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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Robert Stacy McCain Exposed as Card Carrying Member of the Breitbart Cult

Wow, only a few weeks ago this dude still had credibility. He's flushed it all down the toilet by exposing himself as being part and parcel of the Breitbart Cult. Here's the letter he sent me on June 24th. So busted.

Complaints about you

Seth, as you know, I have praised your persistence in calling out Kimberlin and VR during those many months when it was you alone standing up against them. But several people who are also fighting against what I call the Kimberlin-Rauhauser Axis have complained of your behavior toward them, and I simply don't understand why you would wish to antagonize people who are, at least tactically, on your side.

Let me stress an important point here: Until I got into this thing a month ago, I had been at odds with Patterico going back to 2009, for reasons it is not necessary to describe now. I had also experienced a conflict with Aaron, and furthermore had not been much of a fan of Lee Stranahan. (I had some quarrel with Lee's blogging about WeinerGate.)

Given the gravity of the situation -- the importance of this story -- I have nonetheless resolved to put aside all personal considerations, welcoming every ally without regard to any previous disagreement. In fact, I've repeatedly found myself compelled to referee disputes among some of these allies who seem more eager to settle grudges between themselves than to keep up the fight against Kimberlin & Co.

In light of my own experiences, then, I am mystified to see you publicly quarreling with potential allies. Whatever wrongs you have previously suffered from these would-be allies, or whatever criticisms you have of other people's involvement in this matter, by any measure would seem minor and irrelevant, in comparison to the great good that could be achieved if we were all cooperating.

If other people on "our" side are being selfish or unsympathetic or wrongheaded or spiteful, that's their problem. Can't you brush it off and keep your attention focused on the necessity of exposing the enormous wrongs committed by Kimberlin and his associates?

I understand that every man must judge his own interests, and defend his own honor. I do not wish to minimize any wrongs you have suffered, nor defend those who have inflicted such wrongs. Neither would I deny that you have every right to seek justice in rectifying those wrongs. All I ask is that you consider whether *now* is the time to fight those fights.

I thought it best to express myself to you frankly and directly, while this was fresh in my mind, and hope you'll take it in the spirit in which it is meant, with warmest friendship.

-- RSM


The Liberal Grouch said...

Wow, dude. You've kinda alienated... EVERYONE now!

You see Ali for what he is after sucking up to him.

You see McCain for what he is after sucking up to him.

You can't play both sides kiddo.

Be hot or cold, because when you are lukewarm, I will spew thee from my mouth.

Words to think about over the holiday.

Be well. Be safe,

MrMaryk said...

Spell it does this expose Stacy McCain as a member of the Breitbart Cult? He seems to be offering his sincere assistance to you in this matter.

socrates said...

Grouchie- Whatever, dude. And for your information, what'shisface posted the bird flip photo at McCain's blog. I right-clicked and copied image location.

MrMaryk, go back a few entries to the Breitbart Cult post and scroll down to part on McCain pimping idea that BK definitely was behind the SWATs. If you can't see what McCain was trying to do with that email, then that's on you. A key strategy of the Breitbart Cult is to spin memes rather than interact with facts objectively.

Sorry guys, I am an independent agent into truth. I have ensured the truth is known by what I blogged since November 14th. I may not be all that, but I am defintely at least a bag of chips.

MrMaryk said...

Oh please, Socrates. It's not memes, it is interacting with facts objectively. RSM never said BK was behind the SWATings, only that folks allied with him might be behind it. And that people blogging about BK got police sent to their house. One has nothing to do with the other, of course.

socrates said...

He purports himself as a journalist. At least twice he linked to or posted the idea BK was behind SWATs as factual, without mentioning that there's zero proof that is true.

He's plugging Patterico who has been cybersmearing Ron Brynaert as the SWATter, again when there's zero proof of that.

Just a couple days ago he put up a fluff piece interview of Brandon Darby. He followed that up with the claim that Neal Rauhauser has defamed Darby by claiming he made the SWAT calls. Again with zero proof.

The SWATs could just as easily have come from the "right wing" side of the Troll Wars. I'm sorry you can't see that McCain has been acting as anything but an objective journalist.

socrates said...

And uhm, Mike Stack never blogged on Brett Kimberlin. So there's also that which doesn't fit into the Breitbart Cult narrative.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as one of the pre-eminent journalists reporting on the Troll Wars (Parts 1-8.0, to date) at TiredDickLake and PffakeLeftistCamp, I must say that I agree with Socrates that McCain has promoted a terrible breach of journalistic ethics with his one-sided reporting on the so-called "Rauhauser defamation suit" (for instance, has it been filed, and where?) without disclosing or linking to any of the alleged defamatory statements made by Rauhauser or in giving rauhauser an opportunity to respond to the undocumented allegations.

And how does the alleged NR defamation differ from statements made by Patterico accusing Kimberlin, Rauhauser and Brynaert of being behind his swatting, other than the fact that Pattericc's allegations are a matter of public record while Rauhauser's are not seemingly available?

McCain has obviously now jumped the shark after weeks of fairly impressive objective reporting for which I and Socrates both praised him. Here, Socrates has made an accurate reporting of this noticeable change in direction to clear piss-yellow journalism by McCain.

Wonder what motivated the change, McCain? Homesickness? A decline in your tip jar clank?

Enquiring minds want to know

Anonymous said...

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

You, sir, are not without sin; you've made plenty of mistakes. At least RSM admits his. All you do is dig in and act like you're perfection. Your huge ego blinds you to all else.

It's sad, really...

Anonymous said...

One -sided promoting and re-printing of press releases is the lowest form of journalism, if it even can be called journalism.

It appears to be more in the way of public relations hackery.

Question for Mccain- Are you receiving compensation from either/or the NBC, Breitbart or the FBI?

Anonymous said...

Has Stacy been getting money from Breitbart? what a stupid question. Stacy has been getting money from me and people like me. people who appreciate strong independent journalism. in fact, i just sent him another $100 just because of stupid insinuations like this.

and seriously, what a pissy little girl attitude you have. you are not God and you are not the font of all wisdom. back up off your shit and appreciate that anyone cares about what happens to you. Stacy tries to give you some support and you lash out like a child. Grow the Fuck Up. Oh, and Liberal Grouch, go suck it. Spew thee from my mouth? Really?

Remember the old saying about going to war with the army you have? well, unfortunately, you are the army we have. thank God that there are people like Stacy around to lead the charge. if it was up to you, we would all be doomed.

in closing, grow the fuck up, settle the fuck down and stop looking for enemies under the bed. not everyone is out to get you. some are actually out to help you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment although I value your right to an opinion I find it devoid meaning, unless you are in a position to respond on McCain's behalf.

I also left the questions at McCain's blog to see if he'll respond.

Good day, sir/madam.

socrates said...

It's sad Breitbots can't debate with what's said and have to resort to ad hominems. I won't allow too much of that on this blog.

I think neocons are upset that OWS-ANON and Tea Party people can either find common ground or allow for live and let live disagreement.

Great point, donkeytale. This latest attack on Rauhauser, even if true (we don't know, because no proof was provided), would be no different from anything Patterico has done.

Except in one way. Rauhauser is a self-acknowledging troll and obviously deranged. Patrick Frey, on the other hand, portrays himself all serious and dignified, when the truth is he has been quite the asshole throughout blog history.

In this instance, imho, he has criminally cybersmeared Ron Brynaert. And if not criminal, to me it has been clearly a civil tort. Whatever the maximum Ron could sue him for, I sincerely believe he'd easily win.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think, nay I know,that your blog would do very well to leave the comments unless they are defamatory or illegal.

They can be easily ignored.

This blog could be a meeting ground or a battle ground if you will in the war of words. I find that healthy and wise, possibly wealthy if you added a tip jar (kidding, sort of)


socrates said...

I deleted a post before reading what you said. I'm torn on that. This is what got scrubbed:

Spread Eagle: "So busted

And you? So stupid. Have a nice life, retard."

Why should I take verbal abuse? What did that sadist write which has anything to do with points presented here or in other threads?

Would you allow a scumbag into your home to call you a retard?

I don't mind letting some troll posts remain. But that one wasn't even mildly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Well, first, I disagree that a blog = a home or that a blogger = a guest in your home. That is nonsense.

Second, I believe that your ability to inspire idiotic reactions is actual a testimony to your effectiveness as a provocative thinker, while third, your seeming need to shield yourself from idiotic reactions that aren't a reflection on you but on the idiot who makes them suggests a thin-skinned vulnerability that reflects poorly on you.

Rise above it and ignore them, Socrates and you attain a measure of nobility. React to them, and they control your emotional response.

socrates said...

I see your point. But back to McCain. Who the heck does he think he's kidding? What the hell happened to him? Those f***ers are clearly hoaxing it up. And the opposite side is just as full of it. Bunch of tossers the whole lot of them. Dirty rotten idjits.

socrates said...

It's been five hours since your comment, by the way it didn't include the phrase FBI at McCain's you used here. A wise guy. You've one response so far: "Who is compensating you to ridicule Kimberlin's victims?" As I've asked before, where have all the real people gone to?

Anonymous said...

Not sure but I suspect it has something to with keeping the tip jar clanking.

Pretty easy to see.

You are helping them out BTW, but making such a fuss about it.

Secretly, I think you enjoy it.

And LG is right about you sucking up to then backing away from, them.

A truly academic intellectual should always remain skeptical and never join Teams.

But LG isn't as aware of you as I am. Look at how many timesI've been embraced then rejected.

For my part, even as we tussled over nothing I remained a fan and a n admirer of your schtick.

Doubt that will ever change.

socrates said...

Like I've always known Frey is a jerk. I wasn't blind to that. Same with ditzy Mandy But I never expected them to go all psycho wih some hoax. I never knew much about Stranahan, Darby, and Akbar until recently. I mean, those people are totally f'ed in the head. All of them.

socrates said...

Grouch wrote some pretty ridiculous stuff. And I don't appreciate you giving him a love siren. Dude, they strung me along the whole time. How was I to know hey were pulling a money making scheme until recently? The shite didn't really hit the fan until late May.

socrates said...

I explained what opened my eyes. I wouldn't blow it out of proportion how snookered I was. I didn't go that back and forth as you guys are making it seem. It was only recently they gave away the shop in so many ways. In fact, as soon as it became obvious Ali wasn't gonna support me, that's when my bullshit meter started beeping. The Breitbart cult has been some kind of powerful u-boat. But they shot their load marching into Russia or wtf.

socrates said...

They are the types of Americans who would have been Nazis if we were Germany.

socrates said...

Yeah, crucify me for being a nice guy and trusting people. Sheesh.

socrates said...

Don't mind me, am padding the comment totals.

socrates said...

Best part of July 4th is hearing Jimi Hendrix do the Star Spangled Banner.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt say ridiculous exactly, but he"s off in at least one point. I dont think lukewarm is a word I'd ever associate with your schtick.

As for the comment at McCain's blog I'm only intersted in his response.

His commenters are not worth the time it takes to respond to them.

socrates said...

The comments there except from maybe one or two people tend to stink. I doubt McCain will answer you. Maybe you should sign up to Twitter and ask him there.

socrates said...

I can't post there until I get a new computer. I don't want to anyway. It's obvious the guy is reaching for a schtick to soak people for donations. I lived in Ireland. People don't tip there. For people to ask for tips for writing blog entries is garbage. Especially when it's obvious they are pulling some kind of scam.

socrates said...

I'd tweet him what you asked on your behalf, but he already answered with some kind of blowoff when I asked him a similar question. The hypocrisy of it, the lack of proof, doing what you accuse the accusers of accusing you of or wtf.

socrates said...

I'm telling you, not just to get this to 30 posts by padding, but I'm done, I'm done. I only became totally free of this shite a few weeks ago when the dumbass appeal got denied. I only recently saw the transcript of what happened in January last week- hat tip to Captain Ron.

socrates said...

I'm also a big fan of my schtick. I understand, son. Thankfully I am humble to offset my greatness.

socrates said...

It's really more about acussing and hoaxes on both sides than actual accusing. Because there's not much for proof anywhere of anything except for the basics. And I along with Mike Stack and Captain Ron were the only ones who got hurt by jackasses on both sides. That's what happened. Three patsies with the rest from both sides reeking man's inhumanity to man. Ok, I'm done, I'm done, I mean for this posting blitz.

socrates said...

Dickhead censored you. Your post was replaced with: {Hi! I'm a jerk and a flaneur who has nothing better to do than act superior all over your comment section!}

Anonymous said...

Yez and banned too

"The site has blocked you from posting new comments."

Obviously, this looser can't answer a simple question about his shoddy journalism and his donation whoring.

The neo-cons are circling the puppet wagons.

The Liberal Grouch said...

If you would like to redeem your reputation, put on your "journalism" hat and look into this. The more eyes looking, the better.

And enough of the "Grouchie" bullshit. I already hate your guts, but I do believe that when you cut through your self-aggrandizing bullshit, your heart is PROBABLY in the right place.

So... be an investigative journalist and see what you can find out about the facts I've laid out in this story. This is not supposition. This is fact.

I had an item created for sale on Zazzle. It was a picture of Ali wearing an Obama mask, waving fistfuls of $20 bills. Zazzle published the product. A day later, I was informed the product was being removed because it "infringed on someone's intellectual property rights." I said, OK, whose intellectual property? Zazzle wrote back and said KARL ROVE demanded the items be removed. ROVE was not IN the picture. His full name was not mentioned and unless he has copyrighted the word ROVE, he has no claim -- unless he took the picture.

So, Sethie... whose side are you REALLY on? Other than your own, I mean?

socrates said...

Yeah donkeytale, circling the wagons is a good description. To me it is yet another tell like in poker. If they were a ship, it'd be past time to get the heck off and into the lifeboats. I tweeted what happened to you. Oh, and get this. For someone who is allegedly unbalanced and writing things that don't matter, Team Breitbart people are obviously scouring everything I write. I also think this is because of all the good stuff you have chipped in with too. I'm honoured to have the exclusive for Troll Wars 7.777. Wish The Last Name Left was around for all this. I hope he's alright.

socrates said...

There's some kind of mosquito flying around.

Anonymous said...

Troll Wars 69 is up at FDL.

socrates said...

Dude, that's a very gay article. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Don't just sit on your thumb, recc it up!

HAHA- The anti spam words are "69 risedol"

Shit you not

socrates said...

Dude, if I recommend it, will you sign in here as donkeytale? It would make these pages more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, I wouldn't mind deputising you to blog here again. Would promise to both not censor for anything not illegal or defamatory or give you any shite. Place is starting to get a lot of views. Hope you will consider, comrade. .... I had to put caption verification back in. Spambots were showing up too much. I got rid of goofy disclaimer in posting box.

socrates said...

Last night at Twitter myself and two others were having a good conversation on all things Breitbart and Brandon Darby. We even covered some Tom Cruise, all good for the ratings. Apparently the crusaders for free speech got one of them suspended. I also tweeted your new masterpiece. And you might have missed it, but I asked Ali Akbar about the Karl Rove rumours. He pulled up his skirt and ran off without even a can neither confirm nor deny.

socrates said...

False alarm on person being shut down by Breibart thugs.

Anonymous said...

I support you thru thick and thin and you want to barter?

The only way I log in as Donkeytale if you restore my front page posting privilegs.

socrates said...

Yay, I will send you front page access at email address I believe is correct. If I don't have that right, I'll put comments on moderation for a bit for you to relay your blogger email, then I'll delete that info.

socrates said...

I've got to figure this blog right now is getting many more hits than Pffugee. Imho, your re-addition could help maintain that pace.

socrates said...

I sent out front page invites to two addresses I think could be your blogger address. Let me know if that worked.

socrates said...

I've made interesting contacts at Twitter who seem legit. We could easily take over the zeitgeist bus. Your Troll Wars series has been simply marvelous.

socrates said...

Dude, forget Sunset Boulevard. Check out Dr. Ben Casey as cold-blooded hitman. RIOTOUS!