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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Important Changes Coming To DFQ2

Haha, I'm kidding with the blog title and merely trying out a new attention grab schtick. There are no changes. Ye can continue to pop by and read high quality mailed-in entries any time ye like. That's the stuff!

There are certain creeps on the internet who subconciously beg for disturbing questions to be asked of them. We are talking major egos who rarely recognise when their schticks are being destroyed by a competent troll buster. I do not feel guilt for what may appear as smears. If it's truthful, it's not libel. Shabbat Shalom, mi amigo. [/insidebaseball]

There's this dude on Twitter named Douglas Matthew Stewart. He's wickad bizahr. He has pimped for both Mandy Nagy and Jamin "Jay Batman" Bates. We're talking obvious internet cointelpro. He might not be actual FBI, but imho he's obviously at a minimum a so-called informant.

Don't be naive my dear good, sincere, beautiful readers.

Stewart and Bates pimped AntiSec documents. They were also involved in posting an Arabic translation of The Federalist Papers. They messed up. They made it too obvious they were trying to flush out some crazies. Dumbasses can think I post too much cointelpro this and that. Their problem is they are too conditioned and have fallen into conspiracy fact denial.

I have two Master's degrees. I have been trained how to differentiate between facts and errant supposition. The Spy Factory is all over the net. If you don't believe me, socratise it for yeselves. Good luck though avoiding rubbish results shadowing legitimate sources.

Research the Hal Turner story. That's the kind of proven FBI shithead dudes like Stewart and Darby would have attended training sessions with. Mandy Nagy claims to not know who Hal Turner is. Haha! She's from New Jersey and is buddies with asswipe Sean Hannity. Socratise Hannity with his buddy Turner! And Nagy has never heard of Hal Turner? Yeah sure wink wink.

Anyway, it's not on me to show you every side of the square. That's not teaching. That's brainwashing. I don't do that. I leave that to the Breitbart, Velvet Revolution, various astroturf, and Spy Factory cults.

On With The Show

This is Douglas Matthew Stewart's current picture on Twitter. He does look fairly normal except for the photographic red eye glitch. However, compare that to the picture he sent to Ron Brynaert on April 20th.

Stewart admits to being an ex-con. I don't have what his police record is. He definitely doesn't appear to be anyone you'd welcome into your home for a game of spades. I've never been convicted of anything.

I do know that a lot of FBI informants were slugs given less time or amnesty in exchange for sewer rat activity. Has that been the case with Stewart and Brandon Darby, two numbnuts with direct ties to the Breitbart Cult?

Check out RatBoy Brandon Darby on this youtube video. Pay particular attention to the fact the Youtube url ends in KKK. What was up with RatBoy's sniffles? Isn't that the type of thing one gets from snorting too much stuff up one's nose?

Or check out Darby in this video assaulting an activist who had the gall to attend a TeaNut meeting. He looked and acted deranged.

Why was Brandon Darby acting like a policeman?

open question for Brandon Darby: Were you ever busted for hard drugs, violence, and/or weapon violations? If so, does that have any connection to your employment with the FBI?

We only have one picture of Patrick Frey aka Fatterico.

What kind of public prosecutor would ever look that disheveled? Perhaps Frey would be willing to take a polygraph and answer whether he has ever used hard drugs?

In a past entry I mentioned in the comments that I had deleted something on Frey as a favor. He and Dustin Farahnak asked me not to post that pizza tablecloth shirt shot. They claimed it would make it easier for gang members he prosecuted to hunt him down.

Dustin and Fatterico are disinfo wankers. That picture has been available for years at BRADBLOG.COM. I stumbled across it in google images from a now deleted website. I asked Frey where the hell the picture came from. He wouldn't answer. Here are some email excerpts.

Fatterico: Reading this, my first reaction is: you're going to put up my picture unless I give you a good reason not to? How about: that's what THEY do.

Please find where I called your statement a death threat. Kimberlin blamed you for a lot of statements you never made in court audio. Please don't do that to me. My memory is I said you "mused" about killing Kimberlin. That is not the same as a threat....

Please turn back from the brink. Some of your complaints are valid, but I am in trial and time is limited right now -- and you're threatening me with nasty stuff like putting up my picture. Remind me again why that is likely to be productive for you? I can try to make time for someone on my side. Not to respond to threats.

Dustin Farahnak: Yeah, you redacted a photo of a gang prosecutor. And you want credit for that? what in the hell is the matter with you?

I asked Frey where the photo was from. Neither he nor Dustin would explain. Instead they made it seem posting a public picture of Fatso hosted on BradBlog for years was gonna put his life in jeopardy. Wankers and tossers, that's what they are.

We can already form a legitimate opinion of how Lee Stranahan lost his teeth. It definitely wasn't because of the reason he now conveniently claims as having been a side effect of diabetes. He would have mentioned such a connection when he first did his marketing whore schtick for new choppers. Diabetes doesn't even directly cause tooth loss. Though crystal meth does along with jaw droppage.

Then there is the con artist, fake journalist Brad Friedman of BRADBLOG.COM. One source of mine was an election integrity activist. She told me word was Brad had a major drug problem, and that might explain why he's been such a lying dirtbag and internet shyster.

He can be seen in this video. Here are a few screenshots. You be the judge. Imho, Brad Friedman appears as if he should enter some form of drug rehab, visit a confessional booth, then repent for his twisted hoaxing and extensive collaboration with proven con artist Brett Kimberlin.


Anonymous said...

Damn,and I was gonna knock your last presorted/prepaid masterpiece off the top of the charts with mine own:

But shiite, you beat me to the punch again, Muhammad.

I haven't had time to digest this yet, but based on the title alone I will not dislodge you.

Affectionately Yours,

The Talent

socrates said...

Thanks for checking in, bro.

I never try to knock you off the front page. Because of Blogger limitations, DFQ2 works best when there are only three masterpieces per page.

I am proud of this new one. Thanks for the link to yours. I'll also need some time for blog digestion. I'll need to eat the post then take a blog siesta before responding.

There's truly no need to quibble over top entries. Only a numbnut wouldn't realise they could hit next page for older entries. Or omg they are all listed on the side underneath the last ten or so mailed-in comments.

the socratiser

socrates said...

By the way, you might have missed Aaron Walker's recent perjury in blog court. He said he was never attempting to represent me in court. Yet there's proof he was attempting such a thing or more likely the facade of such. Fricken Rauhauser or wtf as Breitbart Unmasked said I had defected to the right wing with my exposes on Friedman and Kimberlin. That dude's full of shit. I still believe Rauhauser is some form of double agent working both sides of the con.

Anonymous said...

Extensive research (AKA "googling")reveals that men with type 2 diabetes are in fact twice as likely to suffer chopper disappearance than the average macho well-toothed studs such as moi and thou.

So, you may wish to make a correction and at least allow for the possibility that Strainaham is in fact a diabetic.

As for Friedman, are you sayin his onbly hope for absolution is to get down on his knees in front of a priest?

What if he's not Catholic?

Are you suggesting in that case he needs to convert to be saved from his sins?

I have no comment on the other two informant/creeps.

But you may or may not be onto something here.

If they have records they might be in the pubic domain.

BreitbartUnmarked found out Ali Ali Akhbar Free Free Free.

I'm sure Ron, if not yourself, could glean the scoop on these two poopers, eh, wot?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, we already know they are ex-cons. Checking their records probably wont reveal whether they are informants, although we already know that one of them is indeed a snitch.

haha. Carry-on.

Consider this mindless threadular stat padding on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

Linky thingie:

Although, this could also be a case of what do they call it, holio cornflation?

"Recent studies have also shown a potential link between the presence of gum disease and development of diabetes so this is a particularly interesting area. Numerous studies in the past have shown a link between oral health and other serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and arthritis, and this study highlights again the importance of looking after our teeth properly. It isn’t just about having a nice smile; it is about overall body health too.”"

It's possible people with bad teeth are just coincidentally unhealthy dudes prone to an early death.

Maybe the behaviours and/or genetics that make them unhealthy also tend to rot their teeth and gums?

Do the bad teeth cause the health problems or do people's health problems cause the bad teeth, or are health problems and bad teeth simply coincindental statistical noise?

Enquiring minds want to know.

I always suspected the supposed, much advertised link between oral health and general health was part of an insidious marketing campaign by the American Dental Association to scare people into going to the dentist more than they need to and thus enriching those wankers who use the yankers.

Like that BS about having to change your engine oil every 3,000 miles.

I have a much loved pick-up truck with nearly 300,000 miles on it that is 12 years old. If I had changed the oil every 3,000 miles as instructed by the owners manual, my back of the envelope calculations indicate that I would have changed the oil approximately 8 times a year!

Are you shiiting me?

socrates said...

I just finished your FDL entry, recommended it, and even left a comment. Well played, Mr. Bond.

Anonymous said...

O/T but:

socrates said...

Stranahan only came out with the diabetes connection a month or two ago after the crystal meth idea had lifted off.

I did research a bit on it. It seems diabetes can contribute to tooth loss but is not a given if a person can get to the dentist once in a while. It does appear to be more of a side effect of living life like a dreg.

If I was asking for money to help buy new teeth, I would have made sure it was known why I lost them. It looks like he was only recently diagnosed with diabetes too.

I did look into this. You can also take a gander at Stranahan images across the net and decipher whether his jaw has changed.

It's similar to the Dwyane Wade rumour he's been on steroids. It's not 100% ironclad proof, his jaw and anger issues, but it definitely rises to just saying heights.

socrates said...

Stewart pimps for Breitbart. So does Darby. So does Stranahan. So does Fatterico. So does Tom Ryan. A lot of this is inside baseball but still rises to the just saying threshold rather than the moon is made out cheese tabloids.

socrates said...

I don't know if Brad is Jewish or Christian. I definitely think he should scrap BradBlog and disassociate himself from the Speedway Bomber. If he does have a serious drug problem like my source told me, he needs to cut that out. Or he won't be around indefinitely. Looking at BradBlog the place has become a library with next to no comments. Brad Friedman is part of the 99% of blogs suck movement but hit the freaking tip jar anyway.

socrates said...

Breitbart UnMasked is clearly produced by Neal Rauhauser. It definitely has money and intel working behind it. As for how he figured out Aaron Walker's true identity, perhaps they have been on the same team the whole time. My gut tells me BK has been played by Neal like a puppet being worked by strings.

socrates said...

Thanks for the Bill Murray on Letterman link. I love that dude. He's funny. He wasn't just Carl from Caddyshack. He made everyone forget Chevy Chase ever existed until Fletch came out.

socrates said...

That was very good. Here's a youtube link to your boy Bill Hicks making fun of Jay Leno.

socrates said...

Primary witness Joe Rogan testifying in blog court that Dennis Leary stole material from the greatest, Bill Hicks. link

Anonymous said...

Well, I have no idea whois Bill Hicks.

There used to be a Dan Hicks (And His Hot Licks) in the seventies.

He was listed in the SF yellow pages under "Bar Fixtures." One of my friends had his LP, it was "off"

been in a pretty good way. Hard to describe, sorta Acid freak Americana, so heres a vid:

socrates said...

Dude, go to youtube and search for Bill Hicks. He was a legendary comic who died young in the early 90's. He was far left. Check out his schtick. You're gonna be psyched when you start listening to him. He was the best, took over the Lenny Bruce type legacy. Better than George Carlin.

socrates said...

Thanks for the Dan Hicks tune. I could've sworn I've seen 90% of that band do guest acting spots on shows ranging from Cannon to Hawaii 5-0 to Streets of San Francisco. Wasn't the guy on drums the draft dodging friend of Meathead's? Or maybe that was you! haha. Nam dude I know about it. You were lucky and wise to dodge it. Every single Vietnam vet I ever met was button-lipped and seemed traumatised for life.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I missed most of the comic club type schtick of the 80s-90s.

Never watched a single episode of Seinfeld, and somehow I don't feel the worse for it. I'm sure my schtick imitates others but if so its purely coincidental. There's so many freaking people who have lived by now, there is nothing new under the sun, and thats like what, itself a 2500 year old saying?

Here's some good stuff about Dan Hicks, from the always authoritative wikipod:

"This group recorded three albums, culminating in 1973's Last Train to Hicksville (on which the group first added a drummer). After existing as a critical success only, this last album gained the group wider acclaim, as evidenced by Hicks' appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone. Thus, it was a great surprise to many when he chose that moment to disband the Hot Licks. Asked why in 1974, he said:

"I didn't want to be a bandleader anymore. It was a load and a load I didn't want. I'm basically a loner... I like singing and stuff, but I didn't necessarily want to be a bandleader. The thing had turned into a collective sort of thing -- democracy, vote on this, do that. I conceived the thing. They wouldn't be there if it wasn't for me. My role as leader started diminishing, but it was my fault because I let it happen; I cared less as the thing went on."

On Hick's

Musical style

“The Swinger”, The Oxford American, Nov.2007, by David Smay:

“Nobody’s ever come up with a proper label for Dan Hicks. That’s partly because he leapt over the vast jazz divide created by bop. Bebop subdivided the rhythm and broke the melody into cubist fragments until swing was something you did between your ears instead of out on the dance floor. But there was a time from the ’20s through the ’40s when swing—“hot rhythm”—rippled through every form of popular music. That’s the music Dan Hicks plays, and there’s no single word for it because it wasn’t limited to any one genre. Django Reinhardt, the Mills Brothers, Spade Cooley, Hank Garland, the Boswell Sisters, Stuff Smith, and Bing Crosby all swung. You can make yourself nutty trying to define what Dan Hicks is. Then again, you could just say: Dan Hicks swings. And while he may be an idler and a rouĂ©, nobody’s written ten better songs about breezing down the road than Dan Hicks. And in the rarefied genre of songs about buzzards & bacon grease, well, he’s the master.”[5]

Yahoo Music Biography of Dan Hicks, by Jason Ankeny:

”Throughout his decades-long career, Dan Hicks stood as one of contemporary music's true eccentrics. While steeped in folk, his acoustic sound knew few musical boundaries, drawing on country, call-and-response vocals, jazz phrasing, and no small amount of humor to create a distinctive, albeit sporadic, body of work which earned him a devoted cult following.”[6]

Dan describing his music in a July 3, 2007 interview before a gig at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge, CO (YouTube):

“My music is kind of a blending. We have acoustic instruments. It starts out with kind of a folk music sound, and we add a jazz beat and solos and singing. We have the two girls that sing, and jazz violin, and all that, so it’s kind of light in nature, it’s not loud. And, it’s sort of, in a way, kinda carefree. Most of the songs are, I wouldn’t say funny, but kinda maybe a little humorous. We all like jazz, so we like to play in a jazzy way, with a swing sound you know, so I call it “folk swing”. There are a lot of original tunes that I’ve been writing through the years, so that has its personal touch on it.”[7]"

Anonymous said...

George Carlin sucked. Nobody who was truly hip in the sixties liked him at all. Ersatz.

Lenny Bruce, yeah of course.

Mort Sahl, OK.

Frankly, for my money, Rodney Dangerfield is the man.

And of course, we had Johnny ever night.

They shoulda retired the genre when Carson passed the scene. Letterman was good in his first incarnation on NBC, coming on after Carson with all the weirdness like PeeWee Herman and so forth, but once he got the regular CBS gigz = boring.

I'm not abig fan of stand-up to be honest. I find real life a lot funnier than most anything on TV.

Hardly ever watch it. Maybe two hours last year total that wasnt sports events or Big-Time News bulletin stuff.

Just not inta it. and havent been for like 35 years. But I'll give Bill a whirl since you tried out Dan.I sense your panties will get wadded if I dont.

But it may be tmrw before I comment...fading out

socrates said...

I agree stand up for the most part is stupid. But when someone is very funny, intelligent, with great timing, it's not something to be missed.

Bill Hicks was from Texas, so I assumed you heard of him.

You're nuts not to watch some Seinfeld. It's probably on four times a day somewhere on your tv.

I'm not gonna get into a fight over George Carlin. But when one praises Johnny Carson as having been God's gift to the Science of Funny while saying Carlin basically sucked... Well, then it's you who sucked!

Maybe you're arguing there's a big differentiation between social conscience and comic material. If all it took was to be leftier than thou to be funny, things would look much different. Ellen Degeneres, Roseanne, and Rosie O'Donnell would be the legends of comedy, while others would be asking, "Who is this John Belushi you speaketh of, Horatio?."

Carlin must have simply gotten on your nerves, like a personality clash. We on the other hand get along fine and dandy. Like butter on toast. It'd be nice to have some marmalade once in a while, but I digress.

You gotta check out as much Bill Hicks as you can. He was the most leftiest of thou comics you could ever imagine. And funny. The bottom line is that kid could if he wanted to have made your Guinness erupt through your schnozzle. Funniest. Smartest. Most Clever Comic evah!

Dan Hicks is also a fascinating story. Thanks for that.

There's definitely widespread blog theft. It's cause most people are hacks. But blokes like us are original enough to survive this constant raping and pillage of our schticks.

socrates said...

So my modem kicked. I cleaned files in the interim. For years I hit right click save page to many things. Anyway, I'd like to blog more. Twitter has just about run its course. Some files I ran across I'd like to blog more. For example, I have a copy of a robot block MattyJack put on the wayback machine for The Free Speech Zone. That's riotous! Yes, we believe in free speech so much we censor. That's the stuff!

Anonymous said...

No, Carlin just wasn't that funny. He had his fans sure, but in the tenor of the times his schtick wasn't that memorable or cool. It was button down low brow Ed Sullivan type comedy. He was square for many years, came late to the hippie scene after it was passe. Then tried to make up for it by name dropping how close he was with Lenny. You kidz today have a false meme view of the 60s that doesn't ring true to what the times really were.

George Carlin falls into that same category of Nixon was a liberal. Its a perversion of herstory. He worked really hard late in life to overcome a rather lame legacy in his prime. He's the Jimmy Carter of comedy.

Johnyy was of course the epitome old school show biz square by the 70s. He was old. And you're right. Funny is funny to me, politics has nothing at all to do with funny. But Johnny was his own man, and he stuck it very publicly to his bosses even on his own show, so you had to respect that. And ib the early to late 60s when he emanted from NYC before the brain deadening move to Hollywood Johnny was a huge cultural force. Huge and he managed to be popular across a wide demographic during a time of generational and social polarisation that was very real and very intense, far morr so in fact than today because it was real and in your face threatening not just keyboard commando stuff. There were regular confronations. I got jumped a few times juat because I was an outspoken radical by the Vietnam gung ho tyoes at high school. But Johnny was there ever night providing laughs that somehow made everbody laugh. It was good because it was a break from the socio political upheavel. Today the socio political upheavel, tepid and online as it mostly is represents the opposite, a break in the suffocating conformity, which instead of being one mass like back in the day is now fragmented into smaller segments of conformity within smaller sets.

But its still conformity, its boring and its essentially conservative and reactionary even among the so-called progressive movement which really isn't. Y'now, the fake left.

Anonymous said...

Btw - I was anti-hippie. Yes I had long hair and was immersed in dope but hippies were even then a fake white middle class phenomenon. I was working class resentful, most of my friends were latino, we didn't live in a hip part of town, we lived in a gang infested barrio that was distinctly lower lower middle class.

Hippies were fake. Carlin was a hippie fake too. Go back and lOok at Zappa. He came froom the same white trash-latino milieu and he regular skewered hippies in his music for the white middle class phoniness. Zappa was the man in many ways.

socrates said...

Sorry for my delay in responding. I was stuck at Twitter. Then I had to iron my panties.

Maybe Carlin wasn't so hot in the first half of his career. Dewey Evans hit .200 the first half of his before becoming one of the most feared hitters in beisbol. People can greatly improve.

I'm shocked (as is goodsareodd) you've never heard of Bill Hicks. Trust me. You're gonna love him. There are tons of links to his schtick at youtube.

Can we agree that Bob Hope wasn't funny? How about David Spade? Please explain how Joe Dirt became successful while GoatBoy Jim Breuer not so much.

I agree with you about Zappa. He was very cool.

Those were nice posts, thanks. I'm a bit out of it today, so I'll be unable to join you in some old-school donk-soc banter. Which you have pointed out became famous when we camped out at after Dave died.

Anonymous said...

Dewey Evans...I went to a lot of Red Sox games during the late 70s-early 80s. Lived for a time in the Fenway area, which I didn't like. I'd lived previously in the South End in the gay ghetto doing a lot of complementary blow and fucking as many fag hags who would have me, which unfortunately weren't that many.

Boston, tho, was the time of my life from a social standpoint. My friends from Cali were regularly mailing me Oz. Of Hawaiian, which was the best of the best in those days. Its funny that the Cali brand had yet to be perfected and of course had to be cultivated far from the perfect places to avoid the narcs.

In Boston they had never experienced such good weed before so it was revelatory to many. Most of my gay friends weren't really into it, but they had endless supplies of decent blow, so we swapped and stayed up all night partaying. Often I would go go home and shower as the sun rose then go to work.

If I get the time and the inspiration I'll write it up someday. Best of times worst of times. BasicaLly I'd party all week and then pick up my daughter on weekends and sleep while she tap danced on my forehead. I was a rotten parent, as you might suspect. But she was only 3-4 and enjoyed the city. We'd go to the esplanade or the Public Garden, movies, aquarium, sometimes take the race track. Plus she was a babe magnet for me. Chicks couldn't resist her she was so cute.

Now she has one of her own, and miracle of miracles they left NYC and moved nearby recently. I'm babysitting tomorrow in fact while Daughter and SIL get some work done on the house they bought.

I've been very fortunate in many respects considering the odd against the grain outsider existence I've led.

However, I'm sure a bed of fire awaits me in Hades. The piper must be paid and the note is soon enough coming due.

Anonymous said...

Zappa was the historic troll. Talk about an outsider going against the grain. The Mothers were basically a doo-wop band. Doo-wop and soul were the lingua franca of the chicano sub-culture and Zappa was from the same milieu as I mentioned.

But he soon out grew the original line-up. I don't think a lot of his recorded music was all that great, or I should say he was so much better live. Zappa came the closest to bringing the bop ethos to rock music, that is performing long instrumental pieces in concert with ensembles, one of the best featuring Jean Luc Ponty on violin and George Duke keyboard. In the early 70's after the demise of the Mothers and before he hooked up with Flo and Eddie (the lead singers of the Turtles) I tried never to miss him in concert. He played LA a lot obviously, with shifting lineups but always interesting and almost all instrumental. Zappa, a great guitar soloist, extremely fluid and melodic but you didn't get that much of it on record as you did live.

I'll post some youtubeage if I can find some. I'm mailing it from my blackberry tonite.

Best example from that period on vinyl was the LP "Hot Rats." But even there the live xoncert versions of those tunes were much better and more moving than the recorded versions which lacked the intensity and drive of the concerts.

socrates said...

Man, I'm wiped out. There was a lot of shite going on with Twitter. Yet again Aaron Walker has stolen my destiny. I got this chump Brooks Bayne to indirectly admit he's a Holocaust denier. Within minutes Walker had up one of his epic yet boring non-masterpieces on my story. Then he tweeted how he was the one who exposed the denier. RIOTOUS!

Noomie would have been proud of my tweetage.

I'm not the brightest numbnut when it comes to music. I was hoping you and the lovely and talented GoodsROdd would strike up a conversaion, so I could have time to take a bubble bath and watch a movie or two. click link, go on do it.

thegoodsareodd said...

Did somebody say my name? Be careful...don't say it three times like Beetlejuice because the goods might get really, really odd.

I can't believe I'm still reading about this tooth fiasco. Don't know the man or anything about the man, but it's quite obvious the poor guy is simply (not just) missing a few teeth. He can call Clear Choice and have teeth tomorrow according to the infomercial (and they'd probably look better than ours). $30,000, problem solved. I'm sure they make that on Twitter.

Do I sound ornery? I am. I'm getting my a** kicked by foreign language speaking people in Song Pop on my cell phone.

Right now I hate music, well...not Frank Zappa. Still love him.

It's 3:30am and you know what that is. Infomercial time. The debt-cancelling miracle water is just starting.

Anonymous said...

See here's the real reason I don't watch TV: it puts me sleep. If I'm sitting on the sofa within 5 minutes I'll be supine.

10 minutes later I'm in Sleep Apnea City. Most people are stimulated by the boob tube. Frau Tale frequently drinks that excellent Vietnamese iced coffee-condensed sweet milk combination for which they are justifiably renowned, cafe sua dat, and stays up all night grooving to the Korean boob tube, which I have to admit is at least as interesting as US TV.

Someone should tweet Stranahan that if he lives in Tejas he can make a trip down to ol Mexico to any of the tourista towns along the Rio Grande and get implants for like $8000. Perfectly good dentistry. I get all my own work done there rather than waste money on dental insurance and getting stiffed by Americano dentistas.

Luckily for me that involves only an occasional crown replacement and cleanings. The clinics are clean and modern as any in the states and as usual the people are more relaxed, seem happier and much friendlier than in the US of A-holes. Of course, shiite like the streets flooding after it rains because the put the sewer drains in the wrong place due to either corruption ineptitude or both and you may consider saying a few hail Marys to assure you don't get caught between a hail of gunfire in the enduring gang wars.

There's a town called Nuevo Progreso which is across from Weslaco TX that is smaller and generally very safe although yyou do sometimes note the presence of Mexican military personnel in full battle gear brandishing large rifles.

Still, the dental work is top shelf for about a fourth of what you pay here.

The pill junky will also note the easy availability of controlled substances over the counter which can be easily smuggled past the US authorities who seem to be only interested in capturing terrists and undocumented mestizos.

I don't have first hand knowledge of this latter info, of course. I heard about it from a friend...