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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crying Wolfe Blog Protecting And Promoting Ron Brynaert

Ron Brynaert has actually found a fool to buy into his disinfo schtick. I don't blame Crying Wolfe for being disoriented and open to manipulation. He was put though the wringer by Neal Rauhauser. Nonetheless, the end result is that his blog has now become a haven for Ron's brand of convolution. I left three posts. Now all of them have been deleted. But since he has done this in the past, I was prepared this time and saved what was scrubbed. He had no problem with my first post.

Here was the second one in full.

Here is how Ron's new buddy Mike decided to edit it.

I came back with a third post objecting to being censored.

One can now see that all Crying Wolfe cares about is himself, to the point that he is enabling one of the worst supertrolls in years.

He has that right to censor. I'm not whining about that. But I also have the right to show in this post how off the path to truth he has ended up.

Ron Brynaert is a waste of time. Whether he's insane or paid to post is impossible to prove. But in my sincere opinion he is one or the other. And now he has found a new spot in which to muddy the waters.

Here's the only trace left that I made posts on the thread.

I do hope Mike succeeds at bringing Rauhauser to Justice. It's just unfortunate he turned out to be such a loser in regards to getting the big picture.

He's being played.


Anonymous said...

Eh, what? Well, I like Brynaert just fine, but then, I am a committed troll myself.

So are you, when you are being honest and thinking with your head (the larger one, that is). In fact, anyone named "Socrates" who isn't considered a troll by the herd mentality has some self-identifcation issues. My two cent.

Lately, you've been acting too nice for my blood. I mean, ok, Dustin is good at being Dustin, but you suck at it. Get my drift?

Methinks you doth protesteth too much about Brynaert. The dude looks like he is bored and collecting unemployment, angling for a new opening back into the paid medjia. He's playing it fairer than the average blooger, thats for sure. Both sides of the story.

You want 100% loyalty from like Marlon Brando as the God father, or you want online friendships, but thats realy your issue not his. And I know that you and Ron have a past and blah blah blog, but the dude is even on record praising your schtick. He also has stated that you are an insane cyber troll although I believe that he probably sees beyond that schtick these days, especially now that you have become the Ozzie Nelson of the whiteysphere, for all intents and purposes, except where Team Numbnutz is concerned.

You sometimes come off like you're a jealous chick or wtf. Relax dude.

Its the infoboobtubes, Jake. "She's my sister she's my daughter. She's my sister and my daughter."

As for the Patterico swatting, it is exceedingly hard for me to believe that the LAPD or even those dumbfucks the LA County Sheriff is that fucked up that they wouldn't realise before they sicced the pigs on this guy they are swatting off an anonymous phone call that he is uhhhm, y'know, an assistant LA County DA, for fuckss sake. This makes me doubt the swatting happened, although from my own dealings with both piggie formations in the past, they are f'd up enough to pull such a colossal boner [projection alert] as that.

OTOH, if it actually did occur, it would be soitenly be an immense source of embarrasment if I'm Patterico to have to open up about this swatting done to me by my own Team Pigs.

I mean, as a city/state/county govt apparatchik I probably wouls stay mum in public but I'd be burning some pig ass at the police station, know what I'm sayin?

But you're right, or Brynaert's right or maybe you all just agree. Imagine that.

The Patterico Swatting doesnt add up.

socrates said...

You're entitled to your uninformed opinion.

The alleged Patterico swatting is fascinating. If it didn't happen, then wtf? It had to have happened. The dude has a real job. He ain't angling for nothing. He seems to be a version of us, blooging for the sake of blahging. Yeah, he's a 100% certified wingnut. Nonetheless, there seems to have been no benefit to him telling Breitbart he was swatted, unless he was.

I don't buy your angle that the responding pigs would necessarily be aware he is an asst. d.a., hence no abacus functionality. Though I absolutely don't understand how something like that doesn't make the news.

And why's he so hush hush about it? I don't buy that it would compromise the investigation.

Maybe he doesn't want to feed real life trolls.

It is pretty zany there were the two swattings around the same time to alleged Team Breitmobsters.

I guess we need to be patient and see if anything substantial ever comes out of all this shite. Maybe it's like you say, wake us up when there's some real news.

Perhaps Patterico was embarrassed and decided to not make a public stink out of it.

But he should have, imho. I think it happened. That must have sucked.

He can ignore the fact that none of us have proof he was swatted. I think that's foolish. Maybe he didn't get swatted. He could easily put the Rona Bryntart inspired controversy to rest. If the porn dude could cough up the documents, why doesn't Patterico?

Anonymous said...

So what yer sayin is the pigs swat first and ask questions later, like "who the fuck was that guy whose ass I just jammed with my nightstick? I remember him from somewhere....didn't he cross examine me a coupla weeks ago when I showed up to testify for the prosecution? In fact, wasnt he the prosecutor?"


They don't even bother matching the address with the resident's identity before they come swooping in?

Maybe we should call in a gay child sex mutilation pedophilia party in progress at Mitt Romney's House.

Anonymous said...

In other non-news, the photo in the NYT (not linked because I only get ten free articles a month and not wasting one purely for schtick purposes) of taller, smiling older handsome top Mitt Romney side by side with smiling, cute, petite younger bottom Marco Rubio reminds me that this pairing would be easily considered the gayest-looking presidential tag team in the history of gay presidents.

Please, please please GOP, pair these two lightly loafered loosers in the have provided great infotainment value in the primaries, now you can make herstory and go absolutely over the top (and into the bottom) with this pretty boy pairing for the ages.

But, what will the wives say, Ollie?


socrates said...

I saw you cross-posted at Pffugee. That place is as active as ... haha I can't think of nothing. I tells ya. But if I had thought of a nice analogy, I would have made blogging history.

Yeah, but Patterico seems to be some gang prosecutor living in Bevery Hills or wtf. The cops on his ass probably were pissed off their lattes were getting cold at the local, overpriced cafe. You know pigs. They will f*ck with anyone given even the slightest plausible deniability. Look at what Don Zimmerman might be getting away with in Florida.

Dude, his name is Patrick Frey. It wasn't Tom Cruise or Barbara Walters.

Oh my. Mitt Romney is an ass. My fear is if he could win Massachusetts, he could very well sneak into the White House with 50.00001% of the vote. And then Team Numbnuts would have another eight years to whine about black box voting and make pleas for donations. Hey fellas, we're activists. We're at the forefront of ensuring every vote is counted, and every count is something.

Not exactly riotous.

socrates said...

I quit Pffugee Camp. I'm not going to stay at any place I'm being abused.

For Prepostericity, here's a cross-post:

Ron Brynaert is a sack of shit (5.00 / 1)
He wrote an entry for Brad Friedman's BradBlog on March 10th, 2011. He wrote another article shedding doubt on Kimberlin's criminal past. Hmmm. He has tweeted lying shit such as that Aaron committed assault, and that I am a known supertroll with tons of sock puppets. He has said I menaced Brett Kimberlin. He portrays himself as having been against the shit produced by Brad Friedman, Larisa Alexandrovna, and Jason Leopold the whole time, when he never was. He sheds doubt on my exposing such frauds. He's an asswipe obvously still working for that crowd.

Rauhauser has made money spreading vicious shit through the internet. Ron Brynaert has the same job duties.

Ron has never conceded that Kimberlin lied early and often on November 14th.

He's never conceded that he was wrong to libel Aaron.

He never concedes anything and has done nothing but muddy the waters.

He has allowed others to post on his shit blog with libel while thanking them for it. He has participated at two of the most creepy and vile blogs on the net, Qritiq's and the other douchebag's.

He has never simply told the truth of what really happened, that Team Numbnuts came up with some crazy hoax that myself, Aaron, Patrick, Mandy, Dustin, Breitbart and the porn dude were some cabal who brought down Weiner while menacing Kimberlin.

He makes it seem he was a big victim of Rauhauser, while I wasn't. Hmmm. I've never emailed back and forth with that cyberstalker like he has been doing.

What Ron has done to myself and Aaron has been nearly as creepy and vile as anything Neal did.

Yes, there is solid proof that Velvet Revolution and Raw Story have been tied to the hip. Yet Ron spins that as outrageous conspiracy theory.

There are things on my blog which are only available through DFQ2.

And I am not mentally or otherwise disabled. I've never seen a shrink, have never been on medication, and have never been diagnosed with anything. My mother set up a trust. It was her money. She was dying of cancer and on a lot of treatments. I wasn't going to fight with her over it.

But Ron calls other people creepy and vile. Fuck him.

Thanks Donkeytale for your kind words and vouching for what I came up with over the years. Yes, of course I have been vindicated.

Nonetheless, just because you haven't seen the evidence proving otherwise doesn't mean Ron has been on the up and up.

And now this douchebag continues to try to steal my legacy, while ironically ignoring the vast evidence I came up with to prove what he refers to as conspiracy theory. Ron Brynaert is part and parcel of Team Numbnuts, imho. Or insane.

socrates said...

I made my final post at Pffugee Camp. I thought donkeytale was changing into a decent person. I was wrong.

You're a coward and a hypocrite (0.00 / 0)
I didn't authorise anyone posting my driver's license photo. I didn't authorise being libelled either. Yet now people through Pffugee have access to that.

I've got real friends, a good life, and it's none of your business. You are a sadistic tool.

I will no longer be reading or posting anything on this website. Apparently I am no longer protected by the basic rules.

I was never a troll. I was never that strange Socrates posting at the beakerspot or whatever blog. There's been tons of nasty stuff written about me that is simply untrue. And Ron has both written and facilitated plenty of it.

So you have fun continuing to jerk off at the pain of others with your projections. I've had enough of both you and Pffugee. Creep.