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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No, I'm actually not a right wing operative

Karl Rove is not really my uncle despite internet rumours

I don't feel too comfortable blogging about my personal situation. There is a lot going on in the background, and it's best for me not to share that. It's not that I don't want to.

Since the cybersmears are so outrageous and clearly untrue, there is no rush for me to confront them right now in a public forum. Perhaps in the future, make that probably, I will. What is being done to me, in lack of a better word, is illegal. So please be patient. All in good time. And if you can make it through my schtick below, there will be a treat at the end.

Here was my response finished mere minutes ago to Patterico's The Increasing Thuggery of the Fringe Left

There is no real left in America. I find it humorous how so many of you actually think people like Markos Moulitsas and Arianna Huffington represent the left. Or that Obama is a socialist.

The funny part of this is Patterico seems to think his blog has some form of political push or gravitas. No one cares about blogs. No one in “real life” cares what any of us think.

People go to the net for sports, stock #’s, the weather, to use email, etc..

Maybe most of you think the people cybersmearing me are part and parcel of this so-called fringe left or simply left as someone put it. No, they are not. Not even close.

If I had to guess, the people who helped force Weiner into resigning are simply on another Democrat’s payroll or of the old boy’s headquarters. Those aren’t the left. Have you never heard of triangulation?

That convolution, imho, is becoming clearer by the day. And you’re falling into the trap by succumbing to the same old same old libtard versus repukelican script.

Obama’s gonna get re-elected. His job bill was a masterful political move. Now Bill Clinton has come out with some opinions. Your only chance for conservative ideology to succeed politically is to also triangulate yourselves. If you don’t move to the left and soon, forget it. You won’t be winning the Presidency again for a very long time.

So keep yapping like know-it-alls of how evil the left is, and you’ll find yourselves more and more aligned with the fringe on the right.

You should be pushing for Ron Paul. Better yet, you need to find someone with a similar antiwar platform who doesn’t seem as nutty with everything else.

People want jobs. They want low taxes for regular people. They don’t want cuts in health care, schools, road repairs, you name it. The right historically has whined so much about spending, but take a good look at how much national debt was amassed under Reagan, Bush, and Bush. Look at how under Clinton, the budget deficit was drastically reduced and perhaps eliminated, and a plan was on its way to start paying off the national debt. It is because of Clinton that interest rates started to drop. The only reason they dropped under Bush was because they had nothing left in which to prop up their illegal war economy.

Most of you seem to be preaching to your own ever diminishing choir. You better hope voting apathy continues. Because the more people are registered, the more likely it is the Republican Party eventually branches off. Right now the Democratic Party is a blend of Republican and Democrat. The Republicans as constituted are turning into the main stream fringe.

You guys need to wake up and smell the inequality and collective fear for the future. People are tired of high unemployment. You may actually lose Florida. It’s been close of late. You guys are living in a plastic bubble if you actually believe things are looking good for your party’s political prospects.

People are sick of both parties. They are sick of these word games. They are tired of the Patterico’s of the world blabbing about the fringe left.

The dude’s a prosecutor in Los Angeles. He has more dogma than academic background. I just found out Breitbart is basically a regular guy for an extreme right winger who’s found 15 minutes of fame. I heard his bloggers aren’t even paid. He’s a big fish in a small pond, bigger than most of us, but not really in the grand scam of social reality. I’m telling you, this libtard versus repukelican noise pollution act has gotten beyond stale. No one is listening, and no one cares.

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