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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Socratisation Backstory Part 1

It's the height of unfairness that a nobody blogger like myself is forced to disclose personal information. Perhaps if Team Breitbart had told my full story to begin with instead of downplaying it, this would not have been necessary.

I am not out for fame and fortune. I am concerned for Aaron Walker. I do respect that Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy, and others have also been victimised. I'm sorry it may appear to some folks I am an attention seeker hurting the cause through so-called infighting.

Let's get the facts straight. I, not Al Franken or anyone else, broke the Kimberlin-Friedman VR story. This was done over two years before anyone else. As shown through the November 14th transcripts, I never defamed nor cyberstalked Brett Kimberlin. I even enticed him to commit perjury. And with that I'll quit my whining and sounding like a wibtahrd. I'm done. I'm done.

What follows is my truncated biography. First though, I'd like to point out my personality type. I had always known there are extraverts and introverts. I actually hadn't thought much of it. I studied Sociology or Social Theory as defined in Ireland, not Psychology. Karl Jung wasn't exactly on my academic docket. I'm basically trying my best in this two parter to explain my backstory without sounding narcissistic.

INFP stands for Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceptive. Though I'm not shy. One prevalent misconception of introverts is they are shy. Not true. INFP's are referred to as Idealist Dreamers.

The Roots of Leftier Than Thouism

I graduated high school in 1984.

I grew up in Boston suburbs close to where the N.E. Patriots play. I was pretty good at music and math. I was very innocent, a head in the clouds kid who always did his homework and enjoyed doing so. I didn't fit into any clique. I was neither a nerd, in the cool group, or anti-social.

I emerged from my protective Leave it to Beaver shell in 1984 as a freshman at Brandeis University. Before then I was a virgin, never smoked weed or went for booze, again just did my schoolwork and played brass. My folks divorced at age ten. I never got to see my dad again since age twelve. He turned out to be very creepy. He passed away last year. I have three half-sisters I've never met. I tried looking for them a bit but gave up a while back.

The source of any "Seth drama" leads back to abandonment issues originating from the dad thingie. Alice Miller coined this process as a repetitive regressive compulsion. In addition perhaps, I ended up in Ireland for five years and since then have been in perpetual culture shock. I also blame the Irish for the odd quality of my writing schtick.

In regards to the roots of my leftier than thouism, that is probably easy to explain. Add growing up in liberal Massachusetts to a creepy father and you end up with a bloke with an aversion to patriarchy and gravitating towards women as constituting the better half. I developed a bleeding heart and became a staunch, anti-authoritarian peacenik.

I am extremely impressionable. I do not do well with euphemisms. I went junior year abroad to Cork, Ireland. The people and culture fit my personality.

The Irish got a double whammy. They were originally pagans, regular guys and gals, happy and festive. Then they got nailed by the Church and British leading to mass insecurity. The Irish people on a whole are down-to-earth and compassionate. I would say their best trait is displayed in their never making attempts to destroy another's spirit.

They see everyone as a viable creature. They are very gentle and not anything like many of their counterparts in America. I'm talking about the rough and tumble stereotype found here in America. I do realise many Irish Americans are good people.

I came back and finished up the bachelor's degree. I then got accepted to UMASS/Amherst for an MA/Phd program in Sociology. Unfortunately, I found their emphasis too quantitative with an absurd promotion of statistical analysis.

I desired the Sociology from Junior Year Abroad with its emphasis on Critical Theory, Social Movement, History, Philosophy, and old-school academics. The UMASS stuff was antithetical to the Social Theory taught in Cork. I had evolved into a let's save the planet hard leftist. I was not too peachy keen on crunching numbers.

I was basically born ten years too late. I think things went sour for America starting in 1980. Though I don't think the counter-revolution truly kicked in until Reagan's second term and the onset of the AIDS epidemic. I know what ye are thinking. What's up with the stream of conciousness, dude?

Sorry for being so wordy. I cannot not be me. I missed Ireland and took a leave of absense from Amherst. I returned to Cork on a work permit for the second half of the 1988/89 school year. There I met and fell in love with an Irish lass. I applied for Cork's Master's program in Social Theory. After initially being rejected, they accepted me.

It's funny how such decisions can have a huge impact on one's whole existence. If I had just sucked it up at Amherst, I'd now be a professor with so-called professional success. I didn't realise there was a dearth of higher level teaching jobs in Ireland and that the degree I would receive would not help me in America.

Let's jump ahead. I received a second Master's degree in 1999, this time for Education. I was certified in High School Social Studies. Unfortunately, job openings in that area were extremely competitive. I also wasn't the sort schools tended to hire.

I am basically a child of the 70's, a dude's dude. I did finally land my first real teaching job for the 2001/02 school year. Then the WTC towers fell. I had a contract but didn't realise I could be fired without a reason within an initial time period.

So picture myself holding classes such as, "Why do they hate us?" Or ruminating in the teacher's lounge, "Is there a rule saying teachers must say the pledge of allegiance?" If I'd known I could have been fired for things like that, I would've kept my mouth shut.

Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered. Perhaps the Principal, Department Head, or Superintendent had a niece or nephew fresh out of school in need of a job. I asked them why I was fired. They said by law they weren't required to disclose an explanation.

The year before I had been a house substitute at a nice school in a town bordering Boston. It was a dream job. The demographics were basically half white, half black. I had even gotten the opportunity to fill in for a Social Studies teacher rehabbing from surgery.

I think that specific gig lasted six weeks, can't remember. When I tried to get my old job back, it had already been filled. In short, I would've been better off having never been hired for the real teaching job. I tried other schools for sub work, but those attempts were humiliating and leading nowhere. My destiny had been stolen.

Around that time, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. That's when I got on the computer and learned some search skills. I'm what or was what is referred to as an amateur internet sleuth.

Oh wait, let's briefly go back in time. At around age five, we were having a family shindig. My granddad was asking us kids what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said a writer! That is basically what I am though never published. Perhaps more accurate is I hit a rut leading to squandering the last five years of my life on the internet.

Let's return to 2002-2006. During that time frame, I worked a couple years in a mortgage company when the rates were at rock bottom. That coincided with efforts to help my mother stave off the inevitable through researching health strategies via the internet. She ended up not even dying from cancer. She got a bowel obstruction, because her doctors had convinced her to take one more round of their dumbass chemo.

You would not believe the strange weather we experienced during the six weeks in 2006 she was dying in the hospital. I had initially driven her in for dehydration. That's when the obstruction was diagnosed.

She basically couldn't eat food and died from starvation. She couldn't have surgery because of the previous treatment. She did hold on for six weeks. It was remarkable. Even the doctors were amazed. The hospital moneybags actually started to get pissed off and wanted us to move her to a hospice. Thankfully it didn't come to that, and she was able to die peacefully in her private room.

Looking back, that experience certainly was traumatising. Ye see people shot up on the telly all the time, and we become desensitised to death. But with my mom I was able to witness firsthand what it is truly like to die. I tried to keep my mind off it by becoming a blogger. I was actually stupid enough to believe it might amount to something. How naive I was.

On a side note, I'll make an embarrassing disclosure. During my mother's final year, she established a trust in my name. It's modest but has enabled me to get a lot of blogging done.

Here's the kicker. She set it up as a disability trust. The thing is I have never been disabled, seen a psychiatrist, nor taken any medication.

But it was her money. I figured I had no right to argue. I made it known I wasn't happy with her decision. Yet since she was fighting for her life, I wasn't gonna be a dick about it.

Mandy Nagy didn't only rat me out for the "death threat" which wasn't. She informed Ron Brynaert of all people I had a disability, even though I had explained what it was.

I made the same mistakes Aaron Walker recently made. Anyone who has legal business in Maryland, beware that it is currently run by dumbasses who don't understand the constitution.

I tried many ways to have the default reversed. One was using the disability card. Strangely enough former ambulance chaser Judge Jordan made the decision that I wasn't disabled, even though I provided him with evidence of the trust. I will not repeat other motions I filed to get the default reversed. Those are explained elsewhere.

Recently The Broadside Girls awarded myself the Testosterone of the Week Award. Mandy received it for Estrogen. I'm thinking of coming up with my own award to be handed out for dumbass judges. Unfortunately, I am torn between whether to present it to my judge or Aaron's.

I'll now fast forward to my current situation and how I got here. Then this mini-bio will be complete. Please forgive me for this indulgence. I feel there is no other way to defend myself than to write this.

Brett Kimberlin was an infamous 20th Century criminal best known for his claim to having sold dime bags to Dan Quayle. That turned out to be a lie but made big news, since his schtick somehow became a presidential election issue.

In hindsight, the truth was he had set bombs and become well known as the Speedway Bomber. He was never railroaded and NEVER a political prisoner, unless you count those days spent in solitary confinement for the Quayle hoax.

What was his alleged motive for having set the bombs? It appears he was having an inappropriate relationship with a preteen. The grandmother seemed to be making moves to protect the girl. Julia Scyphers was killed execution-style.

Brett Kimberlin was the prime suspect in a murder for hire scheme. It is believed by many he set bombs in Speedway, Indiana to divert a small police department's investigation into the assassination of Julia Scyphers.

Brett Kimberlin was eventually sentenced to 51 years for the bombings, drug smuggling, and impersonating DoD personnel. I believe he was released in 1992. Mark Singer of the New Yorker worked with Brett, and Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin was published in 1996.

Brett's parole was revoked around 1997 for having failed to make a good faith effort to pay Sandra Delong a wrongful death judgment won in civil court. She was the widow of Carl Delong, the man who committed suicide after having half his body ripped apart from one of the bombs left in a gym bag outside of a school.

Brett was last released in approximately 2001. Somehow he reinvented himself as an internet "activist" who claimed that black box voting had led to both the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections being electronically stolen. He along with Brad Friedman of BradBlog started Velvet Revolution.

I was blogging at BradBlog in 2008. During that summer myself and Brad had a falling out. He egged me on to investigate himself. I started digging. There I discovered his close association to Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin.

Since Singer's book had come out well before the internet truly took off, there wasn't that much info. In late 2006, a blogger named Troubleinwinter at Democratic Underground was the first to ask why was a former domestic terrorist at the top of the leaderboard for the election integrity movement.

In 2007, Time Magazine came out with an article titled The Wizard of Odd. By late 2008 into early 2009, I emerged as a one-man crew exposing Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman. Here is one article I wrote.

Is Brett Kimberlin Really an Exonerated, Ex-Political Prisoner?

Let's move forward to October 2010. Bloggers closely affiliated with Andrew Breitbart finally picked up on the story. I was sued for defamation and cyberstalking. Then the shite really hit the fan once Weinergate started.

A "Team Breitbart" hoax was created by a Kimberlin associate named Neal Rauhauser. Myself and others were sadistically cyberstalked and cybersmeared. The hoax basically states that myself and others associated to Andrew Breitbart stalked Anthony Weiner and brought on his demise.

Which is ridiculous for many reasons. I had nothing to do with Andrew Breitbart or his associates other than we were each blogging on Brett Kimberlin. There's also the fundamental flaw in Rauhauser's logic due to the fact Weiner was the one who outed his own weiner.

One blogger from Team Breitbart named Patrick Frey was swatted. It's believed by quite a number of folks that was done by an apparent Kimberlin associate named Ron Brynaert. Aaron Walker, a former guest blogger of Frey's at, is an attorney from Virginia. He could not legally defend me in Maryland.

Once the "death threat" hoax emerged, Aaron became Brett Kimberlin's next target for lawfare. By the way, two deleted articles by Neal Rauhauser are currently now available only through Please check them out. They exhibit incredible similarities to what has been foisted upon myself, Aaron Walker, and Patrick Frey.

Organized Intimidation? Ambush Time. by: StrandedWind Sun Aug 29, 2010

Social Media's Neighborhood Watch by: StrandedWind Tue Aug 31, 2010

Through my civil case, Aaron Walker was dragged in. Kimberlin outed Walker which led to he and his wife losing their jobs. After one hearing I didn't attend, there was a confrontation between Mr. Aaron Walker and the Speedway Bomber.

Perhaps that should be referred to as Le I-Pad Keepaway Affaire (Hat tip Donkeytale). Brett proceeded to fabricate an assault charge against Aaron (and promoted by Ron Brynaert) which could have resulted in Aaron Walker spending twenty years in prison. That was nolle prossed.

The story didn't end there. Aaron Walker wrote up an epic blog entry containing video evidence which proved Brett Coleman Kimberlin had fabricated the assault charge. Another blogger named Lee Stranahan then called for an Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. The thingie erupted into the internet zeitgeist.

Soon after there was a hearing for a Kimberlin peace order against Aaron. Long story short, Walker lost and was arrested for blogging. The Judge was a retired, apparently senile 74 year old doing substitute work. He bought into Kimberlin's fabulist schtick. He wasn't the first to do so. Kimberlin has been adept over the years getting naive people to purchase his snake oil.

One final note: The Patrick Frey referred to above is a Deputy District Attorney from Los Angeles. He recently posted that a voice specialist has confirmed that Ron Brynaert, someone with provable ties to Brad Friedman, was probably the SWAT hoax caller.

That may certainly not be enough proof for a criminal charge, but it is another example of what has been fueling the eruption of this story into the internet zeitgeist consciousness. Fox News has confirmed that blogger Patrick Frey was indeed swatted.

In part two of The Socratisation Backstory, we will delve deeper into the specific timeline concerning myself in regards to the Brett Kimberlin story.


Zilla said...

I am so sorry about how you lost your mom. (((hugs)))
You did a very nice job sharing your story, I know it could not have been an easy thing to open up like that.
I think it's really important for people to understand what happened before the Dextrosphere jumped into the fray; I know I certainly appreciate what I've learned from this post today. Looking forward to reading part II.

Oh, and this is for donkeytale, if you're reading this, I want you to know that I think you did a good job on Troll Wars 6.66 too.

Robert Stacy McCain said...

"Critical theory"! It could take years of recovery to cure you of that, Seth. Total brainfuck. The perpetrators of "critical theory" should be rounded up and imprisoned.

socrates said...

Thanks Zilla. That was very kind of you. I definitely need a nap after posting that. Donkeytale has an alterego named donkeythustra, some kind of bodhisatva. He'd probably tell me to let go of my material past and live in the present. As for the second post, I'd need confirmation it is really Mr. McCain.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zilla, and also for sending out the link to your followers. Thanks also to Mr. McCain for the link to TW 6.66 on his blog.

I appreciate the appreciation because its bi-partisan.

And thanks to Socrates for tweeting TW 6.66 in the first place. Most celebrities turn their backs completely and shun the little people they knew before they reach the bigtime.

Although, I have to confess, I was hoping for some personal blockbuster revelation about yourself at the end, like you are disabled because you have xray vision and can leap tall buildings in a single bound, but you resented those superpowers and just wanted to live a normal all-American life.

But now, the bad guys won't let you alone and you want to fight back. You start looking around for a phone booth in which to change identities, can't seem to find one anywhere.

socrates said...

Donkeytale, yet again I had to fetch your post out of spam. All you have to do is go to google or blogger of wtf and put in a wrong password, I think a link pops up explaining how to retrieve your password.

That could very well be Mr. McCain. But if so, I don't really think he'd like to prod socratisation™ his way through dissing Critical Theory. And don't we have bigger fish to fry than prove how the other is a turnip short of the delivery order?

There's a lot of stuff in my court docs which would help the Aaron story. I have tweeted Mandy to see if she can write something up.

It shed lights on the recent stuff.

I only wrote what I did to show I am a regular guy. I am very loyal to people who are fair to me.

Some numbnut (hmmm wonder who) made a fake post at Breitbart Unmasked sounding like me, but sounding completely insane. Yikes, hope I didn't set myself up for something. A wise guy I oughta.

I've yet to hear back from Couric. Maybe she's shy.

Ok, back to the topic a bit. Putting Judge SonnyBoy's internet virginity to the side, he was clearly deciding that a mob justice was forming, and that Aaron was the one behind it.

However, what other options do people like myself and Aaron have oher to use the internet to get our sides of the story out? It's not our fault some obviously mentally ill fabulist with a disturbing criminal past is getting away with perjury and manufacturing false criminal charges.

Then add in Neal Rauhauser's activities. We now know for certain he and he who shalt not be named are associates. Add in all the documented cybersmearing, cyberstalking, and whatnot, and of course Aaron and myself have done no wrong. It also looks like Digby has tweeted some kind of support for us folks here from Team Breitbart. And one more note. Lee Stranahan has shown himself to be unreliable for info. He actually thought I might have written those crazy posts.

Now that I have fully outed myself, here is an open message to anyone such as Popehat who has given me shit. You are not as important or smart as you think you are. Dude actually threatened me with a smear job. He wrote I should be institutionalised. Popehat Ken whatever, FU!

Anonymous said...

Yes,'s the thing.

Mob injustice is forming. Sorry, but thats what is going down here. Call it what you will, and i admit that I am generalising here, for purpose of exploring the phenomena as opposed to the targets, be they on one wing of the great ideological divide or another.

Crowd-sourcing at its gist is exactly vigilantism when its apllied in this manner. And whether Mr. McCain resents being herded into that cyberhanging crowd or not, it is precisely the spot he occupies.

Pun intended.

The Judge sees this and rules perhaps more clearly and with wisdom because is NOT into playing internet. We infoboobs tend to get way too far lost inside the vacuum tubes of our own minds and the supportive echoes we pick up amongst the polarised groups to which we attach ourselves.

I'm afraid you too, in some sense, although I get and admire that you are resisting the strong pull towards indoctrination into the rightosphere that seems to be coming at you, primarily in the guise of attractive chicks seeking you out on Twitter. Funny, but do you even know if they are really female? Not that it matters whats real. And thats the point.

"Perjury" isn't "perjury" or even "alleged perjury" until it is introduced by a prosecutor or plaintiff in a court of law. What people assert on the internet, with next to do legal, moral or ethical standards to guide them, isn't reliable.

And when lawyers and opportunistic bloggers (who sometimes are the same individual, but not always) make ridiculously unsupportable accusations based on their own opportunism or their own overwrought sense of martyrdom to a bogus "cause" they helped create and define, well, lets just say it's not just a faint whiff, it reeks.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't add up.


First he's on ultra-liberal DailyKos, but he's writing about drones and other military systems.

Then he pops up in Project Vigilant with Chet Uber:

Infragard founding member

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association participant

Chet Uber, Mark Rasch, Ira Winkler – all Jewish. That matters later.

Uber and Adrian Lamo catch Bradley Manning. Google this Lamo guy if you don't already know, he's the “homeless hacker”. Sound like anyone else we know? Rauhauser was “homeless” and wrote about it extensively in 2008. Or was he just establishing a back story, infiltrating DailyKos.

Rauhauser publicly 'quits', writes about Uber as if he has died, but it's done in a weird way and on a liberal blog he has never used before, and he never uses it (Firedog Lake) again.

He starts a policy news system that is still running today and apparently has a thousand Congressional staffers using it. It's called Progressive Congress News and you can just go sign up for it.

Next he apparently writes about the email from the Anonymous break in at HBGary. This doesn't come out until later.

Weinergate. He's right in the middle of it. I don't understand what happened here, except that everyone that gets near him gets chewed up pretty quickly.

He doesn't work for Project Vigilant, Progressive Congress News, Media Matters, or anywhere else that people have checked, but he gets new equipment and he is always traveling between D.C., New York, and maybe Boston.

As soon as Occupy Wall Street starts Rauhauser is there. He was in New York repeatedly, he never published photos of himself in Boston, but he was there. Remember he lived in Massachusetts in 2008. There are lots of photos of the western part of the state and several visits to Boston.

His guys catch Bradley Manning. But now he's an Anonymous kingpin? How does THAT happen? Was he an Anonymous plant in Project Vigilant? Is he a Project Vigilant plant in Anonymous? Or has he always been playing both groups for some other purpose?

Breitbart Unmasked server? It's in Iceland. Who else is in Iceland? Birgitta Jonsdottir, the member of parliament who was allegedly involved in Cablegate. She's tight with Julian Assange. The other guy accused in Cablegate is David House. From Boston. Anonymous Project Chanology leader Gregg Housh? South Boston.

It doesn't get noticed as much, but I think it's key: he wrote for Cutting Edge News. He met editor Edwin Black at the Turning Oil Into Salt conference in Chicago in 2008, either right before he presented at the Ammonia Fuel Network conference in Minneapolis (he's a scientist, too? They let him speak in front of a room of 200 Ph.D.s). Both of these events are anti-oil.

The Chicago conference is interesting. Organizers? Gal Luft and Anne Korin (Israeli) and behind the scenes R. James Woolsey. Yes, dig far enough and you find pictures of this guy with the former CIA director.

Comes and goes as he pleases. Gets into EVERYTHING and NEVER gets a mark on him. Likes weapons systems, but wants to get oil out of transportation. Who COULD this be?

Hello, Unit 8200

I didn't put it all together until I started reading this book. Pay particular attention to the Israeli wiretapping companies.

Final tidbit. Kimberlins' wife is Russian. And her father is former KGB.

socrates said...

You make good points. However, please consider this.

You may be talking semantics. What if I replace alleged perjury with BK spoke and submitted considerable amounts of lies which went to the core of the civil suit? Hmmm, sounds like perjury to me.

Look at what happened to Aaron. The whole trouble he is in has been built on a house of card lies. All Aaron did was post proof that the assault charge was bogus. Shouldn't "we the cybermob" have the right to post such info?

Aaron never said hey guys lets terrorise him and send him death threats. He was simply sticking up for his rights. He has lost his job. He has been accused of criminal assault. The source of the mob anger is not based on some girl refusing to pick up poop in a public subway, getting her picture snapped, and info splattered. Aaron took great care to redact personal information. He urged people not to make threats.

The Maryland court is clearly in the wrong. How do you suggest true justice can come about?

There's a mountain of stuff proving Mr. Lawfare is breaking laws. What do you suggest people do to put a stop to this? It's as if you have joined Team Numbnuts for at least one post. Though I do think you raised a valid point. I just think it's too easy for that one point to be the decider over googler and tooting.

As for hot babe avatars, here's my theory. If they are married, then they are for real. If they are single, they are really bald, overweight men with cheettoh juice running down their T-shirts.

socrates said...

The second anonymous, that is a lot to chew on. It would also take great effort to verify a lot of it. One thing which would not surprise me is that Neal Rauhauser is the Hal Turner of the left. I do think there is much more to this than anyone is considering. I think the right-o-sphere is way off the mark turning this into right versus left. I think it's more likely to have ties to regular people versus "internet cointelpro." Nonetheless, I think things need to remain simple. Such as what can be done to promote justice in the Maryland courts and put a stop to this nonsense going on in broad cyber daylight. And to be honest, you also sound a lot like a previous anonymous commenter who even free speech loving donkeytale advised me to redact.

Anonymous said...

You are simply validating my point with your comment. The fact that you seem to be doing so unwittingly is what I find fascinating as well as disturbing. I'll refrain from stating that you are acting like Team Vigilantes with this comment.

No, we are not talking semantics at all. Precisely the opposite.

"Perjury" is a legal term that raises a lie to the level of a criminal act.

So when you say your use of the term "perjury" is simply another word for "lie" you are not only incorrect you are forgetting that you are spreading misinformation that a crime has been allegedly committed when a court pointedly rejected that contention. And your misinformative statement might well be picked up by others and hardened into a spreading accusation that is based on... a virally spread falsehood.

Possibly even defamatory.

What the Maryland court did is truly wrong? Maybe. That's an opinion. I'm going to give them some slack because they surely want nothing to do with this he said/she said blogger battle clogging their system, but they have to do something because it is there, and they may be making mistakes, but injustice? Really? Honestly?

Hoepfully, an appeals court will eventually dig through some of the internet issues clouding the cases and we will have some definitive law relating to blogging that is clearcut and understood by the infoboobtubery.

Yeah, when donkeys fly...

Dude. I'm not on any Team, adn you know it, but nice cheap shot. Thats also the point. Why are you forcing everything into one side or the other? That is a crime.....of misperception.

Dont fall for it.

I'll leave you with another perception of timeless truth told by the great King, son of David (not the completely obnoxious and heretical concept of self-righteous liturgically perverted "Army of Davids") (WTF?) then let you get on with the other far more interesting comment just ahead of yours above.

"All is whoring, and a striving after donations."

socrates said...

I see your points. If someone wants to discuss it further with you, hopefully they will.

One thing we're not hearing much about is Aaron's lawsuit against BK, Neal, and Ron in Virginia.

Hmmm, so you enjoyed that other anonymous post. I did too! But before I can even consider socratising that, I'll need to wrap up part 2 of this one. I have a roughdraft already.

Blogging is like a soap opera. No matter how much we desire closure, it ain't gonna happen. I think I just stole that idea from you from somewhere else.

Another idea was to cover the convolution coming out of someone named Cannonfire. I haven't checked out his schtick in a couple weeks. Maybe I'll drop that idea.

One thing people are probably not aware of is that BradBlog actually used to get a million comments a thread. It was pure Alex Jones of the left. And we know all about Hal Turner. So the anonymous above may be onto something. Though it's always a mind bend to listen to such people, as evidenced with the post he or someone else left the other day you suggested redacting.

And off-topic. Too bad there's no chance the Celtics will win this series. #Reverse-Jinx.

socrates said...

I do think it's an injustice the Maryland court is allowing him to make lies fundamental to cases and hearings yet isn't charged with perjury and for filing false charges. I do think it's an injustice that people have been getting cyberstalked and cybersmeared yet there have been no arrests. I do not think I am part of a vigilante mob for speaking such truths.

socrates said...

The more I think of it, the more I think you are wrong, Donkeytale. It's also annoying tha you won't take an extra minute to log in with your blogger account. The bad guys have no qualms about making sock puppet posts to sow confousion.

What people unfamiliar to donkeytale's schtick id this. He is funny and at times can show compassion. However, he also will play contrarian for kicks. And that tends to his being sadistic at times. I'm not saying he does it on purpose. But that's who he is.

Aaron didn't deserve one bit of this. Kimberlin indeed did start it. Lee Stranahan now has a post up saying if BK has a problem with someone, it should be him for posting the everybody blog about BK day. Aaron's not the one who reported false assault charges. Aaron's not the one making outrageous lies in court. Odd thing is when Ron Brynaert was promoting such lies, donkeytale was backing up Ron Brynaert's rights to do so. Donkeytale, I'm curious if you ever make any mistakes and if so, do you ever own up to them? As an anonymous coward, you are able to sit back with popcorn and laugh this up. Others like myself and Aaron have been through hell. Must be great fun for you to witness people in pain and then pick at their sores.

Anonymous said...

Maybe thats the problem.

You're thinking too much about this subject. How about them Celtics?

Too bad this year is going to end like most of the prior twenty years: with a younger more dynamically athletic team hoisting the Trophy: OKC and the marvelous Kevin Durant and company.

Bet on it.

My sense of compassion is quite large (self-backpat alert). My sadism? WTF? OK, I enjoy a little kink like the next guy, but usual it involves fantasies. Involving chicks.

Funny, I was taught by the Bible (remember that largely mythological figure named Jesus, you "Army of Davids?" Remember what words he supposedly taught? Socrates is Jewish which may explain his eye for an eye mentality, but I'm talking to the "Christian right" here).

I'm extending compassion to Worthing. I'm extending compassion to Kimberlin. And many of those in between. I see losers on both sides, except for (possibly) the donation whores who are scoring off your carcass, mostly

I recall extending compassion to you the first time we met in 2008 on Free Speech Zone, when most everyone on the blog tried to railroad you off, as just had happend to you on DKOS. I hadn't a clue wtf you were on about so I went over and read your dairies. They were uniformly excellent. You pwned Alexandrovna.

I don't believe that may compassion towards you has ever seriously weakened, although sometimes it may seem that way in the service of a joke. Lets face it, without ironic humour, life isn't worth living.

My academic credentials: BS degree in Ironic Sadism from the University of Don Rickles.

Anonymous said...

"Younger, more athletic team FROM THE WESTERN CONFERENCE hoisting the trophy"

meant to say

Anonymous said...

And I'll leave you with this commentary appearing on Volokh's blog from a few days ago.

"JukeBoxGrad" has questions about Patterico's audio expert: has he any track record as an expert witness in a criminal trial? Are his academic credentials in order?

Then this bit of perceptiveness among the hordes howling to avenge Aaron Worthing (Volokh is taking on AW's case for free)

Yes, there are all sorts of lawyerly reasons why a defamation suit by a guy I like couldn't possibly have the effect of chilling speech, but out here in the world of common sense, that's not how it works.

Free speech is for everyone, including despicable people like Kimberlin. The real test of your commitment to free speech is when you support it for people who are unpopular. Kimberlin shouldn't be trying to get Walker to shut up, and Walker shouldn't be trying to get Kimberlin to shut up. That's what Walker is trying to do with his defamation suit. Like I said, he would be a better poster boy for free speech if he wasn't doing that. And the people sticking up for him would have slightly more credibility if they showed some awareness of this problem.

The difference is that Worthing has the right to tell the truth about Kimberlin, but Kimberlin has no right — moral or legal — to defame Worthing. Especially not with perjury. That is what Worthing is suing him for.

"Kimberlin has no right — moral or legal — to defame Worthing"

Did you look at the statements AW cited as 'defame?' I still have the right to express my opinions about you, even if you think that's 'defame.'

"Kimberlin shouldn't be trying to get Walker to shut up, and Walker shouldn't be trying to get Kimberlin to shut up. "

Wrong. What your comment does not mention is anything about whether the statements are true or false. Without that assessment, your comment sets up a false moral equivalency between the 2 people. Provably true statements, like Walkers blog, no matter how insulting and inflamatory, and no matter what others may do when they read it, are protected speech, and do not constitute harassment. False inflamatory statements are not protected. If Kimberlins statements are true (which I doubt given his past history) I will defend his right to speak. If not I will not. Whether he is unpopular or not is imaterial. And if Kimberlins statements are false, Walker has every right to use legal means to file a defamation suit to shut him up.

The primary thing the judge should have explored in this case was whether the statements in Walkers blog were true. If proven true, that should have been it. Since I see nothing in the Judges decision that addresses the truth of Walkers blog, he got it wrong.

"False inflamatory statements are not protected."

And where is the burden of proof? You are suggesting that Kimberlin made "false inflamatory statements" about Walker. Is Kimberlin obliged to prove those statements are true, or is Walker obliged to prove they are false?

People like Malkin are running headlines like this: "Breakthrough: Fox covers Brett Kimberlin/ Patterico SWATting, bloggers continue pressing the story." And this, from Newsbusters: "Brett Kimberlin and 'SWATting': Where Is the Establishment Press?" Those headlines convey the following idea: that Kimberlin SWATted Frey.

Those statements strike me as inflammatory, and I notice a distinct absence of proof to back them up. The closest thing we have to proof are the words of a charlatan (link, link, link, link). So would you describe Malkin's headline as "not protected?" And where is the burden of proof? Is Kimberlin obliged to prove the headline is false, or is Malkin obliged to prove that it's true?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed some interesting things about Frey's so-called "forensic audio expert," Kent Gibson. I'd like to start with a question.

Can anyone find any record, anywhere, of Gibson's testimony ever being used as evidence in a trial? Gibson has said that his "regular clients include the US Secret Service, the FBI, DEA, DHS …" et cetera. How likely is it that those agencies would hire a "forensic audio expert" who had never testified at a trial?

Here's something else. Gibson's resume includes this claim about his education:

M.A. from Stanford University Film School (Dept. of Communication).
You know what's odd about that? There is no such thing as "Stanford University Film School." Do you know what comes up as the first result when you google that, as a phrase? Gibson's resume. (Yes, there are a few other examples of people using that phrase, but it's rare, because it's not correct.)

And when you google it without the quote marks, what you get as the first result is Stanford's film program.

And then you can find out that when you get an advanced film degree from Stanford, it's not called an "M.A. from Stanford University Film School (Dept. of Communication)." It's called an MFA, and it's from the Stanford Department of Art and Art History.

There is similar fun to be had if you try to find someone other than Gibson who has a degree in the "Psychology of Communication" from Yale.

There's more, but this is all I have time for right now.

socrates said...

You're preaching to the choir when explaining what is wrong with this picture.

The irony is guess who is blamed for the mainstream not covering the scoop of the century? Yes me.

It's not Malkin. It's not the SWAT issue. It's not the overall far right extreme posts. No, I'm the problem for having the gall to say keep it simple, stupids.

The SWAT is interesting. But it deserves one sentence tops. Kind of like a cliffhanger or how movies put in the best clips for trailer ads.

Not only are folks missing out on the big picture, my chances of becoming Couric's poolboy are slipping by the hour.

Anonymous said...

Oh well. Maybe you can be Malkin's pool boy....or your original thought, Lori Grace.

Whats up with the Stranahan hate?

Dude, all publicity is good publicity.

Call it the "Paris Hilton effect."

Or the "Andrew Breitbart effect."

Both glitzy whores, as far as I can tell.

Its still cracks me up that the righties refuse to admit that what Breitbart did to Sherrod and ACORN is every bit as morally wrong as anything Kimberlin has been accused of doing to Worthing and/or Patterico and/or you.

Legally? That's still the province of the court system, as shabby and corrupt as it is. Sherrod will have her day in court, so will Worthing.

People see what happened in Md. but dont fully understand that this is fairly commonplace judging everywhere, depending on whether the judge is Dem or GOP. Judges are political people too and the law is not engraved on the parthenon nor s software program that renders automatic decisions from a binary hard code.

"In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls."

Lenny Bruce.

If you are loosing your conservative mob juice you probably have only yurslef to blame.

Biting the hand that (didn't) feed you.

These are free marketeers, we're talkin bout.

That Ali Akbar dude is pretty funny. Nice gig, eh?

"National Bloggers Club."

Is that, like, y'know, a union?

didn't think so.

socrates said...

Wow, is Malkin hot or what? Unfortunately, she is also married. Couric appears single. Not sure about Lori's status. I only emailed her the one time and probably never again. The ball is now in her court so to speak.

It's not Stranahan hate. I actually pity him. He's too easy to beat in debate. Though because he's not a nobody like meself, he's able to spread the false meme I'm unhinged.

I was in the Twitter zone today. I think I was able to accomplish some major damage control.

Yeah, I get your point. Like embrace your inner Streisand Effect. Huffington is a big proponent of that schtick. She got her arse roasted with Clooneygate yet was able to bugger on and parlay her internet rag into $315 million after sweet talking AOL.

Ali Akbar is a funny dude! He conceded that if I didn't write as [Mad at Ali], I didn't write it.

Stranahan is another funny dude. He was showing signs of Ron Brynaert. Did you or did you not write that? Straight answer please.

Or to encourage him not to sue me, I will say he sounded more like Tom Snyder peppering Charles Manson. Did you or did you not kill Sharon Tate? As a friend once told me, Manson's response was, "I'm gonna take that question, put it in my back pocket and save it for later."