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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Was Team Numbnuts Behind the Fake Verizon Schtick?

composite sketch of Team Numbnuts' leader allegedly spotted in Argentina

So out comes a Huffington Post article by Ryan Grim titled, Eric Boehlert Targeted In Bungled 'Verizon' Sting.

Here's the money quote. Emphasis mine.
But O'Keefe is not the only one who might want to embarrass Boehlert. [Boehlert] regularly tussles with conservatives online, particularly commentator Andrew Breitbart. In the days before the attempted prank, activists suggested targeting Boehlert on Twitter.

"#ows, @EricBoehlert is cashing 6-figure checks to support you. When u r run out of Zuccotti park, beers and brats at his place in NJ," tweeted @Flynn1776. That handle belongs to Mike Flynn, an editor at Breitbart's, which was the first to publish O'Keefe's ACORN sting.

He later added, "Wait, let's have an #occupy @EricBoehlert party. He's paid by the 1% after all. I'll send in the clowns. Redundant, yes, but it will be fun!"

Mandy Nagy, a Big Government writer who also lives in New Jersey, tweeted back, "I'm in! RT @Flynn1776 Hey@Liberty_Chick let's get NJ TeaParty folks 2 #Occupy @EricBoehlert. His paychck comes frm 1% & pol class after all."

Who likes to pin shite on Team Breitfart? Who would tweet apparent confessions just a few days prior to such activity occurring? Methinks the people behind this posing as a Verizon employee in order to harass Boehlert are actually from Team Numbnuts.

Back in July a seedy individual named Neal Rauhauser was all over my ass at The Daily Kos. Here are some excerpts from one of many entries devoted to astroturfing that I am on Team Breitfart.
Who has been in sight, frantically flogging explanations that don’t add up, is Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey, who writes under the pen name Patterico (say: pat-uh-RI-co).

And when someone forwarded me the complaint regarding Frey running a cyberstalking campaign in conjunction with [redacted], Massachusetts resident [socrates], well, maybe this whole situation is about to become much clearer.

First, take a look at the background from 2010, when he was intimately involved in defending James O’Keefe’s ACORN smear. This complaint about John Patrick Frey aka Patterico to the California Supreme Court details the perceived conflict of interest between someone who is a Deputy District Attorney and a vigorous defender of O’Keefe’s criminal capers. It also names a then anonymous cyber-stalker who used the pseudonym “Socrates”.

The author of the complaint, Brett Kimberlin of Velvet Revolution, later sued Socrates and pushed the process far enough to get Google to give up his identifying information, proving that the person behind the cyber-stalking was [socrates], of [redacted], Massachusetts. This link is to a PDF I created...

Summary: John Patrick Frey aka Patterico, in Los Angeles, worked with a cyber-stalker named [socrates] in [redacted], Massachusetts in 2010, defending the ACORN smear, a major scheme involving James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart.

Now consider what has happened in Weinergate and compare methods and locations.

The Dan Wolfe persona purportedly lived “near Cape Cod”. [redacted] and [socrates] lie between Boston and Cape Cod.

Now consider what has happened in Weinergate and compare

Pot meet kettle. Rauhauser is an internet thug. He seems with some others to be scouring the net for anything he can use to promote his Team Breitfart schtick. He has apparently been tied to using such a schtick via twitter.

So let's sum things up. Just days before this recent "O'Keefe-styled" event, two people affiliated with Andrew Breitbart's conservative leaning internet magazine tweeted the idea of Let's Occupy Boehlert.

I've gotten to know Liberty Chick a bit in real life. We don't agree on politics, but we have always been able to be respectful in debate with one another. Liberty Chick in no way whatsoever would have partaken in any fake Verizon scam.

There is an old adage that he who smelt it, dealt it.

I don't know anything about Ryan Grim. He has added some updates containing denials of involvement by Liberty Chick and Mike Flynn.

Perhaps Grim can explain how he learned of this story. It's very fortunate for Team Numbnuts, imho, that Boehlert was unable to jot down a license plate of the fake Verizon employee. Or perhaps Boehlert was somehow involved. I don't know. I don't know anything more about Boehlert than from what I gleaned from the HuffPost article. It wouldn't surprise me if he is buddies with Rauhauser.


donkeytale said...

Nice work. Complements my broader philosophical treatise from last week. Your bricks to my mortar. Or wtf.

People should read both. Maybe you should post this at FDL too, to see if you net any members of Team Trolls in the thread. Giving people a chance to follow up with yours after mine can only deepen their nderstanding of the importance of this semenal event.

Plus, it would be a creative dual artistic blogging achievement for Team Al Franken.

socrates said...

Thanks, Donkeytale.

I was reading HuffPost comments, and next to no one was asking tough questions, as in where's the beef?

It was mostly predictable and hence boring libtard versus repukelican small talk.

Liberty Chick has read this too, and she approves!

socrates said...

Hmmm. Patterico had a one word tweet today.


I wonder what that means.

Liberty Chick said...

I think you're onto something, Socrates. As I told the reporter, Ryan Grim, my tweets had absolutely nothing to do with whatever bungled Verizon sting occurred. I'd venture to guess that even Eric Boehlert probably doubts I had anything to do with that. Not my bag. Anyone who knows me knows that. Hence, why most, including me, laughed it off.

I don't know James O'Keefe very well, but I can't imagine he'd pull a stunt so obvious, so similar to the very New Orleans stunt that Neal constantly harasses O'Keefe (and O'Keefe's probation officer) about. Other observant follows - those who watch the lies that Neal, "Darrah" and Ron all tweet, Google bomb & comment spam - had contacted me to say they thought the cherry picking of those tweets was very "Brynaertish." (not implying anything in relation to the HuffPo reporter)

Either way, it all stinks like a big rotten fake fish, if you ask me. But hey, I'm taking it in stride. If Team Numbnuts had anything to do with it, the imbeciles only embarrass themselves, not me.

socrates said...

Thanks for the comment.

The bottom line is there is no proof of anything. I don't doubt a fake Verizon employee showed up at the dude's doorstep, but it served no purpose in the way it's been spun.

I thought O'Keefe's schtick was to video or audiotape such a thing, as in some form of street theatre for later broadcast.

The motive appears to have been to stoke anti-Breitbart emotions. It's fairly obvious who is trying to benefit off of that.

What gets me is what I wrote should be fairly obvious to anyone paying attention.

No one is going to tweet authentic plans to visit Boehlert and then have such a thing occur. Maybe the prank would have worked, if the culprits had left more of a gap between your joking tweets and the Verizon poser doing his thing.

socrates said...

It occurs to me that the way Neal implied I was "Dan Wolfe," I guess the bad guys might post somewhere the idea that it was goatsred acting on his own. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that there is no such thing as Team Breitbart. Sure, you and Patterico have written for him. So have a lot of other people. I wouldn't have gotten to know either one of you, if our interests hadn't merged in regards to looking into the Speedway Bomber. I need to find a pro bono attorney and sue Neal Rauhauser.