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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Patterico's Pontweetifications


donkeytale said...

I'd say Brynaert has it half right on the KK blog

The Fake Left is a stupid clown show.

"Is it a clown show or is everyone on the left stupid?

I say clown show.

Every blogger and journo cares more about personal egos than truth.

Why the fuck is Brad Blog silent?

Because half the things Socrates blogs are probably the truth. That's why."

But at least he's comimg around to the correct version of the truth.

socrates said...

Those are two people who have been utterly sadistic towards me. Let me put it this way. They make you look like Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood.

Ron is classic passive aggressive. And he appears to have gotten on your good side by complimenting you previously. Here's fair warning. He is pure Lucy offering the football to Charlie Brown.

He's also got a chronic disease called mojo schtick kleptomania.

That dude is trying to rewrite his blogging history, period. He has been part and parcel of that clown show for years. Bet on it.

Much more than half the stuff I blogged on The Brad Show and others was correct. Eventually I will get back to blogging on Brad and rewrite from remaining deleted material.

Neal and his troll teammates, imho, are false fronts. The funny thing about Brad Friedman is no matter how far he rises, the proof is already secured that he's been fully involved in zany hoaxes for years.

Imho, he has nothing to show for all his so-called activism other than a pocket lined with cash.

From what I have seen, neither BradBore nor Brynaert have much academic nor journalistic credentials. They have been mere clerks sent by the grocer to collect the astroturf bill.

I believe you are missing the boat by paying this much attention to the clown posse.

I think because you love free speech and whatnot, you desire interaction with Ron. Others who at first fell for his passive schtck have already tried that and got punched in the nose with his illogical, aggressive side.

Anyway, the November 14th audio should arrive fairly soon, and then I will no longer hold back from blogging on my side of the story.

Brad's keeping his mouth shut, because the MSM media will be more likely to expose his pimply ass, if he opens his yapper about any of this.

(See Markos Moulitsas Zuniga's "Starve the Oxygen" playbook.)

Brad is definitely at the center of the dartboard for further socratisation, imho. He is one of the final pieces needed to put together the convolution puzzle.

I don't suffer sadists, donkeytale. You should know that by now. Haha, that reminds me I am also gonna have to socratise my introvert schtick. That could eventually be my ticket to get on Oprah!

donkeytale said...

As for the Brynaert warning, thanks, but you are repeating yourself. Its already been duly noted. I understand the P/A schtick pretty well.

Been married three times, remember? And I may be forgetting the projection alert, too....

How about Doberman Pinche and Laura freaking out on us? Fairleft is right: Pffugeecamp is their clubhouse and thats all they really care about. The actual issues involved sailed right over their empty, fake leftist heads.


Dude, its time to put up that PayPal button and start pimping for legal donations.

I know it may make you feel like a professional whore to do so, but the reality is that there is a legal issue here related to free speech that won't be resolved favourably as long as YOU remain passive WRT court appearances and aggressive WRT your blogging schtick.

If you have already secured competent legal representation through other means, please feel free to ignore this comment....

socrates said...

I may have invented the broken record. I'll have to socratise that to make sure.

Check this out. I left a post on Aaron Worthing's website. He used to blog for Patterico.

He deleted it. He wants a copy of what the Judge ordered. He actually thinks there could be an injunction against me from blogging.

Here's hoping the Maryland Court puts an end to this once and for all. Mr. Jailhouse Lawyer is out of control!

Omg, I cannot wait until I get that court audio and post about what Kimberlin testified under oath.

Thanks for the advice. I'm not really worried about any of this.

It's all garbage. If a prosecutor is stupid enough to go after me, then good luck to them extradicting me. They can all kiss my ass.