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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lee Stranahan Has Lousy Critical Thinking Skills

This is the same dude who used to be a liberal a year or two ago before developing a man crush for Andrew Breitbart. He didn't just become a moderate or right of center. He is now as far to the right as anyone. My core values haven't changed my entire life.

The last day or two egohead Lee Stranahan has been pestering me to deny having made posts at a Team Numbnut disinformation and cybersmearing website.

Lee is also claiming I have changed sides to the Numbnuts after experiencing Stockholm Syndrome. No, I simply wrote one unclear tweet that I soon made clear to him. Here is what I truly meant.

1) Vigilante mobs are bad.
2) Aaron Walker was arrested based on being unfairly blamed for inciting a mob.
3) Lee Stranahan, not Aaron, was actually the one who sparked the recent zeitgeist explosion through his Everbody Blog About BK Day.

When Patrick Frey of was asked if it was myself writing as Mad at Ali, he wrote, "That's not Seth. It's likely Astroturf from the people who run that web site. It sounds quite a bit like Neal R. to me."

If I had to guess, I believe those posts and Breitbart Unmask are he who shalt not be named. If I had to guess, OccupyRebellion does indeed equal Darrah Ford which equals Neal, in addition to AnonyOps and Molly Good below. The post by Kyle below was yet another attempt to astroturf myself as being a multi-personality supertroll, something I proved in court was a total lie put forth by the Speedway Bomber (and by the way Ron Brynaert too).

I would never have even known about this, but a few of my new friends from Twitter gave me the heads up. For Lee Stranahan to at all think I made the posts below shows that he is not too bright.
Pissed At Ali
Jun 03, 2012

OK, I have been sitting here fuming for the past few days watching all of our supposed conservative “victims” begging for dollars from poor unsuspecting Republicans while I was being told to keep my mouth shut. Well, I did, but no more.

Here is the deal. This operation against Kimberlin was paid for with very big bucks, at least half million, provided by very big conservative donors. I don’t want to say just who, but all you conservative bloggers can dig a bit and find out. The money was given to Ali Akbar, and his National Bloggers Club, and he handed out close to a hundred thousand to the big players, including Frey, McCain, Erickson, and Stranahan. I insisted that this was wrong and that everyone involved should get a piece of the action, and if people found out that the big players were paid off, it would be game over.

I don’t like how the small bloggers who participated have been treated financially, but also I don’t like the way these heavys think that they can just use the small bloggers who really thought they were joining a cause, when in fact they were putting themselves in legal jeopardy for what was a scam. All the biggies are scrambling to hire attorneys because they know that they crossed the line by betting the farm on Walker, and getting people to engage in defamation, incitement, and threats across state lines. This is now a friggin Hobbs Act, RICO, Obstruction case, and everybody knows that Kimberlin got the feds to tap his phones, his computers and his email so all the dumbasses who bought into Walker’s lie and threatened Kimberlin are now on the hook.

And where does that leave all the small bloggers? Totally fucked. They could all be indicted for conspiracy under Hobbs or RICO, along with a rack of other offenses. Ali and his buddies are going to have the best attorneys to defend them and will be paid to keep their mouths shut. But let me say this, I made copies of all the emails I could, and the FBI here in Houston Ft. Worth and going to get a hand delivered package this week. I want everyone to know what really happened. I am not going down for this insane operation. Who in their right mind would build a “special project” relying on the wacko story of Aaron Walker. This never passed my smell test. Who in their right mind would target someone who is cooperating with the feds. Let me tell you, I have had sleepless nights thinking the feds are going to bust down the door because the National Bloggers Club obstructed justice by trying to intimidate Kimberlin into not assisting law enforcement. What in the hell have we come to when we try to ruin someone for assisting in the prosecution of crime? We are like the mafia, killing snitches!

I got chills when I heard him read the death threats he got telling him not to show up in court or call the cops — I did not see this as harassment. I saw this as five to ten years in the federal penitentiary for threatening a witness. And then seeing all these conservatives blasting him with “lawfare” for using the legal system to go after Republicans that we know are dirty, like Karl Rove and James O’Keefe. So when did the right of access to the courts and redress of grievances become a something bad while death threats and intimidation become something good. I’m sorry fellow conservatives, but I did not join the Costra Nostra.

This whole debacle is going to blow up in our faces, I guarantee. The infighting and second guessing has already begun behind closed doors and it has even today started to spill out in public. Well, I have made my decision, I’m done. I don’t want anything else to do with this. I feel dirty and ashamed to have been a part of this entire sordid affair. I am not going down with the ship. As soon as I make digital and hard copies of everything, I am making a full proffer to the FBI. Everyone else has to make their own decision on what to do. But let me say this, what we did was wrong and it was illegal. Many people got caught up in the whole crowd mentality and let go of their critical thinking, but that is not an excuse. Everyone is going to pay in their own way, but Ali is going to make sure that only a handful at the top are going to have any legal or financial help. That’s was the last straw for me.

Pissed At Ali
Jun 03, 2012

OK, I’ve been watching the trash talk on the Net since I wrote my first post, so here is a little nugget of proof for all of you — start digging and stop pretending what I said is not the truth. Foster Friess funded the National Bloggers Club, and it was not with a five thousand dollar grant. I am limited in what I can say now, but I will not keep quiet if the lies keep coming. Dig up everything you can on Foster Friess and you will understand that what I am saying is true — the big bloggers are getting fat and getting legal protection while the little bloggers are getting screwed and hung out to dry. Ali, Frey and Stranahan and a few others are laughing all the way to the bank. This has always been a money scam. Ali and Breitbart presented this Kimberlin scam to Friess making him out to be the biggest threat to the GOP since Bill Clinton. Friess bought it. He gave them a blank check.

Now Friess is having buyer’s remorse and has already asked his lawyers about extricating himself from the situation. This is going to come back to haunt everyone involved and Friess is going to be exposed as a person with very bad judgment and funding people engaged in criminal activity. This is really going to hurt the conservative movement which, as I said before, can rightfully be identified as the Mafia rather than the Grand Old Party.

Pissed At Ali
Jun 04, 2012

OK, at 10:30 Tuesday morning, I will be walking into the Dallas FBI Office at One Justice Way to meet with a Special Agent. Any of you doubters can stand out front and see me if they want. And you must know that the FBI requires appointments, which they only grant upon good cause. BTW, did anyone start digging into Foster Friess and his connection to Ali. And why is Ali only using his defense fund to raise money for certain bloggers. I told him that the defense fund should be for any blogger on any story. But he said it must be used only for the big conservative bloggers. So now the National Bloggers Club is being elitist. BTW, there is nothing National about the Club — it’s an exclusively conservative club. I will say this once more — some bloggers are getting paid and legal protection while others are getting the shaft. That’s why I am pissed at Ali.

Texas Tim
May 30, 2012

Incredible. I have been reading on Twitter that Law Enforcement authorities have had taps on Kimberlin’s phones and email for the past two weeks and that this was shown to the judge. Can you confirm this. If so, the LE surely also had Walker’s phones and emails tapped. I am sure that there is something a lot bigger than a mere blogger violating a peace order. This sounds like the feds are trying to roll Walker to cooperate against all the bloggers who instigated the mob attack on Kimberlin. I think that we will probably be seeing more people arrested shortly. Anyone who continues to communicate with Walker better understand that he is a real liability now. He is a prime candidate to be the next Hal Turner feeding a steady stream of intel to LE on right wing and Islamic hating extremism. He reminds me of Sabu.

Molly Good
May 31, 2012

As a former prosecutor, I want to give Mr. Walker some much needed advice.

Right now Mr. Walker has multiple legal problems — criminal charge, peace order, bar complaint, and probable federal criminal charges and a civil suit. He will be buried in litigation for the next decade and will be left penniless, divorced, unemployable and incarcerated. So what should he do. First, run, not walk, to the closest FBI office and offer to cooperate against all those who participated in the illegal campaign to attack Kimberlin. He is facing numerous federal charges including misuse of computer, interstate threats, extortion, and fraud. The first one who makes the deal will be the one who gets the least amount of time.

Second, show contrition. In the federal and state systems, acceptance of responsibility and cooperation require a lesser sentence.

Third, remove all blog posts, tweets, and and other mentions of Kimberlin. This will demonstrate to a judge that Walker has made a clean break from his criminal past.

Fourth, make a public statement on his and other blogs asking for forgiveness and expressing genuine remorse for his actions.

Now, Mr. Walker will probably ignore all these recommendations and will instead do what he wants to do. But he has consistently made the wrong decisions over and over recently and he is close to losing everything. If he wants to turn this around, he needs to accept my advice.

Kyle Kiernan
Jun 03, 2012

Man, sockpuppet much?


Anonymous said...

Haha, the plot thickens.

According to the always authoritative Breitbartunmasked:

Ali A. Akbar of the National Bloggers Club, asking for donations (of course!) to support every blogger except Socrates (of course!) is reported to be a..... convicted felon.


The whoring continues apace...always trust donkeytale prescience:

"All is whoring and a striving after donations."

socrates said...

Donkeydude, thanks for chipping in.

Your snippet seems to confirm the posts I copied and pasted were written by Team Numbnuts.

To repeat myself, I find it remarkable anyone would have considered I made those statements.

Think of how much time and effort it takes to come up with such schlock. I wish I wasn't personally involved. For this must all be pretty darn entertaining for internet convolution.

However, real people are getting hurt. Thus, I am making the call for Everbody Abstain From Eating Popcorn Day.

socrates said...

One of the biggest mistakes of bloggers is the misappropriation of the phrase "could care less." "Couldn't care less" is what should be used. If someone could care less about something, that implies a de-emphasis. Wow just wow. Simply a pet peeve of mine. There I said it. That is all. Carry on.