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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Has Another "Spy Factory" Fake Been Exposed?

It's not kooky to say the spy factory has been all over the net. That's conspiracy fact. It probably picked up exponentially with Sept. 11th mayhem as the major catalyst.

There's this poster who goes by the name of fairleft. He has other aliases such as failreft, fairleast, fakeleft, and fakey. Can we add liberalla to the list?

Maybe I missed it, but I've never heard of the phrase fair left before coming across this strange right woos left blogger. His schtick is to portray himself as leftist. I'm not gonna go into all the examples that prove otherwise. The point of this mailed-in entry is to simply add to the whiteysphere what appears to be damning circumstantial evidence this person is a paid fake.

Let's get right to it. I googled fairleft and stumbled across these posts by liberalla.

She was offering that as a suggestion for the left wing version of Tea Party.

Ok, maybe that was a coincidence. Again, I'd like to know if there is any history to the phrase fair left. I don't think there is. If so, then fine. But for now I doubt it.

Let's move onto the second piece of circumstantial evidence which leads me to believe fairleft and liberalla are the same person.

Fairleft has this annoying habit of using underscores when none are called for. So what are the odds that liberalla also utilises that pitiful writing style? Next to none? I found two examples of that.

And think about the two usernames, fairleft and liberalla. Hmmm. Both have left and liberal contained within them. Another coincidence?

I conclude, imho, they are the same person. Now lookie here.

Hmmm, if Larry Johnson isn't internet cointelpro, then no one is. And there was fairleft, er I mean liberalla, tooting his fake arse. But that's ok. That puts him in company with such "prestigious" fake internet lefties such as Brad Friedman, Larisa Alexandrovna, and countless others.

Maybe fairleft was also in Project Vigilant with Neal Rauhauser and Chet Uber? Maybe he has run with the same crowd as Adrian Lamo? Haha! Fake is as fake does.

So let's see. From looking at fairleft's Amazon account, he appears to teach Japanese in Chicago. That's the ticket.

I've always thought he was a bloke. However, his apparent sockpuppet liberalla is a female from Tucson, Arizona with a tomato crush on Rachel Maddow.

On the surface, they seem to be different people, in regards to issues and whatnot. However, both push ideas that one could argue are attempts to flush out crazies and promote_right_woos_left_memes on left leaning boards.

One can only imagine how many usernames and "blognalities" fairleft is maintaining. One can only imagine which of the spy factory subdivisions pays for his drivel.

I admit the above evidence is circumstantial. But what are the friggen odds? My sincere conclusion is that fairleft is a paid fake.

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