine. Well probably not Scal. The Lakers are going to droop off of Rondo and force him to shoot. How Rondo adjusts or whatnot will decide whether the Celtics have a good chance at the win. KG also has to step it up. And you're right about Glen Davis. With Perk out, he's going to have to play a strong game. Same with Sheed.

One game winner takes all gives this a March Madness or Super Bowl kind of feel.

Maybe the Lakers will be overconfident because of last night. Damn, all this talk is pointless. I'll try to post a bit on it win or lose. If it's a win for the good guys, I'll probably get diarrhea of the mouth. If it's a loss, I just might try to write something classy, go the high road, show that most Boston fans aren't always looking for cheese to go with their whine.

donkeytale said...

All talk is pointless.

Thats pretty much the point.

Still, it was especially fun doing NBA schtick with you this postseason, what with the classic Laker/Celtic matchup going 7. I liked the stroll down memory lane too, with the Blazers and the Nats.

Win, loose or draw neither time has flopped and the intensity has been pretty good.

I studied up some on the Nats of the 50s. The good allwhite teams in those days consisted of a big usually uncoordinated glunk at center, one shooting forward and shooting guard and two defensive stoppers known quaintly as enforcers. This was pretty much the Auerbach formula into the 60s, execpt of course at center, where the magnificent San Franciscan Mr. Russell was simply the best player of alltime, college and pro. Sorry Wilt, Mike, Magic and Bird.

Not even close.

But those 1950s games were said to be extremely vicious affairs, with mostly outside shooting (at very low percentages) because a trip through the lane generally got you maimed and stomped on while you were down.

For instance, Schayes who was known as a great scorer and rebounder shot only 38% career from the field! And he was a very good shooter, 84% career from the FT line.

Fights were frequent and it wasnt unusual for fans to wade into the fray since security was non existent back then.

The advent of the 24 second clock and bonus penalty free throws saved the league and led to it becoming more athletic and less of a gang brawl. It was the Syracuse owner who convinced the other teams to adopt the shot clock.

Trivia answer (in the form of a ?):

All About Eve?

I didnt look it up. You must realize that back in the day the old movies ran incessantly all day and all night on about 4 different local channels in LA. I've probably seen each one you are on about but its been so long I've forgotten most all of them.

I'll look at the thread. I agree that you guys have been front and center on the Rivero schtick and the Big Baby Jones schtick, altho Jones has never hidden the fact that he's a conservative.

And I disagree that the idea of a right/left coalition to take on the PTB is "Triangulation."

Triangulation is a right woos left tactic practiced by insiders within the PTB.

Still, I agree that such a coalition of outsiders is a dangerous thing for the left. I have been on about the co-optation of the left by the Nazis well before I ever heard of you, especially regarding the Ron Paul and Alex Jones Schtick.

I havent pinned my blogging career on it, however, like you and Bullwinkle J. Moose have done.

But I support the cause. There are far too many dopes on the so-called left who are so clueless they will fall for whatever.

Mattes comes to mind. Blews is another. Altho he is possibly an insidious astroturfer.

Love his schtick tho.

donkeytale said...

Kobe was said to be highly pissed at his mates after game 4 and 5.

I'm guessing that most of his wrath centered on Artfest.

Whether he said anything or not is debatable but I have to admire the guy's leadership even if there doesnt seem to be much else to admire about him offcourt, except for his wife.

She's extremely admirable.


socrates said...

Yes, but saying all talk is pointless is pointless too! I don't even know what that means. I just felt like writing that. [/there, I said it.]

I liked talking basketball with you at Medicated Looney Women. Yes, you came up with that one for MLW. That was a good one, Mr. Bond. The Celtics have done what they had to do last year and this one. It's a shame KG got hurt, but it is what it is. I just don't think the Lakers are that good. Check that. I don't think they're that great. They're good. Orlando and Cleveland are to blame for last year. That not one team in the West since San Antonio has stood up to the bully Lakers is disturbing.

Just a few hours to go. It should be interesting. I think Rondo is the key. If his shot isn't dropping, he has to find a way to get the other guys open looks in their happy places. If Bynum has anything, the Celtics are in trouble no matter what. But that's a big if. I think the Celtics without Perk will have to step up their offense. There's no way they are going to be able to sustain the defensive pressure they're accustomed to providing without the Perkulator. Sheed is probably as crucial to the outcome as Rondo. Also KG has to step it up on defense. He needs to rebound with two hands. He's been very inconsistent. But he has had some good games. It's not like he has no chance of being a major factor. Big Baby needs to show up. Damn, I'm just rambling. It's better to wait 'til the game is over, and then we'll have the answers.

If Lebron and Dwyane Wade hook up, they might win every title for the forseeable future. The NBA has hit a weak point. The times are a changing.

The implementation of the 24 second clock was pure genius. I think the #1 problem with the NBA is the refs and some rule changes and lack of enforcing others. Rondo palms the ball. A lot of them do. Back in the day from what I hear no one could get away with that. And what's up with allowing two steps instead of one and a half? That's ridiculous. Plus, something has to be done about the flopping. Make a rule against that, if there isn't one already. Then enforce it.

Mattes seems to simply be ignorant. Blues could very well be working for Larouche type people. Maryscott O'Connor, she's the proverbial useful idiot. She is the Ron Artest of soapblox.

I never really got into exposing Alex Jones, but I did take some very good shots at his buddy Rivero. Rivero is directly tied to some fake commie named Tinoire. She was like a Mattes but with some power. She's also been best buddies with Jeff Wells. One thing The Last Bullwinkle Left helped me understand was that Jones is effective at spreading the Jooos global supremacy viewpoint without actually coming out and saying it. TLNL talks of coded words. Jones talks up bankers and Hollywood, things like that. Since he is buddies with people who are actually transparent about saying run for the hills, it's the Joos, it's safe to say that Jones by proxy is a Jew hater, or grifting for that market. Jones might be a useful idiot for internet cointelpro. Crazy conspiracy theorists do exist. I'm thinking a fifth column entered into that fruit cake sphere of things. And it's pretty clear that they infiltrated the left-o-sphere. Though, I think because of TLNL, my humble self, and many others, that racket is on fumes.

the_last_name_left said...

Writing is nothing!

Sell-ticks......or Kell-ticks?

donkeytale said...

Sell-tix, and they sell a lot.

The Lakers won the game and title last night with last minute play that was more typical of the Sell-tix.

It was a good, not great series but the final game did come down to the final possession, or second to final, so it was enjoyable.

Both teams played well. not great, throughout and its very clear these are the two best teams in the NBA.

Oddly enuff, "sell-tix" fans the security word came up "micks."


As I indicated in the pointless pre-game chatter, Ron Artest was the key and he came up big when needed.

After the game he thanked his psychiatrist.


the_last_name_left said...

As a genuwine boneyfied Kelt, I can tell you that Sell-Ticks is plane Rong.

It ain't said like that. It's Kell-tick!

From the Celtic Horse's Mouth.

See how we are abused?

the_last_name_left said...

And England, the Imperialist swine, have gone and drawn 0-0 with Algeria. Algeria! What happened to the thrashing? This is no better than the French!

donkeytale said...

Yes, and the US got robbed against Slovenia, had a goal taken away on a bad call.

Just like in basketball! But soccer is such a slow game on such a huge field how can they ever make a bad call?

Now, the US must beat Algeria to advance.

Three ties and your out I guess.

Sorry, but its just not an exciting TV show.

socrates said...

What donkeytale said.

I'm much more interested in the sociological (or really current events) implications.

There's a lot of negative chatter going on about the officiating. A lot of it feels rigged. Since there's a lot of money involved and point spreads, anything's possible.

Such questions get labeled as conspiracy crap, but there is a story there. At a minimum, the NBA refs are affected by star treatment psychology. It's also a fast sport to cover, so there is plausible deniability that they're just incompetent.

I'm trying to put something up on TLNL's recent smackdown of Michael Rivero.

I wish I wasn't so burned out from blogging. It's actually kind of interesting, despite the fact how pitiful Rivero is. He acts like a proverbial disinfo agent. At a minimum, he's an anti-semitic whackjob.

A quick preview of what I'm gonna blog: Basically, TLNL kicked him around like an empty tomato can. Rivero showed up his local or whatever newspaper with the intention of spamming his name and ideas as legit. He qactually sounded quite reasonable in the letter to the editor.

But then TLNL showed up and said wait a second folks, do you realise what this dumbass truly represents and who he is affiliated with? Rivero is basically the last dork left to go to to learn about current events in the Middle East.

370+ comments later, the Hawaiian newspaper mercifully put the thread to rest. But apparently not before having to put Rivero's posts in moderation. Talk about riotous.

It would take someone five minutes or less to go to some links TLNL provided before seeing that Michael Rivero is not only an anti-semite but also a raving lunatic.

It's clear as day what Rivero is. That doesn't stop him and his loser followers from claiming those attacking Mike are GIYUS or Mossad or something like that. The paper probably didn't have a clue at first, noticed a ruckus forming, and then sided with the obvious voice of reason over Mr. Stormfront-Lite. It's cool that they didn't delete the thread. It's important that mainstream people know about Alex Jones' neonazi ties.

Maybe Lyndon Larouche is the true sponsor of Rivero's What Really Happened and definitely not Tinoire. I never understood how a poor fake commie like her would have gotten the money to be giving to Rivero. Why not the other way around if anything? Tinoire used to work for military intelligence and now is a commie. That doesn't make sense! Maybe Tinoire got the money from handling pure nutjob Jeff Wells. I found something that supports that idea. One of Rivero's favourite articles was on the Franklin hoax, one of those satanic panic thingies, one that Larouche has plugged and whose people probably co-wrote.

As for soccer football or whatever it's called, make some extra coffee. Y--A--W--N. Worse than hockey. In fact, most sports are overrated. Or maybe stale is a better word. Too much money is now involved. Players can fake that they care, but the truth is they are making millions and are pretty much tools for the status quo.

the_last_name_left said...

3 ties? 3 draws! Damn yanks....

And not an exciting show? The world's biggest audiences say different. lol. And these are genuine World Series! With people from other parts of the world, you know?


As for Rivero, why blog if you can't be bothered? Realistically all we have is a good deal more confirmation of our basic thesis - that Rivero's a brazen liar, cares not a whit really, is anti-semitic and involved in prmoting and fronting for far-right - and Islam-ism.

I wouldn't be surprised if Rivero was on the same sorts of payroll that endless Islamic charities seem to be. If one was looking to promote Islamism, one could do a lot worse than fund Rivero. His supporters don't even blame Islamism for 911/London/Paris/Madrid/Bali....they blame Jews (for everything). Jews out of Israel! Why wouldn't fundamentalist Iran fund him so? HE never even criticises Islam from an atheist /objective POV - only Judaism and Catholicism. If the page was Al Bin Sayeed Majani's WhatReallyHappened? it wouldn't be surprising.

For how vicious the page is generally, and how scornful it is of what they'd deride as Politically Correct racial/ethnic sensitivities......WRH is remarkably sensitive to Islamic sensibilities. Indulgently so. I think it is quite striking.....I've never looked at it quite like that til recently, what with the flotilla, and Rivero's cheerleading for Turkish and Iranian military provocations against Israel (which could easily start a regional war, and possibly worse - no small matter whatever the rights and wrongs of I/P. Jeez - what an idiot.)

I've been looking for evidence Rivero has ever criticised Islam/ism.....can't find any. Everything is justified....muslims are just responding to colonisation, exploitation, blah blah blah. An essentially left position, no? (The environment - not personal responsibility)

Whereas Judaism is inherently flawed, and the people are responsible, one mustn't even consider any of the environment - invasion, rocket attacks, Hamas, the Holocaust (they deny it!)

Quite the reverse positions. He does that over and over, of course, but I can't find any criticism of Islam/ism at all. Not a thing! I mean, is there anyone in the world who can't see some issues with Islam-ism?

Rivero. Bizarre. He's probably just a crypto-nazi tactically supporting they always did.

donkeytale said...

Football is an ancient game, as old as tribalism.

Originally, the ball was some guy's decapitated head, wasn't it?

OTOH, I say bully and let heads roll!

Is it a draw or a draught?

I'd prefer some worldwide drinking games. I'm sure we could drum up some sponsorss from the beer industry.

Mix in a few hot women and drunken brawls over them in the parking lot, and you even might gather a substantial American viewing audience, especially if there's blood.

socrates said...

One of the best inventions since the wheel and sliced bread is the academic concept of devil's advocate. Rivero never goes near that.

He and Alex Jones target specific audiences for their support; unintellectual, lower and middle class, white supremacy, and obviously a true believer in widespread conspiracy. They realise vast numbers of people are going to ignore them. When people like us show up, their strategy is two-fold. We are to be seen as part and parcel of the Joo World Order. Secondly, they rationalise us as providers of bad publicity being better than no publicity. I get the feeling Rivero works for the FBI. I think he is the rich man's Hal Turner.

I am a both sides suck kind of guy. I think the Israeli government stinks. I think the same of the Palestinians and their Muslim sponsors. I despise the ptb's of American corporate and military rule. Ditto for the scum who run Iran. I'm an equal opportunity f*ck you kind of dude.

As for soccer, there are two things about it I like. When the annoucer goes goooooaaaalllllllllllll, you gotta love that. Plus, there's nothing more likely to motivate someone to drink a pint of Guinness than hearing some Brit go, "There's the equaliser."

Now the hooliganism part, that's kind of pitiful. Though here we have riots in cities where the teams win.