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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Strange Mandy Nagy document

This is the url for a document titled Emick-BK. It recently emerged and appears to have been written by Mandy Nagy.

Breitbart hack

Why is spy factory numbnut Emick's
name included?

I can't tell where the original comes from. Or perhaps that is the original being published. The uploader for the above was an OccupyUnMasked.

To me, he smells like Rauhauser. It's simply more of the same Breitbart UnMasked schtick. But why would the Numbnuts post something that makes Team Breitbart and myself look good? Why would Rauhauser support Breitbart? I know, this shite is that twisted.

Mandy put in information that we had discussed over numerous phone conversations. She was adept at portraying herself as legit.

I offer a few tweets:

It's pretty obvious, imho, what's going on. It's scripted convolution merging sadistic e-commerce with spy factory nonsense.

There's a lot of inside baseball going on indeed.

Someone please ask @Liberty_Chick how that scribd recently emerged. Where is the original(s)? Why is Emick's name included in the title?

Mandy was wrong about Lane Lipton. "Qritiq" certainly exhibited bad discretion facilitating Kenoma's sadism. She messed up thinking I was part of the Breitbart cult or aiding it. I don't know. She was wrong. But that didn't prove Lipton was a perpetrator working for the "Rauhauser axis."

I was cyberstalked and smeared by someone with the alias Louis Aubuchont. We did discuss how my online identity was faked. That happened quite a number of times. Nagy said law enforcement was involved. To be patient. I believed in her. She spoke of a class action suit on behalf of all us victims (including Stack). She said she was going to publish something just like this. Was this the roughdraft? Why did she shelve this? Wtf is going on?

That's actually not too shabby a document by Nagy. I tip my cap to her for evolving into such a successful hack. It does spell out quite a bit.

It was obviously written several months ago. What's up with this having been published by OccupyUnmasked?

Meanwhile Fatterico is making a plea for further funding of co-star Aaron Walker.
The bad guys are swarming Aaron again and he could use your help.

I told you over the weekend how pro-Occupy and pro-Kimberlin forces had threatened Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby, who participated in the making of Occupy Unmasked. The story was reported in the Hollywood Reporter: ...
I recall Keith Olbermann kicking Breitbart's butt in regards to OWS rape allegations. But I digress.

Fatterico reported:
Aaron still has no job and is still fighting these cretins in court. He could use your help. Just go to his blog and hit the top PayPal link. I just donated $50.
Now Barrett Brown is posting a youtube video calling out Patrick Frey.

Brown's the fella portrayed as a spokesman for Anonymous. He reeks more like a paid fake and/or informant.

There are other side issues percolating in regards to this major scam constructed around my true story.

Liberal Grouch and Lee Stranahan are busy trading barbs. Lee claims to be putting together a defamation lawsuit against Grouch, Mike Stack, Brooks Bayne, Occupy Rebellion and anyone else he alleges is working for Rauhauser.

Grouchie recently stole a screenshot of mine of Stranahan showing missing front teeth during a tv interview. That's ok. Grouch's buddy Breitbart Unmasked lifted a whole section of mine, even glorified it, before shutting his doors for quite a while. Comparatively what Grouch did wasn't too bad.

It's definitely odd that OccupyUnmasked has appeared at the same time as Breitbart Unmasks' renewal.

Lets return to the "new" Mandy document. I always wanted her to write something like this up. Telling my story. Explaining it. She told me she was going to but I never saw it.

To reiterate, Mandy claimed law enforcement was working on it. She told me there was the likely outcome of us having a class action suit against both Kimberlin and Rauhauser. Personally I desired more conclusive proof Rauhauser and Kimberlin were close associates. It was obvious, but that's not the same as proving it in court.

The Breitbarts did absolutely nothing for me. Andrew Breitbart knew all about it and did nothing. He was definitely an asswipe in a lot of hot water for the Sherrod and other thingies. He was high strung. If he hadn't been such a douchebag, perhaps he could have lived much longer.

In short, the Breitbarts run things the same way as Friedman and Kimberlin run Velvet Revolution and affiliates. In my humble opinion, all of them (both sides) are absolutely worried many people will read the truth through this blog of what really happened.

Brad Friedman wants folks to think his reputation hasn't been given a legitimate hatchet job. Credibility is gone for ALL of them. I take solace in that fact.

I'm done. I'm done.


thegoodsareodd said...

Is there a new world order? Where is the socrates live feed?

What's the back-up theory if Mandy Nagy had nothing to do with writing this masterpiece?

Anonymous said...

Are those before and after the diet pictures of the same chick?

Is Socrates a paid fake for Nutri System?

Give me Barbie or give me Hef

Anonymous said...

er, shit, I fucked up the URL

Barbie and Hugh here:

BTW, that Barrett Brown YouTube is possibly the most boring video in the herstory of the whiteysphere.

Perhaps rivalled only by this:

socrates said...

This is socrates live blogging from Boston.

I'm positive that's Mandy. The only thing could be if someone copied and pasted her from St. Elsewhere and did an identity theft thingie.

But I highly doubt that. I don't understand why she can't explain wtf's up with it. Asshats somehow think if they button their lips, they are out of hot water. Nope doesn't work that way. This isn't some Mickey Mouse Twitter timeline. We're talking blog court.

socrates said...

This entry was rock solid. I didn't explain everything, even put in a disclaimer of how there is so much inside baseball.

I think that's be design. The more the names, the more the clutter, the less obvious it is wtf is truly going on.

But now Barrett Brown is in the game?

Haha, after Emick got added to Tom Ryan to go with Brandon Darby, Ali, the list is actually endless how crazy all this is.

And it was Occupy Unmasked, fricken seemingly Rauhauser himself putting up a document making myself, Mandy, and the Breitbarts look half decent.

As The Last Name Left would say, "What a bunch of wankers and tossers?"

socrates said...

Haha that last one is from a DKos-MLW blogger. That's rich. Or delicious. What's the phrase. That's wickad smaht. Not that I listened to any of him.... Now let's see what's up with Barby and Heffereff... Aaah, wasn't actually them but lookalikes. Omg, I've never heard of that group or song before. I will say this. People back then seemed much sweeter.

socrates said...

The convolution never ends. Especially if one is surfing Twitter.

Apparently Lee Stranahan is alleging threats of some sort have forced his family to flee their home.

Also, did I mention that my aunt has balls? It's true. I say it's true, so it's true and not made up convolution to scam ye.

donkeytale said...

You never heard of Sir Douglas Quintet? Wow. Just wow.

donkeytale said...

You should check out pyrrho vid too. He was an old blogmate of mine at both DKOS and MLW.

We used to have incredibly long and boring banter and repartee of a meta nature.

One of those dialogues that never end because both posters will never let the other get the last word in.

donkeytale said...

BTW, I'm nominating The White Album for alternative media blog entry of the year.

Mainly because of the image you supplied.

That entry rocks.

socrates said...

You should engage lovely and talented thegoodsareodd. She knows music much better than myself.

I noticed that Pyrro dude. But it's so long ago now, and to be Frank Burns, my meta days have evolved.

Speaking of which, yes the photo I found of Manson was quite chilling. Usually he has kind of an entertaining look. Let's face it. Anyone who has seen him interviewed by Snyder or Geraldo and are intrigued by true crime stories, they are not gonna be shocked too much by Charles. But that pic, omg, I done good. It's scary and vile.

But back to the current convolution. There was a tweet by Occupy Unmasked saying the document is legit but tweaked for lulz value.

So my main questions remain. How did Neal Rauhauser attain that document? Why would Rauhauser post a document which makes himself look bad and myself and Team Breitbart look good?

There's a lot of weird shite going on. Barrett Brown? I've also just asked Mike Stack why he let Rauhauser off the hook for his criminal harassment.

I want to know why Stack hasn't answered my basic questions concerning Weinergate.

Ron refers to him as a fraud.

donkeytale said...

Yes, I'm always struck by our cumulative brilliance which is confirmed by the fact that the current population of dunces neither recognises nor appreciates the obviousness of it.

SEE also Van Gogh, Vincent, Christ, Jesus, and Brynaert, Ron for comparison.

I'm quite sure that after we are both long since dead and gone weird religious cults, art critics and alternative journos will defiy the both of us.

Brynaert could punch his ticket to the MSM if he would simply drop the convolution schtick and dedicate the rest of his life to trumpeting my artistic brilliance.

Just sayin

donkeytale said...

Interesting that you invest so much fear and loathing into that Manson pic. In fact, if you could wash away his herstory and just say this is a pic of a typical 60s grungy hippie you would realise that this is pretty much what we all lokked like back in the day, bad hair, bad teeth, stoned into oblivion must of the time.

OK, many of decided against carving swastikas into our foreheads in favour of the hammer and sickle...

donkeytale said...

As for the internet convolution schtick, sorry it doesnt register.

I simply don't care enough about Any of them. Breitbart's death chilled whatever bystander interest there could possibly be.

Paid fakes?

Really dude, most everybody you meet is a paid fake of one sort or another.

That said, I might like to bone the chick in the pic who is not Mandy Nagy.

What is she, 6th grade schoolmarm, or what?

socrates said...

Ok, you didn't simply pad the comment totals. This will take effort to socratise. ... Delayed reaction: Which is not the same as googling!

There is both sarcasm and truth to your alluding to our greatness. That's just the way it goes. It's been both goofy and real. realistic. something.

Well, whatever Brynaert has become, he needs to stick to it. No more meltdowns and he should be on his way back to greatness. It's not like he tanked his career Jason Leopold style. He was accused of making swat calls. He was attacked by the Breitbart cult. I believe Ron will be just fine.

That was funny stuff you wrote on Charles Manson. You're funny. You're fun. You make life fun. You are the sunshine of my blogging life. I stole and tweaked that rift from Stevie Wonder.

I guess the main point of the entry was in italics that Mandy Nagy is not as handsome a woman as first conjectured.

Jen Emick, Barrett Brown, etc., ok I get it. You've better things to do than be a nerd like me trying to figure out spy factory internet convolution.

But at least we now see a change in where the field goal posts are located.

I've already a few ideas for the start of our book. Seth fought conspiracy theory with conspiracy theory. Pete just wanted a good old-school contrarian time. Together they would conquer the internet zeitgeist within their own minds.

Anonymous said...

My latest FDL masterpiece:

I'd xpost it but don't believe in knocking those two besppectacled hotties down the front page at this time.

Anonymous said...

Top of the pops, baby! Ahead of such luminaries as Dean Baker and Todd Gitlin. Take that Failreft.

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socrates said...

The Last Name Left put us over the top zeitgeist-wise?

You sure are lazy making links.

Progressive White People’s Party Candidate Tops Libertarian White People’s Party Candidate!

I'll need time to process all that data. Perhaps cross-post at Pffugee for defensive purposes.

socrates said...

It is true the last two entries have been epic. Perhaps thegoodsareodd will get crackling. She's been added to full blogging status.

Susan Polk's son showed up on an archived thread. That woman should be released from prison. Maybe Johnny Depp can help her out.

She got railroaded.

socrates said...

Haha! "Flagged for race baiting." It's accusing the accusers or wtf.

socrates said...

So you're labelled racist because you point out what the crackers are up to. That's just not right.

socrates said...

You were the original liberal grouch.