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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Brad Friedman of BradBlog Part 4

Up until recently, Brad Friedman has had only one moderator, a neonazi sympathiser named Agent 99. The Last Name Left did a brilliant job exposing this, after I had given him the tip.

Here's the link to a TLNL entry concerning BradBlog and links within explaining the TLNL-Agent 99 backstory.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that Brad Friedman is a confidence man. In late 2004, Brad became Brett Kimberlin's frontman. He is an ex-actor. He's been basically playing the role of intrepid citizen journalist, with the objective being to inspire donations. He's been the clean-cut, goody two shoes, fighting for the regular guy Joe Schmoe.

VR-BradBlog have been adept at procuring big bucks from well-meaning but naive people. Brad's crucial error, imho, has been not cutting ties with Mr. Kimberlin. Now that basic truths have literally transformed the internet zeitgeist into pure schadenfreude, are large numbers of local and national media outlets about to pick up the story? If so, what will that do for Brad Friedman's prospects as a so-called 'activist journalist'?

When it was first leaked out in late 2006 that Brett Kimberlin was the brains behind BradBlog's emergence, Larisa Alexandrovna was sent in to vouch for the Speedway Bomber. Oh my, did she ever tell a whopper, that Brett had been a political prisoner who did nothing worse than sell pot to Dan Quayle.

Fast forward to 2008-09. The Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove hoax fizzled fast, primarily because a small but persistent crowd were speaking out against it as being unsubstantiated bunk. It thus couldn't be realistically spun that one "mentally deranged" person such as myself was running around with sock puppets making up crap to protect Karl Rove.

Ironically considering Kimberlin's past, Velvet Revolution has been peddling themselves off as being at the forefront against domestic terrorism. They've even claimed that due to their efforts, the Department of Justice was now making it a top priority to stop such hate crimes.

BradBlog and Velvet Revolution are business models, period. They are not sincere leftier than thous. Their marks have been such, e.g. the lovely heiress to the Oliver Grace Estate, Lori Grace. VR has taken in a lot of money precisely because there are many good-hearted folks willing to donate who lack awareness of rat aroma. Brad's schtick, in short, has been a confidence game.

Of course BradBlog censors. That's been proven. Of course he has had the Democratic Underground in his back pocket. That made it impossible for the word to truly get out until very recently. We can't blame a decent philanthropist such as Lori Grace or Babs Streisand for that matter for having contributed funds to them. Lori thought the 2004 election was stolen. She wanted to make a difference. A similar reversal of support occurred with Howard Stern for GW Bush. My President lied to me!

For all of Brad & Company's snooker abilities, BRADBLOG.COM has some blind spots. Those have certainly come home to roost. No way should Brad Friedman have allowed neonazis to dominate his comment sections for so many years.

One of VR's affiliates is or was the Lone Star Iconoclast. They were running articles written by a kooky anti-semite named Captain Eric May. Eventually Brad did wise up and fired Agent 99. Alex Jones made a similar decision when he cut the cord with Michael Rivero of What Really Happened Dot Com. I think we have TLNL to thank that Agent 99 was finally given the boot. Talk about persistence.

With no due respect, imho, Brad isn't smart enough to pull off this good guy facade for much longer. Too much information has been revealed. Sure he eventually let Agent 99 go, but how is he to explain his close ties to the Speedway Bomber?

The problem is the election integrity angle has been finished since a Democrat in Obama won. In addition, the nature of Brad's extensive list of hoaxing has been documented. His Green Report has gone nowhere. His Stop Domestic Terrorism campaign will go nowhere considering who his partner is.

The Team Breitbart hoax has to be the final straw for Brad Friedman's credibility. It's his own fault too. He treated me like dirt, while daring me to dig up dirt on himself. Which I did.

I then found unlikely allies in Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy, and Aaron Walker, who each agree this story transcends predictable repukelican versus libtard rhetoric. Brad can ignore all which is going on around him. He can write on it too, though I doubt he will. Either way he can't win. In the blog war between DFQ2's David versus BradBlog's Goliath, little old me won, and Brad Friedman lost.

After letting Agent 99 go, Brad posted how he has had only volunteer moderators. That was a knowing lie. He's had only one moderator before adding on corporate attorney Ernest Canning. Brad was merely downplaying Agent 99's historic moderator role at BradBlog by alluding to some imaginary others.

In the past, Friedman has referred to me as the psychopath stalker. He has basically been reduced to being a scared little man fretting over having been outed as a money making fraud. If he were to discuss myself or the current zeitgeist, that would direct people to seek out information which transcends myself. Brad Friedman's ultimate problem is that the reader decides.

That's why Brad Friedman censored myself, TLNL, or anyone else who has dared speak truth to con man. If he had been a man about it and honest, he would have let us get whatever out of our systems on his blog while doing his best to reply to disturbing questions. The gig is basically just about up for Brad Friedman. BradBlog has been a sham house built on hoax cards, and those cards are a tumbling.

In September 2010, I left the following post at BradBlog in the early am before finally tumbling off into Sleepy Land. It made it to the board. However, by the next day it was gone. It was as if it had never existed. If Brad hadn't been afraid of what had been written, he would have come up with his standard, "comment deleted- banned poster is a psychopath stalker troll- banned means forever Soc. Edited by Brad."

No, even then Brad realised even a smidgen of the truth of his shenanigans couldn't remain visible. He could not afford to let folks get to content which transcends who I am in real life. Thus, the comment was completely whitewashed not just censored with the standard Agent 99 or Brad lame explanation.

The internet as a whole is finally learning more about Brad's partner, that he's a liar, a conman, the murderer of Carl Delong's spirit, a prime suspect in the murder of Julia Scyphers, and other things.

The world is also learning that Brad Friedman is not an intrepid journalist. We now know that without Brett Kimberlin, Brad would still be the same no-name, failed actor he was before joining forces with Speedy in late 2004. We now know Brad Friedman has accomplished nothing tangible as an activist. We now know he has been involved in the spreading of crap hoaxes in pursuit of profit.

Here's a bit more proof Brad friedman is into censorship.

And here's one more screenshot. Enjoy!

The above photoshop had to do with BradBlog Act One: The Clint Curtis Hoax. That was the origin of a cult of personality built around Brad Friedman. In regards to finding out some backstory, it's been somewhat difficult since Brad has cheated by putting robots.txt blocks on the wayback machine.

Now why would he do that, if he has nothing to hide? I'm happy many are now researching how much money Velvet Revolution has taken in over the years. There was a big stinkydoo over Bev Harris back in the day and perhaps for good reason. I don't know. Maybe Brad has broken no laws. I'm not a lawyer. But at the least, I should have the right to declare based on facts which transcend myself that F is for Fake Brad Friedman.

Comments From The Past:

the_last_name_left said...

S: The only conclusion I can make is that Brad Friedman is a confidence man.

What does that mean?

They run paragraphs with hyperlinks - to frontpage - instead of to places substantiating their claims.

Look through their stuff - they link to their own front page: - the place you're reading the fucking article!

The links should be elsewhere in their sentences, and linking to evidence to substantiate their claims. They do link to "real content" sometimes, quite liberally, but amongst it they litter a hyperlink to the frontpage of - as if it indicates they have researched the claims they are making. Yet the link just goes to the particular story. Just to be clear.

Bradblog is far too self-referential. I think it sticks. But it's a nothing anyway? How many people go there?

Their coverage of the voting in NY was interesting - I thought they totally overplayed the sense of failure of the machinery of the elections. Their perspective is "fraud" and its association with wider conspiracy - yet the problems with NY voting that they linked to actually described machines failing to boot - scanners failing to scan - NOT vote fraud. Of course it's an issue with computers and voting, but that's no reason to push a wholly conspiratorial worldview.

Brad is pushing an Alex Jones perspective upon the voting system. Of course there are issues with electronic voting, but that's a long way away from proving a conspiracy which is deploying hokey electronic voting systems as a means to obtain (phoney) democratic legitimacy.

That's what Brad is pushing? There's a conspiracy to fuck-up the electronic voting system. For particular ends.....

A proportion of his audience accepts that the particular ends for which the voting machines are being fucked-up serve some jewish world conspiracy. Some others have more vague notions perhaps. Whatever it is, Brad is treading water amongst the conspiracists - vote fraud as grand conspiracy - if you want to vaguely suggest it's a jewish conspiracy in your comments go ahead, but if you want to suggest anti-semitic explanations don't cut the mustard then sorry, you're banned.

So, it's a vector for anti-semitism. And when we ask "so who is undertaking this subversion of the voting process, Brad?" he replies with the blade of a censor - long before the question can be put.

judging him on what he censors and what he promotes I have almost zero respect for him.

What he claims to be standing for might be admirable enough but that doesn't mean he really stands for it. Perhaps he does, but why believe it?

socrates said...

Thanks for the post.

You've asked me before what a confidence man is. The definition given by a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim.

Hmmm. From a quick search, I see it was a phrase perhaps coined by American author Herman Melville, though that's just a guess. I bet conman is an abbreviation for confidence man, yet I'm not an etymologist, or is that one who studies bugs? Now I'm getting all confused. p:> You should never have to ask again what a confidence man is. It's a great phrase, don't you think?

Yeah, it's pitiful how much BradBlog links to itself, including like you say, linking to their own fricken homepage. Talk about lame. Sometimes it's entertaining. I'm not going to deny I ended up with a warped grin after reading Canning say Zionist apartheid supporters were showing up on blogs lately with Spanish names.

Now you're thinking! It's little things like them linking to their own page that give away the act. It's said that things repeated, even if not true, will start to gain momentum with the zeitgeist. Their biggie is that Brad is the leader of the election integrity movement. Or how Larisa kept repeating that BK was an exonerated, ex-political prisoner who never took part in the heinous bombings leading to one man's death.

If you search out their various hoaxes, you'll see the same kind of shell game with links. There are definite patterns to BradBlog and Velvet Revolution that are getting more and more difficult to cover up. At this point, I see BradBlog as boiling down to some lost soul screaming, "Goddamnit, I'm Brad Fricken Blog. SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

I agree with you that they overplay the electronic voting devices for their own kerching ends. We're on the same page. It's all they've got. There's no way they are going anywhere with their Green Report or Stop Terrorism campaigns. And if they even try to come up with another big hoax, people are ready to slice and then toss it into the hoax garbage pit where it belongs. That's what's meant by they can run, but they cannot hide.

For the record, vote fraud is different from election fraud. Their schtick is centered around the voting machines. They see no problem with voter fraud, i.e. fake names, things like that. I actually agree with Brad's basic ideas about how votes should be counted. But so what? It'd be like going leftier than thou more often with my equal schools, end all wars, tax the rich, etc. schtick and then ask for donations.

You know, it's interesting what you point out about the anti-semitism that's allowed to be posted at BradBlog against what isn't allowed, say an expose on BK or their hoaxes. It may be a coincidence, but Velvet Revolution is a major affiliate of Progressive Independent. PI was sponsoring Mike Rivero. Rivero worked with Alex Jones. I know these aren't paystubs like you once asked for. But they're darn close. And the Agent 99 thing is wild. Imho, Brad had to know all about her and the other anti-semites.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
socrates said...

Whoever you are, I am not going to allow your defamation of BK to stay posted. So two posts and two deletions. Is that you, Neal?

Anonymous said...

Troll Wars 7.77 is now up

It answers some questions and asks others.

See what you think.

socrates said...

Donkeytale, it looks like you've been censored. Even going through your FDL profile I am getting page not available results.