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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Right Woos Black

There's this "blogger" Alicia Banks who writes the craziest stuff. She purports to be a lefty rebel into advancing the cause of black folks, but in actuality she is a conspiracy theory freak merely posing as a revolutionary thinker. Three of her favourite people are Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and William Cooper. She refers to the President as Hobama and is one of those so-called birthers.

She is the black version of a Kathaksung, which according to the Urban Dictionary is a paranoid, conspiracy theorist being pursued by the Feds.

Now this wouldn't be that big a deal, if it weren't for its soiling of the Field Negro blog.

That one is run by Wayne Bennett, a Philadelphia attorney who specialises with the city's family courts.

He's even had a glowing write up by the Los Angeles Times.

Blogger goes into 'the fields'

I would never have heard of him, if he hadn't been a regular contributor to Maryscott O'Connor's My Left Wing.

Some have complained to him about the need for the comment sections to be cleaned up. He doesn't care. He has a few excuses or plausible deniability for letting his blog rot. He's into free speech. He feels it is best for idiocy to have a mirror on itself. He feels his blog is consistently growing, so crazy posts in his comment sections aren't hurting it. People can scroll past them. Those kinds of points.

He fancies himself as a field negro rather than a house negro. The former work in the trenches and fight for freedom and equality. The latter work in the kitchen or various parts of the house kissing up to Mr. Whitey.

I believe by allowing his blog to rot in the comment sections, Mr. Bennett is more of a house negro Uncle Tom than a true leader. He has done nothing to maintain a format by which progressives and civil conservatives can post in peace. He may think getting a lot of page hits is a sign of success, but he's wrong.

The internet is dead, because good people like Field Negro have done nothing to create areas by which freedom of speech and association can grow and make a true difference. Mountains of troll spam and noise are not indicative of freedom of speech and association.

Just yesterday he fought back against this obvious truth his blog has become a colossal failure. Look, the cat's actual blog entries are quite good. He's a nice guy. But as a blog owner and moderator, he is one of the worst of all time.

Papa is a rolling stone. (No, not Mick Jagger)
Oh, and before I go. Shout out to the folks at "The Root" for featuring this blog in their "30 Bloggers You Should Know" segment. That was field Negro behavior on their part.

BTW, the thing folks liked the most about this blog is the comments section. That means all of you, the folks who not only lurk but brave the unpredictable and precarious comments section in the fields.
I don't care that I'm yet again being accused of sock puppetry I've had nothing to do with. I'm not upset I got trolled on by idiots who are either insane or paid fakes. But I do mind that Field Negro has turned out to be just another self-important, deluded anything but a true leader blogger. His allowing of his blog to literally suck is just one more nail into the fact that the internet is dead as a vehicle for positive social change.

He couldn't be more wrong about his comment sections being unpredictable. It is the same day in day out. Usually the first part of it is bearable and at times informative. But by the end it turns into the ugly (and agent provocateur styled) Alicia Banks Show. The woman is either crazy or paid to post, period. Either way, the result is the same. The Field Negro blog is a pitiful waste of time other than the main entries.