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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plume Anomaly off of Los Angeles Coast Probably Part of a Weather Modification or Military Operation

A mysterious plume was witnesseed last week just off the Los Angeles coast. A television news helicopter videotaped it. The thing went viral, as people were wondering if it was the result of a missile or rocket.

I believe it was the doings of either a weather modification or military test. Climate change is characterised as an issue of national security. If it was the former, they needn't tell we the people what they are doing. As to the latter, only a complete jackass would believe the US Military is democratic and can be trusted.

There's this dude called Patterico. He is an Assistant District Attorney from L.A.. He isn't some crackpot posting at conspiracy freak forums. This is from one of his posts on the topic. He witnessed this event in real time. Please note that I'm not including the links contained within the following excerpt. You can find those through the entry.
I just now saw this comment from DRJ, which is probably the most useful comment I have seen on that weird missile/airplane thing:
Last December, the Russians launched a submarine missile that left a translucent blue contrail, although the Russian missile ended up spiraling out of control. There are photos here if you want to compare them to what you saw. These photos seem most like what you describe.
Indeed, the pictures DRJ links are by far the most similar thing to what I saw the other night. Take a look at this picture:

This is remarkably similar to what I saw. The translucent blue was a darker shade, and its shape was more even. The end of the contrail at the horizon was bright orange and not white. But otherwise, this is remarkably similar to what I saw: an attention-getting blue color on the upper left, that connected to a more conventional-looking contrail to the right at the horizon.

I’m still willing to believe it may have been a plane, but the fact that the pictures I saw so closely resemble a known missile launch gives me pause.

I will say that I don’t accept the theory propounded by Corky Boyd that this was U.S. Airways Flight 808.
Patterico believes the mysterious object was flying in the opposite direction from Flight 808. The trail was not created by a commercial aircraft. If it were, surely air traffic control would have confirmed that. Here's another reason it wasn't the result of a regular guy airplane. I don't think there was enough relative humidity to justify the plume's presence through the laws of physics. One can go to the Wyoming weather station website and check out radiosonde readings. San Diego is a bit over 100 miles from L.A.. That is the closest station. The readings for the day of the event don't show much relative humidity. The RH needs to be in the 60-70% area. It wasn't there.

Now we have news outlets propping up some anonymous blogger named Uncinus. He runs a website called contrail science. He put up some funky trigonometry for his so-called debunking of this LA missile thingie. He claims this was a regular guy contrail.

A few years back this same dude put out a video claiming cirrus aviaticus has been going on for a wicked long time. But when I looked into each example, every single one involved military aircraft.

If you scroll down this thread, you can watch that video created by Contrail Science who used to go by the name Epoxynous. One example he used to "prove" chemtrails are really contrails was from a big brouhaha that took place in Galveston, Texas back in the Fifties. People were in shock, similar to what happened the other day. It turned out those fake clouds had been produced by military aircraft. Commercial ones have strict jet fuel requirements. You need the perfect storm of cold, humidity and dew points to come anywhere near the formation of persistent contrails. What has been going on the last ten years, to repeat, does not correspond to laws of physics.

You can check out the top section of my "chemtrail" forum. That is all about chemtrail science. It shows that this is not some crazy "the world is flat" or science fiction type of kookiness.

The only reason more people aren't aware that this is going on is because it is spinned as cuckoo banana paranoia.

Fake clouds have been produced with barium. That element has purple qualities and is probably what Patterico was looking at. I don't agree with that guy's politics one iota. However, the guy is a honcho in the Californian courts. He's a solid witness. People should take heed of what he reported and ask why did he see what he saw while not on a seesaw.

One reason I don't write too much anymore about "chemtrails" is I think I uncovered all there is to be known about them. I refuse to reinvent the wheel. People like Contrail Science ridicule anyone who doesn't believe all contrails are contrails. In the top section of my forum is more than enough proof to show probable cause that more likely than not, I and not he am on the right side of this debate.

Ok, I'll reinvent a bit of wheel. There is something called T-Tails. They can usually be found on the back of military aircraft. They enable jets to make crazy turns. There aren't many very clear close-ups of aircraft creating cirrus aviaticus. NASA has not videotaped and identified commercial aircraft producing plumes totally altering the troposphere. That shouldn't have been so tough to do, if they really wanted to put this controversy to rest.

I believe some jets have a mechanism attached to the T-Tails which are dispersing weather mitigating plumes. From one recent video I found, I took the following screenshots. These are from different moments. Check out where the trail appears to originate

I have presented this theory before only to be told by debunkers that it's an illusion, that it only seems that the trails are starting from the tails and not the engines.

I don't think so.

Or check out this sequence from a video from a few years back. Watch a jet fly below, through, and then above a "persistent contrail" without any visible emissions.

When internet news reports decided that this recent mystery had been solved, Mr. Contrail Science was the go-to guy.

That's the ticket. Nothing to see here, move along fools is what the proverbial they want you to do.


Carl said...

This stuff you found is incredible. The videos were fascinating. This needs to be exposed. Can you tie this to the military and expose the weather modification plan?

socrates said...

I believe the thing has been exposed. It has certainly been tied to the military. There is something called environmental modification techniques. In the forum to be found in my profile, if you go to the top section, there is plenty there to show this is a very plausible conspiracy theory, not something akin to saying the moon is made out of cheese or that we didn't even go there.

There are three sets of people; Believers, debunkers, and agnostics.

I'm at 99.99% belief that not all contrails are non-deliberate.

It's unfortunate there are mostly garbage links when googling chemtrails.