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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Open Letter To Ron Brynaert

[UPDATE: Sweet! Ron has blocked me on Twitter and is finally out of my life. END OF UPDATE]

In his infinite wisdom, blogger donkeytale has for the most part avoided emailing with other bloggers. I have made the decision to stop doing so. It seems to rarely lead to anything positive. Thus from now on, except for a possible few occasions, I will no longer be interacting with anyone in private except for real life friends.

Ron, I've been very happy that both of us have been able to come to a mutual understanding on many things over the last couple months. However, the misunderstanding we had today on Twitter makes me feel it's time for both of us to pretty much go our separate ways.

I hope you don't block on me on Twitter. I enjoy your tweets, even when I don't agree with them. You're a fun dude. I'm also not averse to us interacting once in a while in public, whether through Twitter, my blog, or at perhaps Pffugee. I hope you can understand why I no longer feel comfortable with private emails or direct messages with anyone. It's me, not you. I believe if bloggers have something to say, it should be done in public where all can read it. Or perhaps folks should live and let live.

I truly am not trying to make you look bad. I am actually trying my best to move on completely from the Breitbart milieu. I feel they are dying. I feel once a nail has been hammered in, it's time to stop hammering. The Breitbart cult is obviously a worthless sack of shit.

That being said, if our friction from today was generated due to lazy tweeting, I apologise. I am going to be cutting down substantially on my Twitter activity. It's stupid to think much can be said in 140 characters. It's too difficult to follow give and takes on Twitter. I like the open space of real blogging.

I'll copy and paste the tweet exchange we had that you didn't like.

Me: @ronbryn I now believe @NYT_JenPreston did steal ur work by not giving you credit. Stranahan & Fatterico otoh were retarded w Weinergate.

You: I never accused @NYT_JenPreston of stealing my work. That is complete distortion. @Prepostericity

Me: @ronbryn I didn't say you accused @NYT_JenPreston of stealing. You did used to complain a lot about her using you.

Ok, I'm not gonna go nuts with this entry. It's just one more step I'm taking to disentangle myself from internet convolution.

I've found a few links which refer to Ron's interactions with Jen Preston of the NYT. If he'd like to be civil and clarify or whatnot, he's free to do so. I am not looking for trouble. I now realise it is in my best interests to stop interacting so much with Ron Brynaert. I'm sure he understands and perhaps even believes it is to our mutual benefit to basically go our separate ways.

From Ron's article, NY Times Weinergate Expert Jen Preston Is Still On The Job!
I have a lengthy interview with Dan Wolfe which I still haven't published.
Why not post it?
Here's some more random Jennifer Preston Direct Messages to me. Maybe some were hacked...but since she has ignored me for three months I highly doubt she's an innocent victim. Preston has many, many ties to hackers and pranksters, and seems to be a fan.
What interesting things to say. I must admit I always found it troubling how often Ron has mentioned such and such being hacked. It'd be nice to see what proof Ron has that Preston "has many, many ties to hackers and pranksters, and seems to be a fan."
Andrew Breitbart and Lee Stranahan were two sources which helped me put everything together.
Hmmm, it would be nice to know what exactly Ron discussed with the head of the cult.

Ron put up some interesting dm's from Preston. Those will lead into my second link used for this mailed-in entry.

The following Ron tweets were posted by internet marketing whore Lee Stranahan on June 28, 2011.

Ok, so my question to Ron is why was it wrong to suggest Preston stole your work? Or do you believe she tried to get you money and credit but was overridden by the NYT's editor?

Other than that, I'm done on this specific topic concerning your dealings with Preston. I'm sorry if my couple tweets offended you or gave readers the wrong impression. For all the times I may have wronged you, the following is for me:

My last private email contact with a blogger might be with Mike Stack. He's offered me the opportunity to interview him. As a dumbass on Weinergate, I'm not sure what to ask. I guess I'll just give it my best shot and see what he has to say.

Bonus Screenshot

I stumbled across the following tweet from FBI cockroach Brandon Darby. He and Breitbart editor Dana Douche think they are effective in revising history in regards to the 2008 RNC. They are wrong. Those kids never planned on throwing molotov cocktails into a crowd. The plan was to toss them into an empty parking lot full of pig cars. They decided to not even do that. Those kids were not terrorists.

In contrast, there is Aaron Walker and his Everybody Draw Mohammed website which is simply a different brand of Hal Turner. There is Dana Loesch who would love to urinate on dead Arabs. Members of the Breitbart cult desire that the general public believes leftists against war are fomenting terrorism. The Breitbarts and FBI are the ones creating terrorism, not us. Now that their beloved leader has dropped dead, expect Breitbart Inc. to soon wither and perhaps even disband. No talent plus no Breitbart equals decay.

In a previous entry I linked to a Darby acquaintance who described him as deranged. Apparently so.


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socrates said...

Wow, here's more proof the Breitbart cult will do anything to spin the left as pro-violence.

Video posted online prompts threats to UMKC professor by MAR� ROSE WILLIAMS The Kansas City Star

(excerpt) A University of Missouri-Kansas City labor studies professor says she has been bombarded by “ugly e-mails and scary telephone calls” since a political website posted what school officials say was a doctored video suggesting she supports union violence.

In response, UMKC has posted uniformed police — and others in civilian clothes — in and around Judy Ancel’s classroom, said university spokesman John Austin.

A second instructor shown in the video, Don Giljum, said he has received two death threats since Monday, when the video appeared on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site.

Giljum has since resigned as adjunct professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

The Internet video purports to show the professors advocating violence while team-teaching — by videoconference — a class on labor, politics and society.

But in a statement released Thursday, UMKC provost Gail Hackett said the video was edited and rearranged to depict their statements “in an inaccurate and distorted manner.”