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Friday, August 5, 2011

Cross-Post Action

I just dropped this beaut at Patterico's.

Hi to all the nice people. I don’t break bread with anyone else.

I’m not sure if this post will even be seen. Are ye going for the Guinness Book of Records or what?

I’d appreciate it if my real name isn’t used. It’s not that it makes a big difference at this point, but I never outed myself. That was originally done by Brad Friedman. I thought journalists weren’t supposed to rat out sources. Oops, I guess I should have put the word journalist in quotes.

I have not one thing to do with this story you’re discussing. You all know that anyway. Even the folks feigning insanity realise this.

Sure I’m from the Boston area. Oops again. I come from Titletown USA!

How ’bout them Red Sox? You ready for Ocho Cinco joining up with Tom Brady? If only the Bruins could win the Stanley Cup. Oops once more.

I don’t use sock puppets. I did go to graduate school. Sorry if that makes me sound like a pompous jackass. My point is that I was trained in how to follow academic principles. Those don’t allow for defamation or any other forms of lying.

I never cyberstalked anyone. There was no defamation or libel on my part. It’s not my fault I do not have the protectiob of a newspaper. If Kimberlin gets away with deleting my blog, it shows that freedom of speech is dead on the internet, as dead as Carl Delong and Julia Scyphers.

There’s also a much higher bar for proving defamation and libel if the spoken words were applied to a public figure. Under the definition of such is where Brett Kimberlin resides.

I don’t believe I am a public figure. Even if somehow I have become one, it still doesn’t give anyone the right to cybersmear me with outrageous lies.

I notice Alexandrovna has seemingly bowed out of participation in the internet zeitgeist. I guess that’s a smart move to make. It’s tough to have credibility as a journalist after vouching for Brett Kimberlin as an exonerated ex-political prisoner.

And by the way, people need to stop saying Kimberlin sold pot. He was a major drug smuggler. Big difference.

I’m not proofreading this, so if there are any typos or bad writing, I’m sorry. But I refuse to apologise for living in Titletown USA. and I’m not going to say there I said it.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Kotter.

So, when did you relocate to Green Bay?

socrates said...

Thanks. Though I don't understand the Green Bay comment.

socrates said...

Aaah, ok donkeytale. Because I called Boston Titletown. Seriously, has one city ever been this successful over a ten year period? I don't mean one team having a dynasty, but success with all four teams. I think we won some NCAA titles too, but I'm not sure.

socrates said...

I obviously saw your piece. Yeah, this is the post-blog era. It's a wasteland. I mosey tatupued over to MLW the other day, and it was awful. Midge-Mudgie was calling out Mad Scientist or someone for being a blog wrecker. I guess they forgot that you, me, and Francis Holland ruined MLW. Just kidding on that one. And there's Karmastench calling out Markos Moulitsas like the ultimate scumbag hypocrite. Fricken a day late and a dollar short or something.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thot you might get a chuckle over my Boston-GB schtick.

I try my best to keep your spirit alive, especially seeing as how you have become the stuff of whiteyspheric legend.

All props to the conquering hero!

No doubt, Boston has been on an epic sports roll the past ten years or so, but how about them packers in Super Bowl 45, dude? Sixth seed to title.

And...and...what about the f'ing MAVERICKS???!!!???? Never really a Dallas fan but you had to pull for their veteran ring-less loosers against the evil, mighty Heat.

BTW, I'm thinking you need to start on your memoirs, stat.

I smell a movie project, Matt Damon playing you.

socrates said...

The Mavs got it done. We in Bostonia liked that, especially because of Wade's dirty play on Rondo. It was sweet to watch DJaw and Lebaby jinx themselves. They had Dallas on the ropes. You have to act like you've been there before or stay humble or always respect your opponent, unless you're Ali or Joe Namath.

You're thinking Matthius Damon? Perhaps. Probably more likely Johnathan Depp, because of the way women swoon over me. I'm thinking a younger Cher would have been perfect for Maryscott. Bill Murray as yourself. And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver.

I'll have to once in a while keep an eye on PFF. It's always fun stuff when fairleft goes crazy right wing.

I'd like to see you blog some at Patterico's. What the world truly needs is more predictable libtard versus repukelican give and take.

Anonymous said...

I tried that at Redstate. Actually enjoyed my bantering with Southern Gamecock, or wtf.

I made the rec list for a few days with a Christmas poem I wrote that got completely ignored in wherever fake left venues I was running my mouth off in. I went downhill fast, banned in like 3 days, or wtf.

The accounts probably still out there. I'm sure you could get 1 maybe 1 1/2 dairies worth of socratising.

The big news at PFF is that Fairleft has outed herself as Karen Lewis, a self described "light skinned African American" school teacher who recently became President of the Chicago Teachers Union.


I have even more admiration for her than I had previously. I mean, what a tremendous impersonation of an average white guy wasting his life on the internet!

socrates said...

That's not true about fairleft, is it? I don't have time to socratise that. I tracked down the thread where he said it. But it doesn't seem true. As for him loving that Hiroshima got nuked, that's not a surprise. Not after his anti-immigration, pro-Huey Long, pro-Iranian theocracy, and probably many more slants he's taken that a lefty never would.

I still think Phil I. Stine of MLW is the notorious Angry Rich from Fox News. But that's not a stretch.

When I socratised Maryscott, I found that she was against taxing the wealthy. She was against anti-war Mumia T-shirt wearers before being for them.

I noticed you fake lefties including her had been at Red State. Nothing gets past a Gambini. On second thought, you needn't go to Patterico's. You might ruin the buzz they are experiencing over the stock market crashing on Obama's watch. They probably cried when Bin Laden got caught. Politics as sports is silly stupid.

socrates said...

Ok, I see there's no way he's Karen Lewis. If you're going to send me on a wild goose chase, please make it more entertaining than that. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

So you nailed that door shut on Karen Lewis? Well, resourceful troll that I am, I figure the schtick can outlast reality for awhile. Reaganomics still lives nearly 20 years after being thoroughly debunked, so surely I can milk Karen for a few months.

Lately, I've been getting my fake left rocks off trolling the white bread dweebs at My FDL. At same time, Karen has become a noted presence as the pwoggies polarise slightly left in their great anger at all of Obama's many sins against a progressive agenda. Of course, I thrive on the disconnect btwn white, middle class despair and the reality, which is that the over stimulated economy had to crash sooner or later, and it has to crash on a Demotard because well that's the way God planned it up there in Southern Baptist Heaven. No more bubbles left to pop. Call me cockeyed, but I just don't see Mr and Mrs America embracing the Republican alternative, although if and I admit its a big if Pussybama let's the Bush Tax Cuts expire, whoever wins in 2012 will be hailed as a fiscal hero in this tricked up overhyped baloney we call the national dialogue.

socrates said...

I see I'm not the only one with strange sleep patterns. It takes a village.

I'm not complaining about the Karen Lewis schtick. I just wish someone could come up with a new word for schtick. I wonder why folks gave up on gig. That used to be quite the groovy, hey vernacular.

Surreal can work. That's what convolution is. That's the point where our interests merged.

I found someone better than Godard. He was Luis Bunuel, but ass one of those funny squiglies to the letter n. It was about some religious dude around 400 a.d. or something and the devil in the form of a hot woman was tempting him out to the dark side. It was a great concept, but Bunuel ran out of money, and the big finish was rushed.

Basically the devil puts him on a plane for a New York music club. People dancing like getting funky cheese like.I guess you had to be there or see the movie. Isn't some buddhist method to always visualise life as a dream, thus you become one, for it's all a dream or all awake 24 hours a day?

You seem different. Kind of nicer. Like your shaved and are wearing nicer clothes. Maybe you are finally ready for that tune, come together now, something people, la di fricken da, learn to love somebody right now. Or maybe it's that Van Halen tune, Right Now do diffy da.

Do you laugh when doves cry? That's Stone Temple Pilots on me radio right now. What a bouncy tune for rock.

Oh yeah, your post.

Well, if Karen is legit, as in unpaid, he's not the brightest bulb in the pack. He cares, but he's definitely the left wing version of Rush Limbaugh. Man, think about Lyndon Larouche. He was supposed to be a commie, then he beecame right wing tinfoil. A lot of people if not insidious fakes like Dick Cheney, they are living la vida delusion grandeur.

Byron, he was over the top angry. I was too fake this fake that. You were a bit too that favourite word of yours. You like things sweet and sour for dialogue. You're like Dave Letterman on acid. I was like Cher on my period telling you you're an ass. Cue up Memories with the King. Or forget that. He was really a fat slob in that video above. He had a few good moments. But you could tell he had to reach back for a bit of velocity here and there. He was Pedro Martinez that last year, not the year when he first tailed off buut still could shut down Cleveland with a chang-up and curve only.

What was the question?

Oh yeah, because you like politics. Obama needs some luck to get a second term. If the Republicans can find anyone half presentable, he's cooked.It would help him if gas could strategically drop a dollar a gallon before the voting. It's $3.69 for economy where I am. He needs the job market to improve. This stock market dip isn't going to help him. That's how middle class whitey loses retirement money. And the poor don't seem to vote. Maybe I'm wrong.

And you're correct he needs to get some kind of image cooking akin to Clinton's fiscal responsibility schtick. People don't mind taxes, if the future prognosis is more rosy. Dave Weintraub wrote a good post I recall where he showed how every economic downturn during a Democratic administration was caused by the previous Republican ones. He was a smart kid. He could have been Mayor of New York. We would have watched his back and made sure he didn't get into any twitter scandal like Weiner.

socrates said...

That last one I didn't proofread or nothing, just wrote and hit send. By the way, TLNL has had to put on moderation too. A few trolls ruin it for the rest of us.You're not the reason I have it here. I don't really want to get into that. You're aware of what I mean. Fricken I became some kind of somebody within the world of internet convolution. There's some sick fockers out there out to hurt me. Trying to intimidate me off the net. I was burned out anyway. I really did a number. I did make it to Francis Holland territory, if you think about it. Sorry to sound like a big ego, but I did make it to the top of the zeitgeist. Not that it was worth it. At least so far. I guess there's a bit of satisfaction. Like when Elvis said let the record show, I took the blows, and did it my way. That's what I'm talking about. There are blog wreckers, like MattyJack, Melvin, and Fakeleft and then there are internet wreckers like you, me, Dave, Frankie Holland. It's tough to think of too many others. Maybe we should title our movie Illusione de Grandeur. Maybe make up a gibberish language and have English subtitles. Make it black and white. I'm just throwing out some ideas. Nothing is set in stone.Have your people talk to De Niro. I'll handle the negotiations with Damon. Not proofreading again, and no paragraph breaks either. Sometimes not even complete sentences. End of post.

socrates said...

I was skimming your diaries at FDL. Too bad there aren't more comments. You could be like the Dan Shaughnessy of political blogs. Skim the articles and get to the comments ripping into Dan. Or once in a while someone will write great article Dan, as if he or Bob Ryan actually read the comments or care what they think.

It's like Daily Kos on one of them. They hated you. There was that football player. He changed his name to he hate me.

They found you condescending. They're in a conundrum. They can't tell whether you're attacking Obama or supporting him. But what they do understand is that the fakeness and utter insignificance of political blogs is them.

You should get me a cushy job with the DLC like you have. I get your Ron Paul schtick. Maybe even get him to run as an independent like John Anderson did and hit Carter in the peanuts.

Well, there you go again.
Stop lying about my record.
Where's the beef.

Blogs are pretentious wastes of time, and conformists don't want enlightenment.

I see Karen er fakeleft has a new sock puppet.

Robert Alexander Dumas: "Hey Fairleft,

Seeing your moniker is starting to be like seeing a “Union Made” label. You know it’s gonna be clear eyed, incisive, and worth your time. Your posts lately, the threads you’ve developed from them, and your comments have all been incredibly strong. I haven’t been around here but a few months, but it seems from where I’m at that you’ve found your voice. Very cool."

You should have asked DumASS his opinion on fakey's opinions of Huey Long, the Iranian theocracy, affirmative action, and big brother in urban areas. And apparently Hiroshima too. Man, I could have been an internet fake. All you need to know is what the objective is and you can steer the zeitgeist like Lonesome Rhodes did. Just don't let them know how you really feel about them.

Anonymous said...

Illusion de Grandeur. I like it, especially the mix of French w Spanish. We'll target the intl art house market, the exact one who are the most illusional about their grandiosity.

I have been nicer of late. I think its old age catching up with me. I'm trying to keep my edge, a more refined edge to be sure, but the main thing during these turbulent times of extreme vulgarity is to always chart the contrarian course.

FDL is weak sauce. Its a very dull blog filled with some incredibly dull people. I'm happy for Karen. She's worked harder than anybody in the whiteysphere to get to where she is today. I seldom comment there, even in my own schtick, but I do login sometimes to rec up Karen's fine work, which has hit the top of the pops and even been front paged.

The next dairy over there will be my last. I'm going to demand that Hamster disclose how much jack she's jacking from the rubes.

I can't help but think "there but for the grace of God and a more appropriate dosage level goes MSOC" everytime I see Hamshers semi-beautiful face.

socrates said...

At Huffington, the authors get a little box picture to go with their fake bylines. I always thought Jane Hamster was a dish. But she turned out not so pretty as the picture. Same with MSOC

That's a good point. Mary Scotch and Soda could have surpassed what the Hamster has accomplished. Yes, FDL is not only a haven for leftier than thous, but just not interesting a read.

The vast majority of people do not care wht Joe and Judy Bloggen write. Blogs as so-called community forums are over.

I doubt Hamster makes more than 40 grand a year from blogging. That's my guess. She is like some small cafe off in Nowheresville. Huffington is fricken McDonalds. Though that success won't last forever.

People will only wait so long for pages to load. They will question the format. They will see that there's an ocean of content outside of Huffington that is not only much more informative than HuffPo but also more entertaining

Anonymous said...

40 grand? I'll bet its closer to 400 grand. Especially if you count the paid appearances on Cable News, published op-eds, etc. But I wouldnt discount the amount of online donated bling, either. That shit adds up fast, dude. Thats why nobody in the whiteysphere ever admits how much rake they take.

Hell, I'll bet MSOC is in the 20 grand range just with her few fans sending in a few bucks here and there.

Or, maybe they have been hit by the recession too and you are right.

Haha. The word verfication word is "anger."

socrates said...

Blogging in and of itself doesn't generate much income unless it's a big website that can sell advertising.

If one is going with the donation schtick, they have to offer some reason. Bev Harris used to rake it in. It's come out how much Kimberlin made thorugh his so-called activism.

While we still wait for the first indictment for computer rigged election outcomes.

We'll be waiting forever. MSOC at this point probably makes just enough to cover the soapblox fee and to go out once in a while. I bet Karmafish and Phil from Fox News give her a few hundred a year. Otherwise why would she allow them to post? They wrecked her blog. I doubt Curmudgette pays her a cent. Not after being her moderator all those years. MSOC should simply shut it down. That blog is toast.

Anonymous said...

Not to go all legalistic on you,and dont get defensive, I'm just curious to hear your honest opinion, but do you have any proof to back up your assertions regarding how and how much money the Masters of Blogging make.

Are you sure Hamsher doesn't run ads? And she does have a line of crap. She"s working hard pimping herself so that she can save Democracy for the timid white middle class pussy who doesnt have the energy (AKA strength) to get his lazy ass up from the computer and actually, you know, do something.

[Projection alert]

socrates said...

I read an article once that the more successful bloggers make about $70,000. You would know better than me what FDL has for ads. You could probably even figure out an estimate for how much ads bring in the blog owners.

Places like DKos in its heyday and now Huffington have surely been taking in massive amounts of money from ads.

There are places like Democratic Underground which probably gets most of its income through donations. Same with Speedway Bomber Productions. But I haven't a clue what if any those places get from common slobs like you mention who perhaps think sending in 10 or 20 bucks takes care of their part in saving the planet.

Maybe I will eventually get back to providing original content. Then I will take this as your request for a certain form of socratisation.

For now I am taking baby steps. There is real life schtuff that is now the priority.