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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mentally Disturbed Teenager Arrested For Participating In FBI Script

There was a reality show called Joe Schmoe. All the participants were actors except for one. A similar event recently took place in Oregon. But instead of receiving $100,000, the new Joe Schmoe is facing a long prison sentence.

Here's an AP article which explains it all.

Oregon bomb-plot suspect wanted 'spectacular show'

He started thinking about "aiming higher" at 15. He had family problems. He unfortunately became sympathetic to dumbass terrorism. Someone tipped off the FBI that the kid might be trouble. Mohamud was trying to email someone overseas. An agent then stepped in and initiated contact with the youngster telling him he was an associate of the person who wasn't returning his emails.

Long story short, the FBI created a fictitious crime in order to entrap this individual. The kid was basically arrested for a thought crime. Think about that. But not too much. You might be arrested. [/Orwell's 1984]

This is the same FBI that worked closely with Hal Turner in order to "flush out the crazies."

What I would have done is have a Muslim youth advocate meet with the kid and let him know the FBI was aware of his desires to commit mass violence. Yeah, I'm a bleeding heart liberal and proud to be so. The juvenile court system creates criminals. This guy is of legal age but is still very young. Instead of perhaps getting through to him, getting him counseling, etc., he will probably eventually become the terrorist they don't want him to be.

Wow, I just googled "fbi entrapment muslims" and got 56,500 results. With all due respect to Francis Holland, "Markos Moulitsas CIA" is only generating 25,300 results. Anyway, this Keystone KKKopper [/donkkkeytale] angle is the side of the story the Associated Press failed to cover. That's not fair and balanced. Here's one result.

FBI director questioned about Muslim relations
Tuesday, 31 March 2009
ANAHEIM, Calif. – The controversy over reports of an FBI informant infiltrating southern California mosques and the FBI’s overall conduct toward American Muslims were subjects of a Senate hearing last month, generating vague answers from FBI Director Robert Mueller and generating even more concern in a community already feeling fearful and unfairly targeted in a post-9/11 era. In the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing held on Capitol Hill, Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) was tough on Mueller.

“Can you determine and report to this committee whether mosques have been entered by FBI agents or informants without disclosing their identities under the authority of the attorney general guidelines and, if so, how many?” Feingold asked....

Said the OC Register editorial: “The FBI’s activities have led a consortium of Muslim groups to ‘consider suspending ongoing outreach efforts with the FBI.’ We can hardly blame them. Perhaps the Obama administration will rethink this counterproductive and un-American strategy.”


donkeytale said...

I guess because of the holiday I got two days of top billing before being knocked out by one of your rare cut n paste news efforts!


The real news is over at Naked Blog where two people have now left over the presence of the conservative ender and Diane G. is also pulling a dhrama queen act.

Byron is doing his best to pull the curtain on the whole shooting match.

As usual he's making excellent points that nobody can focus on because he's so busy bludgeoning them with his hyperactive trolling. All in all, its excellent work on his part testing the limits of the banhammer. A public service for fellow trolls. He's moving the Overton window to set a wider range. This pretty good Byron:

"Conservatives don't have principles they have loyalties.
No matter what the topic a conservative's answer depends no so much on the details and the facts but upon the who. This is why they come across as hypocritical all the time. They have a deliberate policy of saying whatever it takes to end up agreeing with the right side. Their standards are always double.

In short they reject liberal concepts of morality and law.

A good example is that attitude about America. The phrase conservatives use for applying standard morals or law to America is "moral equivalence" and they say it is always wrong. Instead they adopt "American exceptionalism". Whatever America does is right, whatever America's enemies do is wrong. Loyalty, not principle, determines moral and legal question.

Now I am not saying that conservatives fail to live up to their principles. That's what liberals do. Conservatives don't have any principles.

These are two different genetic behaviour techniques and people have both of course but we know some have one more than the other.

Take Diane's little tantrum with me recently. Her argument is an appeal to loyalty. She says you must defend her because she's one of you and I am an outsider and that is all that counts. My argument is a liberal one based on principles like equality - everyone should be treated fairly.

For a long time now the rules of morality and law have been liberal views. The liberal view point has essentially won except when it comes to a few socially endorsed prejudices such as patriotism. As such in rejecting these liberal rules conservatives are criminals - those who reject the law and its vision of treating people "blindly". Conservatives say let's not be "blind" (ie for equality) let us treat our countrymen better and our friends best."

Commentman sticks his nose in as usual with his same ol same ol and gets it bent out of joint quite artfully by someone who appears to be a noom variation.

All in all a pretty auspicious beginning for docudhrama II

Its about time for you to go over and put in an appearance, maybe post a chemtrail dairy or just wade into a thread.

Heads will be exploding shortly thereafter.

THIS is why I love the whiteysphere!

donkeytale said...

Commentman uses a patented donkeytale mispellicism!

Same old tired schtick. (0.00 / 0)
Twisting words and talking nonsense.

by: cometman @ Sat Nov 27, 2010 at 15:02:59 PM CST
[ Parent ]

Care to elaborate (0.00 / 0)
on what exactly got "twisted" or are we to do that creative exercise in fictional writing for ourselves?
and right back at ya:

Same old tired schtick.

by: Jack B Nimble @ Sat Nov 27, 2010 at 15:06:08 PM CST
[ Parent ]

No (8.00 / 2)
Banning doesn't work, and neither does trying to engage them...

by: cometman @ Sat Nov 27, 2010 at 15:09:20 PM CST
[ Parent ]

In other words (0.00 / 0)
you are right back to expecting people to blindly accept your POV. You have just gone round in a tiny circle , and have gotten nowhere.
Keep spinning.

by: Jack B Nimble @ Sat Nov 27, 2010

cometman, the Randall Tex Cobb of the whiteysphere!

Jeremy said...

so did he really do it or is this all a set up?

where is this naked blog and you got more infomation on chemtrails, sounds serious

donkeytale said...

Wow. Byron posts an apology diary.

Maybe he's taking my advice and trying to tone down the schtick in service to his cause.

OK, forget the suggestion I made for you to go over there. Jesting with you anyway.

OK. I'm done. Gonna watch the Mavs v. Heat.

Go Packers!

socrates said...

Jeremy, the kid didn't do anything but participate in a fake terrorist act.

The AP article does cover that, but they don't give any constructive criticism of entrapment procedures.

The FBI guy asked him to pick an area. The kid had no knowledge of explosives. They took care of that and the schtick was when the time was right, he'd dial up some number which would activate the bomb. Now maybe there is some kind of bomb that's activated by a phone, but it sounds to me like B movie science fiction.

I kind of mailed this blog entry in. It was a fast food happy meal of a so-called essay. As a leftier than thou, it is of course made from vegetarian ingredients.

Any chance I get to mention the FBI and Hal Turner in the same sentence, I'm going for it.

As for "chemtrails," if you click on my profile, the link to my blog on that can be located.

Thanks for the comment and on behalf of all at DFQ, we wish you a happy holiday season.

socrates said...

Yeah donkeytale, where is this Naked Blog you speak of? Man, I love this pick up in Meta action of late. It just gets very stupid when it's too insiderish.

socrates said...

Ok, I see your link to the raw writing blog. It gets cut off in the special comment section but can be seen in the main url for this entry.

This Is Not the Place For Me

I'm going to need some time to digest all this. But yeah, this has entertainment value written all over it.

I think I done good with this copy and paster. It's topical. It fits in with the "Aiming Higher" trend and its relation to the internet.

I don't see any mispellicism by Cometman.

I did see Jack saying you are noom again at FSZ.

Cometman is a hypocrite. He says banning is no good and neither is engaging with trolls. Well, him and MattyJack both ban people and engage on their threads. That's why I will never return to FSZ. Those guys are scum. And boring. No entertainment value.

Jeremy said...

whats a schtick

the heat really are a dissapointment. Lebron is overated.

Shaq is the real thing.

socrates said...

I just created an account at Writing in the Raw. You should too, even if just to block the FSZ guys from stealing your username.

socrates said...

Damn, 92 comments to dwyane wade through. You're not helping me with my blogging addiction, donkeytale.

socrates said...

Aaah, Cometman is a real jerk of an ex-Kos Kop blogmaid. He's contaminating that blog from what I see in the one thread. When I went to MLW, I deserved a clean slate. People like supersoling and The Blaz followed me there and made sure to ruin my clean slate. Same thing happened to me at FSZ. I was ok at Pffugee for a while. Then the real usual (troll) suspects ruined that. That's what Cometman is doing at this new place. To Paraphrase: Blah, blah, blah, noticed your blog, just saying the usual suspects are trying to wreck the blog. Man, there are too many comments to get through, but I do thank you for this. It's kind of surreal the way many Kos offshoot bloggers from various milieus are now in some kind of steel caged match.

socrates said...

There is some good entertainment value with Byron at that blog. For hoops, Miami is clearly in trouble. LeBron James isn't getting any younger. He better hope the Heat pick up a center and point guard for next year. Even then, there can always be injuries. Maybe the problem there is Wade and LeBron are too similar, as in the need to hog the ball. Bosh is clearly overrated. As for Shaq, this is the best he's played in years. Rondo knows how to distribute the basketball. The old players don't have to work so hard like they did when they were top dogs. The best news is kevin Garnett appears to be as good as he was when he first came to the Celtics. We shall see. It's early in the season. But so far, so good for the Boston Celtics.

socrates said...

After perusing that blog a bit more, I gotta say it's nothing special. It's got the same self-centered, leftier than thou, getting nothing done but thinking they are. pretentious, "community" schticking fluff.

DKos sucks, always has, and those guys were there for years before moving on. Yet there they are using the same tired soapblox software. I don't like Melvin. I definitely do not like Diane G.

What part of Democratic Underground and Daily Kos stink that these offshoot blogs don't get? Why start up new blogs with the same exact look as the ones they left?

I'm not so sure I want to post there. It has an MLW, FSZ, Pffugee, DrahmaBlog feel, in that if the few with entertainment value, the so-called whackjobs like ourselves don't participate, they will fade away into irrelevance, just like DKOS has. MSOC: Oh dear me, my life is so tough, DOUCHEBAGGALICIOUS! Diane G: I'm a sock of a sock kind of gal. I'm going to copy the format of someone who broke away from DKOS and have pretty much the same passive aggressive schtick of hers. MattyJack: I've a pirate schtick. Aaar, I'se da Kingz of da trolls! Fock them all.

socrates said...

We're kinda turning into the Marisacat of blogspot. We're twilight zone alternatives to Marisa and Madness in the middle of the marketplace street.Now there's another blog got very stale over time, especially when they dropped the meta. Marisacat and MSOC needed each other after all. Those were exciting days, albeit I was catching up years after the fact. Booman's lost his fastball too. The worst part of all these blogs is they got boring, imho.

socrates said...

I found another thread. A Stable and Fair Republic

DavidByron completely made Ender look like a tool.

I must also say Miep was quite impressive in that one, and if Byron hadn't shown up, she'd have been the beacon of light despite her pussyfooting around at the end of her posts- the usual crap- much love, just sayin', hokie dokie.

So Diane G is even copying MSOC's having a token right winger schtick.

Melvin has a new post called Me, Me, did I mention me? That's a blatant attack on Lord Byron.

Another of the ex-Kos Kop blogmaids showed up to say hi to Melvin, Triv33. Same old, same old. In the blog roll for writing in the raw are links to wild, wild left and Miss Devore's.

Sorry to say, that blog is dead on arrival.

Oh yeah, Daily Kos is also on their recommended list. WTF?

socrates said...

I just wrote, Ex-Kos Kop Blogmaids, the Internet Zeitgeist, and Chemtrails.

socrates said...

Melvin deleted my diary, one post, and banned me. One person stuck up for me, even suggesting that Melvin's admin powers be taken away.

I have a copy of both the diary and post. I could repost them here. Melvin's one of the creeps who trolled on me when I was new to FSZ. He has proven beyond all shadow of a doubt that he's a scumbag.