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Friday, July 20, 2012

Conspiracy Fact: Dustin Farahnak Was The Scyphers Murder

Hmmm, where did 2011 go, Aaron Worthing er uhm Walker?

New proof has been obtained through an anonymous source which clearly shows Dustin Farahnak was The Scyphers Murder at Daily Kos. People can whine all they want about conspiracy theory this and that. Only a dumbass would disregard all the evidence showing Aaron Walker and Dustin are probably on the same payroll as FBI sewer rat Brandon Darby.

Since Dustin was that person, it becomes more than obvious he was showing Neal Rauhauser way too much respect.

The peanut gallery says, "Hey Mister, you proved Mandy Nagy's a liar. Now you are using what Mandy said to prove a point. You can't do that, Mister." My response to that is, "A wise guy, why I oughta."

You want more proof?

Dustin at Patterico's
Since I have wifi on mass transit, at home, and at work, I’m fortunate enough to use a Sony ericsson C905a, which is free with a subscription, and with no data plan I can still surf the internet on wifi and use GPS. My wife has one as well and we pay $60 a month for both plans. And the camera on these phones makes the Droid look like a POS. Since we take pics all the time, and always have wifi, it’s a legit point.

Although I still an envious of those Droid apps. No reason to get an iphone, in my opinion, but there are so many cheap and excellent options out there these days.
The Scyphers Murder at Daily Kos
I've had luck with Sony Ericssons (0+ / 0-)

The problem is that ATT is usually the only provider, but you mentioned T-Mobile so you're probably able to use them.

They often come with relatively good headphones and mp3 functionality. The real hangup is that they use memory sticks, which are proprietary and expensive (and you need an adaptor for headphones, but it's never been an issue for me), but otherwise, I think they are great mp3 players.
The Scyphers Murder had fifty-four posts at DKos. One of them was very similar to a post Dustin made at Patterico's about a specific electronic. What are the friggen odds?

There were other similarities between the two usernames I could document. I'm talking ideas, patterns, even exact phrases. As The Scyphers Murder, Dustin even posted, "...I have interacted with [Seth] online for a long time and would be shocked if he's anything but a progressive. Sure, he's no fan of the DLC or establishment democrats, but this doesn't mean he's conservative."

On a side note, I am not sure why Dustin kept saying I linked Brett to supporting Pat Buchanan. I never did. Back in the day before Brad Friedman was known, he posted support for Buchanan. I guess when one is busy showing Neal Rauhauser respect while establishing Ron Brynaert as a patsy, such mistakes happen.

I've got better things to do than spend eighteen hours chasing Dustin Farahnak's sock puppet. They are one and the same. The implications of that fact were spelled out in my previous blog entry.

Dustin established a Scyphers Murder account at Google Plus. It can be found here.


What Dustin did is photoshop on the idea that Kimberlin is a terrorist. It's a common theme of wingnuts to plant the meme that the left supports terrorism. They talk up Alinsky and Ayres, to name a few.

So Dustin gave BK a terrorist's beard. You can also google around and see that the Smurfs have been played up as terrorists. Here's one example:

Hmmm, so we have Dustin and Aaron Walker running their agent provocateur styled Everybody Draw Mohammed Blog. There's rat snitch Brandon Darby who provoked kids into having violent thoughts in regards to the 2008 RNC. There's Breitbart's Dana Loesch who promoted the idea of pissing on dead Arabs. Yet we on the left are the ones facilitating terrorism?

Neocon slime can claim all they want that talk of internet cointelpro is kookiness. Too bad for them reality has a liberal bias.

Hal Turner is conspiracy fact. Brandon Darby is conspiracy fact. Aaron Walker and Dustin Farahnak are conspiracy fact. That the FBI creates terrorism is conspiracy fact.

Hey Dustin, Aaron, and the rest of you scumbags at Team Breitbart:


Anonymous said...

Love Blind Faith. Check out from their cover of "Well Alright" from the same album.

The blistering interplay between Winwood's piano and Clapton's rhythm guitar to end the song is one of the all-time great rock instrumental passages.

socrates said...

Thanks for that.

I selected the song I did, because my new goal is to find my way back home (spiritually).

It wasn't as bad an experience as it may have seemed. The light is appearing at the end of the tunnel. I can only lose if I become bitter.

It's not my fault the Team Breitbart people I met turned out to be frauds. Shit happens.

Anonymous said...

And Ginger Baker is/was one of,if not the most inventive and stylish rock drummers.

Glad to hear you're in a good place.

By the way, you might be interested in reading a socratisation of another Team Numbnuts currently appearing on My may not be up to your standards of Woodstein and Bernward, but I do my best to emulate your high standards

socrates said...

I see you are kicking fake lefty ass on that thread.

Too bad TLNL has dropped out of blog sight. This shite is right up his alley. I stalked him at youtube, and he's been there recently. I guess he's burnt burnt out rather than just burnt out.

It would take me a bit of time and effort to get up to pace with your topic. It wouldn't be impossible though. Agent 99 the former BradBlog moderator was very similar to Fairleft and that breed. On the surface she'd be yakking about Yankee imperialism on the one hand. On the other she'd be kissing Iranian theocracy ass.

Then if you recall, a bit of that topic also funneled into DFQ2 via the Big Al Giordano schtick. And don't forget our old buddy The Cold Spy aka Meno Argenti, the dude who spinned himself being some kind of Che Guevara of Honduras. Or maybe I am confusing him for Chico Escuela who used to play for the Mets. I socratised him, and poof, bye-bye Cold Spy website.

But enough about me. Well-played, donkeytale. And I sent you out an invite to blog here. Lately we are good for about 200 views a day. If you joined forces, we might be able to maintain that or do better. Then we could sell-out and sell donkeytale T-shirts, Prepostericity mugs, etc..

socrates said...

I recall somewhat the controversy surrounding Vanessa Redgrave. You mentioned her at FDL. Here's a coincidence. Today I've been watching Howards End, a crackling, ripping good show put on by the Brits. It's splendid, brilliant, delightful crack with or without popcorn or crisps. It's also got something to say about class conflict. Redgrave was in that movie. As for Woodstein and Bernward, of course Carl was the one with integrity. Bobby came across as being some form of sewer rat. Yet to discuss further, I'd probably have to link to Alex Jones. Just can't win.

socrates said...

I was going to revive my popular death by internet series on that dude who shot up the movie theatre. Yet apparently he doesn't tweet or nothing. Maybe fairleft will head back to Corrente and blog on how it was a good thing the dude took down some military. Fairleft would have made sense during Vietnam. But not now. Especially when he's showing support for other forms of totalitarianism as you astutely point out.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I wrote the WSWS masterpiece as a try-out for your blog. Problem is,I never got your invite....recall that I locked myslef out of that other gmail account.

I have another but we need to go undercover?

You socratised Chico Escuela?

I had like 10 of his beisbol cards, man. He was in every f'ing pack.

He was they type of player that was so transient that they put a generic hat without letters on his picture.


socrates said...

You should be able to retrieve your lost password easy. If not, I'll need your email address of a second blogger account to send you an invite.

I know you don't like people to know we had a few email exchanges in the past, but to steal a phrase from Aaron "Come and get me Islamofascisst bitches" Walker, there you go dear readers. So send me an email address, or I guess I could put comments on moderation until you send it here, then I'll delete the info.

The Chico Escuela quip was just some inside beisbol, kind of like how we'll drop names like Laurajohn, and people won't have a fricken idea who we're talking about.

I'd like to get back into spontaneous blogging on all sorts of junk. My best time was probably writing up on the satanic panic and Hollywood.

I agree with you this Breitbart-Rauhauser crap is beyond stale.

I guess that all changes if Ron gets SWATted. Though for some reason I don't expect that to happen. It wouldn't fit the narrative.

So yeah, I need an email address for a blogger account to let you run the asylum. Aaron Walker had a good run for a year as a guest blogger at Fatterico's. Maybe this could be your big break, son. [@>

Anonymous said...

How about putting some dfq memorial Bush masks for sale in the blog store?

Funny thing is about a month ago I promised Frau Tale that I would give up all my addictions, get some counseling, loose weight and start exercising.

I have to say its been great. I feel great, work is going well, my energy level is good, I don't miss drinking, I have no desire to smoke weed, even tho its always in the house (Frau likes to get high).

The only thing, I can't kick the internet.

Who woulda thunk that moi, Mr Party Boi of 1968 can go cold turkey in his 60's except for getting his nose out of the infoboobtubes?

That's mainly why I haven't jumped at your generous offer to advance into the bigtime at dfq2.

In case yur wonderin I have been doing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which emphasizes mindfulness and breathing techniques, so its pretty cool and right in this Fake Buddhist's wheelhouse.

I would diary on my expperience but I'm afraid Fairleft would start arguing with me about Hegel and I'd start needing a drink.

Anyway, yeah, put the blog on moderation for a few days and I'll send you my email addy sometime this week.

Anonymous said...

The other confession I need to make regards the last time I went off on you.

Forgive me but I was only doing it because I wanted you to win me one of your Johnny Cash awards.

My trophy case feels empty without one.

socrates said...

Thanks for thinking of Dave Weintraub. People can learn of why you mentioned the GW mask from this link.

I was thinking of him too a couple days ago. He would have been one of the few to probably get into this shite, considering the way he used to go after Mark Levin and Sean Hannity. Plus as a New Yorker into NY politics, I'm sure Weinergate would have caught his eye.

I almost changed the name of this joint after someone complained I was being a vulture. But his sister posted here a few times and seemed to appreciate the effort. So I changed it from Dave From Queens 2 to DFQ2. I'm not sure if it's possible to change the url. Anyway, we've got the tribute up at the top of every page, so it's probably all good. RIP, Dave From Queens.

Quitting weed was easier than I thought it would be. Today was a good one for myself in the spring cleaning spirit you've mentioned. I've been cleaning. Yes, am gonna get to exercising more. Am definitely making a push to put this stuff behind me.

Mike Crying Wolfe has offered to let me interview him. If you have any questions, let them rip.

It's never too late to better one's self, so keep up the good work.

I also hear you on how tough it is to cut back on internet time, let alone quit it. I'm now using reading glasses. I'm not sure if the comp has hurt my eyes, but I've a feeling it has.

I found another great movie, The American Friend starring Dennis Hopper. It's in both German and English. It's more fun than Howards End but has no meaning compared to it. Howards End I guess was off of a book by some famous writer. I love movies like that. You never forget them.

socrates said...

Thanks for signing on. You're one of the better bloggers, no doubt. This place actually hit 8,000-9,000 page hits a couple months ago for a month. Lately it's been more like 200 views per day, not shabby, but tough to maintain unless one keeps pumping out new stuff. I've a feeling you'd be getting more views here than at Pffugee or even on your personal FDL page. And we all know how much you like to be read. /projection alert

I'll set comments to moderation so you can send me your blogger email address. Then I'll erase it. I actually shut off the spam caption too a couple weeks ago. But you wouldn't believe how many spam posts started to pop up.

It was probably my fault with the last blow-up. Actually in a way it was completely my fault. No one would have known about my mom setting up a disability trust, but I tried to use it in a motion to get the default reversed. All I can say is I've never been disabled, never been on meds, never seen a shrink, and prefer to think of my diagnosis of being eccentric as more accurate.

My point was I don't receive disability. Though in hindsight I get your point and actually agree. It's not a bad thing not having to worry about food and rent. It'd be nice to have some pocket money.

The irony of my overuse of the Johnny Cash finger is that one of my adversaries back in the day, on the Ariana Huffington Debate Both Sides forum, used to always clobber me with that. And boy did it sting.

Cause Johnny Cash was a really cool dude.

socrates said...

Ha, it was actually Robert Stacy Keach McCain who diagnosed me as eccentric. Perhaps I should have added a projection alert to my recent entry pinning Mandy Nagy as a hack. She's also buddies with Sean Hannity. I also bet her shit smells worse than on average. Ok, I'm done. I'm done.