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Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's been a while

This is the first time I've checked into this forum in many months. I expected it to have been deleted. Brett Kimberlin made a motion for that to happen. It still could. Right now, I haven't a clue.

I tried to get an attorney. One told me it would cost 50 grand to fight back, and that there was no way to counter-sue.

He's a top-notch lawyer, so I don't doubt it.

I decided to not pay anybody for anything, and if by chance the court was stupid enough to decide in the lowlife's favour, no matter what the amount, I'd never pay that ex-con one cent.

You see, no one lives forever. I might be a nobody who was foolish enough to believe I could make it as a blogger. I tried. In terms of capitalism, I failed. In terms of speaking truth to numbnuts, I was a phenomenal success.

There are ten comments waiting in moderation. I can only imagine what they are. Most of them are probably from stalker trolls. Hopefully one or two were from nice people like The Last Name Left. If so, I'll allow them.

When I am about to breathe my last breath, I'll do so with the awareness that I didn't cause anyone's death. The Speedway Bomber cannot say the same. If this forum is deleted, so be it. But if it isn't, I'll try to shake the sawdust out of my eyes and figure out what the frick happened. I'll let you know, if DFQ2 survives.

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