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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Is Idiotic

Neal Rauhauser and Ron Brynaert are steering people away from understanding what's truly going on. They want folks to think this has gotten beyond stale, and that there are much better stories to read.

Here are some bottom lines for anyone getting frustrated. This post is dedicated to all the cute newbies and fence-sitters out there whining, "Hmmmph, this sucks!"

Weinergate has been over ever since that dude admitted his Twitter account hadn't been hacked.

Rauhauser parlayed Weinergate into his Team Breitbart hoax. Mike Stack and myself comprise most of the hoax glue filler. Breitbart helping expose Weinergate acts as bookend hoax glue. Be very careful when sniffing hoax glue, unless of course you're having trouble falling asleep.

They simply don't make internet hoaxes like they used to.

Stack got swatted. He was wrongfully accused of all sorts of things, such as having been the primary Weinergate conduit. Rumour has it Patterico also got swatted.

Kookpocalypse is simply an extension of Neal Rauhauser's original Team Breitbart hoax. It's a rambling package of hoax garbage, filled to the hilt with outright lies.

Do folks want to waste time reading those, or wouldn't it be best to simply wrap this shite up for some closure while continuing to hope proper authorities start cleaning up the mess?

I had a good blogging stretch during the 2008-09 season. I was at Brad Friedman's BradBlog. I didn't understand why Brad was ignoring my Steven Hertzberg schtick. That pissed me off. Why was he ignoring that?

So I left BradBlog, and Brad wished me luck in digging up dirt on himself.

When one initially uncovers the connection from Brad to Brett, one experiences euphoria mixed in with childlike curiosity. Like OMG, you know what I'm saying? It's fascinating!

There's plenty we could discuss. There's the odd connection between Brett Kimberlin and Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story. To this day, recalling Larisa's vouching for Brett's "double secret exoneration" schtick causes one's head to spin.

Anyhoo, fast forward a bit to the Michael Connell hoax. That was pure gold for internet convolution. I mean, in regards to having entertainment value. That lasted until Michael Connell actually died in a small airplane crash; Then the laughing ceased.

Long story short, I emerged as a player in that story as Prepostericity. It was about two years later that Mandy and Patrick Frey picked up the baton. That coincided with my going on a posting spree writing with good friend The Last Name Left on Friedman and Kimberlin.

Shortly thereafter, I was sued by the Speedway Bomber. That case has now gone on for well over a year. It is apparently in a holding pattern.

Neal Rauhauser is a total dick. People in Anonymous should research that dude and see that he's trying to coerce Anonymous members to take action against people named in his Kookpocalypse hoax papers.

The Aaron stuff also seems to be in a holding pattern. The only update on that is Kimberlin keeps trying to slip his real name into the case file, with Aaron continually asking for such personal information sealed.


Neal Rauhauser? Insane!


Anonymous said...

I changed my password on old internet addy one night whilst enjoying perhaps one too many Guinness Foreign Extras (9.5% alcohol content if you're scoring at home)

(and if you are scoring at home why are you reading this)

When I next tried to log in I remmembered that I had forgotten my new password.

Im an internet genius!

haha, and Guess what? The special question that I had cleverly devised for myself in order to retrieve a lost password, which I set for myself lo, those many years ago.

My library care Id.


What is a "library?"

socrates said...

Everything is corrupt. Even schools are getting a bit too cozy with the internet.

Cursive writing is no longer taught. Americans have not only gotten fat but incredibly stupid too.

There was a lot of bullshite going back and forth on Twitter yesterday. I'm not badmouthing anyone except for obvious bad guys. Of course Neal and Ron are slime. Same with Qritiq and someone named I think OccupyRebellion. One can see Neal Rauhauser is trying to infiltrate Anonymous but is too goofy and insane to pull it off. Even Daily Kos banned his sorry, sadistic ass. It must suck to be such an asswipe like Neal Rauhauser.

Hey, here's an idea for my next post, if I get around to it.

Someone visiting Crying Wolfe has an ip of someone busted a while back for trying to do the same thing.

No fooling.

My internet cointelpro schtick has been closer to the truth than anyone wants to consider.

That's Conspiracy FACT, baby! Look up Hal Frocken Turner, if you don't believe me.

The FBI should arrest Neal Rauhauser. Maybe their hands are tied. I wonder why FBI-cops are so stupid and allow nasty pranks to be played on American citizens through the blogosphere. Maybe cops and FBI shouldn't be hired if they are so stupid and leaning fascist.