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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Has SWATgate Been Solved?

The first person SWATted was Crying Wolfe Blog. He's now reporting that the SWAT caller has been identified. From what I gather, it was some anonymous-4chan wannabe found in the recesses of tor ip's and backwater websites.

Mike says the SWAT calls were made for $20 a pop. Calls to Stranahan's radio show were charged $10 each.

It'd be nice to see confirmation of this.

Assuming this is true, and the FBI now has proof of who made the calls, several questions still remain. They will need to be answered before there is any pure closure to this alternative reality game cliffhanger.

*** The only available audio of Ron Brynaert is from an internet interview. I spoke to Ron a month or two ago. He sounds nothing like that audio. He's got a regular guy voice in real life. In the interview he sounds tinny and nasal. Was Ron Brynaert's interview voice mimicked by the SWATter? It sounds that way to me.

*** Will law enforcement be able to ascertain who paid the caller?

*** As in, were the SWAT calls ordered by a completely independent third party or by folks involved in the overall story?

*** If there was a direct connection to teams Breitbart and Numbnuts, one question tells me who was ultimately behind the SWAT calls. Cui Bono?

I hope this isn't a false alarm. I hope what Mike Stack reported yesterday is for real.


socrates said...

I've emailed the Defense Bloggers Team or wtf they're called. I'm calling their bluff on saying they will aid victims of lawfare and whatnot. I have an open and shut case against Rauhauser. He is fully linked to BK. I'll await a response but won't hold my breath.

donkeytale said...

Yes, I hope the Stack insinuations turn out to be real, but not holding my breath. As I've stated before, the FBI works glacially on cases that don't actually involve physical harm.

And lets face it, the psychological damage resulting from being swatted (I refuse to use the rightwing inspired half-capitalised spelling of the term) while surely real, can also not be much more damaging to the psyche than any other intrusion into your life by the police state, which is a relatively common phenomenon in a world gone mad.

Great diary below by the way on hopeless romanticism. I don't want to spoil its pristine quality by mucking up the thread with a comment.

A few quibbles (of course). I am probably best described as a hopeless romantic in recovery.

Hopeless romanticism, unfortunately, is another drug.

And if and when you do get lucky enough to achieve the object of your affections, the odds are probably 92 in a hundred that the reality of life with that person will soon enough evaporate the previous intensity of the romantic feelings.

But, ahhh, what is life without romance, eh Soc?

SHine on you crazy diamond...

donkeytale said...

And duly noted that you knocked your own self off the top of the pops with this rather mailed-in entry about pretty much nothing....nice work....

socrates said...

You are correct with probably everything you wrote, especially the part about how brilliant my previous entry was.

A friend explained why the word hopeless is used while not exactly meaning hopeless. She said it means people with that affliction so idealise romance, that no one will ever live up to those expectations.

I beg to differ. I think the biggest problem is that most people suck. Hence, those who are leftier than thou and groovy exist in a world which contains a very small pool of potential soulmates worthy of such greatness.

I'm soooo glad to be done with Weinergate, Swatgate as you'd spell it, and Bill Gates too. Thus I can move on to life styleeishy pieces like that last one. Sorta kinda like the Roots of Leftier than Thouism I penned. They may not be good for the ratings, but they are much more fun to write. I'm also sure they leave the fewer but more high quality readers with a better taste in their mouth. I also admit I was probably inspired by the kind of schtick you delivered in your recent entry. A slice of life to go with a slice of pizza and a cherry cola.

How about that case in Arkansas where the cops are saying a kid handcuffed in the back seat of a cruiser killed himself? If I blogged that one, yeah, it'd be one of those mail it in current event thingies. On the other hand, it could open the door to some entertaining pig smashing. Though folks might then decide I am working internet cointelpro to flush out crazies. If so, hopefully such bloggers will view me as a sweetie pie Efrem Zimbalist FBI dude like Ronald Brynaert, rather than as a monstrous, depraved, scary and vile informant such as Brandon Darby.

I stole the scary and vile schtick from Ron. He's funny when he tweets that line. I don't think any of those trolls are scary. I'm going to step outside my usual political correctness as a leftier than thou and describe the Hal Turners, Lee Stranahans, Neal Rauhausers, Patrick Freys, and many more as retarded.

donkeytale said...

Isn't the word Ron uses "menacing?"

Or has he moved on? I have to admit to not following either of you two's twitter feeds of late, not out of disloyalty but busy and something had to give, so for me that is twitter.

I don't look at anybody elses twitter feeds at all, so that at least is something.

And I'm an unofficial follower. I will never sign up for Twitter, until they expand the max length to at least about 140,000 characters.

The slice of life is more fun although I enjoy adding my two cents on truly herstoric events, such as Syria.

Lenin has an epic piece up from Tues that pretty much agrees with mine from last weekend, although he's a professional communist (oxymoron alert) and extremely erudite. He's kicking fake lefty ass in the comment thread, too.

I havent read the Arkie case beyond the headline because I naturally assume that the pigs off'd the guy, but I suppose its remotely possible he could have done himself, in which case the pigs were criminally negligent for giving the guy the opportunity to off himself, so they are responsible either way.

socrates said...

Haha, you're right Ron says menacing too.

He repeats the words. Like you're menacing. You're vile and scary.

I gotta admit I like liking him better than not liking him. Crying Wolfe had a funny tweet concerning this new story Fatterico isn't buying. He tweeted Ron, "You're not the swatter, asshole."

Twitter definitely sucks. It's ok for a change of pace. That's about it.

I'm someone who just doesn't get involved with the Middle East. It seems very convoluted. Though I do have confidence I have a keen sense of figuring out who's right and wrong on any topic.

You've done well for yourself because you allow for nuance. With fairleft he's a stereotype. Noom is too. Neither of them bring any dialogue to the discussion. They might as well be street preachers.

You have a good knack for being honest. Like sure, if somehow the kid offed himself, it was still negligence. As in how did he find a gun or hide one, then he would have had to do some Olympic gymnastic maneuver to shoot himself in the head. His mom says he wasn't suicidal. I think maybe one of the pigs killed him by accident or on purpose then both of them came up with the impossible alibi or whatnot.

Uhm, I'm sure the Lenin dude is the guy to go to for this type of analysis. I've seen a few others like that, the ones going after Al Giordano. Intellectuals from Venezuela. I think one of them is a Brit. The Frankfurt School, those dudes were as left as anyone, but they called Stalin out for being a dick. It's all about intellectual honesty.

socrates said...

I like Mike. I want to believe him. This new story he told though, he has to deliver, or the whole enchilada is simply bs.

Ron says he's gonna sue Frey, but I'll believe it when there's a link proving it. If I had something solid like that, it'd be so easy to get pro bono help.

I guess I could try going after Malkin, the Blogger's Club thing, and that Team Blogger Defense thingie. But it doesn't seem as tight a case to sell to a pro bono lawyer as what Ron's got.

If I had the money, I'd do it myself. But if I had money, it wouldn't matter.

I'm content letting assholes know that I proved they are assholes with it all documented for public perusal. Life's too short to dwell on anything especially this nonsense.

I'm also still waiting for Mike to answer those questions I asked him. I don't know what the holdup is. They were fairly straight forward.

socrates said...

I could go after Neal and BK too. But I haven't the money to do it. It's that simple.

donkeytale said...

Yes, Lenin. See, one can take a Marxist view of herstory, IE the series of class struggles thingie, without necessarily subscribing to the political predictioning end of history proletariat dictatorship schtick.

Although, in a sense I do agree with it, just not quite as dogmatically as its often assumed. Perhaps Marx wasnt all that dogmatic and a can of Alpo either.

I leave room in the Marxian sweep for a lot of Buddhist analysis of the material reality.

I grok that Marx and Buddha are considered entirely contradictory in dogma terma, but thats precisely why taken together they pretty much explain it as can be humanly possible to figure it out.

The nonnegotiable terms Life are as contradictory as any battle of the self-righteous that I have ever witnessed, not to mention participated in.

donkeytale said...

or wtf


socrates said...

There are some things that are obvious based on history and present conditions. It pretty much is true that Republicans are garbage.

The dumbing down of education is the biggest problem. People can whine about election fraud, but even when we have gotten Democratic control, things have primarily slanted capitalist and pro-war.

JFK was the one who started Vietnam. Old boy democrats were hard-core racist. Clinton triangulated the f*ck out of us. Obama has been pro-Spy Factory and done squat to seize the historic moment.

Buddhism does explain a lot. It centers in on how all life is meaningless and full of suffering. It doesn't mean be a jackass about it and oppress.

We are only here for say 50 to 100 years. No one knows what happens when we die. But we sure as heck can make choices about whether to care for our fellow human beings and not just for immediate family and personal possessions.

I recall one thing about Marx that was impressive. I think a professor mentioned it. I admit it would need to be fact checked.

Marx had no problem with personal possessions. He was concentrating on the harsh conditions of 19th Century British industrialism.

There's nothing more annoying to me than anyone who speaks dogma and doesn't acknowledge academic methods. That pertains to robotic fairlefts and Breitbots alike.

Fairleft is disgusting. We both know he has too many odd quirks in his beliefs to be considered leftist.

I don't see much good on the net. Maybe I have simply missed it. Field Negro is pretty good for his Black America schtick. But that's about all he does, and he allows his comments section to be flooded with creeps. So I never read those and only occasionally read his blog entries.

Maybe we should put all the bullshit aside and try to focus in on something intelligent and see where it goes. I am kinda clueless on Syria. I am kinda clueless period. But I do know damn well for sure that everyone deserves more than a fair chance in life. I don't even see there being a fair chance for most, especially if we look at North versus South or wtf.

Even America is drifting towards total nonsense as resources get used up. Schools continue to decay. Unemployment and the national debt continue to skyrocket.

The most pitiful part of all is that it wouldn't have taken much to make this a decent world. In regards to Amerikkka, the Democrats became Republicans. The Republicans became wingnuts. Humanity looks irrevocably lost. The shit has hit the fan, especially if the actual planet is cooked too. I bet it is. It's very sad.

donkeytale said...

The paradoxical quality of human existence, or as we Fake Monks would say, the duality.

Enlightenment supposedly (I wouldn't know, of course) is the state of consciousness where the Me versus the It nature, the subject/object, no longer rule. Interestingly, for me, the nuance, if you will, is that the enlightened being does not enter some special realm reserved only for Jesus, Mary and the Dali Lama, but in fact still recognises the duality even as it no longer provides the impetus for the suffering nature of human existence.

But yeah, good points all around.

The Democrats create wars and the Republicans create Depressions. LBJ probably the most vivid example. The grand social advancements, Civil Rights and Medicare/Medicaid stacked alongside Vietnam.

Maybe both conditions needed to be present in order for political advancement. In some sense, he had to neutralise the opposing forces to negro normalisation by giving the crewcuts what they wanted too, in order to get what he wanted. LBJ was no soldier, visionary and not much of a statesman type either. He was crude and lewd and very earthy. He was a deal maker, into the Meta aspects of governing in our compromising process. He needed the votes of people who werent naturally inclined to freeing the slaves or providing for the poor and sick, so in the give and take in which he excelled he had to give the MIC what they wanted too.

I think this aspect applies to Obama, but the political process now has become so corrupted and broken, the people so polarised and deluded by the internet processes, that there is a general social breakdown in process. This is worldwide. I may socratise this over the weekend if the idea germinates enough.

Check this out:

"Much has been made of the positive role of social media in the Arab spring, and no doubt it has provided a valuable platform for mobilising protest against the corrupt and oppressive regimes of Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaddafi et al. During Tripoli's weekend violence, Twitter provided an invaluable source of information for some residents, also a way for people to feel connected at a distressing time. But it is easy to discern a darker side to it in Lebanon. The fighting here is no doubt alarming, and the country's long history of violence naturally means that such incidents loom large in the public consciousness. But on social media here pro-social voices for positive responses are being drowned out by those spreading hearsay, exaggeration and conspiracy.

Rumour moves fast in Lebanon even without technology, but there is a danger that Twitter, Facebook etc, may increase the infectious spread of tensions in the country. If it continues to be a vector for the narratives of those attempting to provoke disharmony in Lebanon, social media may become a force for discord and oppression rather than unity and peace."

"Dark Side of Twitter" Indeed, of the entire whiteysphere.

socrates said...

Thanks for covering LBJ. I did think of him, but it seems JFK is allowed off the hook too much.

Great points all around from yourself. You are definitely my most creative, intelligent, and entertaining sock puppet creation.

I just finished doing my morning chores. I mean taking care of responsibilities at Twitter.

Perhaps LBJ was the original triangulator, kissing up to both progressives and the war crowd.

Dualities, yes, a perverting of the yin-yang. A co-optation of the historic dialectic.

I got a response from Field Negro. I mentioned you, then I gave him a link to Wayne and Garth's "We are not worthy."

Dave Weintraub had an excellent entry where he showed that every time the Democrats had brought some normalcy to the economy, the Republicans destroyed such progression.

Clinton and GW was the latest example. By getting the deficit under control and moving towards paying off some debt, a bedrock was formed by which interest rates could stabilise.

They were still somewhat high, but that was because the dollar was doing ok.

First move by GW was to downplay the economy. Somehow all Alan Greenspan or Shrub had to do was pick their nose, and the stock exchange went into a conniption fit.

Interest rates hit rock bottom under GW, because he had tanked the economy. Every time more job losses were reported, they fell even further.

It was similar to a gambler who kept taking loans from the house. Refinancing led to more money funneling back in. Eventually though the housing bubble could prop us up for only so long. Once everyone who could had refinanced, all that was left were the subprime loans to be bamboozled off of poor folks unable to pay them back. Then came the predictable foreclosure crisis.

Geezus, can't believe I'm attempting to talk economics.

Obama had a chance to become historically great. But he's been pulling an LBJ kissing too much MIC ass. He needed to cut it out. He needed to scale back the idiotic Spy Factory not embolden it further.

Gas prices are up. Unemployment is up. I haven't checked lately, but interest rates are probably still low. But if everyone has already refinanced, that doesn't help. When people are afraid of losing their jobs at any moment, because there would then be the likelihood of an extended period of unemployment, they stop spending their money.

That Guardian article was interesting. At the end it perhaps crystalised our mutual dissatisfaction with the internet.

"But on social media here pro-social voices for positive responses are being drowned out by those spreading hearsay, exaggeration and conspiracy."

socrates said...

Proof Sports Dude Bill Simmons reads our schtick:

Mailbag on D. Howard trade

If you scroll down to fear #2, he wrote, "(see: Rondo, Rajon)."

I believe you started that trend, then I followed your lead. Hey, maybe I'm your sock puppet and not the other way around. Maybe we should see a good shrink and get out of the multi-personality sock puppet racket.

donkeytale said...

To be honest I'm not sure what 'triangulation' really means, but if it means working both sides of the aisle, giving and taking on issues to move forward your agenda (which is no longer entirely or even mostly "yours" perhaps, once it runs through the political wash/rinse/spin cycle, then I wold say most of those we consider great presidents could be viewed as triangulators.

Certainly, FDR, although people forget (because they are ahistorical morons pushing their bias, for the most part) that FDR governed through the most critical period (at least to date) of US Herstory, along of course with Lincoln and as such were given very wide latitude by Congress and the people to implement their policies.

Obama has had a congressional strai jacket thrown over his presidency. Idiots always point to his "filibuster-proof" majority which even the simplest reading shows is nonsense. There were 4-5 Senators who would only vote with Obama if he "triangulated." Lieberman, the insurance company dick sucker from Ct. most obviously, but also several flyover state Blue Dogs who essentially controlled the fate of all legislation.

And then the solid bloc NAY brigade of the GOP. I heard recently that the GOP use of filibuster, like 135 times in Obama's presidency or wtf, is more than double the entire use of the filibuster in its history going back like 30 years, or wtf. Dont quote me on the specifics because I'm not googling, but the gist is its extremist.

Not to over praise Obama, either, because he tends too much to be cautious instead of leading, and when he does lead, the people respond positively to him for the most part. Its a conundrum, I think driven by calculation, of which Obama may be guilty of over doing, that Amerikkka isn't really ready to be lead by a black man who is bold, so Obama has to exhibit some qualities of deference, of following, always being agreeable and good natured, erc. and truly great leaders have to be somewhat irascible and rascally at times especiully when they are leading, IE changing the meme and dragging people to their position, not just following and reading poll numbers.

Both Lincoln and FDR were compromisers. Compromise was once the frikking GOAL of political leaders. The system was conceived to force presidents and legislation to the middle. It still works that way when the players play in good faith.

Not saying either that I want centrism to rule, I think the US system is flawed and needs major changes, constitutional style changes or a revolution will necessarily occur at some point.

But center would be preferable to conservatism, which rules today through bad faith and too much influence of money in the process.

The world is entering a period of crisis wrought mainly by capitalist excess and the overpopulation of the planet.

Nature usually takes its course through war, famine and/or pestilence.

Toss in the the extreme weather and the alzheimerizatiion and pyschological retardation caused by excessive use of the internets and its clear if mankind isnt exactly doomed, we are in for a good ass whipping at the hands of the God that doesnt exist, at the very least.

donkeytale said...

Here is some citation for my previous comment:

"Reading your book, one of the things that struck me most about the difference between what Roosevelt faced and what Obama has faced had to do with how willing Congress was to pass everything Roosevelt sent them — with huge majorities of both parties. The Emergency Banking Act took about seven hours to become law! Why was Congress so eager to give him what he wanted?"


"Today, each party, particularly the Republicans, are ideologically homogeneous. Back then they were very heterogeneous — you had progressive and conservative camps in both parties. The core of opposition to the New Deal was actually a really powerful conservative wing among Southern Democratic senators. Roosevelt had to triangulate even within his own party, and he was very canny about doing that but took a lot of criticism from progressives for selling out. As I was researching that and putting those sections of the book together it gave me a different perspective on Obama’s relations with Congress and also with progressives."

socrates said...

It's difficult to disagree with any of that, since you put in a few disclaimers.

People were nicer back then. I don't know how anyone can justify today's Republicans. They're some of the nastiest f***s to ever walk on this earth.

They are either anti-intellectual or oblivious to the notion they are obnoxious, selfish, and retarded.

Who would refer to Democrats as socialist or even communist?

I think Altemeyer figured that out with his authoritarian personality disorder schtick.

That's certainly gotten worse. I remember when normal conservatives were around. You could talk reason with them.

It's muggy here in Boston today. I'm struggling to make sense.

The thing about the internet is this. It's one thing to stumble across rabid conservatives talking nonsense. It's one thing to have witnessed fake lefties such as Moulitsas and Huffington take possession of the zeitgeist.

But it never stops. It's gotten perverted much further than that.

It's a long, tough story to explain. We had a few normal looking Republicans here post-Dukakis. William Weld and Romney are the two biggest examples. They appeared normal anyway. Unfortunately beneath the surface they were still bad news. Romney is an awful person. But if we the people are stupid and racist enough, I suppose he could win.

Check this out. I'm changing topics. I suck at politics.

NBC pulls ‘creepy’ Olympic video ‘Bodies in Motion’ after backlash

Oooh, people are complaining about that, when the entertainment industry became sexualised decades ago?

Those are probably right wing hypocrites with pencils lodged up their butts. I bet those are the same people who had no problem with ads of monkeys doing gymnastics to "celebrate" our first Afr-Am. gold winner in gymnastics.

To go even further off topic, I'm off to watch the final part of the epic western Lonesome Dove. I'd be long gone from the net if it weren't for the movie hobby.

socrates said...

Sorry for mailing in that last comment. It was dreadful. click link

socrates said...

Yahoo posted all those sexy images while condemning NBC for posting sexy images. That's hypocrisy. Hmmph!

donkeytale said...

That's like bloggers on FDL mocking me for mocking bloggers on FDL.

There is a definite symmetry to the hypocrisy on the internets.

Phoniness has been elevated to one of the laws of physics.

socrates said...

I'm enjoying your article at FDL. I notice you stole my "I digress" schtick. RIOTOUS!

Perhaps you were also inspired by my mocking of "Fair Left" at Pffugee.

The fix is in for Obama? Uhm, no.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought Ryan was the darling of the Tea Party people.

You're definitely adept at writing about politics.

I heard the biggest reason FDR did what he did for the poor was out of necessity. As in there would have been a lot of riots and violence, if some sort of Western European safety nets weren't instituted.

I know a lot about the Depression. I watched Grapes of Wrath. There were some very good precodes too, but most haven't heard of them.

Young people today take too much for granted. They don't realise that the Holocaust wasn't too long ago. They know nothing about bombings and destruction. Under Clinton there were a lot of jobs and he had the debt under control. Like you say, most don't have a clue of what total poverty and despair represent.

So Romney is basically running on a "Don't Blame Me I'm the Other Guy" platform.

Wow, that's a masterpiece you wrote. Also already has 28 comments. Good job, donkeytale.

socrates said...

Ron Brynaert found a strong link between a Romney social media bigwig and Ali Akbar. I still have doubts the internet makes much of a difference for elections. I know it helped Howard Dean. But did he win? Ron Paul?

socrates said...

I'm sensing jealousy from pretentious know-it-alls like Wendy Davis. I don't see her coming up with Wayne's World references or that clever schtick on the politics of wooly mammoth distribution. Same with Fairleft. He seems to realise you own him, and it's killing his blogging soul.

donkeytale said...

I must say I even cracked meself up with the Karl Marx 'follow the money' bit and I'm the Jack Benny of blogging, I'm the best dead pan comedienne in the whiteysphere.

Sometimes my ownership of these clods nakes my own soul ache for how pathetically self-deluded they are.

And fairleft is so proud that the FDL crowd likes him, they really like him!

[Sally Field impersonation alert].

This must be a bit like how Jesus felt being forced by the Holy Father to hang out with those 12 loosers. Nobody ever was probably happier to resurrect and get the f away from all all these whining, chattering hairless chimps. What'd he call them, a brood of vipers? Have to say, he was a master of the put down schtick.

I can see Him floating up to His reward shaking His head and muttering under His breath 'No way am I coming back here again and putting up with this tschit. Let these MF'ers rot in Hell, every single one.'

socrates said...

Their best revenge would be to ignore your threads. Wendy Davis kind of gave away the shop with her Occupy Blogosphere comment.

Fine. Go to the events. Blog on it. But don't act so self righteous.

Some other dude is still asking you what you mean by whiteysphere. Geez, maybe donkratise Francis Holland. Or I don't know. Maybe it is a trap, and he's trying to throw you off your game for whatever reasons.

Mark from Ireland was wong, period. It's like being given an illegal parking ticket in your driveway. It's a koan. It's the sound of one hand clapping.

It's a shame too. Because Wendy Davis is the kind of name I could fall hard for. I want to believe in her and all these other people. But it's deja vu all over again with Howard Stern and GW Bush.

My President lied to me.

The internet lied to us. Don't shoot the messenger. I mean, she was very rude making it personal. That's a no no Nanette. Oh, and God Bless Johnny Pesky who died of natural causes at 94.

Haha, I liked the line I'm a nice guy in real life except for the times I'm not.

I'm so happy to be free of the net as a trap. I love it for movies, shooting the shite once in a while with you, Brynaert, whoever. I like reading up on the Celtics. But there's also something called the front door, and I'll be using it more often since finally getting the blog snots off my fingers.

Everything happens for a reason. It is good to know that while people like ourselves, Weintraub, Francis, and others didn't reach the mountaintop of internet power, we did take down a few chumps with us.

You're a good guy. I think of you as an uncle. You'd be like a younger brother of my mom. Someone get me a tissue. I'm verklempt.

donkeytale said...

Its very cliquish, of course. Its DKOS mixed MLW less the MSOC insanity. Hamsher wisely stays above the fray, deigning only descend off the mountaintop occasionally so all her acolytes can kiss her heinie enough to feel they are connected. And they are---their lips to her asshole.

But banning is rare. Censorship however is anudder story. I gather they one had a lot more members but the polarised anti-Obamazation has grown so ridiculously stupid that most of the intelligent bloggers and fair players have moved on, leaving a lot of clowns, whose schtick very much resembles Fairleft.

There are some very smart bloggers there too, but they mostly seem in avoidance of the mentally challenged mode, which is smart thing to do as you suggest but makes for a lot of dead space.

Wendy is one of the better bloggers there actually, gets front paged a lot, etc. She's perfectly alright with me. She wades into the fray and participates. Like me, if you're gonna jump in don't be afraid to get your hair wet.

Ah well, one can only enjoy exposing so much buffoonery for a short time before you begin to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and instead of Andie what's her face waking up beside each morning its yet another even less entertaining version of "fair" "left."


socrates said...

They should lose the way they nest comments. Responses should be directly under the originals.

That sounds about right. A cross between DKos and MLW.

I don't read it except for when you give a heads up there's a thread of interest. I love good Meta.

Wendy's wrong about blogging as entertainment. If it's not that, even in regards to serious topics, then what's the point?

Maybe Wendy was having a bad day.

Matbe she will come to her senses and realise that obnoxious bloggers such as ourselves are Not. The. Enemy.

Fricken losing a bad headache. Me sleep's been off, laddie. It was a bad air quality day. That turns into a perfect storm of yuckiness. Maybe that was what Buddha was on about.

Didn't he have a good puke before waking the fook up? Or was that just the Herman Hesse version?

donkeytale said...

I'm trying to determine how I nested that weird series of P's at the bottom of my comment and what it means?

I think she was mad because so many dairies were posted about Paul Ryan when the official meme is rooted in third partyism.

I'm done, I'm done.

socrates said...

I was gonna mention that weird pPppP something schtick but forgot.

Perhaps invite Wendy here, and I'll mediate. It could be something as simple as she needs a hug.

You should check out Ron's current Tweets. He's come up with some goodies linking Romney to Ali Akbar! RIOTOYOUS!

Am curious if somehow Ali knows Jeff Gannon.

donkeytale said...

I was on my cell phone, typed some of the comment, slipped the phone into the holster and walked off to do something. The P is on the upper right hand side of the mini keyboard on a blackberry.

Phone probably slid around while I walked or something. If the key is held down a split second too long it capitalises the letter.

Either that is what happened, or Neal Rauhauser hacked my phone.

I admire that guy for enhancing his legend through the art of suggestion. He's like the greatest hacker of alltime, or wtf.

You know schtick is bad when a 100+ meta comment is as boring as this thread.

At least when they censor me I manage to make it entertaining.

say what you will about me, but I give good thread.

socrates said...

Wendy Davis is shirley a Fairlefty type who never shuts tfu. She's fricken everywhere.

My comp must have also been hacked by Neal. It took me a while to find the thread and have only just begun to read it with Karen Carpenter. <= trying to make a funny.

I found another one by Wendy Davis, who may or may not be the daughter of the woman playing Alice on the Brady Bunch. Not sure what to make of it. I find nearly all of these political blogs BORING in capital letters. As in someone make the pain go away.

I’ve Been VanJonesed and DemocRatted, ProgressiveCauCussed and LibrulFatcatted Till I’m Blind.

Maybe you should donkratise Wendy Davis. As in who the f*** is she and why should we care?

I remember that Mark E. Smith dude, if I'm not mistaken. I think he is a BradBlogger who pisses off the Brad cult. They want donations for Velvet Revolution's "Election Integrity" schtick not some dude saying: Hey Mister, if we simply stop voting, that'll solve everything!

We must count every vote. Every vote must be counted. Send us money. That kind of thing. So no more Michael Connells will be assassinated by Karl Rove. Am not sure wtf Mark Smith is trying to pull.

There's already a voter boycott. Isn't it like 19% of registered voted are needed for a candidate to win the thingie?

Basically I haven't gotten to many comments yet and henceforth towards your brilliance. I like the topic we've been working on. There's widespread censorship. There are numbnuts who actually believe what they're doing on the net means something or are scamming.

In conclusion, I'll need some time to give you a response proper, laddie.

As my Irish friends would say, "Don't spend it all in the one siopa."

socrates said...

I've started the eve arduous task of skimming through the thread.

It's a predictable yawn so far full of trite memes... If you don't like the way things are done here, make your own blog or go elsewhere blah blahg. Too much was copied and pasted. Censorship is wong. Instead of responding to my points, you attack with ad hominems.

All this nonsense is preventing me from checking out if there have been developments on some Twitter nonsense.

Fatterico is tweeting numerous people, including myself, whom he has on blocked. RIOTOUS!

Gots to admit Ron Brynaert owns Twitter. Haha, he and I have now fought and made up almost as many times as we have.

Hey, I figured out who you are in real life!

Charles Diary of a Psychotic

socrates said...

I'm skimming and scrolling as fast as possible to get to your entrance.

socrates said...

Ugh, you never showed up in that thread. click link