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Friday, September 28, 2012

Brad Friedman of BradBlog Part 5


It's unfortunate so many blog entries were deleted. Based on Judge Rupp's January decision, I could probably get away with reposting all 21. But since I've already rewritten most of it with my destiny cemented in regards to the Friedman-Kimberlin story, it seems pointless. This will be the last of the rewrites.

My biggest regret is having leaned on Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey for support. They used me. They made it seem they were in my corner. They told lies such as Andrew Breitbart didn't have any money to help me. I wasn't asking for much. I needed next to nothing to get the frivolous lawsuit dismissed. The problem was I had absolutely nothing. It could have gone better. The writ of summons was illegal as proven on this blog, but I digress.

In short, Brad Friedman of Bradblog is a piece of s***. Not everyone is a good person. That dude knowingly outed me to a cyberstalker. I've posted the proof. Friedman is the one who originally outed my real name and an email address. Too bad the Johnny Cash middle finger has been retired.

Last Rewrite of Lost Entries (Then I'm done. Then I'm done):

Brad Friedman should be investigated. Anyone who does so will see why no one with media gravitas takes anything coming out of his website seriously.

Maybe Mr. Freedom of Speech can explain why he has put a robots.txt block on the wayback machine for BRADBLOG.COM? Is it because e.g. embarrassing questions were posed to him concerning one of his earliest hoaxes, the Clint Curtis one?

Brad doesn't want the public to realise he was a no-name until convicted bomber and drug smuggler Brett Kimberlin started supplying him with so-called whistleblowers. Brad claimed in a Time Magazine interview that he had heard of Brett's reward offer for info leading to an election fraud conviction, and then the two of them started Velvet Revolution. Uhm, that would have been about two days later according to whois information on

At the end of Brad's stories on Sibel Edmonds, he would beg the public for donations. Does that sound familiar, Lee Stranahan and Aaron Walker? Perhaps Brad can supply info on how much VR has raked in from gullible new agers concerned with electoral integrity. I scooped the name of one wealthy donor Lori Grace, the heiress to the Oliver Grace Estate. Perhaps Brett's wealthy Aunt Harriet Crosby has also relinquished a small fortune to VR?

Now I understand how my extensive expose on Brett Kimberlin was completely deleted from Democratic Underground. Brad had inside power at that forum. That's conspiracy fact. One can look into DU's 2004 archives and see that Brad was showcased as one of their bloggers. Excuse me? Why was some failed actor with no journalism skills being front-paged like that?

One of the last things Brad suggested to me was to dig up dirt on himself. I had come across startling info tying the Director of the Election Science Institute to an astroturfing chain. I found Steven Hertzberg busy promoting Republican Matt Damschroder along with Bev Harris. Then ironically Hertzberg ended up at a conspiracy website dissing folks including Bev and Brad for being "CIA Internet Fakes!" He also went on to do extensive political op work for Ron Paul. It was all very odd.

There's much more to the breakup with Brad, but that was the gist. Bradblog buried the story, even though it was accompanied with proof that Hertzberg's brother Robert was one of the first assemblymen to sponsor a bill for new electronic voting technology. That occurred right after the 2000 Presidential vote debacle in Florida. Steven Hertzberg is best known for having whitewashed the 2004 Ohio results while with ESI. His brother Robert once ran for Mayor of Los Angeles.

It didn't take too long to uncover Brad's achilles' heel was Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. That name should sound familiar to folks. He's the one who claimed to have sold pot to Dan Quayle. It turned out even that was fabricated, just like Brett's claims that Michael Connell was fearful of his life due to Karl Rove. A common theme coming out of Brett Kimberlin Productions has been of the right winger turned whistleblower. Now an alleged whistleblower in Sibel Edmonds has become a new BradBlog associate.

Brad says he can't control what the posters at his blog write. He has one moderator Agent 99 who also blogs quite frequently at Big Dan's Big Blog. One can check them out and easily verify their part and parcel involvement in the dissemination of anti-semitic themes. Over the years they have relied on sources such as Willis Carto, Alex Jones, Michael Rivero and other dubious right woos left propagandists.

A lot of crazy stuff established its original mojo through Democratic Underground. Someone named Tinoire who runs Progressive Independent seems to have gotten her start at DU. She is an associate of Michael Rivero, one of the most widely known freeper conspiracy theorists on the net.

Tinoire would like folks to think she is simply a conduit for left wing communists and socialists. The funny thing about that is that to repeat, Tinoire has been a big supporter of Michael Rivero, an extreme right wing Joo hater. Not only that, Tinoire registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul. Not only that, she shared with a Ronald Reagan forum that she had worked in military intelligence. Not only that, Progressive Independent has been affiliated to Velvet Revolution!

Further socratisations revealed with proof that Mike Rivero had direct ties to McDonnell Douglas. During that time it had been the largest military contractor. Fancy that.

Here's another tidbit. Brad Friedman has a close friend named Larisa Alexandrovna who is an editor at Raw Story. A few years ago she blogged that acclaimed New Yorker journalist Mark Singer had wet himself with his work on Brett Kimberlin. She said Brett had been exonerated of the bombings and won a huge settlement. All lies. Brett Kimberlin has had a lot of gall to portray himself as an ex-political prisoner. We're talking about a dude vouched for by Alexandrovna who created Brad Friedman. If there had been no Brett Kimberlin, we'd all be asking wtf is a Brad Friedman. Crazy stuff indeed.

Brad Friedman IS NOT a journalist, far from it. He has been the face of a tabloid donation racket. He and others want folks to believe I am a supertroll with dozens of sock puppets. Brad's moderator Agent 99 has insinuated that. So has Larisa Alexandrovna. Intrepid reporters should contact Lori Grace and other VR donors. They should find out how much that group has raked in over the years through their various hoaxes.

While Bev Harris took a lot of heat as a "grifter," it appears that something far worse has been going on in regards to Velvet Revolution. There has not been one conviction as a result of anything VR has come up with.

It is highly doubtful Brad Friedman is unaware of the anti-semitism generated by his moderator Agent 99. So why has he allowed her to be the sole moderator of his den of sensationalism? I went through Brad's archives trying to figure out why and when she was granted that position. There's nothing. Agent 99 seems to have simply appeared and become part and parcel of BradBlog without much fanfare. Seriously, why is BradBlog moderated by someone with close ties to Jew haters?

So there was a BradBlog guest post by Rebecca Abrahams. She wrote on Michael Connell. Astroturfing refers to the creation of fake grassroot movement. Somehow the idea grew traction that VR was on the verge of cracking the 2004 "stolen" Ohio vote. Abrahams contributed to that hysteria.

I am not saying she is a fake. Yet I do think Abrahams crossed a line in quoting Heather Connell out of context. Here's one dubious excerpt from her BradBlog article.
Connell's wife Heather acknowledges he received threats in the months leading up to his death. But says she was unaware Connell was told not to fly.

"I have spent days and days and days trying to figure it all out. I don't think he would lie to me. Number one, I don't think he took the threats seriously. I never heard 'Don't fly.' ..."
The point is that the threat was real in the same way so is Santa Claus. Abrahams went overboard with this somehow thinking Heather's acknowledgement signified there had been an actual threat made on her husband. No, it only signified Heather Connell had become aware of the convolution generated by VR concerning Michael.

Abrahams' was a similar maneuver to that of Breitbart cult hack Mandy Nagy (via Aaron Walker) informing myself and Mike Stack we are were under risk of Team Kimberlin hitting us with a RICO suit. It was all a hoax andor social engineering.

Over the years Velvet Revolution raked in substantial donations from good-hearted but naive new age philanthropists. Their big schtick was a self-proclaimed ability to find "whistleblowers" blowing the lid off of election fraud. Act I started in late 2004 with Clint Curtis. There was also something called Dieb-Throat. Friedman and his buddy were constantly coming up with that kind of stuff. The "Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove" hoax emerged in 2008. That had been circumscribed into Cliff Arnebeck's bogus King Lincoln case taking place in the Ohio federal court.

BradBlog likes to consistently whine for donations. Brad says he gets no funding. But why won't he publically disclose how much Velvet Revolution has generated? Bev Harris used to take a lot of flak concerning how much money her Black Box Voting organisation had generated through donations. Why has Brad Friedman escaped such scrutiny?

I just looked through the BradBlog tags for Michael Connell. On July 24th, 2008, Brad penned an article titled, Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not 'Take the Fall' for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney.

The attorney in question is Cliff Arnebeck. Nowhere in the article is it disclosed that Arnebeck is an attorney for Velvet Revolution. Brad wrote,
In a phone call this afternoon, Arnebeck could not publicly reveal specific details of the information that triggered his concern about the threats to Connell. The message to the IT man from Rove is said to have been sent via a go-between in Ohio. That information led Arnebeck to contact Mukasey after he found the reports to be credible and troubling.

"If there's a credible threat, which I regard this to be," he told The BRAD BLOG, "I have a professional duty to report it."
Well, why hasn't Brad been more clear in disclosing the fact that Arnebeck is an attorney for his and the Speedway Bomber's Velvet Revolution? Where is there any disclosure anywhere from Brad about the specifics of how he and Brett formed VR along with explaining Kimberlin's disgusting past? Brett Kimberlin was never exhonerated. He was never a political prisoner. Why has it taken a nobody like me to bring up these issues? One can scroll down to the comments in that thread and see that I confronted Brad about Brett Kimberlin. I wrote, "Search engine for Brett Kimberlin. Why no story on him, Brad?"

I've made my share of mistakes in blogging. I admit it. I wrote that Brett was a drug dealer, when he was actually a drug smuggler. I questioned Brad not sticking up for Bev Harris at Democratic Underground, when in fact he did. Such minor mistakes shouldn't cloud the message I now set forth with full confidence. All roads concerning Karl Rove making threats to Connell and his wife lead to Brett Kimberlin Productions.

There isn't just an elephant in the BradBlog room. It's fricken packed with a herd of them.

Brad is quite proud of getting published by right wing publications. He fancies himself as neither a Democrat nor Republican. He fancies himself an intrepid journalist, though he has no journalism credentials. If it weren't for Brett Kimberlin supplied "right wing whistleblowers," no one would know who Brad is. Look it up. I am not lying.

The last year Sibel Edmonds has joined forces with Brad. She has come out with her own smear hoax saying that progressive Democrat Jan Schakowsky's morals have been compromised. The "story" is that she has been blackmailed for a lesbian tryst she had with a Turkish operative. I can see how people have been snookered into believing Karl Rove threatened Michael Connell. Karl Rove is nasty, case closed on that. You hear that Rove threatened Connell, and it's human nature to believe it. But now BradBlog smears Jan Schakowsky, one of the most progressive Democrats in Congress? Give me a break. That should be the ultimate red flag to progressives that BradBlog cannot be taken seriously. Jan Schakowsky had lesbian sex with a Turkish spy? Get out of town!

The Jooos! The Lesbians! Donate now to BRADBLOG.COM!!! Kerching!


Anonymous said...

The congresswomans "extracurriculars" are IMHO EXACTLY what any counter/covert agency does. The revelation by Sibel, (IMHO²) is something EVERY CITIZEN SHOULD KNOW, when we have a representative that we admire, and then BOOM, BLINDSIDE OUTTA LEFT FIELD, they cast a vote so antithetical to their own platform...It was Myer Lansky, when taking over the Mafia who said (mas o menos) 'Gentlemen, from now on THIS is what were going to shoot with' as he presented la Familia with CAMERAS...J. EDGAR DENIED THERE WAS AN AMERICAN MAFIA, (because all those luxurious race track suites he was provided (no charge, ofcourse) care of the big boys were littered with cameras. He and clyde were surely breaking the "no office romances" rule
ve often wondered if jan would even
iacknowledge the lesbian tryst. Remember, she et this "spy" at her OWN MOTHER'S FUNERAL, and the spy lady claimed to have been a nurse or something, and had spent meaningful heartfelt hours with jans mom in her final months. Lies, no doubt but HOOK LINE AND SINK HER! These sordid, cruel manipulative

tactics should be duley noted by the public as
we opine our "leaders'" motives.

All the spokespeople in the world can deny the relationship took place, the point is A) its plausible B)its Routine C)IMHO³ until their is a "libel" suit, im inclined to think its more true than not. (I still am crazy confused (or not?) why Hillary didn't bring Cathy OBrien up on libel..why wouldn't she..?!)

I still believe the Jan is extraordinary, and this profane manipulation of the grief a daughter has for a mother (at the FUNERAL, REALLY, "oh she was like a mother to me, you must be Jan. She told me so much about you" blah blah UUHGH shameless!!) if anything this psyop mole impostor Absolutely victimized the lady and most likely traumatized her.

File it under 'means and ways' b/c it IS an important insight into INTELLIGENCE and THE LENGTHS BY WHICH ITS OBTAINED and/or
ENGINEERED. (Theres no man behind thecurtain, when you dont know there IS a curtain)he

Anonymous said...

Wow i had only seen the bottom "exclusive" pasting of the jan article, when i commented. After refreshing the page i now see, either YOU are stupid, or you assume your readers are stupid..

Just a nickels worth of free advice,

Your not fooling anyone.
Especially yourself

These articles say MUCH MORE ABOUT YOU, QUEEN
than your subjects
With your juvenile attempt at dismissing

You only succeed in dismissing your OWN

Lie to yourself, not to us.

socrates said...

I was going to comment but this smells like a certain deranged individual who used to troll DFQ2 spouting of inside 9/11 and George Soros on almost every thread.

I am sorry your blog sucks and no one reads it, Kid Kenoma. I'll be nice and inform you that whatever you post from now on will be deleted.

What kind of loser latches on to a nobody blogger like myself and cyberstalks/smears them? Oh, that would be someone who is less than a nobody blogger.