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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wake the Fock Up, Everybody!

That was my original catchphrase, regardless of any attempt by noom to steal it.

Ok, enough with the inside stuff. It's time for a new blog entry. This one will be a two in one production. We'll take a looksie at word that a substantial number of Germans would like a new fuhrer. Then we'll give a kindred spirit blogger named Doug Mesner some props for his excellent exposes of internet convolution.

#1 Raging Ethnocentrism as a Cover for War and Inequality

Merkel says German multi-cultural society has failed

Here's what I think is going on. War is the #1 racket of all time going back to the caveman days of sticks and stones.

For the war profiteers to maintain their schtick and subsequent intake of blood money, they need bogeymen. No, this has nothing to do with Humphrey Bogart and my old movie fetish. His nickname was actually spelled as Bogie. But I digress.

The Ruskies ran out of moolah. That ended the Cold War. What we are seeing is basically a return to North versus South geopolitics. The Military Industrial Complex needs an enemy. Say there was little crime. A lot of cops would be out of work. It's the same with the war industry.

An uneducated population steeped in nationalistic propaganda helps perpetuate a war mentality as in us versus youse guys. It's been close to a decade since 9/11. That was a horrendous event. We still do not fully understand how it was pulled off. Though we can see how it has been used as a vehicle to stymie the Middle East peace process. We can see how the US military has turned one criminal event into their justification of an enormous expansion of spy factories.

A disturbing poll result has emerged from Merkel's Germany. Thirteen percent want a new fuhrer. No joke. That's sick. Maybe three percent would make sense. But not thirteen.

Why 13 percent of Germans would welcome a 'Führer'

That's a reprint of a Christian Science Monitor article written by Robert Marquand.
(fair use excerpt) Paris – A new survey in Germany shows that 13 percent of its citizens would welcome a “Führer” – a German word for leader that is explicitly associated with Adolf Hitler – to run the country “with a firm hand.”

The findings signal that Europe’s largest nation, freed from cold-war strictures, is not immune from the extreme and often right-wing politics on the rise around the Continent.

The study, released Oct. 13 by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, affiliated with the center-left Social Democratic Party, revealed among other things that more than a third of Germans feel the country is “overrun by foreigners,” some 60 percent would “restrict the practice of Islam,” and 17 percent think Jews have “too much influence.”
Such a development is not only taking place in Germany. France has been duly criticised by the European Commission for their heavy-handed deportation of Gypsies back to Eastern Europe. Here's a story reprinted from the Associated Press documenting yet another example of xenophobia. As Angela Doland reported:
In recent months, France has expelled more than 1,000 Roma immigrants, mostly to Romania, and demolished hundreds of illegal Roma camps. It frames its actions as part of a crackdown on illegal immigration and crime, and it says most of the migrants are leaving France voluntarily, with a small stipend.

Critics say France is unfairly targeting an ethnic minority and lumping together entire communities instead of handling the expulsions on a case-by-case basis.
This manufacturing of scapegoats is nothing new for failed capitalistic systems. Let me amend that. Capitalism has been a success for the rich. The war industry has been very generous to the wealthy of the world. Why must war and inequality persist? There must be enough in this world for everyone to have a good life. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. [/there's nothing like a good cliche to wrap up a paragraph]

Here's a bit more on this I added to my other blog.

When looking for a decent mainstream news article to link to for this post, I came across a Stormfront thread linking to the Irish Times. I refuse to link to Stormfront. The response there was predictable, like hip hip hooray for hate. Someone even posted an image in honour of Hitler. Disgusting.

Survey findings on far-right views give Germany its latest Führer furore
Derek Scally in Berlin wrote:

After almost a decade of decline, a poll indicates that views in favour of dictatorship, xenophobia and anti-Semitism are rising.

GERMANY IS undergoing its annual Führer furore, this time over a new survey suggesting that extreme-right views are on the rise.

Some 13 per cent of Germans in a new survey said they felt “Germany needs to be ruled with a firm hand by a strong leader or "Führer ” – a term exclusively associated with Adolf Hitler.

Over a third of those surveyed agreed – either largely or whole-heartedly – with the statement that Germany was “endangered” by its non-German population....
Xenephobia appears to be increasing in Europe. In regards to Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is simply attempting to harness that escalating racism into political clout.

Weak Merkel stokes xenophobia as she fights for political survival

#2 Blogger Journalist Doug Mesner Continues to Expose Internet Convolution

I first became aware of this dude's work after getting interested in the satanic panic and more specifically with its evolution as internet phenomena.

He went undercover to one of those goofy, mind control conferences. His two-part story is a must read. Here are direct links to that along with an article he wrote based on the story of a former Colin Ross patient named Roma Hart. The last link will bring you to his new story on people who claim to have come in contact with aliens. He also has a new blog titled The Dysgenics Report. My only complaint is he uses small fonts that are not so easy on the eyes. Yet, one need only go to their view menu and increase the page size to overcome that. To see these links in new windows simply right click.

Report from the S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse/Mind-Control Conference 2009, Part 1

Report from the S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse/Mind-Control Conference 2009, Part 2

Dr. Colin Ross, demonstrating his supernatural eye beams
Dr. Colin A. Ross: Psychiatry, the Supernatural, and Malpractice Most Foul

out-sized forehead, black almond-shaped eyes
Among The Abducted

Check it out. It's worth the time.


donkeytale said...

OK. I guess the ability I lost was the ability to post diaries, but I can comment OK....13% of Krauts wish for a new Hitler?

Wow, thats as large as the percentage of Americans who want Sarah Palin for President.

socrates said...

That's a pretty big number, ain't it? That's about the same percentage for African-Americans.

Sarah Palin has a few good things going for her. She's not tough on the eyes, though that's subjective.

She's also got a regular guy kind of thing going. We're not exactly the smartest people in the world. If she delivered a good sound bite or two, and her opponent had a smidgen of a scandal, she could definitely win.

I really think we need a good, solid liberal to get change. Clinton was into the triangle offense. Obama clearly got in, because he was able to show middle-of-the-road qualities.

Long term however, Democrats need to get back to their roots from FDR's New Deal through LBJ's Great Society. I think Gary Hart would have been a swell president, if not for getting busted with that dame.

Kucinich might have good ideas, but he's seen as flaky. I think it's either Obama or a Republican. I don't think we'll see the kind of effort Teddy made to take the nomination from Carter in 1980.

And yet again my old movie fetish emerges. They used to love the word swell. Keep your shirt on came up a lot. That one has stood the test of time. What I think deserves a comeback is that's the stuff.

I saw Reagan do some good acting, but it was tough to watch knowing what he turned out to be. Reagan almost single-handedly destroyed the Democratic Party. That teflon description was accurate. He actually wanted ketchup to be classified as a vegetable to cut school costs. I'm pretty sure that's true.

Like I posted at TLNL's blog, this can't all be about election fraud. It must be we are a dumbass nation. How could Gore lose in 2000? I know he won the popular vote and probably Florida, but come on. GW Bush can't have an iq much higher than 90.

And John Kerry. He's the Bill Buckner of Presidential candidates. No way should 2004 have been even close. Even Howard Stern was ripped mad at GW. He said his President had lied to him. Too bad the Stern vote must have stayed at home. Cheney had a 19% approval rating. The economy was a mess. We were in illegal wars. What was the question?

donkeytale said...

Clinton came into his own after the Republicans ran the table in the 1994 midterms, although as you note he did so through triangulation.

He also had his own bubble economy cooking, which made everybody in the late 80s happy.

Obama looks to have inherited a fizz left in the beer bottle and everyone is hungover from 30 years of partying. He is at a decided disadvantage there, as was Jimmy C. in the 70s.

The real victory of Republicanism is that liberals no longer have any clout in the Demotardic Party.

A lot of this is the result of the aging white population. Age = conservatism. Lefties at my age are rare, endangered birds.

It will be interesting to see how Obama reacts to the new Republican Congress. His personal popularity is still quite high. The Republicans by and large are zeroes in almost all respects.

If Obama doesnt mop the floor with them like Clinton did he may lose in 2012, although if the economy improves he will get re-elected easily and the Demotards will come storming back.

Key for me will be how the Bush tax cuts are resolved. If the rich are allowed to keep theirs I will be one pissed off fake lefty. I will prefer all the tax cuts lapse rather than all remain.

Palin does nothing for me. Too soccer mommish.

donkeytale said...

Correction above: Clinton's bubble made everybody in the late 90s happy.

socrates said...

There was a glitch in one of your comments. Clinton didn't get in until 1992. You must have meant Clinton didn't ruin the buzz of the yuppie eighties.

I don't see much else in your post to disagree with if anything.

You make excellent points about soccer moms and people getting conservative as they age. I used to actually go door to door for a canvas group when I was twentyish. People realise there are problems. The ones we approached at the door didn't have to worry about food or layoffs. Giving twenty to fifty bucks appeased their collective consciousness.

America's definitely gotten meaner. More people are finally getting bubbles bursting in their general direction.

Clinton was effective in getting interest rates under control. A lot of jobs were created during his reign. Unfortunately most of them were fry cook positions, service sector work with no benefits or ladder.

I remember a great Dave Weintraub diary from way back, not too way back, when he tried Democratic Underground after Daily Kos gave him the boot. He pointed out that every time the Democrats have come into power, they were left with an economic mess. For some reason, people don't have the memory or aptitude skills to get the big picture. The 80's might have been a good run for many people, but Reaganomics clearly tanked the economy for the long haul.

Gore didn't win basically because Clinton had an affair with an intern.

Republicans can take all sorts of dumps on the social structure yet never get called to the floor for it.

People actually believe that the economic woes are Obama's fault rather than they were inherited.

This was the same angle going down with GW, that he inherited an inevitable mess.

What GW and those guys basically did was create the housing bubble after talking down the economy. Tremendous numbers of jobs were lost. The refinancing boom basically gave us ten extra years of semi-fizzle left in the champagne.

Obama does need to wake up. It definitely is the economy, stupid. Now there was a great catch phrase. Best one had to be Reagan saying well, there you go again. The worst was Bob Dole's stop lying about my record. It's beyond stupid how politics can turn just on one-liners.

This is why guys like fairleft who you tangle with are so dangerous. If lefties are sounding like racist republicans, there's no stopping elections as being the outcome of marketing, like that movie The Candidate with Redford.

That's how a Palin could be elected. If enough dumbasses think immigration explains job losses, then Obama and Democrats become the scapegoats.

We need a program like FDR came up with, like the Civilian Conservation Corps. Don't tax say the first 20 grand of anyone's income. That wouldn't cancel out inequality, since it takes more of that cash to even get one year of tuition paid at a lot of universities. But it would be a start. That kind of dough goes back into the economy anyway, at least most of it. Social Security was a brilliant idea to help get us out of The Depression. It's the same kind of common sense.

Job creation is a must for Obama to accomplish. Some argue the President and politicians don't have that much power over that type of thing. To that I say crikey, tossers, bollocks, blimey, bloody, blooming, bugger all. There's too much lollygagging going on. Too many dirty rats in fancy clothes. Ok, I'm out of control and will step back slowly from the keyboard.....

socrates said...

Oops, I wrote my post pointing out the Clinton thingie before getting your correction out of the queue.

socrates said...

Maria Sharapova is engaged to Sasha Vujacic of the Lakers. In other basketball news, Shaq sat like a statue today in Harvard Square and let people rub his head, have pictures taken. He didn't say a word but smiled a lot. Boston's loving him. He put up good numbers in the last game. It starts for real next week. Must see tv. Miami against the Celtics game one.

donkeytale said...

That Laker dude is quite lucky. I guess he's pretty good too.

Not really cranked into hoops yet. The Texas Rangers are back home for game six against the mighty Yanquis with a chance to make herstory and actually move into the World Series. This is on a scale of magnitude with the earth's orbit changing direction.

Check out the playoff stat line for Cliff Lee. He's being compared with Gibson, Koufax, Ford, Gomez, Dean as great post season aces....and his numbers are actually better than those aforementioned Gods of the Rubber.

socrates said...

Baseball doesn't mean much to me. Though I am rooting for your team, at least against the Stinkees.

I hear you on the great pitching. I was fortunate to get to watch most of Clemens' and Pedro's careers.

Roger turned out to be an above average fake who needed steroids to stay at a top level. He never did come up with any gems whenever the Sox made the playoffs.

Pedro was clutch. Great stats, and for the offensive-minded American League. He had all the pitches. Clemens had two, the fastball and that nasty sinker cheese.

Too bad Pedro's shoulder ended up failing him. One game against Cleveland in the playoffs, Pedro had nothing but a change-up. He couldn't throw it very fast. It was a must win, and he shut down the other team. This wasn't some fluke pitch like Wakefield's knuckleball. Pedro proved there was much more to his game than a 95 mph fastball.

I remember Pedro almost pulling off similar magic last year.

Otherwise, I think the best pitchers I ever watched were Tiant as a kid and Eckersley when he went to the bullpen. The Eck was unhittable. He was the poster child for getting off the sauce. He was the real life Sammy Malone. The irony with him is he talks like a Southern hick. He's great on colour analysis. He talks up kentucky cheese gas, things like that. But if I'm not mistaken, he's originally from Western Mass..

donkeytale said...

Tiant in 1975 was pure greatness, and so was the Spaceman, who pitched two great games but didnt fool Tony Perez with th eeephus pitch in game 7. The BoSox failed Lee by providing him no run support against a fairly average Cincinnati pitching staff

I always thot the Eck was originally from Cali? In fact a large % of big leaguers in the 70s were from California. The golden state was the Dominican republic of those times.

All in all, steroids ruined baseball for the better part of two decades. Notice how pitching and strategy have made a comeback the prior two years, even in the more offensive minded AL.

donkeytale said...

Ketchup as a vegetable???

Preposterous....everybody knows tomatoes are a fruit.

socrates said...

To me 2004 was the end of baseball history. The Curse of the Bambino was that powerful, at least in our Bostonian minds.

I was kinda too young to fully appreciate 1975 baseball, the equivalent of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson revitalising basketball.

1978 was of course very tough. 1986 was the worst. Bruce Hurst was wicked awesome. He was all lined up for World Series MVP until your Texan Calvin Schiraldi got exposed for having the straightest 95 mph cheese in the history of the game.

Major Leaguers can catch up to most fastballs. If there's no movement, it's just for bragging rights on how high one can reach the radar gun.

I'll do a quick googler on the Eck.

I stand corrected. He was born in Oakland. That explains his laid back ways. I guess my confusion stems from him living in Massachusetts for a long time. I assumed. The royal we will take it as a compliment he picked Massachusetts to make his home. I also see he is living in Northern Mass.. Not sure why I was thinking Western. Maybe he lived there previously.

I can't really speak for the return of old-school strategy. That sounds good.

2004 was the most incredible playoffs. I know this makes me sound like a homer, but I think an objective reflection will bring most others to the same conclusion. You have the historic choke team with the dark cloud of a perceived curse. The year before the team who got the Bambino yet again stymied the good guys. There was Pedro being let in too long, and that one decision led to the manager being canned. There was also the face rake on Zimmer.

Then the next year down 0-3 to that very same team, the Sox won four straight. Those were mostly nail biters. I know it's easy to say it now, but I truly had no fear of the Sox losing the World Series once they pulled that feat off. Truly incredible. Now any team down 0-3 in baseball has that historic example to actually think they still have a chance. It's kind of odd no team had ever done that before. For it to have been done by the Red Sox against the Yankees was mind blowing.

There were a lot of great things about that season and series I'll never forget. Nomar got traded. Curt Schilling did an ad before the season started. He was hitchhiking. He told a driver who stopped that he was called in to stop an 86 year curse. Then he had the bloody sock. He might be the all-time moron blowhard when it comes to politics, but he'll never have to pay for another brew in this town. He sacrificed the rest of his career. You probably know the story, but he had some makeshift operation that perhaps had never been done before. The team surgeon's only preparation was a trial run on a cadaver.

When Pete Rose's Phillies broke their curse, that gave me hope. Now I am rooting for the Cubs as much as any other team. To quote Bill Clinton, I feel their pain.

The Yankees, on the other hand, can go to hell. I think they are cheaters and have ruined the game. No one team should be able to buy their way into being perenial favourite. Sure, the Red Sox kind of spent their way too to break the curse. I admit that is a contradiction in regards to my admiration for the 2004 Red Sox.

socrates said...

Technically they are a fruit, but so are cucumbers, squash, green beans and walnuts according to this link.

socrates said...

But that's a good point. Maybe we should spell it as catsup so TLNL knows what we are talking about?

bob said...


Doug's new blog looks great - I'm going to pop over there and say hello sometime soon. You know I like to support TRUTH writing...

So...the big revelation I was going to post here (remember?) was about the decades-long involvement of various SRA-MC claimant & "advocate" involvement in the parental abduction underground. Very serious criminal activity. But I'm going to save that for me new site. I purchased a domain-name, but the site won't go up until I've got lots of juicy content loaded on it.

Next time one of 'those' trolls comes by, I think you ought to respond with: "Where are you hiding the kids, mutherf*cker?"

socrates said...

Hi Bob,

Doug has done well.

I look forward to reading your new piece when it's ready. I don't think you should worry about having a lot of content before opening up your blog. I don't think these things are built to gather traffic and maintain it.

I think we've hit the end of internet history. It just doesn't matter. It doesn't mean we shouldn't blog if we want to. I'm just very cynical at this point.

I can't really respond to the two house trolls, because their posts are deleted before ever coming into public view. They are trying to make me feel bad. They are sadists. I'm not going to share that with normal people who read this blog.

I don't even look at their posts in-depth. Once I realise it is from one of the two, I zap it.

There's no point in suffering fools.

Take care.

Anonymous said...




socrates said...

See Bob? This is the type of nonsense one of the house trolls wastes its time sending. The one before said I used sock puppets. This is why I delete it. So now we can add yourself to the always growing list of alleged usernames I am.

I accept your explanation you fought against tobacco control, because it is basically another tax on the poor, akin to lottery.

I could post some things on this specific troll. I could let its posts through. But I don't want to. I have a feeling this one is a cyberstalker out of Long Beach, California. But who really cares? Maybe it'll get tired and just go away. Hopefully it can find a good therapist to help it work through its myriad of mental health issues.

bob said...

I fought the Tobacco Control Industry, not the entire concept of rational & necessary governmental regulation of or intervention in citizen's, organization's or businesses' behaviour.

I fought Tobacco Control policies, strategies or tactics that were/are - irrationally, callously, deliberately intended to make the lives of "poor, elderly or disabled" persons who smoke, more difficult.
If you perused cached pages from Surreality Times, you must have seen that phrase; "poor, elderly or disabled", peppered throughout. I must have used it 500 times or more in those essays, because the wellbeing of such persons was my primary interest in the subject and the principle focus of my anti-TC activism.

Exposing crooks, con-artists and frauds - especially ones that might pose a threat to social harmony and The Rule of Law - was my other major interest and focus with respect to TC, just as it is a major focus of my interest in social panics and fraudulent "survivor" claimants.

bob said...


There are at least three areas in which the Tobacco Control Industry, (which is primarily a front for the pharmaceutical industry), and some other Health Promotion zealotries gleefully violate principles that I perceive to underlie left-socialism.

1) Policies which - regardless of any lofty ideals/rhetoric about concern for the least powerful & most disadvantaged segments of the population, in the mission statements of those who devise these policies - have real-life consequences that deprive disadvantaged persons of their ability to secure food, shelter, medical care or employment.

An example would be tobacco-tax increases justified by 'price elasticity of demand' theories, which predict that those who can least afford to buy tobacco products (the poor) will be the first to stop smoking if the price is increased through taxation. The least advantaged ought to "gain" the most benefit from increased cost, therefore, according to these theories. The real-life consequences of this approach, however, was to greatly accelerate the quit-rate of persons in the highest income brackets while causing the quit-rates of the most impoverished to dwindle down to statistical NULL. That reality hasn't stopped TC zealots from continuing to demand higher tax rates and claiming that the poor will somehow benefit from them, when in fact the purpose of tobacco tax increases always has been to attempt to STARVE DISADVANTAGED PERSONS WHO SMOKE INTO SUBMISSION.

bob said...


2) The wholesale surrender of any moral & ethical high-ground over amoral capitalist greed, (as represented by much of the corporate/high-finance/marketing/military buildup world), that might have been gained through grassroots citizen advocacy roots & prior unwaivering commitment to honest, truthful, accurate, factual, transparent, and non-manipulative public education/policy lobbying campaigns. The degeneration of "public interest" movements into the same amoral, expedience-addicted, "ends justify the means" snake-oil peddlers that they have traditionally - and correctly - criticized corporate capitalists for being. 'Social Marketing', for example, is still marketing and its purpose is still to manipulate & control people's thinking on a given subject for the purpose of manipulating & controlling their behaviour. Social Marketing campaigns are often rife with deception and falsehood, when that is deemed a more expedient route to acheiving the desired behavioural outcome. The desirability of certain ends apparently justifies WHATEVER MEANS ARE NECESSARY, in "the public interest", these days.

3) Demonizing and de-humanizing of persons targeted by Health Promotion social engineering, especially as pioneered by Tobacco Control. How can any leftist-socialist justify treating law-abiding fellow citizens as though they were not human persons? How can it be justifiable to intentionally deprive - through public policies or social engineering campaigns - anyone of their ability to secure adequate food, shelter, medical care or employment? How can "leftists" participate in pretending that poor, elderly or disabled persons magicly cease to be disadvantaged persons deserving of our collective empathy, compassion, assistance and protection from predjudicial/discriminatory treatment - simply because they also happen to be smokers, or "fat", or substance-dependent, or perhaps dependent on outdated, "beater" vehicles they cannot afford to replace. What could conceivably be "left" or "socialist" about scapegoating such persons, publicly vilifying them and blaming them; for other people's multi-factorial health problems, for bankrupt public health care systems, for black-maarket funded terrorism, or for global environmental catastrophes?

I'm confident in the knowledge that my adherence to principles, which define 'left-socialist' from my own perspective, has never waivered.

And, naturally, I don't give a rat's ass what KKkenoma or other trolls might think about that.

bob said...

Sorry to deluge you with that previous multi-parter.

Socrates, it was one of your postings on the Satanic Panic topic, which led me to discover many new (to me) things about the 'survivor' cults. You mentioned Hal Pepinsky, and in a way that suggested his role might be more central than I had previously suspected. Once I started researching Pepinsky, important pieces of the puzzle kept popping up right & left.

Such as the supremely hypocritical involvement of various RA-MC community persons in the parental abduction underground. Puts a new perspective to "the big picture" and nearly every component - from how they got enmeshed with the militias (kidnapped kids may have been hidden in militia compounds),
to their obsession with spamming the Johnny Gosch case and other alleged 'satanic pedophile conspiracy' cases all over the 'net. Partly, perhaps, to distract attention away from the `mundane` yet epidemic parental kidnappings they have facilitatedÉ

socrates said...

Parental kidnappings? What?

socrates said...

To me it appears that nutjob Patriot Christian militaia fockers whatever also somehow ended up with psychiatry licenses.

The survey from years ago showed that 16 people were responsible for most of the satanic panic claims.

I don't know about any kidnapping going on.

It looks like mentally ill people have been brainwashed in return for "medical" payments, book deals, donation drives, etc.. If that's what you mean by kidnapping, ok. Their brains were kidnapped?

I haven't anything to say on cigarette taxes.

bob said...

I'm not going to go into all the details, here, but I'm talking about Faye Yager's parental abduction network and it's successors:

" the United States each year, between 300,000 and 400,000 children are abducted by parents"

based on:
U.S. Department of Justice. Fact Sheet on Missing Children: National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children based on the research of David Finkelhor, Gerald Hotaling, and Andrea Sedlak. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, May 1990.

socrates said...

Thanks for the link, Bob. I'm checking through it. A lot of the links are broken, but I'm reading one through

The link you gave does a lot of name dropping. I haven't really seen anything concerning the mc-sra crowd. I'm not denying it. If this is true, then you should definitely write something up on it.

I do see Ted Gunderson is mentioned.

Ted Gunderson is the private investigator and former FBI agent who appeared in many early underground cases. It was once alleged that Faye Yager was able to get Ted to help keep her out of jail. Ted retired from the FBI in 1979, and opened his private ivestigation firm, Ted L. Gunderson and Associates in Santa Monica, California. He is known for his belief in and investigation of criminal conspiracies involving cults run by government officials. This includes the McMartin Preschool alleged tunnels which was proven to be false. In other words, Gunderson is a private investigator and has the ability to find evidence for the underground cases. See his Wikipedia entry.

As for your tobacco schtick, I've nothing against you for it. I just don't have any real opinions beyond agreeing that it is another tax on the poor like lotteries, even if that was an unintended consequence.

I have no problem with you having written about it before and again on this blog. I again apologise for having thrown you under the bus, and you've had every right to say what you've had to say.

I just put up an entry by Donkeytale. I could do the same for you, if you'd like. You could write it through the comments, just let me know that the writing is for a main DFQ2 entry. I'll make a copy of it and then delete the posts. You can type in any links if you don't know html code, and I'll tidy it up, do my thing and add in some images. Thanks for your consideration.

bob said...

From that same link:

"Connie Valentine’s current organization is the California Protective Parents Association that has a Web site that is hosted by the California National Organization for Women. Valentine, was once a state employee who worked with mental health patients was reassigned to administrative duties in 1993 after her appearance on a nationally televised show in which she claimed a satanic cult forced her to kill people when she was a little girl. Her organization used the underground term “protective parent“.

That 'red flag' really got my attention, but it was the entry on Hal Pepinsky lower down on the page - noting that Faye Yager had been a frequent lecturer in Pepinsky's classes - which led me to info about certain person's associations & activities that is still blowing me away. The full story should probably wait to go on my own site, so that I can fully own any possible consequences from publicly naming names.

socrates said...

Thanks, Bob. You inspired me. I just finished a new entry on this.