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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lets Everybody Draw Mohammed Day: The Movie

This no budget masterpiece has megaditto donations written all over it.
You make a video Mohammed, not some stupid stick figure Mohammed with a crayon, and then you post it to YouTube and watch in self satisfaction as Muslims world wide go apeshit over your “art”.
Naturally, you must then take your family and go into hiding. Family first, the GOP’s greatest virtue, after defending the rights of the unborn fetus.
And of course, taking care of your family in the manner to which a Young Republican is accustomed will costas muchos dineros, my fellow  a Maricones.
Place a couple quick calls to McCain (Other, The), and Strainaham. If Leigh doesn’t answer, call his dentist and see if he’s hiding out in an undisclosed location in one of the exam rooms.
Get a few pointers on how to blog from an undisclosed location and simultaneously pimp your freakin tip jar for maximum effect! Because dude, this time its for reals….
You ass is in some serious brownage….
But not to worry, the National Bloggers Club will play cowboy on you ass (literally) and ride you to their rescue, just as soon as they finish sucking off the RNC Gay Parade Board. And Patterico surely will tap his crew of stooges, and maybe you might pledge a slight percentage off the top. GOP middlemen know all about the importance of “handling” charges to the New a maricon Economy, eh Ali?
Voila! You’re there dude. Six stick figures guaranteed.
George Zimmerman eat your heart out! Or eat some black kid’s heart out if you’re still too scaredy cat to eat your own.
So the fuck what if your duncecap candidate might probably most definitely shall be enticed to step up and all over his own his dick trying to prove he’s more mightier/manlier than O and cost himself the election in the process. Coz all America know he not much of a man, really. That his rill trouble. No matter how f’ed up the economy, no one really likes that smarmy little dick mitt, not even the smarmy little GOP dicks committed to voting the Socialist Kenyan-in-chief out of orifice.
He wasn’t your true freaking choice for POTUS anyway. He just a nutter looser with a few undisclosed billions stashed in some undisclosed offshore freezer somewhere, while you, the real American hero, can’t even afford the price of a baloney sandwich, all the while Obama apologises for America all the way to the Bank of Carlo Marx.


socrates said...

My modem kicked the bucket. I was without internet for close to two days.

Obviously shitheads like Aaron Walker, Dustin Farahnak, Mandy Nagy, Stacy McCain, and Fatterico Frey are contributing to terrorism.

This new story says it all. It's exactly what Walker and Farahnak were trying to promote with their blog, terrorism.

These are the same dickheads who speak of accusing the accusers. Fricken hypocrites. Orwell coined it as doublespeak.

socrates said...

This is a good read from Grouchie: Setting this Stranahan shit straight once and for all