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Friday, November 18, 2011

Michael Connell Was Never Threatened By Karl Rove

In e-mails and Web postings from Kimberlin's two organizations, Justice Through Music and Velvet Revolution, he intersperses occasionally useful pieces of information about the problems of e-voting with a hefty portion of bunk, repeatedly asserting as fact things that are not true.

Excerpt above from The Wizard of Odd By Massimo Calabresi Friday, Jan. 05, 2007

One might as well consider if the moon is made out of cheese, if they sincerely think Michael Connell's life was in jeopardy due to Karl Rove. Connell wasn't about to spill any beans concerning the 2004 Ohio election.

The burden of proof is on the conspiracy theorists.

All they have ever delivered has been akin to the stuff one sees while waiting in supermarket checkout lines.

Elvis Opens Up McDonalds Franchise On Mars

Barbara Walters Secret Lesbian Affair With Star Jones Exposed

You get the idea. Not believable.

The November 9th, 2009 BradBlog delivered:

Exclusive: Mike Connell's Family Copes With His Mysterious Death, Tipsters, Legal Options

According to guest blogger Rebecca Abrahams, Heather Connell "acknowledges he received threats in the months leading up to his death."
I have spent days and days and days trying to figure it all out. I don't think he would lie to me. Number one, I don't think he took the threats seriously.
Abrahams directed the reader to a previous Brad Friedman post to learn more about the threats.

But first one is able to scroll down Abrahams' piece and hear about alleged tips.

Heather and six others received a memo from "Mark Felt" explaining that Michael Connell's small aircraft had been sabotaged. There is no word as of today whether the note also contained proof that the moon is indeed made out of cheese.

Abrahams went on to claim those close to the case believe the memo was legit, that Connell was very possibly murdered, and the FBI is on it. That's the stuff!

Hmmm. I wonder who were the ones close to the case. It could be anyone. Ha!

Attorney Cliff Arnebeck shared this:
We received copies of the "deep throat" letter and redacted report of a jackal that "is not supposed to exist." We passed on to the FBI this and other information we have relevant to the matter. Our impression is that the FBI is doing its job of investigating specific allegations regarding the assassination of a vital witness in our federal election fraud case.
Who is Cliff Arnebeck?

According to Velvet Revolution, he's their attorney.
A tipster close to the McCain campaign disclosed to VR in July that Mr. Connell’s life was in jeopardy and that Karl Rove had threatened him and his wife, Heather. VR’s attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, notified the United States Attorney General , Ohio law enforcement and the federal court about these threats and insisted that Mr. Connell be placed in protective custody. VR also told a close associate of Mr. Connell’s not to fly his plane because of another tip that the plane could be sabotaged. Mr. Connell, a very experienced pilot, has had to abandon at least two flights in the past two months because of suspicious problems with his plane. On December 18, 2008, Mr. Connell flew to a small airport outside of Washington DC to meet some people. It was on his return flight the next day that he crashed.

Then there is the other link mentioned above to learn more!!!!

Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not 'Take the Fall' for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney by Brad Friedman on 7/24/2008

Brad held no punches.
Karl Rove has threatened a GOP high-tech guru and his wife, if he does not "'take the fall' for election fraud in Ohio," according to a letter sent this morning to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, by Ohio election attorney Cliff Arnebeck.
Hmmm. There was no disclaimer that Cliff Arnebeck is "VR's attorney."

Anyway, intrepid muckraker Brad Friedman continued,
In a phone call this afternoon, Arnebeck could not publicly reveal specific details of the information that triggered his concern about the threats to Connell. The message to the IT man from Rove is said to have been sent via a go-between in Ohio. That information led Arnebeck to contact Mukasey after he found the reports to be credible and troubling.

"If there's a credible threat, which I regard this to be," he told The BRAD BLOG, "I have a professional duty to report it."

Attempts to reach Connell for comment late this afternoon were not successful.
For those who can't put 2+2 together, apparently Heather Connell learned of so-called threats via Velvet Revolution (Brett + Brad + Cliff) then ended up being interviewed and/or blogged on by Brad and his associates.

The Threats Against, and Death of Michael Connell May 22nd, 2009 (pdf)
33. I regard Michael Connell’s death as a tragedy. The major news coverage of the crash of his airplane on December 19, 2008, was by a joint CBS and Associated Press story that included film of his burning plane. The story of the crash and Connell’s relation to this litigation appeared in the business section of the New York Times. It was also featured on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer as part of a story that the writer said sounded like a John Grisham novel.

34. Bob Fitrakis and I met personally with US Rep. Dennis Kucinich at the US Capital to urge him to interview Michael Connell and call him as a witness before his oversight subcommittee.

35. I met personally with US Rep. John Conyers at the Rainbow-PUSH headquarters building in Chicago to urge that he interview and call Stephen Spoonamore and Michael Connell as a witness before his House Judiciary Committee.

36. Two individuals who have funded Velvet Revolution joined us in our meeting with Rep Kucinich. Sometime afterwards they committed to make substantial donations in support of our litigation to hold Karl Rove accountable for his ongoing activity to rig Presidential elections. Their contributions were sent to Velvet Revolution as the charitable 501(c)(3) for forwarding to us for use in this litigation. We have not engaged in fund-raising in concert with Velvet Revolution.

37. Michael Connell had agreed to come forward to meet with House Judiciary Committee staff. However, according to the declaration of Brett Kimberlin of Velvet Revolution, this did work its way through the committee bureaucracy. Kimberlin Declaration paragraph 6.

38. Our efforts to secure Connell’s testimony in our case, after a threat by Rove against Connell had been reported to us, were supported by the Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General offices and two federal judges. This resulted in lifting the stay in our case to enable us to seek the deposition of Connell, and the court order for Connell’s appearance in court and at deposition, in Cleveland.

39. Had Connell chosen to seek protection in the course of these proceedings, we believe he would have received it. Without his pursuit of witness protection from law enforcement authorities, we could not obtain it for him.

Further Progress in this Case

40. Since the tragic death of Michael Connell, a new witness has come forward with evidence linking the election rigging activities of this decade to organized crime operations based in Enterprise, AL. This witness has inside knowledge of this organized crime operation. This witness has also opened communication for us with another witness who has inside knowledge of Karl Rove’s activities.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on May 22, 2009.

Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr.
Organised crime in Enterprise, Alabama? Too bad an older James Cagney isn't still around to play Rove. You double-crossing rat, Connell. I wonder who those two donors mentioned in #36 were. Lori Grace and Harriet Crosby? Lori is the wealthy heiress to the Oliver Grace fortune. Harriet Crosby is also a wealthy philanthropist who just happens to be Brett Kimberlin's aunt.



Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd have some evidence either way, I didn't see anything new. Kimberlin's claims were never denied by Rove, just ignored - and it is weird that Connell died soon after the claim.

If Connell's sisters feel the question is worth looking into, it's good enough for me. If Kimberlin was a convicted felon, serial exagerator, whatever fine - let's take his claims with a grain of salt - but it still doesn't mean they are not true.

I think non-coverage in the MSM of these wild-eyed claims means something. There are many mysteries surrounding this case, but until these coincidences are explained, people on both sides will fill in the blanks based on their agendas.

I still view all the questions about these threats, and all the speculation about whether Connell was murdered (or zapped by a direct energy cannon) as premature and unnecessary.

The question we need to have answered before all these other distractions is much more simple.

Was Connell, the long time loyal partisan IT guru for the Bush family and Swiftboat Vets secretly hired to design the system that would report the official vote tallies for Ohio?

If so, can we discuss that conflict of interest before we move on to anything else? Whether or not the vote tallies switched over from TN, this would stink to high heaven and demand explanation by Blackwell and Rove. Why did you allow anyone involved with Bush's campaign near the vote counting apparatus? - gus

socrates said...

I have never claimed the ability to uncover whether or not the 2004 election was electronically stolen.

While I have nothing "new" on this blog pertaining to Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman, there was plenty deleted concerning them only because I didn't have the funds to prevent a default judgement.

If facts that transcend myself as an individual aren't reposted in a way which won't defy a default inspired court order, they will not be readily available for anyone wondering wtf.

Your first paragraph makes no sense considering what those facts are.

What's weird was the amount of conspiracy bunk pumped out by Friedman, Kimberlin, and Arnebeck.

You are fixated on something off-topic. You are avoiding the harsh truth of where every piece of this specific conspiracy theory originated.

Non-coverage of "wild-eyed claims" in the "MSM" means something? Give me a break. What does that mean?

Small planes crash. It was a coincidence.

Your inability to prove 2004 black box voting has nothing to do with a conspiracy theory leading to donation boxes.

You're conflating two topics, neither of which rises above the appearance of deliberately planted convolution. You are merely projecting your own impotence in regards to failing to present a narrative compelling enough to warrant MSM coverage.

Big Dai from the Valleys said...

Aye, the MSM haven't refuted claims I have foot-long dangly bits.

I rest my case. Owww! I put it on the danglies, you know.

"Big" Dai