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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amanda Knox Freed; Italy Requests Emergency U.N. Aid For Egg Removal From Nation's Face

Amanda Knox in a Perugia, Italy, courtroom on Monday after her conviction was overturned.

Amanda Knox did not deserve to have so many years of her life wasted. The prosecutor who somehow was able to get a guilty verdict is a confirmed fruitcake.

If you click on the image above, it will take you to that N.Y. Times article. Apparently Giuliano Mignini isn't the only one living in denial.
The joyful reaction of the defendants contrasted sharply with the looks of ashen disappointment by prosecutors and relatives of Ms. Kercher. They had flown to Perugia on Monday.

“It was a bit of a shock obviously,” her sister, Stephanie Kercher, said on Italian television after the verdict. Lyle Kercher, the brother of the slain woman, said he was “very disappointed.” He added, “In any case, no one will give us Meredith back, but we are very upset.”
So apparently the family of the murder victim are in favour of police and prosecutors fixating on murder suspects and running with that football despite there being a dearth of uhm actual evidence.

The UK Guardian has succinctly summed it all up.

Amanda Knox: victim of Italian code which puts saving face before justice

US writer Douglas Preston argues that the rush to judgment over Meredith Kercher was to save prosecutor Guiliano Mignini, the police and the judiciary from public humiliation. Mignini has claimed that Preston is masterminding a US press campaign against him over his handling of the Amanda Knox case
The story begins almost a decade ago, long before Meredith Kercher's murder, when the pubblico ministero (public prosecutor) of Perugia, Giuliano Mignini, opened an investigation into the mysterious death of a doctor whose body was found floating in Lake Trasimeno in 1985.

Mignini believed the doctor was connected to a satanic sect, which had murdered him because he was about to go to the police and reveal its many crimes. Mignini believed this shadowy cult was connected to infamous murders committed by a serial killer known as the Monster of Florence....

Then, in 2007, came the murder of Meredith Kercher. Mignini took up the case with a vengeance. He and the entire Perugian power establishment, who approved various stages in the investigation and subsequent arrests, rushed to judgment. Believing that Knox's behaviour after the killing was less than normal, they hauled her in for a gruelling and possibly abusive 14-hour interrogation and extracted a compromising statement from her. That was enough....

About 50% of all criminal convictions in Italy are reversed or greatly modified on appeal. Knox and Sollecito join the 4 million Italians since the war who have seen their lives ruined by false criminal charges, only to be proclaimed innocent after many years of agony and imprisonment.

While they don't like others pointing it out, many Italians are well aware that their judicial system is dysfunctional. Silvio Berlusconi is absolutely right when he says the judiciary needs fundamental reform. The Italian judiciary, a holdover to a great extent from the Mussolini era, when Italy was a police state, acts with no checks and balances, in which prosecutors and police wield enormous power.
Look, I admit this blog entry has been mailed in. Nonetheless, as 2+2=4, so it can be said that the satanic panic has been a rubbish craze that has ruined many lives. It's time for Italy to get its act together, or they should expect a massive drop in tourism. Who wants to visit a country that is this backwards and would take so many years to correct such an obvious and idiotic injustice?

By the way, there is a certain individual by the name of Neil Brick who claims to have been some form of manchurian brainwashed assassin. He has sued blogger Doug Mesner. Brick's attorney has actually subpoenaed my yahoo account.

I wrote to the attorney basically asking wtf, wondering if he had actually researched Neil's claims before taking the case. He replied that perhaps he'd take me up on my offer to talk with him, but that they are still in the discovery phase.

His name is:

Keith L. Sachs, Esq.
Metaxas Brown Pidgeon LLP
900 Cummings Center, Suite 207T
Beverly, MA 01915

Why would a lawyer agree to take such a case? Ka-ching?

Doug Mesner did nothing wrong, imho. He went to one of those satanic panic mind control conferences and reported on it. I can understand Neil following through. But Keith Sachs? No, I don't understand.

And for those who missed it, find the time to check out that two part report by Doug Mesner. It's a brilliant read.

Report from the S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse/Mind-Control Conference 2009

Report from the S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse/Mind-Control Conference 2009, Part 2

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