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Saturday, October 20, 2012

No Más, No Más

Today I officially move on with the rest of my life. This is my "No Más" moment. I will never blog again anywhere except for right here at DFQ2. I gave my "Goodbye Cruel World" tweets hours ago (@Prepostericity). I gave up on Pffugee Camp well before then. It's pointless.

Nothing will be deleted. I didn't close the Twitter account. I still drop a "bump" post at my first blog every once in a while to keep it from being scrubbed due to inactivity. I will still maintain my fantastic movie channel. But that's it. I refuse to run around like a chicken with its head chopped off ala Ron Brynaert. Now what in the heck is he thinking? No one is listening and no one cares. Get off the net and write a book. Save your soul.

Yeah we all know Twitter is useless anyway. I suppose it's got some value. If you find some nice folks who tweet interesting links, then cool whoop de doo. That's not too shabby.

Anonymous is toast. It's been confirmed by credible sources that one in four hackers is an FBI informant. Neal Rauhauser is most definitely on their payroll. And what's that say about our Military-Industrial Complex that they would pay such a dumbf*ck to spread convolution? Who in the hell could be stupid enough to believe the crap he dishes out? Who in their right mind would waste any time reading what he posts? He's basically the lowest form of scum a human can be. He would have fit in well in Nazi Germany. He is that pathetic. Bet on it.

This is going to be a lame excuse for my tail off in blogging, but my computer is on its last legs. I could fill ye in on that, but it's the truth take it or leave it.

I used to be able to do what Brynaert does. What has become part of the vernacular known as socratisation is actually basic googling + writing skills + academic training. You can try this at home.

I will be getting a new computer in a few weeks. Yeah, I could parlay that into a second wind of blogging life. But that's not the plan. Yes, I will still blog from time to time. It's in my blood but the bulk of my future writing will be done in private. If I'm ever able to string together some good pages, I will approach a publisher. However, I am no longer going to keep doing this for free except for as a basic hobby.

Let's see what I have on my to do list:

*** Find volunteer work
*** Get a library card
*** Form book ideas

Maybe donkeytale will show up again. My plan with him is to simply not engage. He is not a nice person. He's actually quite vicious at times. I do not need that in my life.

I'm a very good person. Or I used to be. The internet's negatives have rubbed off on me. That brings me to this fork in the road. I can continue to drift and let the internet corrupt my soul. Or I can get back to how I used to be, pure at heart.

I have told my story to the best of my abilities. It was actually not too badly done. I am satisfied with it.

Above I had a few paragraphs where I was spewing a lot of hate towards Neal Rauhauser. I deleted them. He is not worth it. Donkeytale is not worth it.

Do I have a good idea what's going on? For sure I do. There's simply no point in pissing into the wind. Sure you gotta keep pissing, for it's not healthy to keep body waste in your bladder. Ugh, I was never that good with euphemisms.

There was a certain freedom in having been outed. It forced me to tell my story. That I never asked for a cent means my words had great integrity in regards to truth.

I can perhaps crank out some new stuff once the new computer arrives. Yet for all intents and purposes I will no longer consider myself a blogger. I will be content to resume to being a regular guy who just so happens to have a blog.

I have no regrets. I done good.

It's time to let the anger go and rejoin humanity.

As a leftier than thou, I will leave you with the following:


Anonymous said...

Caesar's palace Sports Book current odds are good 9-5 that you will continue blogging, er I mean "just a guy-ing".

The over/under for your next mailed-in entry: 9 days.

Still, as GBCW goes, this pretty good stuff...

Ciao, looser.


socrates said...

I've been checking the Texas police blotter for raccoon calls but haven't seen anything yet to out the anonymous coward.

The entry I scrubbed wasn't too bad. I bet it's somewhere in Google cache.

I have two unopened emails from @RonBryn and one unopened from Weinergate conduit Mike Stack. The odds of opening them are at 1 in a 100. The odds of my caring are the same as planet Earth being hit by an asteroid.

Ron messed up by smearing me back in the day. I'm not going to fish it out and relive it, but he made it truly easy to think he was on the Brett Kimberlin payroll.

Stack is more interesting in regards to mystery. Cause he's tied in cahoots with the Rauhauser milieu.

Damn but no one is talking it out in normal to understand terms. Most are intellectually lazy.

Look at my story. I was a regular guy who was drawn into convolution branching out into the sickest of f***s.

socrates said...

Stack will probably take that the wrong way or manipulate it into a new smear on myself. I don't care. By his associating with David Matthew Stewart and that strange @Zapem person, he is not a regular guy. What does anyone have on me? Oh, he buddied with a few like-minded bloggers and documented internet fakery. Yikes I just talked in the third person.

socrates said...

Brynaert never followed up with part two of what he gave me. I don't think it even exists. That's what I mean by a chicken with its head chopped off. And Stack never answered those questions I asked him. He offered to be interviewed and didn't answer basic questions I had on Weinergate.

socrates said...

I could be wrong. I could be right.

Anonymous said...

Stack's a difficult one to figure out. His blogging was incomprehensible to me.

And he seemed to jump more sharks than you could find in all the Jaws sequels, plus the original combined.

Haha good one about the raccoon socratisation. I forgot to mention that you nailed me in that outing of the Captain Kirk dude.

I am that guy. Even if I'm snot.

You done good. I'll never say a bad word about you to anybody unless its you, to Michale J Fox's face.

Looking forward to your next entry. I'll always be arguably your biggest fan,

And I confess, I enjoy Brynaert's schtick immensely too.

FWIW, I turned the raccoon saga into a masterpiece over at FDL. And I owed it all to you and Frau Tale.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and could you post something sooner rather than later?

I toook the under.

socrates said...

I've got a new blog entry in the works. This comment section has been sufficiently padded.

I'm skimming through nemesis Stacy McCain's boring new entry, Neal Rauhauser, Who Drove Barrett Brown Off the Deep End, Continues Unrelenting Harassment of His Targets.

I'll get back to that in a lulzsec.

One would need to have high functioning Asperger's to comprehend what's fully going on. There's a lot of linkage tied to hip jobs. Stack's close to D. Matthew Stewart. Likewise Stewart is close to Emick and Mandy Nagy.

Ron's schtick is good. A month ago or so I tweeted or something to him to brynaertise the FDL Project Vigilant schtick. It gave him focus and led to his recent masterpieces.

Ron doesn't realise it yet but I've been his handler.

I am a white hat or wtf regular guy supertroll. I am Anonymous and legion in brilliance in my own mind yet I do often forget things.

I'm the dude who said stuff everyone was thinking but was too worried about sounding kooky to post it. (See: I told you so, spy factory cointelpro schtick; Turner, Hal)

I won't be posting the donkeytale emails, but Rocky Racoon over there did say it's looking shady in the skies for some of those aircraft emissions.

I should find that Captain Kirk dude's picture. He looked like a nice guy. The kind you can chill with in a biker bar. It didn't list what he was busted for. It was probably for forgetting to update his vehicle registration for all we know. Some states are anal retentive like that.

I would put the Other McCain into the numbnut category. It's actually become numbnuts versus numbnuts since Breitbart is dead.

I probably over did it with the videos. Gotta say the Audioslave one was the best of the crop.

Well, it's time to go number two, Number One. Then refresh me coffee. Regular guy stuff. I'll add Bailey's coffee cream and think to myself not only what a wonderful world it is, but that we'll have none of those shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly. Chill with him in a biker bar. In that guy's face you can see the mug of a frontline confederate cannon fodder, piercing the air with the rebel yell as he swooped down out of the Virginny woods to press the attack on some poor yankee who had been unfortunate enough not to be able to buy his way out of conscription.

In a more recent carnation, Captain Kirk was a standout free safety on his Texas high school football team, undersized and scrappy, always willing to put a hat on any hard charging running back who broke through the line of scrimmage and came galloping into the defensive backfield looking to juke one more defender and take it to the house.

Perhaps he may have put one too many hats on the plethora of hard charging Texas high school running backs for his own good.

Anonymous said...

An aspect of Brynaert's oevre that I think is very underrated is his thread work. Unfortunately, he seems to obsessed in his self-appointed role as the JJ Gittes of the Twittersphere to join in for the type of light hearted banter and witty repartee that has made you and I immortals of the genre.

He works the Chinatown cum Blade Runner beat better than anyone.

Cheers Ron. As Hemingway said about Nelson Algren: This is a man writing. Mr. Brynaert, gee you are good.

(Course, Hem was also gay like moi)

Anonymous said...

It's such a special thrill when I am able to prove that I am not a robot on the first attempt.

No mas. No mas.

socrates said...

Dude, someone would have had to be a nut to distort my blogging into what it was distorted into. Since Kimberlin has become a Rauhauser associate, it behooves me to once again request pro bono attorney schtick for against those two. It would be open and shut. I'm not greedy.

Ron's got his panties in a bunch because he thinks I smear him with my brilliant voice analysis of the Brynaert and SWAT call audio.

I think he might be sound-blind, a relative of colour blindness. He disagrees with me says the SWAT calls sound nothing like him. But it's all tightly explained in a couple other DFQ2 posts.

Disclosure schtick: I never participated in the SWAT hoax against Ron Brynaert. Though I was on the inside being informed of rumours and insinuations.

They were clearly mimicking Ron whoever was behind the calls.

Ron actually believes he sounds like the one available internet interview. He does not sound like that. We spoke on the phone. Is he lying or can some people be sound-deaf?

Hey knucklehead, if you log in you don't have to pass the spam filter thingie test.

Yeah stay frosty, Captain Ron.

nosockz said...

socrates said...

I slept through the night like a Chinaman. Is that racist? I wasn't chowing on a riceball in me sleep. I love China and the Chinese people. The Americans not so much. That doesn't make me a terrorist.

I did have a very odd dream. We were camping by the road for some reason. I look behind from the sleeping bag and there was a bear, not a biggie but still a bear. There was a buffalo. There might have been a third animal but I cant remember what it was.

They were more scared of us it seemed. Then somehow Bing and Bowie were singing Peace on Earth it's Christmas something.

Freud would have a field day with that one.

Now I'm thinking Ed Grimley and coffee.

Sleep is good. Sleep will save this country. Sleep for the lack of a better word is good. Greed not so much.

Oh and before I quit Twitter I found myself on Chuck Woolery's page. He's a dumbass. He's completely right wing. And for a big dude he sounds like a pussy. Was that sexist or gaybaiting? I'm a big fan of women and gays. I'm not either of them. Not that there's anything wrong with them. They tend to be sweeties.

socrates said...

What does da doo doo doo, da daa daa daa mean? A source of mine says Ron "NoSocks" Brynaert linked to a police tune. Is that some kind of coded message he has been FBI the whole time, and the Efrem Zimbalist good guy variety? Some may say I watched too much 70's television, but some of those shows were pretty good. Streets of San Fran was a good one. Anything prefaced as a Quinn Martin Production was usually Good Times. Speaking of which, M*A*S*H* and Good Times were good untold Stevenson (not Zilla a different cat) and the wweather dude from Mary Tyler Moore James Evans were written out of the script or quit. I think both of them quit. James Evans had a legit reason. Good Times was kind of racist. At least from a leftier than thou viewpoint. Dynamite made a mockery of his people. McLean Stevenson was simply an idiot who sabaotaged his own career. What was the question?

socrates said...

If I have any say in the matter, I will be pushing for the role of Ron Brynaert to be played by Steve Buscemi when my movie is finally made.

socrates said...

Of course Matt Damon will be myself. Wahlberg is too much of a douchenozzle. Tommy Chong as donkeytale. And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. Pauly Shore will be Rauhauser.

socrates said...

Donkeytale might be this guy Charles "Diary of a Psychotic" radio blogger from WHJY Providence, R.I.. Or he may be this dude referenced earlier. I just refound that in about five sentences. Apparently I still posess many of my socratisation skills. I'll look for a cache of the scrubbed entry. I do save all the comments. If someone deletes their comments, I can dig them up. I learned my lesson from that Susan blogger who deleted hers when this joint opened up. We now pause for a brief message from our sponsors. Or handlers or something. Maybe we can get Martin Short for a DFQ2 exclusive interview. That would be total revenge on Stack. I don't need his cruddy Election poll updates. He's blogging on the radio. His plausible deniability is that he's a Howard Stern Republican porn forum dude. But why is he so tied to Stewart and it's crazy stuff and @Zapem? What is an @Zapem? It never ends, the amount of bull. It's staggering. But you end up asking, this has to be evidence of people actingting deliberately retarded. Who does that and why? And be specific.

socrates said...

haha i didn't proofread and it shows. It took me five seconds to find that mug shot of Texas Bayou Jimmy Bob McGillicuddy Custer Capt. Kirk the 14th.

socrates said...

Wake and bake blog at your own peril is today's lesson. Though people who drink and blog are the problem imho. It's the people who don't know how to drink and drive who ruin it for the rest of us.

socrates said...

Here's the cache without our comments. Sorry. I don't know how long caches survive. I could rewrite that into a new one. I could find and repost the comments.

socrates said...

I'm glad it's not listed as a blog entry. That was a good idea. One thing I realised is that even though many of my entries were deleted, it's pretty obvious what happened. I put back up as much of the original material I could in a new form to show exactly what I came up with. There's good stuff in the astroturfing section of my first blog which The Last Name Left affectionately called Aircraft Wings. How 'bout them Celtics?

socrates said...

June 2008- Me! October 2010- Them. Yet hack Mandy Nagy never gave me my due.

socrates said...

Ron Brynaert made a lot of stupid comments back in the day concerning Brett Kimberlin.

socrates said...

He doesn't seem to respect Mark Singer. Some about Ron does make me wonder wtf.

socrates said...

I'm still writing zappy one-liners like at Twitter. It is an easy way to pad the stats.

socrates said...

The best part of so-called GBCW's is that they can be rescinded.

socrates said...

I'm going to take down the last comment section on the front page widget. It was cool that Eli Polk's comment was linked. He showed up here. Seems highly intelligent and a fine lad. Hopefully his mother will be out of prison soon. That was self-defense. Total innocence. She's served enough time. I'm not saying I deserve a Pulitzer.

socrates said...

It's cool that Dave Weintraub's story remains visible. I haven't checked lately. Hopefully Antoinette will keep it going. I think there's software where she can make a copy of it then put it on a cheap domain pay a low annual bill or something. Dave did seem to have set up a fancy website. That dude had skills.

socrates said...

It was a strange feeling to meet him and then days later he died.

socrates said...

I still have the UGOG files saved. MattyJack used to have that link. I don't know if it's still online. Daily Kos and Moulitsas have been bizarre thingies. That was an excellent trollbust Dave pulled off. His blog was showing him the two previous websites visitors had been at. That's how Dave found MajorFlaw's UGOG website. That was stupid of them to not put it on hidden. Dave destroyed them while putting the final nail into DKos' forum credibility.

socrates said...

Haha Roy Brynaert can da dooo do dadada himself. Hmmph!

socrates said...

Wow it's definitely criminal what was done to Ron Brynaert. I'm trying to find that story from years ago where Ron had a meltdown. I think it was with Atrios. But all the search results are fricken Aaron Walker hoax related.

socrates said...

Here it is. From February 2005. We Get Letters

socrates said...

My analysis solved it all. We now know everything. It happens. One blogger regular guy solved the Weinergate-Swatgate-Kimberlingate covolution. [/kissing hand, making love to mirror]

socrates said...

The main reason I have to get rid of the last comments gadget is because it will consist of only me and give away the padding schtick.

socrates said...

Ron Brynaert's on fire at Twitter exposing Rauhauser's Kookpocalypse and exposing who pimped it. That had all the makings of a cointelpro schtick. That's probably what gave away Neal has those fake anonymous accounts.

socrates said...

Aaah thanks Ron for giving me props!

socrates said...

Ron wrote: Rauhauser smears @Prepostericity but he's the one who linked IP to "Tony Berman aka root #3" who sounds A LOT like Neal

socrates said...

Rauhauser puts up the front he's psychotic so people won't believe he is internet cointelpro.

socrates said...

Darby could definitely have dropped the cajun accent for the SWAT calls. It stinks the original voice for that idea was Rauhauser associate Matt Osborne and @OccupyRebellion. The latter is Neal in drag, imho.

socrates said...

were not was

socrates said...

Some sentences have good stuff in them, but somewhere something goes awry in the delivery.

socrates said...

Confucious didn't say it. I said it.

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping a silent vigil at your twitter feed with a single lit candle.

Obviosuly, I'm not the only expecting you to return.

You added a follower yesterday!


I guess that person isn't taking your drama fromqueens schtick to heart either.

I feel you on the withdrawal symptoms.

Feel free to go over and barf in one of my DLC threads at FDL if you get tired of talking yurslef here.

nosockz said...

socrates said...

For those who don't know, the nosockz dude is Ron.

There's nothing more boring on the internet than those FDL Donkeytale diaries on Jill Stein.

Aaah, what else? Ron did do a terrific job trollbusting Rauhauser.

But somehow it gets circumscribed into the overall noise. The Other McCain attacks him. Crying Stack attacks him.

I like how Ron showed so many of those Anonymous Twitter accounts pro-Bradley Manning are actually not pro-Bradley Manning.

I've tweeted it before. Why would any legit Anonymous or OWS give a shite about any of this? They wouldn't. Kenneth Lipp is thus apparently a paid fake.

If the recent dox on @Zapem is correct, then she is just a run of the mill internet kook. The hard proof in questioning Mike Stack is he needs to explain how he is so tight with D Matthew Stewart. That dude is close to both Jen Emick and Mandy Nagy. That's f**ked up. There's a chance he is a regular guy. There's also the chance he took one on the4 chin for the team to establish the SWATgate hoax. It's too much of a coincidence he showed up on Patterico's first BK thread. That was over a half year before he was swatted and far before Weiner getting schadenfreunded to the yin-yang.

socrates said...

What I'm saying is why would Anonymous ever care about Neal Rauhauser related hoaxes? They wouldn't. It means Neal is retarded and/or deranged. He has had too much hubris in his supertroll abilities. He did indeed want to develop gravitas within Anonymous/OWS. But now he has ruined both Anonymous and himself. He's the proverbial piece of shit. An evil f***. It is remarkable he has yet to upset the wrong person at the wrong time.

Anonymous said...

The first recorded sock puppet GBCW in the short, sordid herstory of the whiteysphere:

socrates said...

I'm currently watching David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust in your link) in a vampire movie. That's not usually my kind of horror/thriller genre. I liked it with Claude Rains as The Invisible Man. Now that was terrifying and quite plausible.