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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nine Blog Entries In One

#1 Alleged Russian Spies Caught

This looks interesting. Ten Ruskies were arrested for allegedly spying on US policy makers. Two of them have been living in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. They claimed to be Canadians.

But what I really want to know is if Vladimir Putin stole Bob Kraft's Super Bowl ring.

#2 Julian Assange Alludes to Having Big Time Dirt on Big Brother

From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
In an interview with the ABC's Foreign Correspondent, Mr Assange said cryptically of WikiLeaks' current project:

"I can give an analogy. If there had been mass spying that had affected many, many people and organisations and the details of that mass spying were released then that is something that would reveal that the interests of many people had been abused."

He agreed it would be of the "calibre" of publishing information about the way the top secret Echelon system - the US-UK electronic spying network which eavesdrops on worldwide communications traffic - had been used.
I only have one comment, because there are still seven blog entries left to get to. This guy is a hero.

#3 Fake Righties and Lefties Teaming Up

There's not much more bogus than these dumbass, staged debates between blowhards propped up as thinkers and on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Methinks not everyone is being invited to the political dinner table.

Arianna Huffington is currently doing this specific schtick with Mary Matalin. Huffington is a carbon copy of Markos Moulitsas, a moderate Republican in Democratic clothes.

Hmmm. Matalin's husband James Carville is doing the same thing with Ann Coulter. As Dr. Evil would say, "Zip it."

#4 Many Important Stories Hardly Ever Get Blogged

Everyone knows that if a white chick gets abducted, her story is a gazillion times more likely to be showcased by the media, than if the same thing happened to a woman of colour. On a similar note, The Last Name Left has wondered why a certain chunk of the internet zeitgeist is fixated on Israel's transgressions towards the Palestinians. He's not saying it isn't a topic worthy of checking out. He's just miffed at the hypocrisy coming out of the Joooooos did it crowd. Where is their anger and discomfort concerning many other trouble spots and instances of injustice in the world?

This isn't an update on state sponsored massacres in Nigeria, but I'd just like to repeat that something needs to be done to put a stop to that too. Maybe if the NWO global conspiracy crowd was more equal opportunity with their exposing injustice, it'd be harder to call them anti-semites. Some are very obviously Joo haters. Others might as well be for their disproportionate attention to the Middle East and their own brand of demonising Israel. Sure, hold Israel's feet to the fire, prod them to do the right thing. But if you don't want to be seen as Joo haters, don't spin the downfall of humanity on that small country which gave a safe haven to Holocaust survivors. Don't be supporting Iranian thugs. Stop being so bloody dogmatic.

State sponsored massacre deepens insecurity in the Niger Delta region by Anyakwee Nsirimovu
(excerpt) Press Statement - Port Harcourt, May 16, 2009: The Niger Delta Civil Society Coalition(NDCSC) is shocked beyond believe learning of the latest massacre of people and razing to ground zero, communities of the Niger Delta by the President Yar’ Adua led regime in a ‘democracy’. The very sick, impotent and illegitimate government of President Ya’Adua, that have hardly moved Nigeria an inch forward in terms of any visible human development, have shown by its authorization of the latest massacre and orphaning of further thousands of children in the Gbaranmatu kingdom, of the region in the latest inferno, that there is a well written script and strategy for regimes in Nigeria, to go to any length – genocide inclusive, to expend the peoples of the region, wipe out their livelihood, to enable oil that fed their primitive accumulation of wealth, flow without let or hindrance....

#5 War is a Racket- Cut the Military Industrial Complex Budget by 50% Immediately!

We'll soon see what Julian Assange has come up with. Even if Wikileaks hadn't emerged as a whistleblower facilitator against war corruption, there had already been plenty of proof to realise war buggers are ruining the planet. Back in 1934, a movie was put out titled Dealers in Death. You can watch it at youtube, although the quality isn't that good. The message is that basically governments and war manufacturers have been in cahoots making money off of death; That this didn't have to be the way the world evolved. I beg of any young people out there planning to enlist, don't do it. I beg of all politicians to work towards changing America from a war economy to one that promotes social and environmental justice. Enough is enough.

#6 Chemtrails are not Contrails

Anyone out there who is curious about chemtrails, do not google for information. A convoluted script was put in place between crazy believers and closed-minded debunkers. This was my bread and butter blogging topic. I found out that there really is a program to control the weather and radar systems through the creation of cirrus aviaticus. You can check out the top section at the forum in my blogger profile and find the best evidence and theories on what is really going on. There have been a number of occasions where I checked the radiosonde readings for my area and noticed that the necessary conditions weren't there to explain what was happening in the skies. I also thoroughly trollbusted Mr. Contrail of NASA, Patrick Minnis. Based on his own words and NASA's science, I found out that even when applying corrections to skewed, relative humidity levels, there was still no scientific explanation for specific white-outs.

Another news station has covered this topic. If this was such a crazy hoax, no one would cover it. The internet convolution has made a lot of people feel ashamed to wonder about it. But believe you me, I am 100% sure that chemtrails are not contrails, and that commercial aircraft are not involved.

#7 Keep it in Your Skirt

Mae West was funny, sexy, and very talented. In one interview she expressed concern that Hollywood was taking things too far. She thought of nudity as art. But she wouldn't have appreciated porn. West felt that Hollywood was compensating for bad stories by throwing in sex and nudity as filler.

Mae West was very comfortable in her own skin, and her message was that everyone should be. She felt that there was someone out there for everyone. She was also into astrology, though I'm not sure where that fits in. Her healthy expression of sexuality was one of the main reasons Hollywood became censored. She invented the double entendre. Without Mae West, there would have been no Three's Company. She didn't drink or smoke.

Here's part one to a decent movie she starred in with Cary Grant. She didn't make too many movies. This is considered perhaps her best.

I'm No Angel

link to part 2

Which brings me to a couple music videos. Both songs are pretty good. Both lead singers are extra cute. However, the first one dresses like a skank, as if she is doing so to ratchet up sales. The second one's lead singer keeps it in her skirt, and in my honest opinion, subtlety is much more sexier than skankety. Here is Metric versus The Cranberries:

#8 Who's Crazier, Anne Heche or Tom Cruise?

Cruise in a landslide.

#9 Speaking of Fake Lefties

Al Giordano is as fake a lefty as anyone can be. I plugged in Al Giordano fake lefty into google, and this was the top result.

I went to a proxy, did the same search, and got the same result. I wanted to make sure my result is what others get. Of course, perhaps no one would use those specific terms. DFQ2 shows up on page five for 'al giordano'.

Google takes care of blogger. I thank them for this. Al made plenty of posts on this blog. There are two related entries in the DFQ2 archives from November, 2009. He showed up on the "Fake Peace Activism Tied To The Military and CIA" one. TLNL did a very good job taking him to task. Once Al realised he was getting exposed, he got the fock off of this blog in a hurry. The entry ranked by google can be found in the February, 2010 archives. That concludes Nine Blog Entries in One.

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