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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Poopocalypse; internet convolution at its finest

internet predator Neal Rauhauser

Neal Rauhauser's kookpocalypse was easy to figure out. He was trying to kill two birds with one stone.

*** Divert attention. Steer it away from having been exposed as an internet predator. Navigate hype towards Team Breitbart versus Team Numbnuts schtick.

*** Re-establish Neal Rauhauser as a Mr. Regular Guy from the Netroots.

Ron Brynaert has been tweeting a lot of garbage yet up to now is mysteriously quiet since Kookpocalypse. Correction on that. Ron and Aaron are now battling it out via Twitter. Aaron's clearly kicking Ron's ass. According to Brynaert, Aaron had to be separated by nine guards lol, and that I'm the "most notorious cyberstalking troll on the net."
@AaronWorthing If you didn't punch Brett Kimberlin in the face inside a courthouse and have to get pulled off him by 9 guards what happened?
What's up with him saying Rupp threatened Aaron with a court ejection?

Hmmm, I'm not sure what he's whining about. I'm the one who scooped the "incestuous relations" angle.

Oh, get your facts straight, Ronnie Boy. You've been saying for sure through Twitter that Aaron Worthing physically attacked Brett Kimberlin.

Listen to yourself, Mr. Intrepid Journalist!

Ron's probably paranoid because of Aaron's Lee Harvey OsCat twitter avatar.

Ron shouldn't be making such absolute statements, when it's innocent until proven guilty.

Ron calling Aaron the true terrorist

Neal revealed as Brynaert's "source."

Sugarpie doting Crying Wolfe

There it is. He unequivocally declared Aaron assaulted Kimberlin.

Aaron has a new entry: In Which Brett Kimberlin, Convicted Terrorist and Perjurer, Tries to Get Me Killed (In My Opinion)

Ron Brynaert recently became a frontpaged blogger at BradBlog. Brad Friedman is a co-founder of Velvet Revolution. Hmmm. So anyway, Ron penned some kooky conspiracy theory centered on an alleged media cover-up of the Benazir Bhutto assassination.

According to a court document from my case, it appears, imho, that by no later than December 21st, Neal Rauhauser had already obtained Aaron's real full name.
Aaron Worthing protection requirements
From: Neal Rauhauser
To: Aaron Worthing
CC: Mark Rasch

Aaron (or whatever your name is:)

I would normally point and laugh at someone associated with Breitbart's operation getting outed, but this situation is a litte different. I think you knew at the outset that your Everyone Draw Mohammed site was offensive to Muslims, bu there are some other things happening in the world that will likely make for an even more dangerous situation when your name comes out.

You are going to need someone that does the sort of things I do, someone you can trust completely with your name and other details of your life, and you've got a window of opportunity to clean things up before your name turns up in civil or criminal documents, and then on Jihad web sites not long after that.

The cc on this message is Mark Rasch, the man who headed the DoJ Cybercrimes division during the Bush years. He is also here in the Metro D.C. area and I hope including him will make the gravity of the situation clear. I am willing, at this time, to get on the phone with Mark and explain the nature of the potential threat - he'll leave someone who can help you. I get the slightest hint that anyone knows I sent this email and my schedule will be immediately full and stay that way until after the election.

Regards, Neal Rauhauser
Neal sent a similar thingie to me on October 5th. That too is in the court documents.

Here are some Aaron tweets:

"@ronbryn btw, still waiting for your investigation into whether Brett Kimberlin obtained his injunction against [Me] by perjured testimony."

"@ronbryn @AndrewBreitbart what is your evidence that i committed any crime? or do you trust the word of a convicted perjurer?"

Let's return to Poopocalypse. Or let's not and say we did. It's basically supertroll hoax garbage. Neal Rauhauser is part and parcel of internet convolution.

Tweet by SabzBrach: #kookpocalypse connections - (PDF) Tweet to this link: * * Issa, Barr, & the Breitbart Cell

Yawn, here's from some of that internet convolution apparently put together by Neal Rauhauser. It goes on for quite a while. If you get bored, consider strengthening your scrolling skills.
Andrew Breitbart’s ISR Cell?
Introduction: I filed a five page report on [Crying Wolfe] and his associates via email to four members of Montgomery Township, NJ law enforcement on 1/14/2012 (pdf link). I received a call from a detective on 1/16/2012 and he requested that I send him the full context (pdf link), with the agreement that this material was to be treated as a matter of fact, but not leading to a criminal complaint just yet.

The unwanted attention that [Cring Wolfe] is directing toward me and others is the latest episode in an eighteen month long running conflict between what appears to be a loose group of right wing activists, but there may be much more to it than that.

What I’m going to say later in this document will sound like conspiracy theory, so I’ll provide a few bona fides here before I start. It should be clear that I’m an analyst used to dealing with complex, ambiguous situations.

Prior to my 12/2010 resignation over the handling of Bradley Manning I was the oldest surviving member of Project Vigilant, clear back to 1997.

• I’m the author of the analysis that triggered the call for House hearings on HBGary Federal – of interest as the disgraced former CEO of the group may be playing a behind the scenes role in what is described herein.

• Some of the players and situations described herein are already known to the FBI due to a series of visits they made to my office in Illinois during the summer of 2011, collecting information on potentially violent right wing extremists ahead of the 2012 election cycle....

Summary: ...

• Aaron Worthing – 1/9/2012 arrest for assault after a libel suit hearing in Montgomery County, MD

• John Patrick Frey – Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, currently under investigation for the long running cyberstalking effort aimed at Brett Kimberlin....

• Michelle Lessick – tentative name for Twitter user @ZAPEM, author of the Twittergate smear against Rauhauser, claims at times to be police dispatcher or married to an officer, resident of [redacted], NJ area. Observations of the now hidden Twitter account indicate this person is clinically paranoia they also kept very long hours – perhaps another methamphetamine abuser.

• Mandy Nagy – contributor, [redacted], NJ resident, responsible for the police report that lead to the 9/2011 arrest of [me], after she became fearful he truly meant to harm Brett Kimberlin. She has been involved in the distribution of the smear against Kimberlin....

There are a variety of reasons that [Crying Wolfe] & Co. have regarding their targeting Rauhauser, Kimberlin, Grandmason, and “Darrah Ford” that include:

• Rauhauser wrote extensively about Stack, Frey, Bloom, and their fabrications regarding former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

• Kimberlin and Rauhauser both promote the effort, a grassroots push to get Breitbart, O’Keefe, and Giles indicted for the 2009 wire tap violations in Maryland.

• Kimberlin and Rauhauser have both been involved in advocacy regarding terminating James O’Keefe’s probation for his 2010 attempt to wire tap Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in Louisiana.

• Kimberlin filed a complaint with the California Supreme Court regarding John Patrick Frey’s frequent misconduct.

• Kimberlin was assaulted by [Aaron Worthing] outside a court room in Rockville, MD.

• Rauhauser has drafted, made public, but not filed a libel suit against Lessick for the 2010 Twittergate smear.

• Rauhauser filed a complaint regarding Read’s stalking behavior that resulted in a “knock and talk” visit from Arlington PD....

• Rauhauser has attempted to get Ryan ejected from Infragard for his reckless, unethical conduct....

• HBGary – analysis of planned corporate funded targeting of Brett Kimberlin/Velvet Revolution and other activist organizations

• John Patrick Frey – collection of postings from, personally identifying information, his role in Weiner & Kimberlin stalkings

• Mike Stack – postings from CryingWolfe WordPress, Twitter, XXX Porn Talk

• Patrick Swift Read – co-operator of right wing cyberstalking cell with 25 members at peak, details come from observation and an insider that was burned by the group....

• Twittergate – complex smear created by Lessick that was aimed at Rauhauser during the 2010 election cycle. This included a direct threat that got FBI hate crimes squad moving to interview a man in South Carolina.

• Weiner Stalking – Absolute circus to interpret due to purposeful obfuscation, but particulars of Mike Stack & Born Free Crew involvement prior to the actual event are included.Conspiracy or Coincidence?

What appears to be conspiracy to the unschooled mind is often explained by association after the fact – two victims of the same criminal enterprise will often connect after each has been targeted, leaving the appearance that they were acquainted prior to the events that actually brought them together.

This could also explain the association between various bad actors seen here – each have made the mistake of engaging either Kimberlin or Rauhauser, gotten roughed up in the process, and then may have found each other after the fact and compared notes.

Let’s review a timeline of the top level happenings here.

• Summer 2009 Kimberlin smear – [Socrates] begins reviving the story of a domestic bombing conviction that Kimberlin was cleared of almost twenty years ago.

• 9 Oct 2010 Twittergate smear – Lessick, Read, and Greg W. Howard are the primary promoters. Lessick and Read become the go to people when wingnuts need paranoid theories about Rauhauser.

• 11 Oct 2010 Kimberlin smear in Huffington Post via Mandy Nagy

• 9 Nov 2010 Kimberlin smear in Huffington Post mentioned by Aaron Barr to another Team Themis person.

• 6 Feb 2011 HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr claims to have names of Anonymous leadership in the Financial Times. An Anonymous node tears the company apart and strews their email all over the internet.

• Spring 2011 HBGary intrusion analysis written by Rauhauser. 15 February 2011 through 12 May 2011, meeting Kimberlin during this time period due to his noticing that Velvet Revolution was a target of the operation.

• 26 May 2011 Weinergate smear becomes public prematurely on 26 May 2011, Weiner resigns 16 June 2011, teen girls and their mother determined to be fake 17 June 2011.

.... predates Aaron Barr arriving at HBGary Federal and its promotion is likely in place due to Kimberlin’s focus on tying Andrew Breitbart to the James O’Keefe/Hannah Giles wire tap in Baltimore in 2009.

The Twittergate smear is a paranoid delusion from a woman who was part of a group of Tea Party activists that were being harassed by kids from SomethingAwful and 4chan.

This has evolved and been used by others since the initial effort.

The Weiner smear was carefully calculated and the back trail appears to be four to six months before the actual event. Weiner slipped, or was pushed, letting it out before they had all their assets in place. Someone should have secured Stack’s identity before letting him near that stuff, unless the planner intended for he and Born Free Crew to be the fall guys.

So, these could all be explained by coincidence. However:

• This is precisely the sort of strategy that Team Themis, the information/surveillance/recon cell proposed to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by Aaron Barr, was intended to execute.

• Barr and Patrick Ryan of [redacted] were actively discussing Mandy Nagy’s promotion of the smear of Brett Kimberlin that originated with [Socrates], as seen below.

• Barr and Thomas Ryan have been sighted together at events, and Ryan disclosed a connection with Barr via his sloppy “infiltration” of an Occupy Wall Street mailing list.

• Rauhauser’s authorship of the paper on HBGary/Team Themis is obscure, but public, and may well have come to the attention of Barr. Conclusion:

Some of what is covered here is simple grassroots activism, albeit by those with serious ethical deficits as well as substance abuse, organic mental problems, or character disorders that preclude good judgment. Some of it is clearly professional, strategic smearing of opponents, and very specifically instituted to intimidate or discredit for the sake of avoiding consequences for other crimes. Much of it is an implausible blend, brought on by the incompetence and arrogance of those trying to operate the slime machine, both amateurs and “professionals”.

The attention to Brett Kimberlin by many people connected with Andrew Breitbart seems motivated most by a desire to protect Breitbart, James O’Keefe, and Hannah Giles from the consequences of their illegal wiretap against ACORN in Baltimore in 2009.

The lack of attention on Team Themis is puzzling at first – this is quite literally the Watergate of our age, and there have been Congressional calls for hearings. Looking a bit closer we can determine that Congressman Darrel Issa is the chairman of the committee responsible for investigating such things.

... Stack alleges that he has several hundred emails between himself, the “Dan Wolfe” persona, and Seamus Kraft. This having been admitted, is obstruction of justice if neither he nor Kraft can produce this material for a Department of Justice investigation.

Here are a few questions that need answers:

• Did Andrew Breitbart inherit the remains of Team Themis?

• Is Thomas Ryan a cut out between Andrew Breitbart and Aaron Barr?

• Is any of the $10M Breitbart’s BigGovernment received funding an ISR cell?

• Was Darrell Issa’s staffer really guiding such ill conceived efforts?

• Why are there hearings on Occupy D.C, but not on HBGary?

.... Just imagine if these things were being done by unions, Occupiers, or Anonymous. What corruption provides Breitbart’s people a free pass for this crime.
So there's your idiotic Rauhauser hoax in a nutshell. Here's a bit from a second document currently available online.
*** Thomas Ryan of ProvideSecurity/Zetas Cartel 11/2/2011 ***

A member of the Occupy Wall Street group contacted me this weekend and notified me that Thomas Ryan of ProvideSecurity was endangering U.S. members of Anonymous who have had their names made public via a probable false flag operation aimed at the Zetas Cartel.

Ryan has a history of subterfuge – specifically the creation of the Robin Sage persona which invaded the privacy of many members of the intelligence community. He has also engaged in various infiltration schemes aimed at Occupy Wall Street, which have been reported on Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.

This was a clumsy operation, in which he disclosed all his FBI and NYPD contacts, as well as a relationship with former HBGary CEO Aaron Barr. I’ve attached a brief about HBGary and their Team Themis project which was circulated to House and Senate staffers last spring. It provides a quick overview of that situation....

Ryan is writing for BigGovernment, Andrew Breitbart’s web site. Breitbart, or at the very least his operative, Los Angeles County Deputy D.A. John Patrick Frey have, for the last two years steered a subnormal conspiracy theorist named Socrates at Velvet Revolution founders Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman. This process ended when Socrates was outed during a civil suit and then arrested for threatening both the judge and Kimberlin. The matter was referred to the FBI as it might have qualified as a murder for hire plot and it crosses state lines in a variety of ways. This was in connection with Montgomery County, MD civil suit 339254-V.

I have a civil suit brewing against Twitter user ZAPEM. I’m fairly certain this is Michele Nagy-Reilly, sister of BigGovernment contributor Mandy Nagy, and author of a complex, long running smear against me known as Twittergate. I am a vocal public proponent of – a group dedicated to bringing Breitart to justice for his role in the illegal wire tapping of ACORN members here in Maryland. Given the mix of Ryan, Barr, Breitbart and the fact that I am known to be involved with Anonymiss (small group, mostly female, forensics oriented) I don’t imagine it’s going to be very long before I’m marked for death as an Anonymous kingpin.
There's a new docket snippet.
New motion: Docket Date: 02/06/2012
Docket Number: 133
Docket Description: REQUEST, HEARING
Docket Type: Docket Filed By: Plaintiff
Also from the case file:
Docket Date: 01/06/2012 Docket Number: 114
Docket Description: MOTION, WITHDRAW
Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Plaintiff Status: Open
Aaron denies assaulting Kimberlin.

It's very strange Kimberlin would send letters to the FBI and police requesting protection for Aaron. That makes no sense whatsoever considering he outed Aaron and persists in trying to unseal or slip in his personal info. Kimberlin's intent is to out Aaron, period.

If it hadn't been for Kimberlin, no one would know who Aaron is. Aaron Worthing is being cyberstalked in front of everyone, period. The most surreal part of this is to watch Kimberlin ping-pong back and forth between internet convolution and a real life Maryland court. All hail Judge Rupp the Magnificent! The Reign of Triple F has ended.

Oh my, what do old codgers say about giving them enough rope for something?

Aaron's new article is brilliant. He pretty much articulated everything which needed to be said.

Why does Kimberlin feel Aaron's personal info needs to be revealed? Why is Kimberlin emailing cops and FBI to help Aaron, since he's doing the outing? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? What judge in his right mind would not side with Aaron?

Occupy Kookpocalypse

These Occupy day thingies are certainly "advertised." It's not as if folks are afraid of tipping off the bacon. Kookpocalypse was coined to signify this: Hey everyboody, this is "sane" Neal reporting live from Beantown.

Neal has requested his name be completely deleted from DFQ2.

Oh, does he think I'm gonna say "OK" and then delete? For crying out loud. p:>

It's called Kookpocalypse, because many refer to Occupy Wall Streeters as "Occupy Kooksters." Neal gets the added bonus of sconnecting that to his goofy hoax.

Let's have Aaron provide the last words to this mailed in entry.
Aaron: "So if you help this man and his co-conspirators, then that is what you are aiding. If you donate to his various non-profits, maybe they do lots of other good work, but you are also helping support this piece of human filth who probably should never have been set free in the first place."

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