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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brad Friedman of BradBlog

Hmmm, like the independent, progressive, aggressive, and investigative Clint Curtis exclusive?

Blogs spin tale of computers, conspiracies
... Now some Internet Web sites that traffic in conspiracy theories have fashioned something of a political thriller out of a series of apparently unrelated events they say prove the elections really were stolen.

The tale reaches far beyond elections to include a dead investigator for the state Department of Transportation, a $210 red Coach purse, gambling trips to Las Vegas and Biloxi, Miss., a Chinese computer expert charged with illegally shipping computer chips to Beijing and an Oviedo computer firm accused of overbilling the state....

They have seized on an affidavit Curtis wrote Dec. 6 about his allegations of vote fraud. The affidavit was initially published the same day on On March 3, Curtis passed a lie detector test given by Tim Robinson, retired chief polygraph operator for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Curtis swore in the affidavit that he was at a meeting in Oviedo in September or October 2000 when Feeney asked if he could develop a program to alter vote tabulations on touch screen voting machines....

Curtis said he developed a program that included invisible buttons on touch screen machines that could alter vote totals, but he does not know whether it was ever used. He said he gave the program to one of his bosses, Li Yang, but did not keep a copy....

Curtis said he wrote the affidavit after reading about a reward for anyone who could verify vote fraud. He didn't want the money, Curtis insists, but wanted to prove the elections had been stolen. He presented copies of his affidavit to several congressional staffers and testified before a Democratic committee looking at fraud allegations in Ohio.

Mark Singer: "It wasn't as if the scales fell from my eyes all at once."
StarFiles: The Speedway Bombings, Part 2

FLASHBACK: Let's travel back to Patterico comments made in October 2010.
The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Except, of course, Brad Friedman’s darkest secret....

I can say, as I say in the UPDATE, that I am obviously messing with Brad in this post (or am I?). Whether it’s really a deep dark secret, or something he OUGHT to be worried about people knowing (but isn’t), I don’t know.

Me, I find it disturbing either way.....

[In response to "supposing for the sake of argument you are NOT just screwing with him but andy has something… where should i tune in?"]

I believe Big Journalism.

But if you knew where to look you could find it all right now.....

Sorry, I am having to be extraordinarily subtle here. If you do manage to scour the ‘Net and find what I am talking about, you will likely see how all the clues fit.

I think it will be a few days before the shoe drops.....


I see you quoted Socrates in your post.

Is that because I quoted Socrates in my comment above?

I have a feeling we may all be quoting Socrates soon re Friedman.

I'll wrap up this mailed in entry with another excerpt from Mark Singer's remarkable book Citizen K, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1996, p. 364 (during a trip to the Ukraine).
"You know, Brett," I said, "this is where the book ends. I came here with you because I hoped it would give me a scene I could use, and I think it did. I want you to have the last word. Remember how you told me to pack a bathing suit, because we might get to spend some time at Melekhina, on the Azon Sea? Well, I conjured this fantasy of us lying there on the beach sunning ourselves. And I imagined how great it would be if you would turn to me at a certain point and say, "Only in America." But then things got busy and we never made it. I hate to lose that as an ending, though, so I have a favor to ask. You wouldn't mind if I made that scene up, would you? What if I just pretend we went there? What if I write it up as if it really happened and end the book with that line?"

Kimberlin was propped on his elbows, looking utterly satisfied, smiling, then chuckling, "Sure, go ahead," he said. "Do it. Make it all up. Make the whole thing up."


Anonymous said...

Need a break from the Srsly Syrian Shiite at the Pffuge.

I've been on fire there, but like Assad, I'm overusing my shells on a battered, bludgeoned enemy.

Unlike Assad, I maintain the high ground and am able to fend off any schtickiness that might try to push the stone back up the shining mansion on the hill, where my zeigeistic genius sometimes resides unless I'm rolling in the shiite.

socrates said...

I tried to post earlier at Pffugee, but there were glitches or something.

I googled that lady journalist, and it looks very shady. She has a Valerie Plame scent. That'd be ironic if she turned out to be uhm alphabet letter related.

Her big gigs have been for The Daily Mail, Iranian something, and check this out, Pravda.

She's writing up a storm on her blog, but I don't get where a babe like that thinks she can come out of nowhere, make outrageous claims, and expect anyone except the failrefts of the world to believe.

Anonymous said...

RT, which has become the Fake Left go-to media source, is merely a privatised version of Pravda, where the Soviet State has given way to the Capitalist State, but little else has changed besides the bits of extra change jingling in a few more pockets.

Putin, of course, also hails from one of those three letter organisations.

Its all very queer, but more and more, as the body snatched fake leftist foreign legions of like-unminded Lauras and Fairlefts grow ever louder in unison noise, we are starting to see mainstream media begin to notice, and to more or less accurately cut them a new one, as some of us have been doing for awhile now.

It seems I pretty much took the shine out of Laura's schtick so that she hasn't even been around for a few days and most greatfully, Failreft has disappeared too. Funny, I clicked through a link at Lenin's to the Jews without borders blog and found FL there! RIOTOUS! He and Laura must do little else but lurk on comment threads all day and night. She is something of an expert on Salon, which is curious, because Salon is one of the most boring sites in the history of the whiteysphere. Except for Lorraine, of course.

Fascism is a funny business at first, like how they all laughed at comical figgers Mussolini and his jutting jaw, and Hitler with his Chaplinesque moustache and the hysterical rantifying speeches.

It was all very funny until it wasn't funny at all.

socrates said...

The MSM used to go to the blogs and see what juicy bits could be pilfered. Initially the MSM had ignored the net up until the 2000s.

That's when the MSM changed its tune saying, "Check out all the hoop-la going on through those monitors, which collectively linked are referred to as the international wide world of web. Those crazy kids nowadays. This is Walter Cronkite on special assignment. That's the way it was."

But then emerged mountains of false alarm, disinfo shite not only presented on the obviously demented blogs. It's really no surprise the MSM has turned the ignore button back on.

I mean, think about the crap plugged by Jason Leopold. The problem wasn't Keith Olbermann. The problem was Phil Donahue got canned. Keith's a nice dude, but he's never had the brains of Donahue. Phil would have kept it real.

Olbermann's ego got in the way. He was our only true chance for a mass movement to emerge through a meeting of the wild, wild internet and MSM minds.

Look at some of the shite pumped out over the years by Brad Friedman. That Michael Connell conspiracy story was pure bullshite. Who the heck still takes BradBlahg seriously? He's been running as kooky a scam as anyone.

Then there's been Daily Kos acting all smarmy anti-kooky, yet what have they been but either extra boring or a blog full of unsubstantiated smears and hate discourse?

Democratic Underground was also busted. The internet sucks!

I'm not surprised Brad Friedman is buddies with Phil Giraldi. The internet is fried, period.

Fricken what they did to Jan Schakowsky should never be forgotten. And now I have to wonder wtf was up with Sibel Edmonds from the start. Maybe she was full of shite the whole time? It's not like any of her shite was ever substantiated, no? And such fricken fake conspiracies ruin it for those of us able to track down some A-1 Prime Conspiracy fact juice. That's what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Well ol Sybil shirley was crazier in the head, so ya gotta believe she was also very hotter in bed.

As for Jan Shalkovsky.......uhhh, nyet.

I don't care if she's a meteor with a fiery tail in the sack.

Not. Gonna. Do. It.

I branched out and added another new wrinkle to my ouevre today by posting my translation of a auro-translation of some Russkie who was banging on Putin, the puto.

I threw it up at My FDL and did manage to get a typical fractured response from yet another one Team Body Snatched.

Pretty good stuff. I enjoyed the heck out of doing the work to, for some fracked reason. I suppose I could do it even better if I wanted to waste even more time, but I decided to go back to bed instead just to take Frau Tale's temperature.


socrates said...

I'll take a looksie, when some free time arrives. I'm sitting back watching another foreign flick.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO. This great stuff. As you may have expected, I posted this masterpiece on two possibly three to 4 levels of increasingly complex meaning.


2. love siren to Karen Lewis.

Linky Thingie:

the_last_name_left said...

good stuff.

shame LibertyChick uses it all as a stick with which to beat the Left. Bit ironic since you did much of the work.

Hope all is well

socrates said...

And now Kimberlin has filed a motion to take over control of this blog.

Thanks for the kind thoughts. Same to you. It's messed up what happened and continues to happen. But it's all there in the court records and audio. Kimberlin is missing marbles. Or some of them were doused in gasoline. Something. Something ain't right with that boy.