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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Lies And Obfuscation From Con Artist Fatterico

It's taking more time than I thought it would to put together the rest of fraud Aaron Walker's emails. So here is a little bit of a blog entry to fill in the interim.

Patrick Frey for lack of a better word is a conman. In his new entry Fatterico has slammed Salon writer Alex Pareene for his article, Brett Kimberlin Versus Right-Wing Bloggers.

Frey titled it, "Salon Does Damage Control For Brett Kimberlin." But if you look at what Frey wrote, he forgot to mention Ron Brynaert. Ron just happens to be the "Kimberlin employee" Patterico alleges made the SWAT calls.

That's not the only thing that struck me with what Frey wrote. For some reason he posted that Aaron Walker had shown up at my damages hearing. That was an outright lie. Team Breitbart is desperate to portray Aaron as having been my attorney. He never was.

Aaah, now I see Frey has updated to correct his disinformation. I believe he only fixed it, because earlier today I exposed on Twitter his having lied. There's no way he didn't know Aaron wasn't at the November hearing. The sleazy Breitbart crowd distorts reality for one objective, to generate money. Only suckers will donate to them even one cent. I'll also note that nowhere in his update does Frey explain how he became aware of his "error."

As for Pareene, he is obviously some form of hack. Not only did he heavily promote the cybersmearing website Breitbart Unmasked (which appears to be produced by Brett and/or Neal Rauhauser), he referred to me not in name but as a "Daily Kos comment troll."

Whatever. Don't let the truth get in the way of a false narrative.

It should be known at this point by anyone with half a brain that both sides are running scams. There's basically no side to choose. There is only the truth. Both sides suck.

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