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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who Reads or Cares about Internet Convolution?

I must admit I do!

But I'm healing. I no longer spend mountains of hours socratising just anything. My internet time is now devoted to perusing various donkratisations, brynaertizings, and good movies. For the most part I'm finally out of the convolution loop!

That doesn't mean I've completely halted following it. Some stuff's been happening recently on Twitter which I feel merits socrumenting.

There's nothing more internet piss-poor than scrubbings. It's a form of cheating which is the antithesis of the maxim the reader decides. The great philosopher Joseph KKK Dirt once opined, "It's all about the consumer." Though I concede that's something different.

What I'm talking about is card stacking. Picture yourself playing in a game with less than 52 cards and the dealer is manipulating what remains with what is discarded.

I've two examples to share. One concerns a probable spy factory fake and the other an alleged political operative working for Mitt Rmoney.

Jennifer Emick

On the surface she looks legit. According to this article, she was an anon in the legion giving a butt spanking to Scientology. Then somehow she felt Anonymous had lost its original holy intent and needed itself to be spanked. That's her story and she's sticking to it.

Me. Not. Buying. Imho, she is a spy factory hack and not the regular gal internet geek she portrays.

Emick owns a company named Backtrace Security. She gave this presentation at a DEFCON conference. I got through ten minutes before shutting it down. It was that lame and boring.

I don't know what's up with defcon. It's recently been promoted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. My impression is it tries to present itself as a get-together for "good guy" hackers. Not. Buying. That. Either.

They vet the f*** out of anyone wanting to attend. From their 15 FAQ's:
Q: I'm press, how do I sign up, why can't I get in for free (I'm just doing my job)?

A: Please email press[at]defcon[dot]org if you wish press credentials. Lots of people come to DEFCON and are doing their job; security professionals, federal agents, and the press. It wouldn't be fair to DEFCON attendees if we exempted one group from paying. If you are a major network and plan on doing a two minute piece showing all the people with blue hair, you probably shouldn't bother applying for a press pass - you won't get one. If you are a security writer or from a real publication please submit, and someone will respond with an answer.
That's strange. Defcon allows the NSA a booth but won't allow major networks access to their conference.

DefCon: NSA Boss Asks Hackers to Join the Dark Side

Help me help you or help me hurt you? National Security Agency chief Gen. Keith Alexander's first-ever direct appeal to hackers to assist the secretive spy agency was greeted with polite applause at the DefCon conference in Las Vegas on Friday but afterwards, it was a different story.

"You're going to have to come in and help us," Alexander told DefCon attendees, according to Reuters. The NSA boss, dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt for the occasion, also denied that his agency kept dossiers on "millions of Americans." ...
In contradistinction, things did not go as smoothly for NBC Dateline's producer Michelle Madigan, who may or may not be Valerie Plame's younger sister.

And now for no other reasons than donkeytale will appreciate it while being good for DFQ2 ratings, here is a screenshot of tennis star Maria Sharapova.

I've kinda sorta gotten sidetracked. I'd love to present an old-school socratisation, but things truly boil down to the internet being stupid. A lot of it becomes inside baseball and thus extremely annoying to put together. Aaah, here goes.

There's this strange, internet presence named Douglas Matthew Stewart. He prominently plugs Mandy Nagy on his blog. He and another tool named Jamin "Jay Batman" Bates have been exposed by Ron Brynaert for pimping Lulzsec documents. Also strangely enough both of them are linked to Federalist Papers translated into Arabic. Those were two very contradictory activities.

Both have blogged on internet predator Neal Rauhauser. As for the tie-in to Jennifer Emick, on her website is a small blogroll. Included is Stewart's blog! Wtf? It's a small world?

I tweeted Emick asking what was up with that and also about her relationship to some internet fake dork named Tom Ryan. She called Stewart a friend and myself a conspiratard. Another person also called me out to the Twitter woodshed for believing she was a Tom Ryan associate. (Emick's handle is @AsherahResearch.)

Admittedly I got a few things wrong. Whoop-dee-doo. Sorry to have interrupted their all-important tweeting of dumbass convolution. I thought she was friends with Tom Ryan. I actually don't know much about either of them other than they both reek of spy factory, just like Rauhauser, Stewart, Brandon Darby, Jamin Bates, and many other internet creeps.

I wasn't about to get into a flame war. I'm still not. Nonetheless, I did notice a deleted tweet in the maelstrom. I wonder why she deleted it. I'm able to post screenshot proof of it here, because Twitter sends a copy of tweet mentions to one's inbox. Here it is, a tweet only available on this web page.

I googled around and saw nothing of a criminal complaint. I guess I should tweet @TomRyanBlog and ask him wtf. I think Emick messed up, but I'm not sure. If you listen to her on the youtube link, she doesn't sound like the brightest sardine in the tin.

Fine. They are not friends. But what's up with a "criminal complaint pending against Tom Ryan?" Here's some more small world for ya dear buggers. Tom Ryan blogs for RIOTOUS!

So does former(?) FBI sewer rat Brandon Darby. So does marketing whore Lee Stranahan. Darby and Stranahan attend OWS and Tea Party functions. Sheesh, all I can do is show ye folks a side or two of a square (h/t to Confucius). It's up to you to put it together. This isn't brain surgery.
I do not enlighten those who are not eager to learn,
nor arouse those who are not anxious
to give an explanation themselves.
If I have presented one corner of the square
and they cannot come back to me with the other three,
I should not go over the points again.
Some people are simply cheaters. Emick is one of them. Not only does she delete tweets, she makes ridiculous responses to sincere questions. That's something by the way her buddy Doug Stewart also does.

I had already done a mea culpa on the friendship angle the day before admitting I was wong. I thought I'd cut her a break and toss a softball question.

This was her response:

Mitt Romney's Social Media Director?

I'm gonna mail in the rest of this blog entry. Apologies to anyone having looked forward to an old-school, epic socratisation.

His name is Bill Murphy. Ron Brynaert has been all over him the last several days. Mr. Brynaert's even got an entry on him over at his blog.

In the meantime, Murphy has scrubbed his own blog. Thus we're unable to read gems such as Google gay employees get paid more than straights, Jared Loughner Has Full Support Of Dems, and NAACP complains about anything to stay relevant.

If you try to read anything at Murphy's blog, this is what you get:

Ron has done a fantastic job directly connecting Murphy to Ali Akbar and other shady wingnuts. Brynaert through such detective work exposes myself for the girly-man, wannabe cybersleuth loooser I am. I recommend folks check out his stuff. He's become basically one of the only reasons I still head to Twitter.

Here's another strange hmmmm: If you google "mitt romney's social media director bill murphy," not much is showing up except for Ron Brynaert's recent activity and Murphy's own schtick. Is this another Breitbart cult produced hoax? Is Bill Murphy who he claims to be?

To Ron Brynaert: Stay frosty, my friend!

Bonus Convolution Coverage

Neal Rauhauser through his own writing has linked himself to a phone number and thus apparently yet again to the Breitbart cult. (link)
If you look at a few of my personal sites you can see what looks like a trailhead - there are leading PDFs posted to Scribd, a supporting Tumblr, some of the content is bleeding into my WordPress. There is a dedicated contact number (832-429-4827) and some supporting Twitter accounts that you'll see if you start digging.
I guess Neal was attempting to explain that what may have seemed to be an alternative reality game (his hoaxing) was an actual story. I googled the number. That led to this interesting January 1st thread at The Crying Wolfe Blog. Mike put up a few screenshots.

LulzShack is believed to have been Neal Rauhauser. Ron tweeted the following apparently 20 hours later:

Googling that phone number also led to Deer Park, Texas. I've never read anywhere that Neal is from there. It's clear that Brandon Darby, Lee Stranahan, Ali Akbar, and Jamin "Jay Batman" Bates reside in that area. That's definitely the most circumstantial of evidence to include their names. Nonetheless, that would be rock solid proof of their involvement in Patrick "Fatterico" Frey's blog court.

The above screenshots weren't the only things that struck me about Mike's blog entry. So did a few comments by others. I don't mean the ones left by internet hack Mandy Nagy.

Breitbart cult tool Dustin Farahnak wrote: Ron likes to sow confusion. While I’ve had a lot of differences with Stranahan, the idea Ron was confusing he and Neal is absurd. Lee is Mother Theresa on a Friday at Happy Hour winning the lottery compared to Neal Rauhauser.

No, Dustin, it is you who likes to sow confusion. It is you who worked with Neal Rauhauser on a Daily Kos thread smearing Ron Brynaert. It was you giving Rauhauser every benefit of the doubt and Ron none.

Someone named AfterShock copied and pasted Neal's "The Hunt for Anonymous."
... SMS text at 832-429-4827 See me on the Chaos Computer Club’s Jabber server: I also monitor mentions of the Erisian Liberation Front’s Twitter account: @ErisianLF
He commented:
Why is Neal Rauhauser using a ronbryn (Ron Brynaert?) name in an email address? I thought that was strange.

Unverified address: said: 550 5.7.1 : Recipient address rejected: these are jabber accounts, not email addresses error
Error in communication with

If you’re wondering what Jabber is –
It’s an instant messaging service.
My dear grasshoppers, I simply cannot show you any more sides of the square. If you cannot add two plus two, then perhaps you should go back to reading your Huffington Post's Pulitzer Prize worthy efforts on American Idol and George Clooney.

Here's one last coincidence. I googled Deer Park and Brandon Darby which led to this post in a Deer Park, Texas forum:
The insidious influence of George Soros was the theme of an event hosted by Cliff Kincaid, yesterday at the National Press Club. Headlining the Soros Files conference were Larry Grathwohl, Brandon Darby, Zubi Diamond, Tina Trent and Trevor Loudon.

See for more information.

Larry Grathwohl is renowned for having infiltrated the Weather Underground in 1969-70. Today, he denounced Robert Redford for making a movie based on The Company You Keep, a novel which glorifies that terrorist organization. Grathwohl said that he attended many Weather Underground meetings at which the terrorists discussed committing genocide.

Their plan, after taking over the country, was to herd 100 million Americans into concentration camps in the Southwest. A quarter of the prisoners — 25 million people — would be “shot” or “worked to death.”

I asked Grathwohl if Bill Ayers was at those meeting.“Yes,” he replied.

Barack Obama, let’s remember, launched his political career at Bill Ayers’ house. At present, Ayers exerts enormous influence over school curriculums throughout the United States.

According to Grathwohl, Bill Ayers said his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, planted the bomb that killed police officer Brian McDonnell.

See for more information.

Brandon Darby started as a naive, idealistic activist who “bought into the false narrative that if you want to help people, vote left.” He worked with ACORN, the Black Panthers and Lisa Fithian, who would later organize the Occupy Wall Street movement. Hugo Chavez invited him to Venezuela for a month,” a frightening experience” that left him “a changed person.”

Darby came to understand that so many so-called civil rights organizations were really against civil rights, in that they wanted to deny civil rights to their opponents. He went undercover with the FBI to infiltrate terrorist organizations, helping to stop a plot to bomb the 2008 Republican National Convention. He described how The New York Times libeled him in order to defend those terrorists.
Was that you Brandon? The truth is out there!

Related Reading: More Cyberbullying by Neal Rauhauser (“@LulzShack”)


Jennifer Emick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
socrates said...

You're the dumbass who can't explain the tweet you deleted. Not everyone is as retarded as you.

A5h3r4h said...

I delete most of my tweets any more. My issue with Tom is obvious and easy to research. That said- it's also none of your business to demand I explain anything to you regarding my relationships to others.

socrates said...

The bimbo fake deleted her first comment. Jen Emick wrote:

I protected my account for reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with your ignorant trolling.

I am not, and never have been, a 'friend' of Tom Ryan. If you had the ability to observe, or use google, or common sense at all, it would be patently obvious why.

The twit claimed to have a pending criminal complaint against Breitbart's Tom Ryan. Now she won't explain why she said that. She says things, deletes them, and basically acts like any other run of the mill spy factory wench.