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Friday, July 6, 2012

Aaron Walker = Fraud

Aaron Walker avatar: Is he an agent provocateur, a conman,
or insane?

One tell that someone is a fraud is when they delete. Recently I noticed Aaron Walker had put a robot-txt block on for his Everybody Draw Mohammed blogspot. That block has been lifted, but now nothing exists in the archive.

Just days ago the entire blog was set on private. One would have had to request permission to view any of it. Now that has been lifted. What's missing? All of 2011. When one tries, for example, to view Setting The Record Straight On Aaron Worthing, the return is:
Permission Denied: This blog is open to invited readers only.

It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.
Perhaps it will be made available, once Aaron has scrubbed incriminating evidence he is full of shite.

Perhaps Walker deleted a lot because it showed he was running a hate site. What he definitely doesn't want folks to know about was how he lied about his real name. Thanks to this Ron Brynaert entry, some of that has been preserved. This is from December 2011:
I am not really named Aaron Worthing. Which means that I told a white lie to you and for that I apologize. I believed it to be a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an 'evil.'

It all started when I started this blog, Everyone Draw Mohammed. I had planned on releasing my real name when starting this blog as part of my show of solidarity with all the other people in the world being bullied by Islamofascists. But I realized that as a married man, it was not just my life that I would be risking but my wife’s as well. So I told her what I planned to do and asked for her consent.

And she refused to give it. I know that can sound easy to say, but it wasn’t so much that I was necessarily braver than her as I always thought that the terrorists were mostly talk. I wasn’t afraid of them because I didn’t believe they would go to the trouble to come after me.
From Aaron Walker's mission statement also currently showing up as permission denied:
The idea is simple. On May 20, 2010, we will all draw Mohammed cartoons. And if you would like to publish them, cheap and easy, I am here to help.

Ideally, you should give your real name, and maybe the general town in which you live. I’ll start. My name is Aaron Worthing. I live in Manassas, Virginia. And pretty soon I will inflict upon you my artistic skills.

And if you want to publish your creation here, just send it to me. If you can give your real name and town, that would be good. But even just an image would be fine. There is no censorship, in this, except you can’t actually be pornographic. But otherwise be as offensive as you want. And you can include anyone else in the depiction. But, and this is key, you must depict Mohammed in some clear way, preferably with a label. So if you show a picture of a toilet and call it “Mohammed” we are good.
From April 27th, 2010, also permission denied:
Why wait for May 20? I threatened to inflict my artistic skills on you, so let’s start today with my crappy cartoon.


Yep, that’s pretty awful. But the point isn’t to make something pretty, but to show solidarity, so there you go.

And I have a few more in the que which I will post tonight.

And the message is Mohammed crapping on a toilet that is labeled “terrorism”—that is, Mohammed craps on terrorism. My goal was to minimize the offense to the good Muslims, although they might still be offended by 1) the fact I am depicting him at all, and 2) that I am showing him using the toilet.

So there you go, Revolution Islam and anyone else who would try to bully people into silence. My name is Aaron Worthing. I live in Manassas, Virginia. If you want to come after the South Park guys, come after me, too.
From permission denied June 28, 2010:
If you want to earn the title of “bravest” give me your full name, city and state. I will accept and publish cartoons anonymously, but I really encourage you to give out your name, city and state to make the boldest statement. And I have in fact done so myself. (Aaron Worthing, Manassas, Virginia, in case you forgot.)
From permission denied May 17, 2010:
If you want to earn the title of “bravest” give me your full name, city and state. The bravest will be the most prominently featured in my letter to the creators of South Park. I willl accept and publish cartoons annonymously, but I really encourage you to give out your name, city and state to make the boldest statement. And I have in fact done so myself. (Aaron Worthing, Manassas, Virginia, in case you forgot.)
From permission denied May 2011:
I’d like to introduce you all to two new authors for this blog.

The first is Dustin. Dustin is a regular commenter at Patterico’s Pontifications where I have been a guest blogger for around six months. He is sensible and expresses himself well.

The second is JD. You might recognize JD as the artist behind the very first of the Dreaded Stickfigures of Blasphemy. Go ahead, take a look at his artwork. It kind of makes you misty-eyed, it’s so beautiful...

They are going to be doing 99% of the heavy lifting but to be blunt, if you terrorists are going to go get mad or kill anyone, come at me. I still insult your prophet on a regular basis and I will continue to do so until this sort of thing stops getting a violent response. And this blog is mine. So if you are feeling like beheading someone, I’m right here. Aaron Worthing of Manassas, Virgina, b*tches.
Has Aaron Walker been working the internet as an agent provocateur to "flush out crazies?" We know that Hal Turner is conspiracy fact. We know that one of the Breitbart Six is former? FBI sewer rat Brandon Darby. So maybe Aaron is on the FBI payroll.

Putting the cointelpro angle to the side, logic tells us Aaron Walker is either insane or part and parcel of a hoax. He either believed Kimberlin's I-Pad was an explosive, or he found a way to weasel himself further into a case he had absolutely nothing to do with. His name had been sealed by Judge Rupp. Why didn't Aaron simply go home?

My working theory is that Neal Rauhauser has been in cahoots with the Breitbart crowd running this scam. I truly believe Team Breitbart manipulated me, while Neal Rauhauser has been manipulating Kimberlin. I believe this all goes back to even before the emergence of Weinergate. I'll cover that angle in a future entry.

Elizabeth Kingsley's law firm sent me a copy of the massive motion Aaron Walker weasled into my court case with Brett Kimberlin. You wouldn't believe the amount of rubbish in it. If I had a scanner, I'd upload some of it for you. This has to have been one of most complex hoaxes in internet history. Unfortunately for the Breitbart Cult, many of the pieces have started to come together.

I've got seventy emails Aaron Walker sent me. Since he was never my lawyer in any way, and since he and the others have utterly used me for their own hoax ends, I feel no ethical dilemma in running through them and sharing some. I'll put Aaron's words in italics.

Aug. 23, 2011: I am a VA, not MD lawyer... Now I have gone here:

And i used your name to find your case.

It looks like this has been going on for a few years (Patrick did you know they had attempted to subpoena you? Because I don't remember you mentioning it.)

How did Aaron know Patrick Frey was subpoenaed? Why'd he say it looks like it'd been going on for a few years? It started in October 2010. Don't expect anyone from the Breitbart Cult to answer such questions. They know I can no longer be manipulated by them and have blocked me on Twitter. Using Robert McCain was their last ditch effort to keep me in line.

In hindsight it appears Aaron, Mandy, and Patrick were also manipulating Andrew Breitbart or at least attempting to keep him in the dark. I had been cc'ing all four of them at that point in time.

Aug. 23, 2011: Okay, let's not include andrew breitbart and the whole world on every bit of this exchange. I'll send a message to you alone in a minute.


That was Aaron securing an image of himself as my fake lawyer. That was his objective at this juncture in the hoax.

Dec. 15. 2011: Seth

I meant to talk to you about this morning. I am playing it particularly safe with Kimberlin because I was concerned he might try to subpoena me and that was why i was skittish. Perhaps too skittish

Well, tonight he has asked me to testify voluntarily as a clear prelude to seeking my provider info from google, etc. and eventualy obtaining a subpoena. His goal frankly is to "out" me and then try to harrass me using this legal process as a means to that end. I will be filing a motion to prevent that, with my name and bar information under seal.

So i would appreciate it if we could find a moment to talk, preferably on the phone. It is late tonight, but I would appreciate this conversation occuring sometime tomorrow. Would you be willing to give me your number so I can call you?

Also for your protection and my own, do not forward this conversation to anyone else, and do not cc anyone else when responding. The moment you do that, you pierce the attorney-client privilege.

Bluntly, this is very likely to help you. I couldn't represent you in Maryland before because I am not a Maryland lawyer. However, now I will be brought into this hearing on a pro se basis and thus I will be able to make arguments before this court. I told everyone the truth about my background. You are talking to a Yale-educated attorney. And the things I will do will have the effect of helping your case.

"Aaron Worthing"

Did Neal Rauhauser manipulate Kimberlin into filing motions going after Aaron Walker's identity? Was that the fundamental move used to eventually replace Aaron with myself as the lawfare martyr? I am thinking that is what precisely happened.

Dec 16, 2011: Seth,

Here's what brett sent me. i am concerned if you are not getting your legal notices. Have you changed address recently or something like that?

Well, for what it is worth, read it and absorb what he is claiming about the case.


It was a letter notifying Walker he was a potential witness for the January contempt nonsense. Brett asked Aaron to give up his identity or else he would compel Google to provide it.

Aaron had no blog entries in November. On December 19th, 2011, he commenced the next phase of the hoax. Even though I had received merely a few emails from Aaron prior to the November hearing, Aaron had already secured the appearance he was my attorney. The problem with that is he was NEVER my lawyer.
Light Blogging Tonight... but something big is coming. You might even say it is a bit of a bombshell.

And you might even be tempted to break into a Barbra Streisand tune. Is that an obtuse enough hint for you?

So keep an eye on this space and hopefully I will be able to put something up by the end of the evening tomorrow.
I emailed Aaron informing him I hadn't been served for the contempt hearing, so I wasn't worried. People can read the January transcript and see that Rupp basically agreed with that assessment. BK then requested a continuance in order to hire another Massachusetts rent-a-cop to illegally "legally" serve me. That was when Rupp put an end to the whole ordeal by denying the contempt motion. For all intents and purposes, this thingie should have been completely finished. But now we know that was only the end of my story and the true beginning of the Breitbart Cult's coming out party for their whorish marketing hoax. (See I-Pad as explosive as a means to kerching.)

Dec 22, 2011: Seth,

First, i am obligated by my profession to keep everything you say confidential. I am your attorney. As long as we are speaking or emailing one-on-one, nothing we say will be disclosed in any other forum.

Second, I will see what i can do about getting someone to represent you, but I am also pleased to say i don't think it will be necessary.

But I'll still try, obviously.

Right now i am putting the finishing touches on my response to Kimberlin. And to be blunt, I start off with a full frontal assault on the underlying injunction. I have shared it with Patrick and we agree that there is a high probability that the judge will not only quash the subpoena, but actually dismiss the underlying injunction. there are no guarantees, but we feel really good about it. Patrick said my filing kicked ass.

Sadly we can't go after Neal and Ron very much in this, even though i think they are co-conspirators. But we have enough on Brett I think we can kick this and I will request that the court refer Mr. Kimberlin to proper authorities for prosecution for perjury.

There is no guarantee in this, but I think when you see what I am doing, you will realize you have a very powerful ally in your corner, who is finally able to enter this fight. Brett made a very serious mistake by dragging me into this.

In the meantime, i ask you to try to stay silent about this for the next couple of days. To be very blunt, i am trying to take care of you as well as myself and I think i can get rid of this whole suit. They might even give you back your $100, though that is unlikely. So hang in there a little longer and keep your cards close to your chest. I hope to have it sent to the court either today or tomorrow.

If you would like me to, I can call you tonight. Just remind me what your number is.


With the above one can understand a few things better. Aaron was leading me on about being my attorney. He and the others were not sincerely seeking a MD attorney on my behalf. They only wanted me to believe they were actively in my corner. Aaron made it seem a Maryland attorney probably wouldn't have even been necessary, since he would finally be able to represent me in court. As a non-lawyer, I didn't realise he was pulling my leg.

The above also proves that Patrick Frey was fully on board with the manipulating. The motion Aaron filed was complete rubbish. It makes no sense why Frey would have said it kicked ass. It displayed too much of Aaron's paranoia concerning "Islamofascists." It included far too much kookiness. It included stuff posted by Ron. It included so much convolution that no way did Judge Rupp respond with anything other than a WTF! Why did Frey sign off on that Aaron filing containing a mountain's worth of extraneous bullshit?

What Aaron was primarily doing along with Frey, Nagy, and Dustin Farahnak was conning me into thinking Ron Brynaert was working with BK and Neal. The SWAT hoax was beginning to germinate.

I received quite a number of emails from Aaron in that late December time frame. I am not going to post everything. I'm just gonna post stuff that seems to illuminate that manipulation process. I found it extremely bizarre Aaron ended up getting pro bono help, while I didn't considering he had nothing to do with the case except for his tough to believe fright of having his name outed. Hmmm, the following email was cc'ed to Mandy, Patrick, Andrew Breitbart, and someone named Larry Solov from

December 30: I just heard back from my local counsel in the Kimberlin fight and he said a lot of things, including that he is thinking of suing under Federal Rico. He didn't specify who specifically he would try to sue, except it would definitely be me, probably be seth, and i wouldn't be shocked if he includes mandy, andrew, and/or patrick.

of course if the judge spanks him hard enough on this motion to compel he might think twice. kimberlin is accusing me of conspiracy and if the judge makes it clear he has no case, he might not file a rico action. But you should all be warned.

And, bluntly, this guy engages in shenanigans in regards to service. he filed a subpoena to find out my identity from comcast without notifying me. So you should be on your toes.


Here's more of Aaron manipulating me, making it seem I was in trouble when I truly wasn't, and how Team Breitbart were by golly gonna get me out of the hot water.

Dec 30: seth

try not to email when you are angry, okay? I know you are angry about what has been happening in the courts and you have every right to be. But we have to focus on the goal of getting you out of trouble, okay? And that means that all your public communications about the courts need to be very respectful.

On the other hand, if you want to vent about them, by all means send an email to me and me alone and no one will ever know what you said without your consent. The only exception to that rule is if i become concerned you are going to engage in imminent lawlessness. but if you want to say the judge is an idiot, or the courts can kiss your ass, tell me and me alone. Its better for you this way.

At least until we get you out from under this...


It was sleight of hand like a magician does. That had been written in response to this email I had sent to him, Mandy, and Fatterico:
I am giving this court one more chance. If they don't put an end to this criminal harassment of myself, then FUCK it. That would mean this court and FBI and anyone else with authority and knowledge of facts surrounding this story can definitely kiss my ass.

I'm not gonna rush through writing my motions. I will finish up over the weekend and then mail registered 3 day US Postal Service the first available business day next week.

Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, and whoever else is behind cybersmearing and terrorising me need to be held accountable by law enforcement.

I've broken no law. I did nothing wrong. I scooped the Kimberlin-Friedman scam story before anyone else. That's the truth. And I expect to be given credit for that in any article written up concerning this story.

Take care, Seth Allen B.A., M.A., M.Ed.
Aaron on January 1st, when I asked about him getting pro bono help and myself squat: Seth, the help is really, really slight. They are fighting for my right to be heard. Once I got that, they are stepping out entirely.

And frankly I am doing about 50% of the actual work. that is not a diss on my lawyer, but i recognize that her time for me is money and i am keeping it down to a minimum.

Anyway, merry Christmas.


Wtf was up with him saying Merry Christmas on New Year's Day?

That had been in response to my email to Mandy and cc'ed to Aaron:
Thanks Mandy. Happy New Year to you too.

I don't see any tweet or retweet of my new one sharing 5 motions sent to the court today. I also don't see myself getting much credit for being the first to scoop the overall story, from the past and current.

I don't see myself getting any pro bono help either like "Aaron" did.

A lot of this is pretty strange to me.
This is kind of dragging on too long, and I don't want to bust any Blogger software limits. I'll post the rest as an addendum or whatnot. Blog Court is now in recess.


Anonymous said...

You are on thebright track.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, RIGHT track, and it is bright, too!

socrates said...

Thanks. I am so bright, I am correcting typos and minor errors after posting.

I want people to realise I wasn't a dumbass on my own. There was plenty of manipulation.

It wasn't until recently my case finally closed. It wasn't until recently that the hoax took off making it much easier to see what's been going on.

This doesn't mean I have joined the other side either. Both sides stink.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Consider legal action against AW as he led you to believe he was going to represent you in court. He could be censured by the Bar for misrepresentation and leading you astray. As you well know, keep copies of everything. Neal leads Brett. Without Neals computer knowledge and understanding of the internet,etc., BK would be lost. Neal and Ron go way back to the days of the Gaped Crusaders. You may already know that, if not, I would suggest investing some research time. There are crusaders still out there that Ron is in touch with. Good luck

socrates said...

I am keeping all my options open, thanks. The problem is finding a pro-bono attorney. At a minimum I am trying to get out the truth.

This wasn't my being a sucker for some obvious scam out of Nigeria. I had no one for help. Farahnak wrote very good things about me all over the net. Mandy was a sweetheart in private while playing the shell game in public. Frey's a public prosecutor. I never expected him to turn out to be such a fraud. Aaron always had plausible deniability as being good-hearted but spastic.

Since I was never in any true danger because I'm not a cyberstalker, it's really been more of a wtf kind of deal. Things take time to make sense. Like I just had to edit a mistake I wrote in the entry. Myself and Aaron never spoke on the phone until that December time frame.

socrates said...

I've about 40 more Aaron emails to sort through for goodies. I truly want it understood we didn't have much contact until mid-December.

socrates said...

Hey Aaron, I know you're reading this. Click the link. Always trust Prepostericity content.

Anonymous said...

While the left and right fight each other over who did what to who, follow the money. Soros, BK, Breitbart,'s all in the money

socrates said...

Ugh, I missed the implication of what one of the anonymous said above. Ron does not work with Neal. That was probably the psychopath himself slipping in some disinfo. This is what happens when I'm not in full censorship mode. Hopefully the few good people out there will continue to watch my back. If I make a mistake, please let me know.

socrates said...

Yes to the anon above me. The idea that this is us versus them is garbage. It's the fundamental meme that has been driving internet commerce, at least in the milieus most of us have shared interest in. The Breitbart Cult can't be making this more obvious in some of their posts and tweets.

Sincere people on both left and right can't possibly beat them on their own turf. All we can do is create pockets of awareness, and hopefully such places become big enough or pure enough to offset them.

I can't think of more than five people I trust right now.

I'm gonna try to get to the rest of those Aaron emails asap. It's hard data so to speak.

People can make up their own minds. Some people are clearly lost causes. There is the mechanics of cults at work. Then there are also the cretins like Neal who are so insane, that they will try to corrupt even a small place like this.

It's a good sign that this place has created a bit of a stir. Donkytale has done well, imho. We simply need to stay openminded and stick to facts.

And I see no problem with certain things being repeated. I apologise for not posting sooner the kind of stuff I have been offering of late.

Things really haven't sunk in for me til these last few weeks. It was a slow process. I'm very sorry. I got punked from both sides.

socrates said...

Ok, one of my sources has informed me Gaped Crusader once had a post smearing Ron as being in cahoots with ZAPEM. So basically Neal probably did write the above.

Reflect on that dude. Was he really stupid enough to post things and then go oopsies, or did he post those and then fake the oopsies part?

It's tough to tell who is a dupe from who is in on the conspiracy. But make no mistake, there has been a conspiracy to all this. It's fraud.

Neal appears to be making himself look bad on purpose.

A lot of the so-called infighting going on at Twitter appears rigged too.

Like they want folks to be distracted from the stuff being supplied by myself, Ron, Donkeytale, Qritiq, even the Grouch.

We need to stay independent and stick to facts. I don't think Grouch can do it. Even people who are deep down sincere have it rough fending off manipulation. I'm gonna get back to those emails. I also have something decent I've been saving for a while on Weinergate. But these things take time.

It's convoluted. It's just not a matter of rounding up some links and grabbing a few screenshots. Some of this shite is very difficult to write.

Anonymous said...

And, if I may be blunt, Aaron thinks FAR too highly of himself.

There is such a thing as too much self-esteem. Even for a Yale trained attorney. He seems like a fragile rageaholic with a Superman complex.