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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is Internet Predator Neal Rauhauser Attempting To Manipulate Anonymous?


The Crying Wolfe did not write that the ip below visited his website. Here's the link in question. He basically listed search terms used to find his blog. So someone googled or whatever the ip address and it brought them to Crying Wolfe. Instead of a search term, an ip address was listed. IP's can represent websites. What I find most odd is why would someone google that ip with it leading to Mike's blog? It seems odd for a coincidence.

Maybe Legionnet is a true Anonymous person. Maybe not. I don't know. One other thing; Legionnet wordpress has been scrubbed. But the emails below were reposted by LegionNet and did not originate at that blog, as far as I can deduce.

This can't end well for Neal. His Kookpocalypse hoax has sputtered. The only folks left buying into his supertroll schtick are the Twitter account OccupyRebellion and some other sock puppet accounts.

Those appear to have two primary motives. One, to perhaps encourage Anonymous to attack those smeared by the Kookpocalypse hoax. Secondly, to establish Rauhauser's and other fake leftist's images as authentic Occupy Wall Street activists. This is internet convolution at its finest!

Nonetheless, Neal should pay heed to what recently happened to Tony Berman aka Root. He should keep in mind what happened to Hal Turner.

Crying Wolfe recently posted that ip # visited his blog. A quick google search of that ip leads to an interesting find.

root is a snitch
Hi Alexa:

I took a deal with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and will be working with Wesley Hsu of the Cyber and IP Crimes for the US DOJ. I will be helping the US Government with the forensics against the individuals were logged with our “Whiny Da Pedo” honey pot.

They offered that I would not be prosecuted for any of my participation in Operation Darknet. I unfortunately have to turn over the source code of our modified Tor Button. From my last email, but the modified Tor Button had an LOIC component that would run secretly run denial of service requests TCP floods to Mike Perry’s website,

Sadly, they may request that I help with the hard drive forensics of any Anon’s that are raided in 2012. I suggest that you use Truecrypt with cascading ciphers AES – Twofish- Serpent or any combination of those ciphers.

I recommend using a 20-30 character password to defeat any forensics. If you ever need to contact me, my Verisign email is I wish you the best.

Tony Berman aka root #3
And there's more:
Hello Mr. Wesley Hsu:

I have additional information that maybe helpful in your DOJ prosecution against Jacob Appelbaum, “ioerror”, for Wired Fraud charges Tor Project funds in funding Wikileaks. Jacob Appelbaum is one of primary developers of the Tor Project and one of the core members of Wikileaks. His college Mike Perry is also using an Limited Liability Corporation for what I assume to be for tax invasion purposes.

I will be flying from Tokyo to Los Angeles for Christmas
celebration. I am willing to schedule sometime to meet in your Los Angeles office in January 2012. I am willing to collaborate with all investigations, provided that I am granted Immunity From Prosecution related to my involvement of Anonymous from October 2011 to November 2011.

Also, I would like also see that the individuals who were logged my “Operation Darknet” browsing Child Pornography sites be indicted for possession or access to such sites on the Tor Anonymity network. Attached to this email is also the current leadership structure of the Anonymous Hacking Group:

* Power2All
* evilworks
* Isis aka Effexor
* daboogieman
* Poke
* Jupiler
* pi
* Xq
* pie
* joepie91
* Sabu

I have additional information that the SCADA hacker known as “pr0f_srs” is a college student residing in the country of Hungary.

Tony Berman aka root #3
Neal Rauhauser reeks of being the same kind of spy factory tool.

shell access to BGP router, CALEA tips??
From: N Rauhauser []
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2012 12:13 PM
Subject: shell access to BGP router, CALEA tips??

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I wanted to check something on an IP address block this morning and, much to my surprise, I don't have access to a single router that has a full table in it - first time since 1999 this is the case. I see route views is still happily serving up shells, but I'm curious to know if there are any other viewpoints available. I am probably going to script something for this particular problem, so I want boxes that have shell access, not graphical looking glass type stuff.

I am also plunged into the world of lawful intercept after a long absence. Other than providing muddled responses ten minutes before the deadline on obvious MPAA/RIAA trolls I haven't had to do a subpoena response since 2005 and I've not installed anything that needed to meet requirements since 2009. Is there a good write up somewhere on the current state of affairs?

Neal Rauhauser
Now things are getting curiouser and curiouser. From The Crying Wolfe blog:

Unless there's some sort of spoofing explanation, I like many want to know why internet convolution is being pumped out from a government ip address.

Anyway, my next project will be rewriting stuff that got deleted because of the default judgement. Keep in mind that Brett Kimberlin did not prove one example of my having defamed him or illegally interfered with his business. What got deleted were facts that transcend who I am. I will not simply copy and paste what got whitewasshed, because the court ordered them gone. I am fully aware of how to repost things without there being any way Kimberlin can get it erased. It's not libel, if it's the truth.

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