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Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Open Letter To Robert Stacy McCain

Hi Robert,

It was actually over two years I was on my own fighting the good fight in all aspects. I was calling for VR to be investigated for fraud. I cybersleuthed some scoops. Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey have done nothing for me. In fact, I have major gripes against everyone except Aaron and ok Dustin too. But the other four members of Team Breitbart are no good in my eyes and never will be- Patrick, Mandy, Brandon, and Lee. That goes for Ali Akbar too while we're at it. But he showed up out of nowhere and really has nothing to do with anything other than making "our" side look bad.

I like you. I actually like you a lot. We would probably despise each other though if we started talking politics. I don't care if you hang a Confederate flag. I do not believe you are racist. We don't even have to go there or anywhere, but say you weren't married, I wouldn't assume you'd be averse to dating and marrying a beautiful black woman.

My life has been ruined by this. It's that simple. Ron Brynaert's life has been ruined. Mike Stack's life has been ruined. None of us deserved any of this. None of us can have our reputations restored. None of us are getting a payday out of this.

I understand your good intentions here. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to not be brutally honest. I have nothing but my mind to go with above average research and writing skills. If you want specifics of why I am not happy with those others, I'll fill you in. Otherwise, I don't know what to say.

I've got a lot of theories, if you want to discuss them. I'm not sure though how they could ever be researched or proven. So I try to keep things simple. This is a story of myself. Then Aaron became involved. That's it. All this other stuff is pure conjecture. Patrick Frey crossed a serious line. As has Mandy. I have proof she believed I was working with Neal Rauhauser, when she was purporting herself as being in my corner. Patrick Frey could have gotten me to a hearing for a few hundred bucks yet was a cheapskate. His explanation was I was not family. These people did absolutely nothing for me.

The so-called fight against the BK-NR axis is garbage. That is a mere promotion of the Breitbart business model. Twitter fights are pointless.

What must be confronted is what's been done to Ron. I've had it pretty bad too, but I can live with it now after you basically documented it was my scoop.

I'm humble too. Yeah, I know that probably sounds like bullshite. I have two Master's degrees. Mandy Nagy has a degree in Music. Patrick Frey is a public prosecutor and no scholar who without proof has ruined an individual in Ron Brynaert. Lee Stranahan is the ultimate marketing whore. This has all been proven. Brandon Darby, wow, he is as un-American as they get. That dude is psychotic. Again, that is all public record. I wouldn't be surprised if Brandon Darby made the swat calls. I am now positive Ron didn't. That's the elephant in the room.

My advice is to ignore those complaints. They are cheaters to think they can make complaints to the #1 journalist covering the story. I am asking you to suspend ideology. Sure, I know you have integrity. Yet we are all vulnerable to peer pressure. Human nature is a bitch.

Sorry if I sounded like an ass in this email. I truly believe I am the closest to having figured out the whole truth. What I would do if I had the money would be research voice analysis tests and find out if they are legit. If they aren't legit, the swats will never be figured out. The swat calls cannot be traced. And if they are legit, apparently Frey cherrypicked the results in order to condemn Ron.

We do have all the various recordings. The swat caller is logically either someone we know or someone who was hired. There appear to be three suspects for who we know: Ron, Neal, and Brandon. I think it was Brandon who did it. That's just my opinion but based on a very informed guess. As for Ron, here's the thing. If he did not make the swat calls, then one of the biggest parts of this story has become his victimisation. He may appear nutty. He has definitely been an ass at times. Nonetheless, senile Vaughey is correct that even a prostitute deserves a defense.

Robert, I've been studying internet convolution since 2006. My background is Social Theory, an interdisciplinary Sociology including History, Psychology, Philosophy, basically all the liberal arts goodies. I know my stuff. I read a lot of books back in the day. Ron is in over his head. He's scared. He's on his own. And it's not like we two are in great contact. No, not at all. There was just a flurry of emails last week, and what one sees on Twitter with a bit more at Pffugee Camp. That being said, we have basically been in the same milieu since 2006. He had the cushy job. I was the academic, yeah eccentric, who by life chance somehow ended up on blogs. I may not appear as all that, but my academic resume speaks volumes.

This is the greatest thing I've ever accomplished, and I will not let self-promoters steal my destiny. They have tried, and they have failed. You may chalk this up to megalomania. However, it just so happens I am who I say I am, and for the most part I am the most trustworthy of them all. I am the only true scholar in the bunch. I never made a death threat. I am not mentally disabled. I've explained it all on my blog in that backstory entry and in others. I am willing to answer any questions you have. I'm very sorry to say I have no respect or trust for those others, not after what they have done to myself, Ron, and Mike. Three regular guys should not have been thrown under the bus so the remnants of the Breitbart Empire could rise again. They are doing to us, especially now Ron, what we have proven the other side does. There's a little bit of truth to everything. The BK-Rauhauser side has been insane and somehow gotten away with some very creepy lawfare. But the way this turned into Swatgate has also been outrageous. It's mythology.


Sarahann Wales said...

Nice post Seth!

I have so many questions. little time. I posted something on Patterico's blog once but no one knew who I was and no one responded. At least the regs didn't bash me and call me a troll like I've seen happen to others. : )
I suppose people don't know who to trust anymore.

Sooooo before I get into the questions I have about the story, let me ask what the hell is going on right now? People are splitting, cryptic tweets are flying around, makes me sad. Thought everyone was on the same side in regards to getting to the truth. Not drudging up personal stuff. I'm not taking any sides though, I can't....wasn't there.
So we talked about the accusation that you were caught on BK's property and how that was false. OccupyRebellion has been tweeting about that. Is she suggesting you are the hitman or is that Norton? Ya know, she sure makes a lot of accusations but in all the time I have been following the story I have never seen one threat,nothing from the people she accuses. I wish someone would shut her up.
Hope all is well with you Seth. Keep smiling. : )

socrates said...

Hiya Sarahann,

You have hit the nail on the head. It's tough to know who to trust or understand if something even matters.

I ignore that troll. The only ones interacting with it are from Breitbart. They do that in order to help perpetuate the overall hoax.

All I did was hotlink the photo John Norton had posted at The Other McCain.

The Liberal Grouch, who is not allowed to post at DFQ2, and apparently other trolls are having fun with it.

Convolution can be a good time. Heck, I've been loving the Paul Lemmen side show, though that is tempered by Zilla getting hurt.

Here's the bottom line. Team Breitbart is running a hoax! Ron Brynaert did not make the SWAT calls. They have become or have always been the BradBlog of the right.

It's framed as citizen journalism but is actually all about generating revenue.

So when Patrick Frey posts that I should be ignored, it's because he's a scared little man. Frey knows that since I have no tip jar nor receive any support from Michelle Malkin and other elitist bloggers involved, my word means o'plenty.

The truth is out there. Unfortunately, most of the available info has been tainted by falsified spin.

Donkeytale was prescient. He figured this out well before I did. There is no we against the evil them. There is truth, and then there's self-promoting lies and plantetd convolution.

Imho, based on actually uhm being in the middle of everything, is trust no one- including Mandy Nagy, Lee Stranahan, Patrick Frey, Brandon Darby, Dustin Farahnak, and unfortunately also Aaron Walker.

Without the SWATs, this is basically a backpage story. Since the SWATs cannot be proven to have been done by Team Rauhauser and specifically by Ron Brynaert, the Breitbart Cult is talking out of its ass in pursuit of donations, ad revenue, etc..

The true story is not as sexy as the hoax. A source told me that in January the judge went through my blog posts and deemed there was nothing defamatory or in contempt.

Aaron Walker showed up for a hearing he should have never attended. He was not my attorney and in fact has no standing as an attorney in Maryland.

Aaron Walker then proceeded to assault Brett Kimberlin by grabbing his i-pad. Sure, it wasn't "assault" the way we regular people define it. But it was still wrong.

That event is what initially enabled Team Breibart to pervert the true picture. Couple that with Mandy Nagy having stolen my original citizen journalist story as being her own exclusive, and there in essence is the hoax. Ron Brynaert did not make the SWAT calls. Team Breitbart is full of shite.

Anonymous said...

Whoever made the SWATing calls will be found. Voice patterns are like finger prints. Also, many bookish people do illegal things because they have never dealt with State Troopers, jail or being locked up. Their idea of getting in trouble is like being caught pulling a college prank. Criminal culture and the coldness of those charged with arresting scum is a real shock. The coldness is not fake, it is real, and they do not care. Into the cages you go. Cry and screech all you want, your pleas only signal weakness to the sadistic predators who are now your penitentiary neighbors.

socrates said...

I hope you're right. I tried opening up the pdf of the voice analysis on Ron, but it didn't work on my comp.

Maybe I can find a link that works.

My awkward point was it seems unlikely the physical origin of the calls can be traced.

Logic thus seems to say law enforcement will have to draft a solid list of suspects then use their spy factory technology to nab the culprit.

Yikes, now I am supporting the spy industry. I can't win. And I am no expert on the validity of voice analysis. You say it is like a fingerprint. Donkeytale argued otherwise.