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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Socratisation of the West Memphis 3

'West Memphis 3' freed in child killings after 18 years

What my tens of thousands or tens of readers miss out on are new comments which periodically funnel into the back pages of the DFQ2 archives.

One such comment was dropped this very early A.M..

That can be located on this thread.

Here was my response. I thought snark-wise, it was off the charts. By the way, this might be the first time in my blogging history, I've actually used the word snark. I've never liked it. Schtick? That's a great word. Though it could be near its retirement age. Even the greatest fads have a shelf life. I used to wear earrings before it was popular for dudes to do so. Then just mere years later, nearly every bloke on every street corner had pierced ears. That's when I stopped wearing them. Thankfully I never got a tattoo. Though I used to wear those found in Cracker Jack boxes.

This is the response I cranked out to that barely skimmed through post.


For one, your all capital letter rant is unreadable. No one cares when they see words put together like that.

From a quick googling, I see you don't matter one bit. You get published by some rag called Rumor Mill News. That is equivalent to supermarket tabloids which speak of Elvis' love child with an alien.

It's kind of fitting you show up now, considering the lads from West Memphis were finally released after losing so many years of their lives to the Satanic Panic, one that you and Ted Doucherson promoted.

That he worked for the FBI, that implies some sort of internet cointelpro. Or maybe you are simply batshit insane.

No one is listening to you, and no one cares. So go bugger off, you wanker.

One topic that's hit its expiration date is the Satanic Panic. I'm not saying to completely fugedaboutit. I'm saying the Satanic Panic has reached the level of "The World is Flat" theory; Though it may have a bit of distance to make it to "The moon is made out of cheese" territory. No one's buying it anymore except for perhaps some dumbass Italians who went after Amanda Knox. Hopefully Amanda won't have to wait 18 years for her freedom like the West Memphis 3.

The plea agreement for their release is beyond ridiculous. Basically, they have been forced to admit the State did no wrong in prosecuting and incarcerating them for all these years. It's called an "Alford plea." I call it dumbass pigs trying to save face.

I don't think one has to do much research of this case to know a travesty of injustice occurred.


We Interrupt This Socratisation Of The West Memphis 3 To Report That Suspected Internet Cointelpro Leader And Confirmed Nutjob Ted Gunderson Has Passed Away At Age 82.

Former Memphis FBI chief Gunderson dies

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - The son of former FBI special agent Ted Gunderson, who was head of the bureau's office in Memphis during a long career, says his father has died at the age of 82....


I was trying to say before being rudely interrupted by myself that one could have simply looked at two people on opposite sides of this topic and realise the truth from intuition.

Johnny Depp believed in the innocence of the West Memphis 3. Ted Gunderson was at the forefront of spreading Satanic Panic hysteria. Who you gonna believe, Depp or Gunderson? It's a no-brainer. If anything, check out Gunderson's sunburned mug. Could he have possibly got that from paying a visit to..... Satan?

Or picture yourself in Oz. I don't mean Australia. I mean the real Oz, er, the real fake Oz.

Who of the following are you gonna lean on for love, guidance, and the truth?

Johnny Depp was a good jake for sticking up for the West Memphis 3.


Anonymous said...

OK, I took a brief tour of the Patterico blog and found it very deterministically dull, much like FDL or Daily Kos.

Fairleft is probably the best suited to go over there with his blame original sin on Obama routine.

But my God, its one thing to believe Romney and Perry have a chance to unseat the black kenyan muslim socialist, but some of them even believe Palin and Paul Ryan will beat Obama if they get the nomination.

Wow. Just wow. I have more than enough delusionality to puncture in my limited whiteyspheric adventuring to want to waste time with those loosers.

I don't begrudge you hanging out there, they have helped your ascendancy perhaps more than anyone beyond the Speedway Bomber himself.

socrates said...

I don't hang out there. It is drier than sawdust. It's predictable and boring.

If there wasn't that mutual subject, I never would have ever posted there. This is beyond a wow just wow. This is more like a there I said it.

You are correct they are the Republican version of Daily Kos or whatever. I do like that Patterico dude. I can be a contradiction like that wrapped in a conundrum. We would just have to avoid talking politics to hang out.

I finally talked to him on the phone. He's much different in real life than he comes across as a blogger. I thought he'd be a Gruffy McGruff. He was actually quite gentle and normal sounding. I told him he reminded me of the police commissioner in Beverly Hills Cop. The conversation immediately was an an alliteration or some word for tires screeching to a halt. He didn't know what I was talking about and didn't care.

But yeah, there's something surreal about actually talking with some asst. DA from Beverly Hils or wherever he's stationed. It's like being in a movie. It's like Being There with Peter Sellars. Like being Chauncey the blogger not gardener.

That's the stuff. Or as Jimmy Durante used to say, "A cha cha cha cha." Fred Merz was more like, "Diddle diddle day."

What was the question?

the_last_name_left said...

I'd noticed Gunderson gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish?

socrates said...

I agree TLNL. You probably could have left off the question mark, though I realise that's part of your schtick. Maybe you are the one who should post at If you do, let us know. I'd rather a socialist thinker bloke like you do it than some generic Libtard like fairleft going up against generic Repukelicans.

the_last_name_left said...


I don't like to spit on fresh graves too much, and I don't that much about Gunderson. I found enough to determine he's probs best avoided - spooks and utter bullshit - how can one make sense of it?

He was full o shite - that's my judgement.

Anonymous said...

The lights are off and nobody home at Pffugee. Fake Leftists everywhere are flying their wags at half ast today.

Although, its really the same as every day, except the sign of the beast with the name "Hussein" stamped on his forehead reulez the ME, its 106 (again) in drought/pestilence stricken Texas, an earthquake shook DC, world stock markets are gyrating like the flying carousel off its underpinnings in that old Hitchcock flick, I'm typing this into the moderation void at DFQ2 and I'm convinced that Marx/Engels/Lenin/ and Trotsky are bigger than the Beatles.

All in all its a great day to be nearing the September of my years.

How're things in Wales and the South Shore today, mates?

socrates said...

TLNL, I know what you're saying. It's hard to make heads or tails about people like Gunderson, Lyndon Larouche, and many more.

Hitler was kind of easy. He got hit by mustard gas in WWI. It doesn't excuse his actions. I'm sure he's burning in hell as we type, if there is a hell.

It's a very disturbing world we were born into.

In regards to the Beatles, I must say they were overrated. Not music wise. They were important with that. But like John Lennon said when they were bigger than God. He wasn't saying they were more important or better or actual gods. He was kind of ahead of his time in realising society was knee deep into the cult of personality.

And that's why they stopped touring. They were sick of the fools screaming at them and not appreciating the music. Kurt Cobain knew the dealio. He hated the audience. So did Luigi Pirandello. I hope that's how he spelled his name. He wrote Six Characters in Search of an Author just to give a metaphorical bird to the borgeoise (another word I'm too lazy to check for spelling) attending his schtick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, in retrospect Jesus was much bigger than the Beatles.

So were Matty and Felipe. The Alou Brothers were greatness, even if they did play for the Giants.

Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Now, THAT was a great band.


I took an acting class one time at San Fran State. 1969, the campus was often tense with demoonstrations. Lots of droogs in the dorms. I lasted two semesters, then got banned. College troll.

The class featured a series of tragedies starting with Aeschylus ending with Beckett, had like 6 students, was upper level for serious drama majors and I was a froosh loooser who just liked the class description in the catalogue so I signed up. It was an 8 am class and I showed up frequently still drunk from the night before, at least until my grant money ran out. The prof was a kindly older gent who never said a word. That's a long way of saying one of the schticks we did was "6 Characters in search of a Play" or wtf.

Very meta now that I think about it.

I was an erstwhile journo major. The Newswriting 101 class was taught by this hardbitten city desk reporter for the Examiner. He chain smoked in class and also seemed to be drunk most of the time. Bleery eyed, big and hamfisted. Swore a lot. For our first assignment he had us wright our own obituaries.

RIOTOUS! I forget what I wrote but I'm sure it was sardonic. I hated the journo students and the journo profs but I loved that guy.

He was a high school dropout.

socrates said...

Six Characters was as Meta as it got for plays. Godard was Meta-fantastic for movies. SCTV was Meta-comedy for television. Newspaper ombudsmen are meta in principle. Movie critics are simply ex-theatre majors with no talent. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of anyone thinking they have much to offer.

I hear yoy on college theatre directors. For the most part, they seem fairly cool. They knew us dregs on the boundary lines were pushing silly dreams that had no chance of fruition. But they weren't going to bust our balls for being young and foolish. Plus, those dudes themselves are either failed entertainment people or heading towards retirement or even some of them got too shy as they aged to keep pimping themselves out Hollywood style.

Speaking of the French, that's where you should relocate. I just watched a Louis Malle flick and like no big deal there was incest. A definite wtf? It really hadn't much to do with the story, other than it was a coming of age story. The kid was a momma's boy with a hot Mom. The thing just got brushed off like it was nothing. The movie was incredible up to that. The French probably think we are anal retentive. Whatever. I think they are perverted. And what's up with their love affair for Jerry Lewis. Ok, some of those movies were ok, but he was kind of annoying. If it wasn't for King of Comedy and his busting his chops all those years for charity, he wouldn't have been that special. There were much more talented schticks than his that few have heard of.

Anonymous said...

French movies are awesome. Godard. Jean Paul Belmondo. Truffaut. Erich Rohmer. Lotta good Italians too. Hang em High. Just kidding although I really loves me some spaghetti westerns.

When I lived in Boston we used to go see all the foreign flicks and all the old H-wood flicks. Cambridge, Coolidge corner, etc. Probablt sat next to Micki and didnt know it. Remember seeing the Passenger with Nicholson. Antonioni film I believe. Blow-Up also strangely memorable. Zabriskie Point a film made with amateurs if I recall was also quite artistic, that is to say boring but interesting.

How about Fassbinder? Another weird but great filmmaker.

Nothing wrong with the old movies on youtube for the socialist utilitarianism but those old black and whites really come alive on the big screen. They jump out at you, the immediacy is so awesome. I saw every Hitchcock ever made at least once in the cinema. Rear Window. Grace Kelly was hotter in black and white than in technicolour. Bet on it.

Bergman. Depressing motherfucker. Strindberg. That guy was featured in my acting class, too. The funny thing is, I have less than zero acting ability. I mistook the class for a lit class when I signed up. And we didnt just act the plays, we read them, we discussed them as literature and we acted them. It was really cool. But I didint belong. Story of my life.

Louis Malle was married in real life to Candice Bergen. Somehow that coupling never worked for me. Like mixing coq au vin with New York pizza. I never really cared for Edgar Bergen or Charlie McCarthy either.

But yeah, French chicks reule. Deneuve, Fanny Ardant, et al, I sure I'm leaving out a few classics. Jean Seberg. Although I think she was an Amerikaaner, no?

One flick that has stayed with me over the years as a great work of storytelling art is Chinese, "Farewell My Concubine." Another is Italian, "The Night of the Shooting Stars."

Alright, I'm done. I hope I didnt scare off TLNL. I really like that guy's schtick and his site design. He is an artiste. His picture of the ape turning into an aborigine turning into Lenin always cracks me up. so does the picture of the white gut with the Afro.

Weird, the word verification word has started with a "g" three straight time. Last one was "garge." Nice nonword.

Ionesco! The Bald Soprano, a major influence on me. For some reason, I guess Theatre of the Absurd is considered a school of Tragedy.

No doubt my life has connected the two schools seamlessly.


Weird and wonderful how our schtick brought both Gxzodik and Deedog out of the woodwork. But yu are wright.

WHen you are missing Noom you are like Teh Stones without Charlie Watts laying down a solid backbeat.

socrates said...

Yeah, I've got a youtube channel, but I'm scared to advertise, for that's when the really sadistic trolls come out of the woodworks.

I have a very conceited opinion of my taste in cinema. I didn't really mean to bash the French too hard. They are a talented bunch of knuckleheads. You forgot Chabrol, the Hitchcock wannabe. Now he had a wife who could act. Not like when Eastwood gave patronage to Sandra what'sherface.

The Italians are cool too. I've even seen some out of Poland and I think even Hungary has made a few good ones. One of those countries had their own James Dean. He died in a car crash too. I wish I knew the name. Then there are the Japanese flicks. I love those. I love subtitled movies. Youtube is actually pretty darn tootin good for the common socialist slob like you say. Foreign flicks tend to survive. It's wild how great movies always reappear no matter how often they get zapped. This is the thing. People are basically good. Those with a love for cinema want to share that with others. These people aren't making a cent off of it. It's pure altruism. And the movie companies are stupid to keep whining about it. They are free advertisements for yuppies to buy the dvd's. There are so many common slobs like me who under no circumstances going to pay.So these companies are overreacting about a couple thousand people, a mere drop in the bucket. The Grateful Dead had no problem with bootleggers. The worst is actually some music corporation named WMG. They are on videos like flies on rice.

I'll pass on Bergman. I never liked his movies or his daughter's acting. I'll give Fellini his due. I saw a couple of those. Now that's high quality. And the best of the bunch might by Luis Bunuel. It takes a genius to make entertaining surrealism. Most of the time what appears to be boring pretentiousness truly is just that. Godard had some good ones, but he and even Truffaut fell into that trap. Though their best was truly up there with anything. Kind of like the bands Boston and Thin Lizzie. Their best songs were awesome, the rest trash. We're not talking Creedence Clearwater that two year period where everything they produced was solid gold. Or the Beatles are really the standard for that. Even a rare bird who doesn't like the Beatles has to admit they were genius personified.

I like talking with you like this rather than the polemics. You should sign in as donkeytale. You can click on a box for each thread and you'll be notified if new posts are made. TLNL doesn't have moderation except for once in a while because of the holocaust denying right wing conspiracy freak. Me and him go way back, well before we ever met. As for deedog, I could do without his presence. That guy was a real creep towards me. It was unprovoked and downright nasty.

socrates said...

Dude, I just dropped some posts at TLNL's. You should do that. Pffugee's a dump. Except for Doberman, who there would you break bread with? You're so desperate for that place to pick up, you're conversing with Dumbdog. I think you should try your Ron Paul schtick at TLNL's. Though you'd probably receive another anchor punch like Fairleft threw. I don't think fakey has much to offer as a blogger, but in one post he made you look like a girlie-man. You can't win pimping for Ron Paul. I'm shocked you keep going with that. It's like you got five good innings out of Pedro Martinez, but he's gassed, and you need to go to the bullpen for a new schtick. Ron Paul is no more crazy than the other Republican candidates. That's where your schtick has fizzled out. I get your basic point, but your assumptions were off-base.You want that Bachmann chick to win it. She makes Sarah Palin look like Ayn Rand.

socrates said...

Ok, I don't know why I keep forgetting what you're really like. Please just go away. I want nothing more to do with you.