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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sadistic Cybersmearing and the Roots of Blogging Fascism

internet predator Neal Rauhauser

It's the height of ignorance to believe fascism rose in the 30s and 40s because of a few evil men. According to Wilhelm Reich, it is the social-psychology of masses of people which forms the bedrock of totalitarianism. That is probably close to a word for word quote from him. I'm too lazy to check.

Except for newbies and fence-sitters, internet progressives have known for a long time that The Daily Kos and other so-called leftist outlets have been nothing other than bald-faced attempts at hijacking liberalism as a brand name.

In June 2011, sadistic blogger Neal Rauhauser penned Bringing Breitbart (And Thomas) To Justice (Action Alert!).

There he utilised the standard model for an internet hoax, one so many before have used. Jason Leopold was perhaps the most infamous for his Karl Rove indictment hoax. Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin, yellow rag journalist Brad Friedman, and another unhinged, self-proclaimed journalist named Larisa Alexandrovna wet themselves with what I have coined as the Michael Connell Threatened by Karl Rove hoax.

The internet is a lot like driving. When we first hit the road, we are like, "This is wicked awesome, dude." Yet as the years pass, we see enough traffic, aggressive driving, and flipped birds to say, "This sucks." It's the same with the internet. At first, we're like, "Yay, what a wondrous thing." Then soon enough we notice there is convolution to the yin-yang; And that it's not just at the obviously nutty places.

Most people whether on the right, left, or in the middle want us to be the best America we can be. Sure, at first it's kinda swell to read heated exchanges between libtards and repukelicans. Even some of those preaching to the choir threads can hit the spot. Yet, those are rare occurences. By their intrinsic nature, such dialogues can only go so far.

Personally, I believe the most trippy fun to be had with intercourse is when everyone is a good jake and actually treats others with respect. I'm old-school like that. Raised in academia, I was enthralled by a system in which we were expected to research, reflect, and share our schticks with other like-minded thinkers. The narrower the subject area, the easier it was to get places.

So there you have it. We have libtards, repukelicans, and the open-minded. Oopsies. There's another category. They were mentioned earlier in this diary. There is a form of internet cretin, who while promoting him or herself as an activist and God's gift to the blogosphere, is actually a self-promoting schemer. Such people tend to have much success at first due to cynically understanding how easy it is to prey on human nature.

Heck, I've fallen for it myself. I believed in Brad Friedman. I didn't consider that he might have been talking out of his ass concerning Clint Curtis with his assassinated dog, Dieb-Throat, and other nonsense he's been involved in since late 2004.

In the above DKos link, a few things immediately came to mind which are formulaic in its preaching to the choir mentality. For each DKos diary, the first post is a tip jar, where the masses declare a thumbs up or down for the entry. Here's how the voting went for Neal Rauhauser aka Stranded Wind.

At this point, we know DKos is rigged for moderating. But 577 to 0? The Harlem Globetrotters never did that well against the overmatched Washington Generals.

Now what I don't get is this. Why if Rauhauser had done such an effective job planting the Team Breitbart scam did he not realise that subtlety is our best friend? Clearly he now has no credibility left, not a shred. So why not simply plant the seed? Why did he go over the edge, continue smearing innocent people, and post so much garbage with zero proof?

Also take note of his so-called exhibits proving porn expert goatsred was the Goebbels of Weinergate to Andew Breitbart's Hitler.

Oh, hmmm.....

I counted six of those. Did any of the 577 numbnuts voting thumbs up for Neals "article" consider that they might have been fed a hoax? Obviously not. And we now know for sure how contrarian muckrakers end up at disinfo palaces such as Daily Kos and Democratic Underground. They receive the banhammer.

Anyone ever hear of Annette Appollo, Dave Weintraub, Francis Holland, or socrates/Prepostericity (me)?

(See Annette Appollo: Death by Internet.)

What I'd also like to know is whether there is proof that Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin work together. On the surface, this is apparently true. is yet another Velvet Revolution donation project. Rauhauser promoted that group in his above diary. The following was also apparently posted by Neal Rauhauser.

Hmmm. Was Neal telling the truth when he wrote that Kimberlin is his client? I don't know.

I was arrested. The prosecutor knew it was nonsense and told a judge nolle prosequi, which to paraphrase means, "Get this bullshite out of me kisser."

Brett Kimberlin is a notorious jailhouse attorney who has been bullying me with court proceedings for about a year. He "lost" his case on November 14th but will still not let it go. He is currently attempting to have me imprisoned for contempt of court.

Maryland Judge Ricky Boy Jordan ordered that I not defame nor interfere with the Speedway Bomber's business interests. There was never any permanent injunction made that I cannot legally blog on the case or anything else having to do with Brett Kimberlin or associates of his such as Brad Friedman of the BradBlog concerning provable dispensation of convolution.

I made a mistake. I admit it. I was frantically trying to get funds together to make a trip down to Maryland. I had been in a depressed cave for many months. During most of this last year, I no longer cared. I blogged much less than ever before and even went to youtube to carve a nice little niche with this movie channel.

I was one of the last to find out I had been getting my arse cybersmeared by Neal Rauhauser at Daily Kos. Patterico, an Asst. D.A. from Los Angeles, tried his best to wake me up from my dogmatic man cave slumber. I almost woke up in time to prevent a default judgement. But my car was on the shelf. Attorneys wanted 40-50 grand to represent. I tried to find pro bono help but failed.

During I believe sometime in August, not sure because I am no good at remembering dates, in the midst of plenty o'emails back and forth with Patterico, Liberty Chick, and one including Aaron Worthing, I slipped in a sentence based on frustration. I thought I had phrased it well enough for it not to be construed as a death threat. I said something like maybe I should [you know what] Kimberlin to get some justice. It was a bad joke. I didn't flesh it out enough. The point of the failed joke was supposed to be that spending years in prison for killing the deluded Speedway Bomber would not have been justice. I was simply frustrated at not having the funds to get that frivolous, insane lawsuit dismissed.

The lovely and talented Liberty Chick didn't know me well at the time and ratted me out. Somehow I wasn't mad at her for doing so. Nonetheless, I didn't like being arrested and treated like dirt for well over 24 hours by the Maryland criminal justice system. That's a whole other ball of wax.

I will add that Liberty Chick did a splendid job helping me come up with a defense for the damages hearing. That the judgement was only $100 for a $2.25 million claim kinda sorta tells who really won. Omg, people must check out the Nov. 14th audio. Yay!!!!! Lol, I wrote omg and yay in a blog post. p:>

On Sept. 14th, Fatf***face set it up so we would have a damages hearing for November 14th. I am still awaiting the audio from that final hearing. Kimberlin clearly slandered me. Not only that, I got him to commit perjury on cross-examination. Hence, this is why I have become the toast of the internet and hailed by many as a modern day, civilian Perry Mason. I would not be surprised if Speedy and/or Rauhauser are arrested for activities conducted in relation to myself.

Some jackass (Hmmm, I wonder who that could be?) illegally posted my driver's license picture and court audio from the Sept. 14th hearing. The bottom line is since I hadn't made any actual or even direct death threat, the Maryland criminal justice system had no right to arrest me. I wouldn't have been if not for actions undertaken by serial fabulist Brett Coleman Kimberlin.

The holding cell was stuffy. They threw about eight of us into one man cells. There were tons of other cells, but those were used by the fat pigs as offices. I was given no food and subjected to sleep deprivation for approximately 16 hours.

Oh my, Kimberlin is asking for trouble from Maryland authorities once they become aware of the racket he's been peddling concerning myself. On November 14th, he denied setting the bombs in Speedway Indiana and claimed exoneration, but that due to some agreement with authorities details cannot be discussed. That's what I think I heard. I want that audio to confirm!

Judge Jordan, the former ambulance chaser, didn't stop for one second and consider that Kimberlin had just perjured himself. Even at the end, Jordan was still kissing Kimberlin's ass despite a mountain of bullshit that had been exposed by myself as lies. This is why I called him FatF***Face without asterisks in the day or two after returning to Massachusetts once the damages hearing had concluded.

Since becoming aware of being an introvert on November 17th, I no longer am prone to such crass behaviour. Thus the asterisks are now in place. p:>

Anyway, once I get that audio I'm gonna write a lot more about that November 14th hearing. Bet on it. And if any of ye come across that driver's license picture, please be aware that I had no clue it would later be plastered on the net by sadistic thugs. Otherwise, I would have dolled myself up for the occasion.

Lately I have been thinking of coming out with my real name and photos. Then ye will know how cute and charming I actually am.

Ok, I guess I better wrap up this post. Before doing so, I would like to add a few links that Neal Rauhauser doesn't want people to see. He posted them on a website called Open Left. If one tries to access them now, they will run into an "oopsie this page doesn't exist anymore" schtick.

Thanks to the internet gods, we have the wayback machine.

Organized Intimidation? Ambush Time. by: StrandedWind Sun Aug 29, 2010

Social Media's Neighborhood Watch by: StrandedWind Tue Aug 31, 2010

Here's the main reason Neal's dumbass hoax fell apart. If he had written less and quit while he was ahead, it wouldn't have been so easy to figure out there is no actual Team Breitbart. As a pure leftier than thou, I did not fit so easily into his script.

I was posting on Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman of BradBlog well before Liberty Chick and Patterico heard of their part and parcel connection to internet convolution. A year ago around approximately October, Liberty Chick came up with her fantastic piece on Velvet Revolution. She had basically stumbled onto the story. While researching a band, she came across Kimberlin's Justice Through Music. With a bit of web surfing, she was all of a sudden asking wtf.

Patterico teased her story. I emailed him. Months passed, blah, blahg, blogger, now we are in the present. And ain't payback a bitch?

Was Neal Rauhauser the notorious Dan Wolfe persona who helped bring down Anthony Weiner? I wouldn't bet against it. Cui bono? Who published two now scrubbed diaries at Open Left admitting to being into those kinds of cybersmearing endeavours?

Yet unlike internet predator Neal Rauhauser, I don't transform opinion or in his case lies into proven facts. There are two specific dumbf*** fat faces who need to immediately stfu and stop harassing innocent Americans, or the chickens (authorities) are gonna come home to roost on their soiled, sadistic, and deluded spirits.


Dustin said...

It still makes me sick to my stomach to think about how this worked out for you.

A false judgment is entered because you didn't put up a defense to some ridiculous claims made about you hundreds of miles from where you live, and it would cost $50,000 to attempt to fix?

Sickening. They need to find a better way to handle unanswered litigation.

But let that be a lesson: folks who are hit with a completely insane accusation should answer it. As unfair as it would be to have things work out the way they did here, that's the reality we're dealing with.

It's no surprise if Brett perjured himself in this recent case (I think he did, btw) as Aaron's latest post shows Brett has already been convicted for perjury in the past. Was that brought up in your hearing?

One thing I'm noticing is that you comments have a behavior that isn't helpful. I mean, calling cops pigs and calling judges fat or f*ckface... even in comments after the verdict... I gotta say, that's counterproductive.

I respect that you're truly exercising your human right to express outrage at government. I just think we have to assume they aren't done. There's a significant chance you will find yourself dealing with yet another set of lies requiring you to deal with a police officer or a judge.

Brett is apparently good at hustling people... you need to restrain your comments a bit.

I wasn't at your trial so maybe the judge really was incredibly unfair. I'm not saying I know your opinion is wrong. I just think it's a tactical error which Brett either cultivated or sees as a lucky break.

Anyway, I'm so sorry you've dealt with this much hardship for what I've seen as shedding light on a violent terrorist that everyone should know about.

Everyone should know that Brett Kimberlin was convicted of perjury. Everyone should know that he was convicted of violent crimes. Everyone should know that this man conned a lot of people, most notably Mark Singer, with fanciful tales that appeal to the left.

And he wants your money today for support with yet another fanciful cause, which is probably why he's so mad at Seth to begin with.


socrates said...

Thanks for the post. I'm kinda too spent to answer it right now. If you check back in a day or two, I should have a response by then. It's too bad I have to leave on comment moderation. People think they can drop posts here outing mu personal information and be sadistic cybersmearers and stalkers, and that I'm gonna allow that on my home base. No way.

socrates said...

They should let there be closed circuit tv. On news shows people can be interviewed without having to drag themselves to the location.

If Judge Jordan hadn't been such a pompous idiot, I'd be cutting him some slack.

No one is better than anyone else. The Judge Jordans of the world need to understand that most people know most judges are arrogant and elitist like him.

The same goes with poice and most authority figures in this country.

You and Liberty_Chick have the right to voice your concerns of my speech and couch it as if you are worried about me. Hey, I accept that's true for your perspectives. I am not censoring you or her. Both of you exhibit signs of having authoritative personalities. Most people wouldn't have ratted someone out like that for an email. You seem to think calling most cops and jufges pigs is wrong. THEY ARE!!! Saying so doesn't mean I'm a stinking communist madman. So give me thirty days in the slammer for using my free speech rights, and conservatives like ye can keep yapping about how great the constituion is and that Democrats suck. B-O-R-I-N-G and hypocritical.

I would like to know where you get the idea it's a cool thing to reveal my first name on my own blog.

This topic is actually getting fairly boring. To too many people, it is mere entertainment. To losers like Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser, it simply fuels their mental illnesses and hidden agendas.

Dustin said...

Yeah, I get your frustration.

My concern is sincerely practical, but I get where you're coming from. You just got a raw deal and now you're being asked to show special respect for folks because of their special government role.

That would rub me the wrong way.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't even dream of having ratted you out, but then, I was more familiar with you than LC was. I know she was trying to do the right thing.

When I learned that had happened, I exclaimed aloud 'oh no!' and my dog thought she had done something terrible. It is a very unfortunate situation.

You're justified in being pissed off. You deserve your freedom of speech. I don't like being your schoolmarm telling you to Obey and speak properly.

But I hate anything that gives Brett an advantage.

Anyway, your argument about the judge and the cops can be explained in a way that is probably very effective and doesn't raise this issue.

I hesitated to even mention it.

"So give me thirty days in the slammer for using my free speech rights, and conservatives like ye can keep yapping about how great the constituion is and that Democrats suck. B-O-R-I-N-G and hypocritical."

No, that isn't what I want.

I would be just as angry if a conservative was trying to out commenters and sue them. I think this isn't a matter of political bent, even about extremes. It's a con artist trying to abuse the legal system to squish a truth-teller. I think Brett would happily have been a conservative selling goofy stories if he thought that would have netted more cash.

"You seem to think calling most cops and jufges pigs is wrong. THEY ARE!!!"

I don't know many. I think power corrupts, and I think law enforcement can bring challenges that conflict with our rights. Good law enforcers deal with it. Something tells me the cops in the jail were just processing people from place to place more than seriously investigating, anyway.

I'm not saying you're wrong, though. I don't know. I think we're similar in how someone or thing can get under our skin, for legit reasons, and then we just let that control our reactions. That we're right seems to override whether or not we're being productive.

I hope you take my comments in the spirit with which they are intended. And again, thank you for standing up to Brett, even at serious personal cost. You don't have to be perfect in how you handled the storm you have earned a lot of respect.

Dustin said...

"To too many people, it is mere entertainment. To losers like Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser, it simply fuels their mental illnesses and hidden agendas."

Yeah. I am not clear on how they all work together. I think perhaps Brett sought them out to do what they do.

Regardless, this issue shouldn't go away until some questions are answered.

I do not blame you for wanting to wash your hands of it, though. There is a bigger world out there full of much more interesting things to campaign for and argue about.

socrates said...

I know you're a good guy. Sorry I didn't word myself a bit better in places in my last posts. I meant no offense and more in general my fed up withness of stuff.

Of course it needs to be covered and put into accessible understanding for newbies and fence-sitters. We need real journalists to get off their arses and cover this.

The bad guys fear us. They know payback is gonna be a bitch.

You're correct they are feisty buggers akin to cockroaches and rats who have major staying power.

Yeah, the more I think about it, Liberty_Chick shouldn't have done that. I used the words maybe and should which kind of make it not so much a death threat. Plus, it wasn't made directly, which also seems to be a necessary condition.

The Massachusetts' authorities clearly had no problem with it. I had zero notification or court dates. I met with a local copper, actually a nice guy, and he heard me out. He even knew a bit about the net, so it was probably an interesting time for him.

BK is clearly something else. I honestly can't figure him out. In court, he seemed to actually believe the stuff he was saying. But then when asked for evidence by myself and the Judge, he had nothing and didn't even consider that he did need something. He knows how to file and write out forms and whatnot, but he has incredibly wide blind spots.

Oh my. I have never been happier in my life. I have figured out my true nature. I am an idealistic, dreamer introvert. I will be a happy man the rest of my life, even if I were to never blog again.

As for this shite, I have absolutely no worries. If by the slimmest of chances anything happens, then I'll do the 30 days and chalk it up to bad courts, unfair legal systems for the poor, and a mass media that falls asleep at the wheel. I'd rather perservere through all this and be who I am than be someone like say Neal rauhauser or any of these others with obviously unbalanced minds.

And that's not to say I believe I am doomed in this case. But in Boston Red Sox Nation pre-2004, we knew well how jinxes work. So I am gonna zip my lips and sit back more with popcorn and juice. Knock on wood that the best is yet to come for this insane story the few of us truly understand.

donkeytale said...

Just posted my latest installment of the Troll Wars....but yeah, lets talk Pats/Packers, especially now that it seems a certain attorney is going to go to bat for you.

[Mixed spoets metaphor alert]

socrates said...

Yes, I have a bum knee or something, so a call was made to the bullpen.

I'm not really following football but look forward to checking out your new installment of Troll Wars©. As is that wonderful journalist on the rise, Roy Brynfaert. Anything's better than reading another Sergeant Failroughner Schultz post.

donkeytale said...

I already know what the final installment of my masterpiece will entail....and lets just say it will be the same regardless of the final outcome of your legal bullshit. And I believe you will find it a gratifying conclusion.

Like you, I also cannot fathom why that Liberty Chick ratted on you. However, I also cannot fathom why you sent the email that you did to all those peoples. I gather this was before you reached your current stage of enlightenment?

Since that time, I have found your attitude to be rather noble and heroic, especially as a dude who is willing to go to the gallows (well, OK its only 30 days in the cooler, but you get my drift) on behalf of his principles, while your adversaries slither around spasmodically in the muck like snakes.

OTOH, you need to consider the full picture here: jail time isn't the problem. Not at all. Well,except the food sucks, but then again, its a chance to shed those added holiday pounds.

No, its probation that really does people in.

They will attach all manner of do's and dont's on you, in effect robbing you of your freedom for years, not to mention piling on the additional costs for monitoring your probation. Once you're trapped, the failure of any one of the terms of probation could lead you into more serious jail time, lengthier probation and of course additional costs.

And then: wash rinse, spin, repeat. Suddenly, you are a career criminal.

That is the essence of the vicious legal cycle in this here banana republic by the rich for the rich which fosters the ridiculously heinous imprisonment of so many non-violent offenders, most of whom are serving time not for their actual "crimes," like smoking a little weed, or fighting with their spouse, but simply for failing to follow up on all the kafkaesque bureaucratic bullshit that they put on you post-conviction, AKA "probation violations".

socrates said...

Like you, I am waiting until the end to let it rip with final installments.

Of course I wrote what I did while in a depressed rut. It's explained what happened in the above diary.

Check this out. Not only am I an introvert, which doesn't mean shy, I am in another minority. This time I am in a grouping which makes up 2% of the population. I'm an idealistic dreamer. You can google INFP for more info.

Liberty Chick was cool helping me come up with a legal brief for the damages hearing. Maybe she did that out of guilt. What I did, though stupid, was not a death threat.

Oh my, I am sucking back a Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade. I don't care if that sounds like astroturfing and product placement. As Fred Astaire would say, "I'm in heaven!"

Or as Ginger Rogers would say, "You say oyster. I say erster."

And Liberty Chick as far as I see now has two strikes against her. I am tired of not being given the lowdown on the November 14th testimony. I was there, but it'd be nice to have the exact words spoken to carry through with the perjury schtick.

Methinks she is thinking of an exclusive career changing story.

I don't count her soiled politics as a strike. But definitely ratting me out was pure crap.

And yet again you make strong points on behalf of the poor and downtrodden abused by the criminal injustice system.

Court dumbasses need to pay more respect to poor people representing themselves. They need to set up closed circuit tv so poor people can defend themselves from home locations.

Of course fatfock lobbyists are probably not tooting such initiatives in the evil Beltway.

Oh man, that prison food did stink. They remove all the salt and spices and whatnot to pile on. The food wasn't too bad. It was edible. But it was sooo fricken bland on purpose. And those prison guards were the fattest fockers I've ever met. They must be some of the worst fockin shitfleas that exist.

donkeytale said...

OK, time out before I have to flag you 15 yards for a personal foul "failroughning the Liberty Chick".

Yeah, she focked up, but everywhere I have seen her post she goes out of her way to defend and humanise you.

So, in the interests of maintaining and strengthening your enlightenment, forgive her and consider this:

She too, along with the unjust what, several hours you spent behind bars, are all part of the process towards your self-fulfillment.

As the Buddha says, everything happens only in relation to everything else.

You should be ecstatic more than anything else that you have finally found some peace of mind.

In fact, I hope at some point that you will even recognise the positive aspect played (negatively, no doubt) by Kimberlin in helping you in your spiritual maturity and growth.

socrates said...

You make good points. I forgive her. I had to write what I did before, or I would look too much like a wimp. What you have written is holy. There is so much to life that transcends this bullshite, and heck yeah, I am happy with the results. Thanks.