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Monday, July 23, 2012

Big DFQ2 Announcement & Some Prose On Hypocrisy

Negotiations have been under way for quite a while to bring back universally acclaimed blogger donkeytale. It appears everything has been agreed to except for what will be included in the DFQ2 store.

We also have to figure out how best to utilise the $10 million recently provided to us by a mysterious donor. This was not given to us by the same bloke who chipped in $10 million to Andrew Breitbart. It wasn't from George Soros either.

Ok, the above was silly and not even funny. There won't even be a DFQ2 store.

My ultimate fear is donkeytale will attack me for posting mailed-in entries that one could find any day of the week at random blogs. You know the ones. They are on some form of current event. They contain a screenshot, a link or two, a copy and paste, and then a youtube video.

Well, I'm sorry. I like to once in a while socratise a current story with the aforementioned formula.

What's up with his hair? The dude who shot up the movie theatre is obviously nuts. So let's discuss the death penalty.

Colorado has it. But it doesn't look like they will use it. Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, Colorado has only used it once.

There are many arguments against it. I think the biggest reason it shouldn't be used on James Holmes is because he's nuts. He's obviously the one who did this, so no one can say the wrong dude might be executed.

There's actually an even better reason to not kill him than because he's a nutjob. It would be hypocritical. You'd be doing to him what you say he did which was so immoral.

I'm not going to socratise this story nor the death penalty much more than I just did. I'm more fascinated with the roots of hypocrisy than with any debate on the costs of the death penalty, the dude's internet history, his biography, why America has so much violence, or anything else we could muster up for interaction.

How come so many Christians are pro-death penalty? I'm assuming many are. We know GW Bush took great delight in killing Texans when he was governor. This link vouches for the fact GW Bush has been a self-proclaimed believer with a man crush on Reverend Billy Graham.

What doesn't add up then is this. What part of Thou Shalt Not Kill don't Shrub and other pro-death penalty Christians understand?

This is actually no surprise concerning GW's hypocritical sadism. It's fact that his mom in 2003 went on record as saying, "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

The Snopes lady tried to justify what Babs said by saying it was taken out of context. Talk about a fail. If more people had considered what an invasion of Iraq would have meant in terms of destruction and loss of life, perhaps we'd have never gone there in the first place. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The Bush Administration had been itching to invade Iraq well before the WTC towers were attacked by planes. According to Paul O'Neill, the illegal war was hatched as soon as GW entered office.
"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this,'" O'Neill said.
Hmmm, wasn't the first Iraq War justified because Hussein had illegally invaded Kuwait? All countries are born equal, but some countries are more equal than others? If I felt up to it, I'd get into April Glaspie and perhaps also how the Kurds were left to rot in the mountains. But I want to move onto a few more examples of right wing hypocrisy followed by a youtube video to polish up this mailed-in entry.

Look at the Breitbart Cult. They claim all these things about Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser including how they smear folks. Well, what have they done to Ron Brynaert? Robert Stacy McCain claims he is into facts, that he's a journalist who must maintain certain standards of proof. Then why has he linked to and posted claims that Brett Kimberlin ordered the four SWATs? What about Aaron Walker asking for folks to submit drawings under their real name and location mocking Mohammed, since he was doing the same as Aaron Worthing? How was that not hypocritical?

Finally, there is a right wing blogger named Zilla Stephenson who has actually graced some DFQ2 pages with her presence. She is probably a complete dollface in real life when not discussing politics. However, she recently came up with some ridiculous hypocrisy of her own.

Oh, Those “Compassionate” Leftists!
(excerpts) The idiots like to stereotype, they make the assumption that all Conservatives hate gay people; they think everyone on the Right is of a single mind, like they are – but we are not collectivists like they are, we do not have a Hive Mind like they do, and there is a wide range of where people stand with regards to gay issues among individuals who think for themselves, just as there is a wide range of where Conservatives stand on many other issues. I personally do not care whether or not a person is gay, and I never have...

It is the LEFT that is obsessed with race and identity politics, and that has always been the case. Assuming that everyone on the Right is racist is just ignorant, and it reveals the bigotry of the stalker trolls who have a nasty habit of stereotyping people despite their fictitious claim that leftists are open minded, tolerant, and caring – well you can see above just how “tolerant and caring” they are, especially in how they treat a person who is fighting a devastating and potentially life threatening illness.

There is a lot more of the kind of stuff posted above (and worse) that has been sent to me or “from” me, but I think you get the idea. Whoever is doing this is/are simply malevolent, and clearly not particularly intelligent or “compassionate”.
Hmmm. Why did Zilla put compassionate in quotes and not leftists? How is she not stereotyping the left based on a few trolls who are giving her and her friends some trouble?

These are right wing bloggers who are in bed with the Breitbart cult and their BK as Satan hoax. Thus, Zilla and her ilk are part and parcel of the spreading of false memes declaring leftists as supportive of terrorism.

They ought to be ashamed. They ought to also do something about their widespread authoritarian personality disorder.
Altemeyer studies what he has called the "right wing authoritarian" (RWA) personality type. This is the type who follows a strong leader and believes in a hierarchical social structure.

Altemeyer has now written a book himself which summarizes his 30+ years of work and posted it online for free.

You can read it here:

The chapters that may be [of] most interest to those who visit this site have to do with the correlation between RWA personalities and Evangelical (or Fundamentalist) Christians.

I think it is important for anyone who tries to debate "conservatives" to understand their world view and this book will help in that effort.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

Don't get me going on Zilla. It's not only her politics...

(from her blog)

"I am currently riding out the last few days of my thirties; my 40th birthday is on Wednesday, the 17th. There will be nothing special for that day, because I am not around the kind of people who would be interested in doing anything special for me on my birthdays, not even a “milestone” one, so it will be a day like any other but for my pouting, because although I KNOW that the day will be considered special by nobody and I KNOW I should be used to it, I also know that I’ll be feeling all Butt-Hurt when it happens because I always do. If you’d like to help cheer me up on what is always a very upsetting day for me, please feel free to hit my tip jar – because I can think of nothing that would make me feel better than perhaps not having to worry so much that I won’t be able to pay to continue my treatment and all the expenses involved, because I am slowly making progress (my bones do not hurt as they have been) but there is a long expensive road ahead of me. Of course Amazon gift cards are awesome too, because I’d have to spend those on something other than this miserable illness, and that might be a nice change. But for at least the last 25 years, my birthdays have been unpleasant and sad, so I have developed a mental “thing” when they come around, please forgive me if I get moodier than usual or you just don’t hear for me for a few days, I cannot predict how bad the birthday blues will be, but thankfully, it tends to clear up once the day passes, but on the day itself, there are always tears, even when I try not to let it get to me."

I only have four words to say about that: Jesus Tap Dancing Christ.

Damn, no store! That just ruined my day.

The Impolite Canadian said...

Mr Allen, let me clarify a few points:

First off, Zilla STEVENSON (that's how it's spelled) has been under attack by LEFTISTS (yup I said that) for a number of months. So were many other Conservative bloggers. They stole her online identity to spread all kinds of nasty Leftist propaganda on MANY comment sections and emails.

Second: When you say ''in bed with the Breitbart cult and BK satan hoax''; What are you trying to say? That Brett Kimberlin didn't make these threats?? That he and his organization wasn't financed by KNOWN leftist partisans? What about ABC news Brian Ross'vain attempt to connect the TEA PARTY to the Aurora shooting on NATIONAL TELEVISION??

How can the left support Brett Kimberlin knowing he is a CONVICTED TERRORIST? How can they finance his organization knowing his past?? And how about how FAST he was sprung from prison, after the terrible things he did?

Name ONE conservative blogger who posted texts about a leftist FAKING an illness to defraud you of your money. Name ONE.

But I can name a dozen leftists off the top of my head that did just that to Zilla. And to others. Just like the one who says the NRA is a terrorist organization, or a terrorist enabling organization.

I do respect you, Mr allen, since we had a short exchange on Twitter about Akbar.I even followed you as you followed me. But saying Zilla is a hypocrite is far from the truth. She is Whole, and always was. Her political convictions and her stout friendships landed her in trouble many times, and as sick as she is, she could have thrown the towel. But not Zilla, she fights for her convictions, her friends, and her LIFE.

socrates said...

If elected president, I will outlaw the use of the phrase butt hurt.

socrates said...

Impolite Canadian, I'd rather you not refer to me by my real name, especially considering you are anonymous. It's only fair.

When people scream LEFTISTS or CONVICTED TERRORIST like you have done via caplock-itis, it doesn't prove your points. Lighten up, Francis.

Zilla was the epitome of hypocritical. It was actually kind of humorous. First she rightfully complained about anyone stereotyping all conservatives. Then she stereotyped lefties as a whole. Wtf was up with that, son?

Hypocrisy can be quite entertaining. Dana Loesch and want the NYT to retract something from an article on FBI rat snitch Brandon Darby. But within their very "article" is the claim that the kids were gonna use the molotovs on the crowd. That was an outright lie.

She's the same bitch who tweeted I was supportive of terrorism. I searched and found she praised US GI's pissing on dead Arabs. Think about what Darby did to manipulate those kids. Think of the Draw Mohammed website owned by Walker and Farahnak. Yet we on the left are the ones creating terrorism?

Brett Kimberlin is on the fringes. He's got nothing to do with the establishment left. He is involved with the internet left, which akin to the internet right, are full of shite. Before October 2010, my stuff used to dominate Google for his name. The dude is a nobody in politics. Yet you spin him as George Soros' Sancho Panza.

Brett Kimberlin had nothing to do with the SWATs. It's innocent until proven guilty. If anything, it appears someone from the Breitbart crowd has been making the SWAT calls. You and the rest are too eager to spin leftists as terrorist loving, when it's historically been the fricken right practising state sponsored terrorism. That's hypocrisy.

So Brian Ross made a mistake. That has nothing to do with this entry or topic. Are you implying the media is part and parcel of a vast left wing conspiracy? Shall we also discuss Hollywood, banks, and the Jooos? Or are the Jesuits or Masons the ones behind it all? You tell me, buddy. Who is financing the commies? Lol.

I don't disbelieve Zilla in regards to her health. I feel bad she is having trouble with Lyme's. That being said, maybe she should post a letter from a doctor certifying her illness. It should be a real doctor who can verify what is going on. I believe she is honest about needing funds to pay for health care. So I don't begrudge her begging for help. But if we expect accountability from non-profits, perhaps we should also expect the same from bloggers asking for funding, whether they are Zilla or never my lawyer Aaron Walker.