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Friday, July 27, 2012

Lee Stranahan's Teeth and a Bit on Weinergate

It's been proven in previous entries that Lee Stranahan is a marketing whore. Now let's take a look at his teeth.

If you'd like to contribute to his dental plan, follow this link.
Announcing: The Dental Fund (excerpt)

I have a really awful mouth.

If you’ve never met me in real life, I’m being serious here. If you have, you know. Huge dental problems. Tons of missing teeth. I started to have work done a few years ago but I lost my dental insurance halfway through the process so they did the extractions and not much else, leaving me with a mouth full of nothing but shame...

Here’s the donate button. Again; you name the price. Toothless beggars can’t be choosers. Send some money and tell me what you want.
What Lee doesn't explain is how his teeth fell into such a bad state.

I'm not malicious... er uhm, not too often. I'm not trying to be so today towards pitiful Lee Stranahan. I'm simply curious if the cause of his teeth falling apart was a crystal methodone addiction.

PBS Frontline: The Meth Epidemic
* "Meth mouth" is characterized by broken, discolored and rotting teeth.

* The drug causes the salivary glands to dry out, which allows the mouth's acids to eat away at the tooth enamel, causing cavities.

* Teeth are further damaged when users obsessively grind their teeth, binge on sugary food and drinks, and neglect to brush or floss for long periods of time.

Meth use also has negative long-term effects on the brain. I must point out that this is a mailed-in entry. Folks are going to have to socratise for themselves, if interested, as to how Stranahan has evolved into a complete nutjob of a blogger over the years.

One of my friends has teeth trouble. But she explained why, and it had nothing to do with crazy drugs. She still has her teeth but in the future will probably be forced to get some fake ones. Why doesn't Lee explain how his teeth got so disgusting?

Or maybe he already has!

WATCH: Ex Speechwriter Announces Sarah Palin 3rd Political Party
We've previously featured interview segments with Sarah Palin wordsmith Dan Tubagoo, the heretofore unbeknownst 'man behind the magic' of soon to be ex-Governor Palin's electrifying speeches and a born again former Wasilla, Alaska crystal meth enthusiast with no adult, unsealed convictions.
Was Lee doing the "I'm labelling myself" something bad schtick, so folks will think it's not true?

Come on, Lee. Fess up why you lost your teeth, or by default we know why.

Here are a few before and afters of meth addicts. One other side effect is a caving jaw.

I had difficulty finding earlier pictures of Stranahan, but to my naked eye there is something very funky going on with his jaw.

A Little Bit On Weinergate

Recently Mike Stack offered me the opportunity to interview him. I sent the following questions.

1) Could you give us some background on how the "crew" formed which was interested in following Weiner's internet activities? Please provide approximate dates, the number of people involved, and a general description of what it was like.

2) It's been mentioned that well before Weinergate happened, someone (perhaps "Dan Wolfe") already knew there would be a scandal surrounding a US congressman. Please fill us in on that to the best of your recollection.

3) Please describe when you were SWATted.

4) What went through your mind when you found out Patterico was SWATted? When were both audios obtained? Who and when did someone first suggest it might have been Ron Brynaert making the calls?

5) Did you think it was Ron? If so, what happened to change your opinion?

6) What happened at the harassment hearing against Neal Rauhauser? Kimberlin was there? Have you any opinions on how Neal has seemingly gotten away with criminal harassment?

7) What set off the bad feelings between yourself and "Darrah Ford?" When did that happen? Do you think Occupy Rebellion is Darrah Ford?

8) Neal Rauhauser has some very disgusting sexual blogging in his history. Do you think Neal could be the one tweeting as Occupy Rebellion?

9) Do you think my theory that Neal has been working with Team Breitbart the whole time is plausible? If so, why? If not, then why not?

10) Did you find it odd "Dan Wolfe" asked you to retweet the Weiner wiener? Why did you go along with that? How were you outed? Was your personal info easily obtained through your internet activity? If so, how?

11) What's the username Goatsred mean?

12) What compelled you to post on an early Patterico Kimberlin thread? You hadn't posted there before or after until Weinergate. Why the lag?

13) Can you share with us anything on Brooks Bayne, Jamin "Jay Batman" Bates, and Joe Brooks?

I'm still waiting on the answers.

Before falling out with Mr. Ron Brynaert, I told him about this opportunity and asked him if he had any questions for Mike. He authorised the following and said to tell Mike they were from him. Mike did answer these.

When did he get the idea to create Darrah Ford sock?

I first learned of her on XPT Forum and you must be insane if you think that I would ruin my own name for five years now because of a sock. Thats what losers like you get hard-ons about, huh?

When did he first hook up with Zapem?

i'll keep an asshole in suspense..tell you later

How many socks has he had in last year?

had goatsred and shut it down, and have cryingwolfeblog... used one once to sit in on chat as DeanAmbrose1 during OccupyWallStreet NYC times

Is it hard to keep track of countless lies?

I don't lie and actually defended you and still do

Has he ever had sex with a goat?

no, but thats what your girlfriend, internet predator and only friend left, Kid Kenoma does

I'll cross-post this at Pffugee Camp to give Ron the opportunity to respond, if he so chooses. A few days ago he was berating Gennette Cordova with his brow-beating reporter schtick. He implied she might have been in on the hoaxing and that she sounded like a probable Neal Rauhauser sock puppet named Alicia Pain. That's the username which seems to have doxed Ron on a Fatterico thread during post-Weinergate convolution.

Ron says he's still probing the fake teens. I don't understand that. There's a limit to how much socratising one can do on a topic, especially when in essence it boils down to the chasing of shadows.

Gennette Cordova was the babe to whom Anthony Weiner allegedly tweeted his wiener pic. Hey Now!

What's confusing is how he could have made such a mistake. I'm new to Twitter, but there has to be an easier explanation than theories thrown around by chickens with their heads chopped off. (E.G. Patrick Frey, Lee Stranahan, Ron Brynaert, Joe Brooks, FilmLadd, Dustin Farahnak, Neal Rauhauser et al)

For myself to send a direct message, I have to drop click to the dm page. What I think happened but am not sure is he had the photo up elsewhere and someone found it. Weiner thought it was hidden but obviously it wasn't. So say it was Rauhauser or an associate as Dan Wolfe. He suckered Mike Stack to retweet it, when it wasn't actually a tweet.

That would explain why Weiner fudged the idea of a Twitter hack. It would also explain why that was pointless, since it was his photo, and he did have a reputation of being Mr. Flirt.


TCW said...

For the record, I will start working on these tomorrow, Saturday morning.

socrates said...

There's no rush. I appreciate it. I'm sick of all the clowns who have made a mess of Weinergate. I figure if anyone truly understands what went down, it's you. As for how it blended into KimberlinGate, I guess that's where I might be able to add some answers.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what platform Weiner was using? It would be easy to make a mistake on Tweetdeck.

socrates said...

Thanks, Mike M.. Like I just emailed Miks S., things that seem obvious to ye aren't to newbies or perhaps intermediates such as myself. Any info that's added would be appreciated. My hunch is none of this is as complex as it's being portrayed. Can you share how the mistake could have easily been made on Tweetdeck?

Anonymous said...

On Tweetdeck when you roll your mouse over a persons AVI in a tweet (anytweet) it shows a four icon pattern with a reply button right nect to the DM button the whole thing is smaller than 5/8" on your screen. One slip of the mouse and.. new tweet rather than DM.
IF AW was using tweetdeck and I don't know if he was this is one expanation

socrates said...

Thanks, I appreciate that. My comp is obsolete. I need a new one. The only app I've found so far that works is twitiq. So one of my questions for quite a while has been how plausible was it Weiner tweeted by accident rather than sending an intended direct message. Tweetdeck seems very popular, so there's a good chance what you're saying is true.

As for Wolfe asking Mike to retweet it for him, it appears obvious the plan was already in the works to turn Mike into a patsy. I also think the plan was to eventually twist it into Kimberlingate. They wanted a vehicle to give such an effort exposure. Exposing Anthony Weiner's dumbassery was their chosen tool. No one cared about BK when I was the only one on it. Few even cared after Mandy wrote her hack piece essentially stealing my destiny.

It was the same reasoning behind why Erickson was SWATted. The con artists were always trying to figure a way to turn a back page story into front page material. Otherwise, there'd be no money pouring in or at a minimum a means to further promote the Breitbart model.

Anonymous said...

One more point. I don't think ANYONE other than AW had access to his Yfrog account. He was solely responsible for the tweet. Why and how DW was able to catch it may never be explained. Using Mike as a fall guy is apparent based on what happened immediately after the tweet but who is still WAY up in the air.

socrates said...

While it appears impossible to prove who set-up Mike, it seems obvious imho to have been Rauhauser.

Neal linked to Kimberlin's Indict Breitbart dot org before Weinergate emerged. That immediately after Weinergate he connected it to BK has me confident the whole stinking thing was a collaboration between himself and Breitbart people. If they weren't in cahoots, Neal would have made his hoax a lot more believable.

socrates said...

This one seems to get a lot of reads. It is unfortunate some of my other stuff on Lee hasn't been read as much. Like the one with proof of his being a marketing whore.

Anyway, soon after I wrote this one, I recall Lee finally saying his teeth rotted due to diabetes.

But I doubt it. He would've been all over that angle when he went slumming for donations for new teeth years ago.

He is a caricature.

It's pitiful. Even the Breitbart fans seem to be noticing there is something just not right about that man's thinking.